Star Wars Battlefront: Battle of Jakku Teaser Trailer


  1. NEA panther

    NEA panther18 일 전

    I miss this map

  2. Joe Sistrunk

    Joe Sistrunk개월 전

    Why do I feel hype watching this 3 years later

  3. Slatt Blixky Da General

    Slatt Blixky Da General4 개월 전

    After playing the Battlefront 2 campaign, this map has a lot more meaning.

  4. JetPrime595

    JetPrime5956 개월 전

    I came back and that star destroyer must be the one that Iden's father be on.

  5. Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker9 개월 전

    No matter what people think of this game or EA, you gotta admit the trailers they make and put out are incredible

  6. Dennis Branväll

    Dennis Branväll11 개월 전

    Who look at this in 2018

  7. chippy is a faggot

    chippy is a faggot년 전

    0:13 she didn’t last long cus at 0:18 she dead on the right.

  8. Алексей Соков

    Алексей Соков년 전

    I nearly cum at 0:22

  9. penis 2

    penis 2년 전

    EA more like E gay

  10. That Guy Over There

    That Guy Over There년 전

    This video still gets me jazzed

  11. Cosa Nostra

    Cosa Nostra년 전

    Iden Versio was here

  12. Aldo Lepe

    Aldo Lepe3 개월 전

    Thatgamer pro97 where

  13. Thatgamer pro97

    Thatgamer pro97년 전

    Cosa Nostra yeah

  14. Aarón Cardoso

    Aarón Cardoso년 전

    We have acomplished nothing buddy, as the statement says "the ability to purchase crystals in-game will become available at a later date". They didn't remove the sistem from the game, they will just wait for you to buy the game and, think about it, they say this and now all gamers will buy it thinking they have removed this or that it will only have cosmetic changes WHICH HAS NOT BEEN STATED BY EA, once you buy the game, they could care less about their promise, you have already spend 60 bucks to buy their game (or your local country currency). THIS IS NOT A WIN, NOR EA SAYING SORRY, this is just a way they can ensure you will buy the game day one and keep sales asured. Don't buy the game, grow some balls, if we as users continue to keel allowing this kind of practices by large companies they will keep doing them, GIVE THEM THE FEEDBACK THEY REALLY NEED, NOT WITH COMMENTS, BUT WITH YOUR WALLET. GAMES HAVE MICROTRANSACTIOS BECOUSE YOU BUY THEM (cosmetic changes only is up to, given the fact it does not affect gameplay, and many games that immplement this method are free to play), and if you stop buying this kind of games we will stop seeing such greedy practices

  15. Fernando Clavel

    Fernando Clavel년 전

    Wtf it looks amazing in here?

  16. ALSmedic93

    ALSmedic93년 전

    How do you get this DLC?

  17. jo's Overwatch

    jo's Overwatch년 전

    ALSmedic93 already in the game

  18. jo's Overwatch

    jo's Overwatch년 전

    ALSmedic93 it's free

  19. Kevin Chester

    Kevin Chester2 년 전

    I wish we couldve seen this on the big screen

  20. The incredi BOWL

    The incredi BOWL2 년 전

    I wish graphics like that in game ;(

  21. Kermit The Frog

    Kermit The Frog2 년 전

    that sound of that star destroyer about to hit the battlefield makes me feel...............magical?

  22. sanzy 32

    sanzy 322 년 전

    0:16 the at at is like what the fuck are you looking at? soldier: sorry sir

  23. All_You_Know1

    All_You_Know12 년 전

    I'm glad that they are going to have The Clone Wars era in Battlefront 2. How can you make any Star Wars video game without including The Clone Wars? I understand that more people prefer The Galactic Civil War era over The Clone Wars era but i'm sick of all this biased crap. There are people who actually enjoy/enjoyed The Clone Wars too.

  24. JakeSalter18

    JakeSalter182 년 전

    Even now, despite all of the game's pitfalls (and there were many), that last shot where the rebel in "our POV" is looking up at the sky at the ensuing battle is just mind-blowingly beautiful!

  25. Dion Sanchez

    Dion Sanchez2 년 전

    That map was garbage

  26. STUNTS

    STUNTS2 년 전

    Worst fucking map of all time.

  27. LMK - LegoMasterKids

    LMK - LegoMasterKids2 년 전

    Star Wars The Force Awakens was 30 years after Episode 6,did you mean 29 years or 30 years?

  28. SparkySharky 1234

    SparkySharky 12342 년 전

    The best part was that we thought we'd be fighting with star destroyers falling above us but no they were off in the background(still awesome looking) but man it made me mad a little

  29. Luke Rupprcht

    Luke Rupprcht2 년 전

    Really good map this one!

  30. Big Man Kinsella

    Big Man Kinsella2 년 전

    not hating on the game or anything, but I really wish the battle was more like this...

  31. Luke Rupprecht

    Luke Rupprecht2 년 전

    Looks absolutely incredible!!!

  32. Josh

    Josh2 년 전

    What's this music

  33. revache78

    revache782 년 전

    i guess jakku was the bloodest battle?

  34. SWBF News

    SWBF News2 년 전

    My favorite map!!!

  35. Kyle Mercado

    Kyle Mercado2 년 전

    Ride investigate assure norm generation.

  36. underlordd

    underlordd2 년 전

    No one makes better trailers or games than DICE.

  37. FulgerTheDude

    FulgerTheDude2 년 전

    Best Battlefront teaser!


    JDPOWER2 년 전

    one of my favorite maps and didnt pay for this one haha

  39. Lex Ogaya

    Lex Ogaya2 년 전


  40. Dragon GodTM

    Dragon GodTM2 년 전

    I didn't got my characters

  41. Dragon GodTM

    Dragon GodTM2 년 전


  42. Crawford

    Crawford2 년 전

    Download the content then.

  43. Dragon GodTM

    Dragon GodTM2 년 전

    I got the deluxe edition and it said I need content to download it but I redeem the code

  44. Pajama Man Games

    Pajama Man Games2 년 전

    Say what you want from this game, but sweet Jesus that Star Destroyer at 0:20 is golden.

  45. JetPrime595

    JetPrime5952 년 전

    tommytom no story

  46. Red Boy

    Red Boy2 년 전

    Too bad it doesn't happen in-game.

  47. Lucy Te Moana

    Lucy Te Moana2 년 전

    yo I got it I was hoping to destroy the star destroyer

  48. Crawford

    Crawford2 년 전


  49. Weng Studios World

    Weng Studios World2 년 전

    I Will actually be cool, if the stormtropper's custome was like in star wars the force awekens. :(. P.S sorry if i speak not well english.

  50. Ale b

    Ale b2 년 전

    when I see that Star Destroyer falling, I always wonder if it's Ciena Ree's Inflictor..

  51. Lord Prydwen

    Lord Prydwen2 년 전

    Where is Darth Vader?

  52. Doom Boi

    Doom Boi2 년 전


  53. AdVirus

    AdVirus3 년 전

    Lol this is more like get snipped or get rekt by an AT-ST

  54. StopIt GetSomeHelpVines

    StopIt GetSomeHelpVines3 년 전

    Yo if they made a campaign with this in it I think it would've been absolutely stunning

  55. JayDay60

    JayDay603 년 전

    I didn't even realize that's just a normal star destroyer

  56. Ciaran

    Ciaran3 년 전

    Well, that was fucking dreadful

  57. Big Boss

    Big Boss3 년 전

    in a good way, at least for the rebels

  58. JJAC Gamon

    JJAC Gamon3 년 전

    This was fuckin short

  59. Assassin Poma

    Assassin Poma3 년 전

    look closely at 0:20. The Storm trooper to the far left of the screen vanishes.

  60. Oppulent Hertz

    Oppulent Hertz13 일 전

    You Have Been Disconnected From Server

  61. AGamelegend

    AGamelegend18 일 전


  62. Paladin Headquarters

    Paladin Headquarters3 개월 전

    SGT VaN Xx lol. Cinematic trailer, but yeah I get your joke.

  63. Alestiiidae [no_last]

    Alestiiidae [no_last]9 개월 전

    Rebel scum using illegal disruptor ammo to evaporate foes? No surprise there.

  64. Sebas Hernandez

    Sebas Hernandez년 전

    Assassin Poma He hyperspace traveled, first person to travel through hyperspace without ship confirmed?

  65. Will Eveleigh

    Will Eveleigh3 년 전

    Battlefront 2 (Late 2017) is confirmed to have both GCW and TFA timelines. Clone Wars is something I want too, we can only hope. I bet that the final DLC for battlefront will be TFA timeline or Rogue One timeline to set it apart other DLCs. This game lacks content, is full of cheese, and overpriced. But for a unique sound and immersive experience, I absolutely love it. I can always pick it up and do well, and feel like a main character even when not playing as one. Worth it for diehard fans, not Battlefield players.

  66. Cave And Jackson

    Cave And Jackson년 전

    StarTrekMarco ahaha and that’s where you are wrong

  67. Alan Yablonski

    Alan Yablonski년 전

    Well I guess you were wrong

  68. Weaboo Jones

    Weaboo Jones2 년 전

    Will Eveleigh Clone Wars is going to be in Battlefront 2, a screenshot shows clones storming a building.

  69. Crawford

    Crawford2 년 전

    Countless people want the Clone Wars in the game too.

  70. StarTrekMarco

    StarTrekMarco2 년 전

    EA won't do the Clone Wars era because Disney avoids all prequel related stuff that is in bigger scale like the plague.

  71. Jimmy chokes on a Spoon and fucking dies

    Jimmy chokes on a Spoon and fucking dies3 년 전

    i like how when i see a hero coin i see like 20 guys running to it

  72. Sergeant_Billy

    Sergeant_Billy3 년 전

    0:20 "Suddenly, a Stortrooperm disapear"