STAR WARS 9 Official Trailer #2 (2019) The Rise Of Skywalker Movie HD


  1. Jonathan Yarrington

    Jonathan Yarrington5 시간 전


  2. Hype Playz

    Hype Playz10 시간 전

    1:29 whoah 3p.o

  3. Vanadium Fade

    Vanadium Fade12 시간 전

    Am I the only one to hear Vader breathe very slightly at the end?

  4. Expelliarmus 885

    Expelliarmus 88518 시간 전

    I think Palpatine does something to Rey

  5. dizzotizzo69

    dizzotizzo69일 전

    All you dumb F*cks that gave thumbs down will be the first to show up to see it!! LOL

  6. Russ

    Russ일 전

    Very few characters left to make depressingly absurd except perhaps the producers

  7. Menacing Trash User

    Menacing Trash User일 전

    i like how they put the trilogies in order (OT-Prequels-Sequels)

  8. intellybit

    intellybit일 전

    check out some possible spoilers VIA MCDONALDS HERE

  9. JaiRon Edwards

    JaiRon Edwards일 전

    So is that anikin or em I a tripping

  10. D3V1LGota

    D3V1LGota2 일 전

    just saying that ending part with rey with the sith lightsaber ruined a possible moment for the movie



    They should’ve added some scenes from rouge one

  12. Philip Got Bored

    Philip Got Bored2 일 전

    Mmm how about NO. No im not watching it.

  13. Belly Boy

    Belly Boy2 일 전

    The music is off the chain in this trailer 👌

  14. Bo bo

    Bo bo2 일 전

    Rey fights and stabs Kylo through chest just to save him with her new healing force abilities. Kylo turns good. Rey fights her father Palpatine and looses a battle with him, Kylo comes to save Rey with a Healing force kiss. Rey is healed, Palp kills Kylo with force lightning, Rey reflects lightning towards Palp, killing him. Rey adopts last name of Skywalker. The End.

  15. Un- Deniable

    Un- Deniable2 일 전

    Interesting how the nostalgic scenes went from how real-time old they were, not movie time

  16. Zech Merquise

    Zech Merquise2 일 전

    Star Wars 9: Game of thrones season 8

  17. Un- Deniable

    Un- Deniable2 일 전

    Don’t worry guys and girls, just go in that cinema with extraordinary low expectations and you’ll have a great time

  18. William & Audrey Menjivar

    William & Audrey Menjivar2 일 전

    Any KOreporterr that promotes this Disney Garbage should be Unsubscribed....

  19. mayamilo01

    mayamilo013 일 전

    So many memories So much love Such heartwarming sights Sorry Disney you can’t gain me back

  20. Thndr_

    Thndr_3 일 전

    Tlj has given me a bad taste for star wars but I hope this one is good!

  21. MR A M O T

    MR A M O T3 일 전

    it will be very goooooood movie

  22. Paul Wilby

    Paul Wilby3 일 전

    1:51 Rey...ummmm what do you thing your doing?!


    PC POLICE3 일 전

    How are all the weak men who are afraid of women protagonists doing?! Still crying Mary Sue? 😂😂

  24. A Cook

    A Cook3 일 전

    The first 46 seconds was amazing, I'd watch that.

  25. himynameistim

    himynameistim3 일 전

    lol a girl is going to save the jedi? Give me a break, lol.

  26. MacandBloo4ever

    MacandBloo4ever일 전

    himynameistim she’s not little.

  27. himynameistim

    himynameistim일 전

    @MacandBloo4ever um, IT'S A LITTLE GIRL LOL

  28. MacandBloo4ever

    MacandBloo4ever2 일 전

    himynameistim and what’s wrong with that?

  29. SomeWhatGoodStuff

    SomeWhatGoodStuff3 일 전

    1:26 Bot fleets in galactic assault on Empire at war.

  30. Jurica Bitunjac

    Jurica Bitunjac3 일 전

    Will Darth Vader 🐝 back?

  31. MacandBloo4ever

    MacandBloo4ever2 일 전

    Jurica Bitunjac no. He’s dead, remember?

  32. Westley Morris

    Westley Morris3 일 전

    Where can i get the soundtrack to this trailer please?

  33. finstoup

    finstoup4 일 전

    the twin suns. i love them

  34. cooper the Shiba inu

    cooper the Shiba inu4 일 전

    Maybe rey turns to the dark side?

  35. Michael Main

    Michael Main4 일 전

    Soundtrack is the only good part

  36. TheInvincible H

    TheInvincible H4 일 전

    Why a new female character who can kick everyone’s ass why can’t we have some white males who aren’t old and aren’t crybaby’s are you racist or something?

  37. Jacob Chabot

    Jacob Chabot5 일 전

    Honestly it's incredibly annoying how many people are frustrated with this trailer and trilogy. Literally everything that has happened is pretty much on point with what George Lucas always envisioned as what happened. It has always been about the prophecy and the prophecy child, even he said he had something greater in mind when he was originally writing Darth Vader and then he wrote the prequel trilogoy that answered what that was. All this final trilogy is doing is truly finishing the Anakin storyline that has existed (albeit mainly only ever eluded to and hinted at through select lines in the movies) always, and bring an end to the prophecy. What is happening is the ending of that prophecy, it wasn't fulfilled when Anakin became Vader and it wasn't fulfilled when Luke brought him back to being Anakin. Neither of those things actually brought balance to the force they simply shifted it from 'good' to 'bad' and back to 'good'. What the force is trying to do is sort of make a restart and get people to instead of following their own whims and using the force for themselves. But to follow the force and what it guides them to do and not in terms of living species definitions of 'good' and 'bad. That is what everything has been about. That is why the force brought an end to the Jedi Order in 'Revenge of the Sith'. Because as people have critiqued, the Jedi weren't really following the Jedi code and before The Clone Wars ever started they became to involved with politics and began using the force for their own whims instead of paying attention to what it wanted. That is why through Qui-Gon Jin, someone who actually followed the direction of the force (which led him to be named a Grey Jedi and is why he had trouble with and was never put on the Jedi Council) and Anakin, it acted. It's a God ( in a sense, it's not really a God its more like Dao mashed with some other things) without a physical form, so this is how it interacts. Through the mitochlorians. So this whole trilogy is being used, and really especially this last movie, to bring an end to the Skywalker saga and the prophecy about Anakin. So in some form he will act in this movie to cause the balance to be brought to the force. Hence, The Last Jedi title, which is referencing that Rey will be the last force-sensitive to be trained in the ways of the Jedi, because inherently it is flawed- in a much more subtle manner than the Sith. And while there are two sides to the force (Light and Dark, that is undeniable, it is canon and they actually have manifestations) the light is inherently more powerful and this is its grand scheme (literally tricking and manipulating the Dark side, through Darth Sidious, whom it is canon used the force to impregnate Anakin's mother) to regain control and balance so that the sides are no longer in conflict with each other, through some sort of resolution between the two faces of the force. And that is my explanation as to why they had clips from the other movies. I mean it is also a little about milking money and that's why they chose to bring Anakin's story to light more through the trailer, but Disney did it with story intentions in mind with the story also making them do it. But its mainly what I said. The trilogy could have been done better, like filling in some holes that are explained in the greater canon universe and explaining more things in general, because that would have helped with all of this. But when it comes down to it, you need to spend hours late at night scrolling through different Star Wars analyses and theories on your phone not sleeping and also watch the movies a ton and constantly as well as the different tv shows and watch videos explaining the canon comics and books, because what else are you going to do at night other than avoid sleep by scrolling through youtube until two in the morning. Definitely the prequels and sequels biggest flaws are their utter lack of explanation of the greater story arc taking place. And that is most likely most do to George Lucas, because he wants things very much his way, and gets stressed out like real bad when they don't go his way, so he probably very much made sure it was exactly to his specifications (the level of an extremely accomplished critical thinker, writer, and creative everything, leading to him to be eccentric in his writing and making things much to convoluded for people to just understand like he does because somewhere in his mind he expects us all to just understand what he is doing even though we need like hours and hours of work to try and piece his crap together). There that's that.

  38. JCLeSinge

    JCLeSinge5 일 전

    So... the first 1:12 minutes of a 2:24 minute trailer, literally 50% of the trailer for a new film... is footage of old films? Someone, who is for some reason extremely well paid in the field of marketing films, apparently does not understand the core concept of a trailer. They cannot have intended for anyone to spend the first half of the trailer being bored about the new movie. What they just achieved was to bore someone whose literal first memory of cinema is Star Wars, a lifelong fan willing to forgive almost anything, someone who is definitively not bored by Star Wars. And yet. Seen this, know this, what this indicates is a lack of confidence in the new material, if they only dare show us one minute of new spaceship footage and a few seconds of lightsabres. That they tell us so little about the plot here suggests that there's not much to tell.

  39. Bounty Hunter

    Bounty Hunter5 일 전

    As long as I keep Baby Yoda safe, he grows up, becomes Jedi Master, trains many Jedi, loses to Palpatine, goes into exile, trains Luke, Luke kills DV, Luke goes into exile, comes back to train Ray to save Chewie, I am sure Chewbacca will be out of danger. This is the way.

  40. Jonathan 247 Williams

    Jonathan 247 Williams5 일 전

    Big black giant cube floating in that sky, my bad, don’t be mad at me. I don’t care about the movie.

  41. YouDontGetFreePizza

    YouDontGetFreePizza5 일 전

    at the end, who else thought they saw rey?

  42. MasterChief

    MasterChief15 시간 전

    @ThunderStruck 115 Or a clone

  43. ThunderStruck 115

    ThunderStruck 1153 일 전

    I slowed down the trailer, either it's Rey, or someone who looks remarkably like Daisy Ridley

  44. Faze Alien

    Faze Alien5 일 전

    Imagine mandalorian in this

  45. Faze Alien

    Faze Alien5 일 전

    I like the beginning to it’s pretty cool and sad and exciting at the same time

  46. Faze Alien

    Faze Alien5 일 전

    Damn who would of believed Star Wars would become a legendary story and maybe one day will become true but damn