STAR WARS 9 Final Trailer (2019) The Rise Of Skywalker Movie HD


  1. 1 Bad Jesus

    1 Bad Jesus3 일 전

    1:50 ..DID we see twins doin another "Snoke- Get-Smoked" on The Empero..oh.."A Dream Sequence" gotcha!

  2. NightRogue

    NightRogue5 일 전


  3. Apple Tree

    Apple Tree16 일 전

    All she should be doing us renting out her body

  4. Caroline Rogel

    Caroline Rogel18 일 전

    Im going to pay attention to the Filipino channel now..hehehhe

  5. Caroline Rogel

    Caroline Rogel18 일 전

    This happens soon

  6. Random Boi

    Random Boi18 일 전

    I hope the sith and the first order win

  7. KEMBL I

    KEMBL I18 일 전

    I think one of the story lines is a transition of Kylo Ren to the white side

  8. Lord Chico

    Lord Chico19 일 전

    0:45 Kylo just woke up on the wrong side

  9. Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

    Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo24 일 전

    Coming soon

  10. OSAMA-51 kop

    OSAMA-51 kop25 일 전

    When they will use there mind and stop making stupid movies like this and starting to make obi-wan movie and Darth vader movie

  11. Kegend 215

    Kegend 21527 일 전

    My father started this now it’s me to end it

  12. Gwilym Garrigan

    Gwilym Garrigan27 일 전

    Holy shit the empire is back. Empire vs leader smoke

  13. Mike D

    Mike D28 일 전

    the possibility of this being enjoyable is three thousand seven hundred and twenty... to one.

  14. Arafath Malik

    Arafath Malik28 일 전

    If star wars ends then my childhood is ruined

  15. TNG Armscarr

    TNG Armscarr24 일 전

    xZeasty YT Dont call me stupid if you can’t use proper grammar. Dumbass shitnite kid. I can almost bet you’re in middle school with your weak ass insults and terrible logic

  16. xZeasty

    xZeasty24 일 전

    TNG Armscarr you stupid? I think you have no brain cells to try and start beef over this 😂 Disney has only said it a thousand times

  17. TNG Armscarr

    TNG Armscarr24 일 전

    xZeasty YT And where did you hear that. In a clickbait shitnite video?

  18. xZeasty

    xZeasty27 일 전

    Shadow 987 it’s not ending they are making a 10 11 and 12

  19. Scott Blade

    Scott Blade28 일 전

    I hope Mickey Mouse ends up frozen in carbonite!

  20. dark yeloth

    dark yeloth개월 전

    How many near deaths has palpatine have wtf

  21. Chris Reynecke

    Chris Reynecke개월 전

    "IT'S A TRAP!" don't waste your money "Its time for the disney to end".

  22. Shae McGovern

    Shae McGovern개월 전

    did anyone realise that palpaptine dosent say may the force be with you that is anakin neither luke

  23. Shae McGovern

    Shae McGovern개월 전

    I am taking one last look sir at my friends noooo

  24. GunsolKyle

    GunsolKyle개월 전

    Fan base: "Oh god this movie will suck, everyone Boycott Disney." Disney: "How many of you are at Starbucks posting hate comments?"



    This looks redeeming.

  26. Zee M.

    Zee M.개월 전

    The Saga will end? Really? There have been so many I've stopped watching. Which ending is this one, number 12, 13?

  27. Norris Nastac

    Norris Nastac개월 전

    I cant wait

  28. damon sturgill

    damon sturgill개월 전

    so the Scrippet was wright en in crayon

  29. OctoberNinja 1017

    OctoberNinja 1017개월 전

    Can yall bring back some prequel characters i.e. Mace Windu, Obi-wan, And force ghost Anakin Skywalker?

  30. Rocco Siffredi

    Rocco Siffredi개월 전

    If the movie was good then Disney Wouldn't the mystery and collage of scenes and dialogue. It would show the emperor and not all this other shit. The movie is / story is so destroyed and in damage control its sad. Total one last big money grab then slowly networking other smaller spin off shows/media/merch down the line.

  31. Sophia Johnson

    Sophia Johnson개월 전

    Yay Star Wars love Star Wars like this comment if u do

  32. Stuart Malcolm

    Stuart Malcolm개월 전


  33. zinny999

    zinny999개월 전

    Downvotes are on the High side.

  34. Derin Tran

    Derin Tran개월 전

    Trailer is good but the movie is bad for sure " the hype "

  35. keflar5

    keflar5개월 전


  36. Marxine St.Arline

    Marxine St.Arline개월 전

    Great special effects, and help chase down the bad taste in all the obvious SJW political indoctrination.

  37. Shawn Armstrong

    Shawn Armstrong개월 전

    My 12 year old brain can't believe how little my adult brain cares about this movie.

  38. Anna M

    Anna M개월 전

    cringeworthy trailer... love the music though.

  39. Ariel Wollinger

    Ariel Wollinger개월 전

    this is gonna suck balls

  40. louis dorchin

    louis dorchin개월 전

    I loved how Fred Durst gave limp Bizkit a shout-out anyone in 2019 would be listening to limp Bizkit

  41. nikolka dubenova

    nikolka dubenova개월 전


  42. Ny Parsons

    Ny Parsons개월 전

    all you people suck !!! 👎

  43. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

    Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.개월 전

    You suck, liar.

  44. burr

    burr개월 전

    I hate the fact that even though I know this is probably going to be shit, I still get emotional and filled with hope.

  45. Perry Widhalm

    Perry Widhalm개월 전

    Like nearly everything they touch, Millennials have ruined Star Wars too ......