Star Wars Battlefront II: Anakin Skywalker - Community Update


  1. The Wonderer

    The Wonderer4 일 전

    Would be awesome if they end up doing a order 66 game mode. Either with anakin hunting down jedi or a random jedi surviving clones

  2. Chris Plays 020509

    Chris Plays 0205098 일 전

    Just make him less OOP pls.

  3. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB7 일 전

    He is lowkey average now

  4. Surrealaryan

    Surrealaryan10 일 전

    There should be Dark side Anakin skin for Darth Vader named as Darth Vader (Anakin)

  5. The Hyruler

    The Hyruler10 일 전

    Surrealaryan Technically that’s his default skin, he was wearing his Dark clothes when Palpatine named him Vader.

  6. Archer Gillam

    Archer Gillam15 일 전

    The broken one

  7. Jack O'Connor

    Jack O'Connor17 일 전

    There needs to be a mode where you can do order 66

  8. Miles Morales

    Miles Morales17 일 전

    Dice is literally the most stupid company I have ever known 😂😂😂

  9. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB9 일 전


  10. Nayops 18

    Nayops 1821 일 전

    1:27 The OG❗️👏🏼

  11. Chocolate Sandwiches OFFICIAL

    Chocolate Sandwiches OFFICIAL22 일 전


  12. Johnny lemm

    Johnny lemm25 일 전

    Back when Anakin was good to play as. Now everyone complained about him and now he is trash

  13. portiz 62

    portiz 628 시간 전

    Yes I don't know what the Hell they were thinking when they removed knockdown for his Passionate Strike and I AM APPALLED ABSOLUTELY APPALLED OVER WHAT THEY DID TO HIS HEROIC MIGHT! WHAT HAVE THEY DONE? WHAT HAVE THEY FUCKING DONE!

  14. Joel Loretti

    Joel Loretti28 일 전

    arreglen los servidores, habiliten las estadísticas de cuantas personas estan jugando y en que modo de juego están jugando!

  15. Neil Vella

    Neil Vella29 일 전

    We need to get rid of the planets which got destroyed in the episodes

  16. Put Name Here

    Put Name Here개월 전

    0:50 Dennis: Any incoming attack will make this ability even stronger when being built up Three months later: Anakin will no longer have increase damage after being attacked Might as well nerf the community update by a few seconds since most of what he said is a lie now

  17. portiz 62

    portiz 628 시간 전

    Not even no increased Damage I think the more he absorbs the LESS IT DOES! UNACCEPTABLE ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!

  18. Boba Fett

    Boba Fett개월 전

    Hello there

  19. Gui Milozo

    Gui Milozo개월 전


  20. Emil Sosnin

    Emil Sosnin개월 전



    THEOFILO4개월 전

    Still not nerfed

  22. Dennis Brännvall’s #1 Fan

    Dennis Brännvall’s #1 Fan개월 전


  23. Dark assassin Animations

    Dark assassin Animations개월 전

    I wish they added mace windu and jango fett

  24. Sergeant Hound

    Sergeant Hound개월 전

    I am coming late to battlefront 2 I am excited for Jedi fallen order Anakin that not the high ground way

  25. Selfless Acts

    Selfless Acts개월 전

    Ahh back when he was broken and actually the chosen one 😂now he’s just aninerf skywalker.

  26. Maximum Carnage

    Maximum Carnage개월 전

    What’s the player count on PS4??

  27. Harv1023

    Harv1023개월 전

    The broken one was born

  28. Harry Shaw

    Harry Shaw개월 전

    Anikan Skywalker's new ability also include 'the win button' 🙄

  29. Black Widow

    Black Widow개월 전

    Stfu idiot

  30. Sonia Libas

    Sonia Libas개월 전

    That's is my favorite character in star wars battlefront

  31. Zorastorm 32

    Zorastorm 32개월 전

    Dice, I don't know if you'll ever read this, but I hope you listen: Anakin is still too OP. You should change how Heroic might works, and for now, remove Retribution. You should give back his health on his Bonus health star card so he can take hits for the hero side, you should change his bonus lightsaber damage starcard to something like Stamina reduction per swing, or something else. You should give someone who's more a hit and run Character (Luke, or Obi-wan) a bonus saber damage card instead. Now for the major Changes, but I believe is possible without completely scraping Anakin's ability: Heroic might: Change so when he gets hit, his range charged up, but instead of racking up damage when fully charged up, the amount of damage he takes heals him, and his base damage does something like Luke's repulse. So he stays true of being a tanky character who can soak up hits, but he won't be able to 1-shot everyone in the room. Pull, and Passionate Strikes are fine imo.

  32. Zorastorm 32

    Zorastorm 32개월 전

    Who else remembers when Heroic might used to 1 shot Villains at full health?

  33. Zorastorm 32

    Zorastorm 32개월 전

    One thing I appreciate about this update is that At first Anakin looked alot like The Clone wars Voice actor: Matt Lanter, but later on they made his face more like Hayden christensen

  34. Zorastorm 32

    Zorastorm 32개월 전

    @1:25 Did they take that part out of the game? That would of been helpful.. lol

  35. Tootuff4ya

    Tootuff4ya개월 전

    Wait wait wait whoah you can do that? did he just chop up that droid? 0:26 .... you cant do that in arcade.

  36. NightWolf 720

    NightWolf 720개월 전

    When you've been waiting for Anakin in a dark cave for 3 hours 0:09

  37. Chronic Mike

    Chronic Mike개월 전

    “You were supposed to bring balance to the force not leave it in ashes”

  38. My Haunted Home

    My Haunted Home2 개월 전


  39. parzenx_YT

    parzenx_YT2 개월 전

    you should add a general skywalker appearance for 20,000 or 40,000 credits obi-wan has one so why not anikan

  40. Brendon James

    Brendon James2 개월 전

    The Broken One. You were supposed to bring balance to the game not destroy it!

  41. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin Skywalker2 개월 전

    I was stronger in this video, until...

  42. ~(Rogue Jedi)~

    ~(Rogue Jedi)~2 개월 전

    When Anakin was good

  43. Benjamin

    Benjamin2 개월 전

    The prodigal son has returned.

  44. ForJustice1324

    ForJustice13242 개월 전

    Would be so cool to see Anakin and Ahsoka with the 501st Legion on a Galactic Assault map like Naboo or Geonosis. Along with Obi-Wan and 212th Battalion and Yoda with the 41st Ranger Platoon.

  45. Walker Productions

    Walker Productions2 개월 전

    Obi-Wan : “Its over Anakin, I have the high ground!” Anakin: “You underestimate my power.” Obi-wan: “Don’t try it!” Anakin : *starts Retrubution.* Obi-Wan: “Oh #%@&.”

  46. Ice Cold

    Ice Cold2 개월 전

    Just delete this douchbag from the game.

  47. ShavonS

    ShavonS2 개월 전

    If only they knew what they had created.....

  48. Big Boy

    Big Boy2 개월 전

    OverPowered Much?

  49. Alonso Lupercio

    Alonso Lupercio2 개월 전

    Surprisingly, Anakin is voiced by his clone wars voice actor and not Hayden Christensen

  50. Anderson Nunes

    Anderson Nunes2 개월 전

    Nerf Anakin

  51. Jack Lyk

    Jack Lyk2 개월 전

    Have they been updating the story mode?

  52. Ákos Kiss

    Ákos Kiss2 개월 전

    Scarif arcade map pls

  53. Donny Firdhana

    Donny Firdhana2 개월 전

    FUCK YOU EA... give me back my money for your FUCKING BROKEN GAME ANTHEM!!!!

  54. GeneralAcido

    GeneralAcido2 개월 전

    I actually started to like this game for like a few days until you made the nerf to anakin patch, since this update I wasn’t having and bugs, until the nerf anakin patch, the bugs were happening again, bs ea!

  55. НЕКИТ

    НЕКИТ2 개월 전

    хаха офигенно

  56. Astronaught

    Astronaught2 개월 전

    And the most OP character in any game ever was born..