Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star Gameplay Trailer


  1. T_N_T

    T_N_T개월 전

    I miss these types of games modes from the first EA battlefront

  2. T_N_T

    T_N_T7 일 전

    Battlefront Revamp no. I mean with battlefront 2 these operations like game mode would be even better

  3. Battlefront Revamp

    Battlefront Revamp7 일 전

    play them on 2015 then

  4. Levi

    Levi개월 전

    Tbh it would be better if they keep up this game and just feed it with more content, the new game is actually shit. I only bought it for the new CW and Sequel stuff.

  5. Ethan H

    Ethan H19 일 전


  6. Rebel Friend

    Rebel Friend개월 전

    Storm the Death Star, they can’t stop us all.

  7. Cameron O

    Cameron O개월 전

    Bossk and chewie were so op in this game

  8. K A

    K A개월 전

    Felucia is pretty lo res was expecting it to have more colour tbh looks like a depressed felucia 😅



    they have to put stuff like this in battlefront 2 and the feeling you get when your the one that shoots the torpedos in to it

  10. MChief1

    MChief1개월 전

    Honestly. Even though battlefront 1 wasn't so successful. It had amazing modes and features that I wish they could bring back.

  11. Shabaka Smkss

    Shabaka Smkss개월 전

    Why was this in my recommendation

  12. MChief1

    MChief1개월 전

    Lol I watched rewatched the trailer of battlefront 2 gameplay reveal to relive the hype now that bf2 is amazing and this shows up on my recommendation. Though it brought me back .

  13. EpicHunter117 Gaming

    EpicHunter117 Gaming개월 전

    Chewbacca looked like PUBG grass texture in this game.

  14. Kaljath Panthermage

    Kaljath Panthermage개월 전

    I was hoping for either Ben Kenobi and Grand Moff Tarkin in this.

  15. Pizza Cinematics

    Pizza Cinematics개월 전

    Why is this in my reconmended...

  16. Bryson Hensley

    Bryson Hensley개월 전

    Pizza Films same

  17. SEB TH3 P0W3R

    SEB TH3 P0W3R개월 전

    I thought this was for Battlefront 2😂😂

  18. Ohhh he lied to me

    Ohhh he lied to me개월 전

    Back then I was like this update is the best so far, then battlefront 2 came out with the clone wars season.

  19. Mazri Mazri

    Mazri Mazri개월 전

    behind a 50$ season pass

  20. Mazri Mazri

    Mazri Mazri개월 전

    i didnt get to play any mode except hereos and villians with a friend because no one is online on pc!!!!!

  21. Levi

    Levi개월 전

    Console on Weekend

  22. Tyler White

    Tyler White개월 전

    Mazri Mazri bro same

  23. jonathan christianson

    jonathan christianson개월 전

    i miss playing this gamemode, loved it, best way to beat the trench run was with lukes X-Wing

  24. jonathan christianson

    jonathan christianson개월 전

    @Haley Johnson just stfu kid, u only think its bad cuz u were probaly shit at the game

  25. Haley Johnson

    Haley Johnson개월 전

    this is the worst dlc in the game

  26. Shabaka Smkss

    Shabaka Smkss개월 전

    jonathan christianson Lol

  27. Taylor Paton

    Taylor Paton개월 전

    jonathan christianson best dlc this game had by far

  28. Ibrahim Ansari

    Ibrahim Ansari개월 전

    I miss battlefront 1. What a game

  29. Levi

    Levi개월 전


  30. Raheem Jones

    Raheem Jones개월 전

    Me too

  31. Darth Prime

    Darth Prime개월 전

    I remember Bossk was overpowered in this map. Rebels would stuck in the same area and Bossk would deploy his gas and grenade.

  32. sL FoxScout

    sL FoxScout개월 전

    Can’t even find the playlist in game cause no one has dlc now

  33. jacko

    jacko개월 전

    He he September 20th he he (Insert laugh Track)

  34. Isaiah Compagne

    Isaiah Compagne2 개월 전

    Did anyone else realise that R2D2 is I Luke’s ship whilst the rebels are trying to get him off the Death Star?

  35. Isaiah Compagne

    Isaiah Compagne개월 전

    Ethan H Bye! Hope you have a good day!

  36. Ethan H

    Ethan H개월 전

    @Isaiah Compagne whoops, sry, well either way, if i get noatalgic again in a year i might come back, it was nice talking about this!! Bye!

  37. Isaiah Compagne

    Isaiah Compagne개월 전

    Ethan H yeah I said that in my comment about me being an offline player.

  38. Ethan H

    Ethan H개월 전

    @Isaiah Compagne ok, well do u like that new instant cation in bf2?

  39. Isaiah Compagne

    Isaiah Compagne개월 전

    Ethan H I don’t want to pay for an online subscription while I’m also paying for games. Sometime I get a 1 month GOLD card every couple months for bf2 but that’s it

  40. Sam Morland

    Sam Morland2 개월 전

    Me seeing r2 in trailer Me I must play this

  41. Good Stuff

    Good Stuff2 개월 전

    I want Death Star Starfighter Assault back

  42. Basti

    Basti2 개월 전

    This moment then you dont the trench run in one try :o amazing

  43. Jacob Olson

    Jacob Olson2 개월 전

    This game is still 10 times better than battlefront 2 I miss all the blasters and even though it had much less content at least it was much more polished

  44. Ethan H

    Ethan H개월 전

    @Jacob Olson yeah, but they made that up in new star cards maps, and incredible modes, tbh

  45. Jacob Olson

    Jacob Olson개월 전

    Ethan H lol yeah just needed some more hero’s

  46. Ethan H

    Ethan H개월 전

    Idk, this game had a lot of content

  47. Hammerica

    Hammerica2 개월 전

    I remember my self being hyped for these DLCs..... i dont have the same feeling now

  48. Han Solo

    Han Solo2 개월 전

    Now DLC server are empty in Battlefront 1 on PC... RIP Death star :( I can play only in private match but just with 6 7 players only... I remember when I was playing with 20 players in Public server... Good mémories :( Please come back all

  49. Tyler Frederick

    Tyler Frederick4 개월 전

    Anyone still here? I feel like the new game doesn’t have something that this does that makes the game exciting.

  50. Ethan H

    Ethan H개월 전


  51. Declan Brown

    Declan Brown4 개월 전

    Wake me up when September ends..

  52. Cross Bones Productions

    Cross Bones Productions4 개월 전

    I miss the first Battlefront so bad because it felt like something different and really fun but now Battlefront 2 is out and it’s not bad but it’s like LITERALLY battlefield but Star Wars is what it feels like too me.

  53. Temptation Gaming

    Temptation Gaming4 개월 전

    This needs to be in BF2 along with a Death Star 2 map as well. Instead of that blown up map they only added because it was easy to do.

  54. luca pompili

    luca pompili4 개월 전

    I think that bf1 is better than bf2, even if bf2 have more heroes, ship, and other

  55. luca pompili

    luca pompili4 개월 전

    PrimalPanda yeah I was thinking the same

  56. CrazyPanda2971

    CrazyPanda29714 개월 전

    Maybe. I like bf2 more but bf1 felt more fun

  57. Captain America The first avenger ever!

    Captain America The first avenger ever!5 개월 전

    1:15 this is my favorite part the Death Star scene

  58. r2flanet

    r2flanet6 개월 전

    I wish people still played this masterpiece of a DLC

  59. pilkers2

    pilkers23 개월 전

    People don’t even play the game apart from the occasional server of HVV or walker assault

  60. לוי ישראל

    לוי ישראל6 개월 전

    Battlefront 1 > Battlefront 2

  61. Beau Brown

    Beau Brown7 개월 전

    I was so good at this game.

  62. essősy áron

    essősy áron4 개월 전

    Me too

  63. Zero-wolf 55

    Zero-wolf 557 개월 전

    Hope this comes to battlefront 2

  64. Youtube Geek

    Youtube Geek6 개월 전

    Cyber Guy I think the trench run

  65. Cyber Guy

    Cyber Guy6 개월 전

    What do you mean? We have Bossk, Chewbacca, and the Death Star already.

  66. Y-4

    Y-47 개월 전

    Bossk was Op

  67. Johnny Nepa

    Johnny Nepa7 개월 전

    The Thumbnail @ 0:59

  68. Senate

    Senate7 개월 전

    I miss r2

  69. Steerzy 77

    Steerzy 777 개월 전

    Whos here in 2019 for some reason

  70. NovaMRP

    NovaMRP4 개월 전

    KOreporter algorithm brought me here

  71. Efren Hernandez-Ramirez

    Efren Hernandez-Ramirez7 개월 전

    Steerzy 77 right here lol!!

  72. Sawyer Freed

    Sawyer Freed8 개월 전

    Don’t really miss it

  73. Quentin Doucet

    Quentin Doucet8 개월 전

    This chewie is sooo ugly compare to him in Battlefront 2

  74. Lane Maust

    Lane Maust8 개월 전

    chewbacca looks terrible


    THEOFILO48 개월 전

    Skirmish in bf2?

  76. Bonnie1046353BOIS

    Bonnie1046353BOIS8 개월 전

    Who thinks they should add the battle of Endor in starwars battlefront 2? Like since there is the first Death Star add the second one

  77. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin Skywalker8 개월 전

    Dice must add DS1, Sullust and Scarif

  78. John Harbin

    John Harbin8 개월 전

    Whose here in 2019?

  79. LucidMelody

    LucidMelody9 개월 전

    I wish enough people played now a days to fill up a Death Star lobby

  80. לוי ישראל

    לוי ישראל7 개월 전

    @Joel Caldwell Flinn I'm on European Servers

  81. Joel Caldwell Flinn

    Joel Caldwell Flinn7 개월 전

    If you go on the us servers at weekends you can find matches

  82. Freund und Feind

    Freund und Feind9 개월 전


  83. Alexis Quintero

    Alexis Quintero9 개월 전

    2019 anyone

  84. Ser Rico

    Ser Rico10 개월 전

    i miss this game

  85. Freund und Feind

    Freund und Feind9 개월 전

    Me to

  86. Nunni and Zippy D

    Nunni and Zippy D10 개월 전

    One thing I never saw coming was that we could play as R2-D2!

  87. Nunni and Zippy D

    Nunni and Zippy D9 개월 전

    Freund und Feind I meant before the trailer!

  88. Freund und Feind

    Freund und Feind9 개월 전

    Are you blind !?

  89. BaconBot V3000.1.1 beta

    BaconBot V3000.1.1 beta11 개월 전

    Sorry, Empire players, but we’ve all seen the films.

  90. CtrlALlTerrorS

    CtrlALlTerrorS11 개월 전

    I miss this, if anyone feels like playing it again on pc leave a message and we can set up a game... ;)

  91. Freund und Feind

    Freund und Feind7 개월 전

    Lord Vader!

  92. Victor Asanache

    Victor Asanache7 개월 전

    hello there

  93. Freund und Feind

    Freund und Feind9 개월 전

    How are the servers on PC'S?

  94. chris vromoulio

    chris vromoulio11 개월 전

    Who is here after battlefront 2???

  95. RuN Midnight

    RuN Midnight11 개월 전

    Can't wait for this to come ou....oh wait a minute.

  96. Deadpool

    Deadpool11 개월 전

    Idk about you, but for me, Scarif was the best planet and Trench Run the best gamemode

  97. Freund und Feind

    Freund und Feind9 개월 전

    @Greedo= My Hero

  98. Greedo

    Greedo9 개월 전

    Freund und Feind No no no no

  99. Freund und Feind

    Freund und Feind9 개월 전

    @Greedo loves you

  100. Greedo

    Greedo10 개월 전

    Deadpool loves scarif

  101. Cricky H

    Cricky H11 개월 전

    EA can you guys make blackwing in Star Wars battlefront 2 that will be cool

  102. 세일러94

    세일러9411 개월 전

    We need this on Battlefront 2. It's​ ok to make Clone Wars long as they bring some of the features from Battlefront to Battlefront 2

  103. Dzmitry Skok

    Dzmitry Skok11 개월 전

    (Star Wars intensifies)

  104. Noah Bathgate

    Noah Bathgate11 개월 전

    This was the best of the 4 DLCs

  105. Pasta Movies

    Pasta Movies년 전

    Chewbacca in the game is so overpowered.