Star Wars Battlefront: Battle of Jakku Gameplay Trailer


  1. Aerociviz Nicholas

    Aerociviz Nicholas6 일 전

    Man, battlefront really sucked compared to the sequel nowadays.

  2. Josh Velez

    Josh Velez12 일 전

    This map is was better than battle front 2 wish they brought it back

  3. Spitfire

    Spitfire17 일 전

    Still prefer this over Battlefront 2 2017

  4. Jack L

    Jack L16 일 전

    Spitfire Thank you!

  5. NoNo Gaming

    NoNo Gaming17 일 전

    Yeesh no wonder Jakku is nothing but debris and sand...the New Republic and Empire dumped all their ships on it

  6. Khizr Official

    Khizr Official18 일 전


  7. eatdeeznutz

    eatdeeznutz18 일 전

    Jakku? More like fakk u EA

  8. Tom Comte

    Tom Comte19 일 전


  9. Jericho Hauck

    Jericho Hauck20 일 전


  10. Bumpy S

    Bumpy S26 일 전

    Rebel Terrorists! Fancy new government, eh rebel scum? Think about all the people who died on the Ravager Super Star Destroyer, the other Imperial ships and all those ground troops! R.I.P every Imperial who died at the hands of this new 'government'. Our Glorious Empire shall rise again, from the ashes of the old one.

  11. Jerold White

    Jerold White개월 전

    Anyone else noticed that in almost every shot there's an ATAT in it

  12. MLY Crown ggez

    MLY Crown ggez개월 전

    I remember thinking we were gonna be fighting at the executor crash site but we just got to watch it in the distance lol

  13. batista6242

    batista62422 개월 전

    I miss battlefront 1 ❤️😢

  14. Spitfire

    Spitfire3 개월 전

    Much better than Battlefront 2s garbage that we got

  15. Blane Lacey

    Blane Lacey3 개월 전

    Name of the song anyone ?

  16. TheSwizziest

    TheSwizziest15 일 전

    Blane Lacey there are actually multiple songs used

  17. Squidward Tortellini

    Squidward Tortellini3 개월 전

    Why is this in my recommended three years later?

  18. Echo's Datacore

    Echo's Datacore4 개월 전

    I love the Battle of Jakku...

  19. Гералим с невозможными фактами

    Гералим с невозможными фактами5 개월 전

    Кому хочется поиграть в батлфронт но нет денег

  20. לוי ישראל

    לוי ישראל3 개월 전


  21. Zackary Schejbal

    Zackary Schejbal7 개월 전


  22. Klemens Pilz

    Klemens Pilz7 개월 전

    Omg nostalgia coming up

  23. Kwabzy

    Kwabzy8 개월 전

    That was the best weekend ever. I played Battlefront, I got hyped. and then I saw Force awakens, and I was SO happy afterwards. Very memorable weekend

  24. Great Australian

    Great Australian4 개월 전

    yeah this used to be my fav gamee.

  25. TheBatmanGamer666 Channel

    TheBatmanGamer666 Channel9 개월 전

    These 2 maps are only playable if you have the pre-order ?

  26. GalacticOrilla69

    GalacticOrilla697 개월 전

    I know I'm late but no

  27. Nibster Brown

    Nibster Brown9 개월 전

    Looking back, they really needed to widen this map so you could fly your star fighter without feeling so restricted.

  28. Commander Scout Of The 425th

    Commander Scout Of The 425th10 개월 전

    So much better then the crappy Galactic Assault Jakku map in Battlefront II

  29. Voidshot YT

    Voidshot YT년 전

    Is star wars battlefront 2 ever going to be a free game on steam?? I'm asking you EA reply to me yes or no

  30. The Senate

    The Senate7 개월 전

    Nooo Noooo NOOOooo It wont be fweee

  31. Lindsay Rouse

    Lindsay Rouse년 전

    I like the part with the siren in the backround and the AT-AT's

  32. Ray Kniga-Bartlett

    Ray Kniga-Bartlett년 전

    Love the way the TIE Interceptor crashes and the sound.

  33. Drew Fierman

    Drew Fierman년 전

    0:19 come at me bro

  34. TheFreddman01

    TheFreddman01년 전

    This game was like a pair of socks for birthday, it acommplishes but not surprises.

  35. LFSM Wonton

    LFSM Wonton년 전

    Those graphics look so old now

  36. Spencer Johnson

    Spencer Johnson년 전

    This was my favorite map on Battlefront 2015...

  37. Dinojengi ja Kumi-Kalle_139

    Dinojengi ja Kumi-Kalle_139년 전

    Super unbalanced

  38. Stefen Paccone

    Stefen Paccone년 전

    All those rebels would be screwed if Iden never rejected operation cinder...

  39. Herkko Narveik

    Herkko Narveik년 전


  40. IG0516

    IG0516년 전

    Our victory on Endor was just the beginning. Now, over the barren world of Jakku, we stand against the Galactic Empire!

  41. IG0516

    IG0516년 전

    You can see a pickup on the right side of the screen at 0:53

  42. giovanni de smedt gameplay en vlogs

    giovanni de smedt gameplay en vlogs년 전

    Play star wars battlefront 2 campain and you play the battle of jakku on a mission

  43. Superdevin7

    Superdevin7년 전

    They added this in battlefront 2

  44. Jacuevis Miller

    Jacuevis Miller년 전

    18 St kill the Stormtrooper

  45. Iden Versio

    Iden Versio년 전

    We won

  46. GalacticOrilla69

    GalacticOrilla697 개월 전


  47. Iden Versio

    Iden Versio년 전

    Zac Edits true true

  48. zac silva

    zac silva년 전

    Iden Versio you won then you defected to the rebellion because you realized you were fighting for the wrong side

  49. GAC- Berry

    GAC- Berry년 전

    Can’t spell Free with EA... wait

  50. KrzySW Augui

    KrzySW Augui년 전

    Ahhhh Old battlefront 😍

  51. aleksandar JEDAI MASTER

    aleksandar JEDAI MASTER년 전

    Star wars the force awakens video games

  52. Full Extended Music

    Full Extended Music년 전

    0:48 battle of heroes anybody?

  53. hcj 12345

    hcj 12345년 전

    Anyone have swbf1 and swbf2

  54. GalacticOrilla69

    GalacticOrilla697 개월 전

    I Do Im Still Playing Both Too Lots Of Players 😂

  55. The D Knax

    The D Knax년 전

    I was really looking forward to fighting right next to the big ass super star destroyer

  56. CKR

    CKR년 전

    If only it was THAT good

  57. Josue Clavel

    Josue Clavel년 전

    In battlefront 1

  58. Josue Clavel

    Josue Clavel년 전

    Imagine there was a late ass dlc character pack with iden, del, and shriv

  59. SwiftshadeFX

    SwiftshadeFX년 전

    0:54 - what's the name of this soundtrack tell me someone PLEASE!! :)

  60. Zeno Dragon Head

    Zeno Dragon Head년 전

    I don't like this map

  61. Theoddballguy

    Theoddballguy년 전

    Jakku in battlefront 2 looks so much better and way more accurate.

  62. Theoddballguy

    Theoddballguy년 전

    Noob Saibot and yea we did what the hell are you talking about ? It’s literally in the force awakens you’re such a dumbass 😂 fuck off you talk shit and don’t even know what you’re talking about.

  63. Theoddballguy

    Theoddballguy년 전

    Noob Saibot there’s not only Star Wars movies out there. Be quiet. You’re probably one of those retards who only watch the movies and think they know about Star Wars. It’s just like ryloth for example. We haven’t seen it in the movies but it’s in battlefront 2 as a starfighter assault map.

  64. Noob Saibot

    Noob Saibot년 전

    Because we haven't seen it in the movie, dumbass. Maybe this how it would have looked like. Plus it's civil war time.