Star Wars Battlefront 2: Capital Supremacy Gameplay (No Commentary)


  1. kody becker

    kody becker일 전

    am I the only one that doesn't touch the heroes I actually like playing as the general type troops more like jet pack bruhs or arc trooper x,D

  2. Vosman

    Vosman12 시간 전

    kody becker or death trooper

  3. Arif Raja

    Arif Raja6 일 전

    avaliable in steam? multiplayer?

  4. HSM

    HSM4 일 전

    Its on origin

  5. Анатолий Богомолов

    Анатолий Богомолов6 일 전

    красивый геймплэй

  6. Bruno WW

    Bruno WW8 일 전

    Pay to win ??

  7. Сергей Иванов

    Сергей Иванов9 일 전


  8. Евгений Плетнев

    Евгений Плетнев18 일 전


  9. [FOS] MhyticUniCorn

    [FOS] MhyticUniCorn20 일 전

    World of tanks

  10. LL L

    LL L29 일 전

    Bombarded scrap

  11. Ursus Granger Hipe

    Ursus Granger Hipe개월 전

    Is this player vs player?

  12. Conor Brennan

    Conor Brennan28 일 전


  13. luan vu

    luan vu개월 전

    link dowload, thanks

  14. savagex466

    savagex466개월 전

    its not 1st person shooter mode boooo to bad



    really love this game

  16. Aleksey Tyo

    Aleksey Tyo2 개월 전

    Soundtrack is something beautiful

  17. DopeBangin Junt

    DopeBangin Junt2 개월 전

    Its 6 bucks on the ps storw

  18. Cinematic Studios

    Cinematic Studios2 개월 전

    I miss Star Wars Battlefront man, I'm gonna have to buy this foreal!

  19. Cinematic Studios

    Cinematic Studios개월 전

    @ttv_sxkxiller Xbox 1 bro & if you could I'd appreciate that foreal!

  20. ttv_sxkxiller

    ttv_sxkxiller개월 전

    On what console are you? Im on xbox i could share it for you

  21. MDUCDC

    MDUCDC2 개월 전

    In the phantom menace, droids sounded normal, but in the clone wars series, they made them sound absolutely ridiculous and they've kept that voice from then on. They shouldn't have.

  22. Anthony Gonzalez

    Anthony Gonzalez2 개월 전

    If ONLY this game wasn’t made by EA. Think of how many people would’ve bought it had it not been over the gross implementing of the microtransactions

  23. Kwabena

    Kwabena2 개월 전

    play it now its worth it top 5 star wars games ever

  24. Ash me Dai

    Ash me Dai3 개월 전

    17:55 Viseroys: you must kill the jedi

  25. Gun ter

    Gun ter3 개월 전

    Epic game

  26. julien 8 lefevre

    julien 8 lefevre3 개월 전

    oh yeah

  27. julien 8 lefevre

    julien 8 lefevre3 개월 전


  28. WeavelCow

    WeavelCow3 개월 전

    Great gameplay, just bought the game, I intended to buy it from after the beta but never got around to it.


    DOUBLE TAD3 개월 전

    Es para PS4?

  30. Lord Naka

    Lord Naka2 개월 전


  31. Gaffneg

    Gaffneg3 개월 전

    That was amazing

  32. obinido

    obinido3 개월 전

    I played this game for the first time yesterday, and my character (droid) could not turn a full 360 degrees. Is this normal? When i came up on an alley or a street then i could not enter, same goes for aiming, aiming up no problem but aiming down was not possible. Reset the controles multiple times and still no changes. Anyone else had this problem?

  33. obinido

    obinido3 개월 전

    @Coug yeah it was very annoying, but if found yhe problem, turns out that i had to turn of steam and more background programs except origin, now it runs fine

  34. Coug

    Coug3 개월 전

    Your problem sounds like a first, bud. Because that’s the first time I’ve ever heard anything like that. Been playing since 2017, and have never heard of something that bad.

  35. Crimsonskys

    Crimsonskys3 개월 전


  36. Gonza Ssj

    Gonza Ssj4 개월 전

    27:25 omg

  37. Marcin kran

    Marcin kran4 개월 전

    Fk camper

  38. Criticize show

    Criticize show5 개월 전

    Уебан научись играть сначала

  39. julius

    julius5 개월 전

    They need Grievous’ cloaked skin.

  40. G_wavy

    G_wavy5 개월 전

    Is it just me or is he trash at being a hero

  41. Vincent De Groof

    Vincent De Groof5 개월 전

    So 2 years after date this game is complete? I really hate those kind of publishers. Really enjoyed playing this game but gave it up after a while cuz it felt boring cuz there was not enough variety.. GREAT JOB EA (sports, ITS NOT IN THE GAME)

  42. LXIXorange

    LXIXorange3 개월 전

    Updates coming soon.

  43. alex fisher

    alex fisher5 개월 전


  44. Ivan Bigelow

    Ivan Bigelow5 개월 전

    @apollo432 No idea that gameplay without commentary could get so many views. I wont feel so bad now about posting my stuff. Do you record locally then upload or stream?

  45. Chickenman58

    Chickenman585 개월 전


  46. Vault Boy

    Vault Boy5 개월 전

    Chickenman58 be careful because the fans will destroy you anally.

  47. Serega Diyutcxdvbcdg

    Serega Diyutcxdvbcdg5 개월 전

    вот надо было терминатор изначально, на этом движке игры делать, извините что пишу на русском господа.

  48. Athdemar Parra Correa

    Athdemar Parra Correa5 개월 전

    I love this game ,I love Star Wars

  49. Vitaminh D

    Vitaminh D5 개월 전

    How is everybody happy with 50 tickets becoming 100 tickets? The losing team has barely a chance to win and if they do, games take longer to finish then before. 50 was such a good balance. I bet it was a bunch of crybabies that want it to be 100 tickets.

  50. Yamcha

    Yamcha5 개월 전

    I was playing this game an hour ago, but there are no players around, it said waiting for 17 players and it took me 30mins then I quit

  51. Rolando Tula

    Rolando Tula5 개월 전

    @Yamcha everyone can use it, when any hero dies, it has a 5 second cool down before anyone can use it, so many players are waiting to immediately press it, my advice is that when you die, stay a little bit in the respawn menu, and wait until you see it's gonna be available in five seconds, then press it as fast as you can, so you can use it

  52. Yamcha

    Yamcha5 개월 전

    @Rolando Tula So just few people can use it? Havent see it available everytime I die, chances are players can use them are 10%

  53. Rolando Tula

    Rolando Tula5 개월 전

    @Yamcha it means someone is using it

  54. Yamcha

    Yamcha5 개월 전

    @Kulli I just bought the game because of sale. Question, why everytime I'm trynna to use Darth Maul or to buy him, it said Maximum number in game, something like that and its always like that. What does it mean? How can I use him?

  55. Kulli

    Kulli5 개월 전

    @Yamcha like almost every least in the evening

  56. jonathan mendezrojas

    jonathan mendezrojas5 개월 전

    Where can i buy this game?

  57. Go Hyuck Yourself

    Go Hyuck Yourself5 개월 전

    the game's always on sale too, got it for $5

  58. unforgettable

    unforgettable5 개월 전

    just go to that site

  59. Odeltor

    Odeltor5 개월 전

    its sold out, you are late

  60. Huh ?

    Huh ?5 개월 전


  61. David Gross

    David Gross5 개월 전

    Like in the old days with battlefront 2 of 2005 :)

  62. matias miranda arrredondo

    matias miranda arrredondo2 일 전

    David Gross maaaan that was the game for sure,.