Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review


  1. IGN

    IGN2 년 전

    This is our final, updated review of Star Wars Battlefront 2, and takes into consideration the last minute, temporary removal of real-money microtransactions.

  2. Landon Miller

    Landon Miller8 개월 전


  3. Aaron Tezeno

    Aaron Tezeno8 개월 전

    Ign please cover the changes and additions they made to the game on your website!

  4. Landon Miller

    Landon Miller9 개월 전

    IGN you need to re-rate this game. It’s fantastic, all of the progression is fixed and we’re getting updates all the time including Anakin coming out next Wednesday!!!!

  5. God

    God10 개월 전

    You guys should do a re-review.

  6. Jules Lemmens

    Jules Lemmens년 전

    But where is your opinion on the coop

  7. MemeMaster1757

    MemeMaster175710 일 전

    He sounds like a 30 year old lesbian

  8. MacAttack

    MacAttack25 일 전


  9. L D

    L D6 일 전

    MacAttack why don’t you try playing the game now, it’s turned around and become a great Star Wars game

  10. Nostalgia Rookie

    Nostalgia Rookie26 일 전

    edit: it better now for no more gambling bullsh*t 7.1/10

  11. Justin Theobald

    Justin Theobald개월 전

    I just skipped this and bought 2005 pandemics Star Wars battlefront on Steam instead.

  12. Kesateria Matahari

    Kesateria Matahari개월 전

    People will forget about this and preorder Jedi Fallen Order in a heartbeat.

  13. Skelcer Jones

    Skelcer Jones개월 전

    Single-player it's a difference...

  14. GexTex

    GexTex개월 전

    This game is entitled to a rereview at this point

  15. Offinics 780

    Offinics 7802 일 전

    people are saying this so much, definitely gonna have to try it out now

  16. Nathan Guerrette dit Latulippe

    Nathan Guerrette dit Latulippe5 일 전

    So is No Man's Sky

  17. L D

    L D6 일 전

    GexTex YES

  18. Zach Young

    Zach Young개월 전

    I returned this game to gamestop after I finished the story. I was excited to play an Imperials point of view. I wanted to feel as they did and why they fought for their cause. 20 minutes in you say F**k the Empire lets be cliche and join the rebels :(

  19. DopeBangin Junt

    DopeBangin Junt2 개월 전

    Its 6 bucks in the ps store is it worth it.

  20. Matthew O'Connell

    Matthew O'Connell2 개월 전

    Game is fun now tho

  21. Rogue Guardian

    Rogue Guardian2 개월 전

    This is why I prefer single player games

  22. Torsten

    Torsten3 개월 전

    I have a question, i wanna buy this game and am mostly interested in the space battles with flying ships, is there a gamemode where i can only choose flying battles or is that rarely occuring?

  23. Chowderm

    Chowderm2 개월 전

    There are two different space battles one with hero ships and one full scale ship battle

  24. Torsten

    Torsten3 개월 전

    talking about multiplayer

  25. Ahmet Ibrahim

    Ahmet Ibrahim3 개월 전

    Deserves less

  26. Edwin Carmona

    Edwin Carmona3 개월 전

    It's currently $7. Is it worth buying?

  27. Edwin Carmona

    Edwin Carmona2 개월 전

    @purple pig I ended up buying it and honestly I could've used the $7 for a decent meal

  28. purple pig

    purple pig2 개월 전


  29. Daphinence

    Daphinence4 개월 전

    im amazed they can make this without being embarassed

  30. Luditala Akala

    Luditala Akala4 개월 전

    Its better now :(

  31. FutureMaxz

    FutureMaxz2 개월 전

    purple pig it honestly is tbh

  32. purple pig

    purple pig2 개월 전


  33. GameNews yt

    GameNews yt4 개월 전

    The games really different can u re review it

  34. marcus

    marcus4 개월 전

    The old ones were better

  35. Dávid Holczer

    Dávid Holczer4 개월 전

    I played the First Btalle Front and i swear i played 15 minutes and of that 5 minutes was loading.I t was just so boring.The Sword fight was just dull there were barely any different combos.

  36. Drallion Tyanu

    Drallion Tyanu4 개월 전

    I know you are here because of the PS Plus rumored leak. Have a great day.

  37. Dávid Holczer

    Dávid Holczer4 개월 전

    @Drallion Tyanu???

  38. Drallion Tyanu

    Drallion Tyanu4 개월 전

    @Dávid Holczer -rolls eyes-

  39. Dávid Holczer

    Dávid Holczer4 개월 전

    The 1st one was totally boring is played like 15 minutes on it and 5 minutes were loading time.I am not fan of Star Wars at all, but i liked the Ps1 game.

  40. SpLiT pErSoNaLiTy

    SpLiT pErSoNaLiTy4 개월 전

    Free in August

  41. Kev. Mill

    Kev. Mill5 개월 전

    August PS Plus

  42. A. Shaufiek

    A. Shaufiek5 개월 전

    Well EA should have given free Multiplayer

  43. Sad_black Cat

    Sad_black Cat5 개월 전

    Should I buy this game? Imma about to go to gamestop ;-;

  44. Aaron Puente

    Aaron Puente5 개월 전

    Love this game, I'm more imersed in this game then any other.

  45. Rock-E Oldboy

    Rock-E Oldboy5 개월 전

    I just bought it for 5 bucks. I guess it'll be fine.

  46. werthy is my name

    werthy is my name5 개월 전

    Yeah BLAME EA for the short campaign “. They think they understand games. They think campaigns are dead. They flopped ANTHEM. They killed the Street series. The smartest thing EA has done was hire RESPAWN games. TITANFALL was eh, TITANFALL 2 and APex legends saved them somewhat

  47. Jenna Talia

    Jenna Talia5 개월 전

    i buy all my pc games from the pirate bay so i dont care if the games are crap which by the way all games are crap because they are all ported over from gheybox360 with low end quality graphics made for poverty pack gaming consoles.

  48. Tangible Mammal

    Tangible Mammal26 일 전

    @Jenna Talia haven't been there in years, but back than I didn't have a gaming pc ..what do I need to do?

  49. SeeDzNutts

    SeeDzNutts2 개월 전

    @Jenna Talia also not what I asked.

  50. Jenna Talia

    Jenna Talia2 개월 전

    @SeeDzNutts pirate bay games are free

  51. SeeDzNutts

    SeeDzNutts2 개월 전

    What do you use to run the file?

  52. kartikey singh

    kartikey singh5 개월 전

    i guess now the time to try this game since it got cracked yesterday . But the tiny 4 hour campaign is making mein second guess myself . is this 72gb game installation worth 4 hr? i guess we just have to find out

  53. CMAD123

    CMAD1235 개월 전

    kartikey singh dude the multiplayer is fun. Way better then battlefield in my opinion. I don’t care about loot boxes I annoy them and rely on my skill.

  54. Bbsod10 force

    Bbsod10 force5 개월 전


  55. dyuloose

    dyuloose5 개월 전

    Star Wars has always been mediocre...movies or games.

  56. Brice Moore

    Brice Moore5 개월 전

    Who else here from crackwatch

  57. lt_juice

    lt_juice5 개월 전

    6.5??? What a joke lol

  58. Dmac 740

    Dmac 7405 개월 전

    A game if done right could be great

  59. Popeyes or Chick-fil-A

    Popeyes or Chick-fil-A6 개월 전

    Enjoy your outdated review on a game that has improved more than you can comprehend

  60. Laurent Athletics26

    Laurent Athletics267 일 전

    Yeah it is! I’ve bought it last month

  61. Michael Marcello

    Michael Marcello5 개월 전

    @Keyring Yes yes yes. It's better now than ever.

  62. Keyring

    Keyring5 개월 전

    Quick question, is it worth it?

  63. Franco Rottier

    Franco Rottier6 개월 전

    Is it worth it now for 19 bucks for both games has a bundle?

  64. fuzzman 02

    fuzzman 026 개월 전

    Remake this review now let’s see that 9.0

  65. GB Master

    GB Master6 개월 전

    It prolly stuttered because you were trying to game on a mac :P

  66. Tiger Woods

    Tiger Woods6 개월 전

    Best star wars game ever i have it for xbox one

  67. Claude The BOOF

    Claude The BOOF6 개월 전

    This review really need a 2019 re-review update.

  68. SeeDzNutts

    SeeDzNutts2 개월 전

    Only MP?

  69. JD 07

    JD 077 개월 전

    Guys I need help on making a choice battlefront 1 or 2

  70. Darth Nihilious dad

    Darth Nihilious dad7 개월 전

    and more players

  71. Darth Nihilious dad

    Darth Nihilious dad7 개월 전

    Get 2. Its updated and better