Sprint Burst Is Better Than Dead Hard - Dead by Daylight


  1. AaronPlaysTV

    AaronPlaysTV24 일 전

    What’s your favourite exhaustion perk to use?

  2. ye boi

    ye boi2 일 전

    Head on

  3. Xeno The SU Nerd

    Xeno The SU Nerd2 일 전

    H e a d O n

  4. AddisonOut

    AddisonOut3 일 전

    AaronPlaysTV Balanced landing fasho.

  5. Bichael Byers

    Bichael Byers3 일 전

    balanced landing! (and adrenaline)

  6. Eredin Bréacc Glas

    Eredin Bréacc Glas11 일 전

    Dead hard and sprint burst isn't better than dead hard

  7. Sledgemoma

    Sledgemoma10 시간 전

    Man I love that outro

  8. Hugo Prince

    Hugo Prince일 전


  9. Shok23

    Shok232 일 전

    how he use sprint in running if it instaused then you start run ?

  10. O_Nc

    O_Nc4 일 전

    Dude before watching this video I thought sprint burst was shit. But you showed me how it could be used now meg is my main now

  11. tomi

    tomi4 일 전

    Dead hard and sprint boost are different perks for different situations.

  12. Mike

    Mike4 일 전

    0:51 how the fuck you can run without activating sprintburst instantly. First I thought it's Nancy's perk but no, you run and SB don't start until you stop and run again wtf??

  13. bila 256

    bila 2564 일 전

    how are you sprinting without Sprint perk use?

  14. Virtue Over Vices

    Virtue Over Vices4 일 전

    How are you cooling your exhaustion down while running? I thought they got rid of that

  15. CoolPepper

    CoolPepper5 일 전

    Nooo way this is a new way in getting camped thanks aaron

  16. Alex Maiers

    Alex Maiers6 일 전

    Well, there are lots of arguments for contrposition

  17. sakyum jyp

    sakyum jyp6 일 전

    Yeah agree and spring burst with vigil are great comobs

  18. Burnt Cereal

    Burnt Cereal8 일 전

    This might make sprint burst a little op but I think it should be like dead hard where you can activate it as long as you’re not in exhaustion

  19. Emelia

    Emelia8 일 전

    Once the killer knows you have dead hard they can play around it. Sprint burst is virtually uncounterable and it gives survivors better map pressure. I asked a couple of killer mains which would they rather face: 4 sprint bursts or 4 dead hards. The majority would rather face 4 dead hards. Have you ever faced a 4 man sprint bursting team? It’s fucking annoying as killer Lmao

  20. Isaac López Ruiz

    Isaac López Ruiz8 일 전

    Just go dead hard, lithe, Sprint burst and balanced landing. It MUST be broken.

  21. ass juice

    ass juice8 일 전

    Any perk that involves walking all game is pointless head on all the way

  22. lolman 237

    lolman 23710 일 전

    99% will not often work for exhaustion

  23. Soulskrai

    Soulskrai10 일 전

    @aaronplaystv You don't spread the infection until you're in the broken status, same goes for doing gens or even healing.

  24. SinG11

    SinG1110 일 전

    you have zero chance to lose a killer with DH, but SB can. When a killer is proxy camp or trying to tunnel u a DH is useless too while SB can get you to safety or at least change killer's target.

  25. Call Me Whatever

    Call Me Whatever13 일 전


  26. Hero4fun

    Hero4fun13 일 전

    14:04 that nea was just being cute with her flashlight haha xD "click, click, click" on the killer's face.

  27. Bonjemus YT

    Bonjemus YT16 일 전

    How did u keep sprint burst while running?

  28. Mertcan Aysal

    Mertcan Aysal16 일 전

    How does sprint burst not work when you run

  29. Brandon Williams

    Brandon Williams16 일 전

    Good vid

  30. Sinclairbott

    Sinclairbott17 일 전

    No it’s not to this title, not even close

  31. Sunday Dog

    Sunday Dog17 일 전

    0:55 how were you sprinting around the loop without activating sprint burst?

  32. Vortex27

    Vortex2712 일 전

    Sunday Dog if you walk and then immediately start running right after your exhaustion you will have sprint burst and still be able to to run

  33. Jeff LaVere

    Jeff LaVere17 일 전

    Sprint burst is top tier balanced landing is next best but i find too situational

  34. Anthony_Houmis 15

    Anthony_Houmis 1518 일 전

    Is it better the balanced tho? 🤔

  35. Shawn White

    Shawn White18 일 전

    i feel like SB could be the best exhaustion perk if you could activate it on command like DH. other than that you are wasting time focusing on 99ing it just to troll the killer for some extra loops maybe .

  36. krow

    krow18 일 전

    4:45 you know what would of saved you? dead hard then you could of looped the shack

  37. StretchLive

    StretchLive18 일 전

    I love these kind of vids. Showing only specific plus points to Sprint Burst but not the downfalls. Giving killers easier games lol

  38. Gamer Ant.007

    Gamer Ant.00718 일 전

    *doesn't Sprint Burst activates automatically as soon as you press SHIFT?? How were you able to active manually (hmmmm intensifies!)*

  39. Lux

    Lux19 일 전

    Lmao Deadhard is way better.

  40. The Huntress

    The Huntress19 일 전

    It's all situational dead hard can be used for distance or to bait a hit spring burst can be used in the same way but it's much harder and way more situational dead hard is easier to use and u get the same out of both but hey preference matters in what perks you use

  41. Soap

    Soap19 일 전

    *Trutalent will remember that*

  42. PsychoFuck

    PsychoFuck19 일 전

    Dude you're pro!

  43. Ghost_soul 2468

    Ghost_soul 246819 일 전

    I actually hate sprint burst


    CR7NEYMAR19 일 전

    so many situations when you could have survived from using dead hard.

  45. Kikzorzzz

    Kikzorzzz19 일 전

    Instaheal is getting nerved? Why

  46. Michael Myers

    Michael Myers19 일 전

    It's better just because Dead Har won't trigger these days

  47. Rye

    Rye19 일 전

    This is why dead hard better than sprint burst 14:16

  48. PrestigeSkater

    PrestigeSkater20 일 전

    I disagree with the title it is highly beaten by other better exhaustion perks change my mind |

  49. Alan Peppy

    Alan Peppy20 일 전

    Where's that Claudette dance/song from? •-•

  50. ryan woodlock

    ryan woodlock20 일 전

    So are we just ignoring the fact that three genning is so much easier because of Sprint Burst? two weeks off dbd come back and everyone is trying to use Sprint burst, it is the most annoying thing I have to slow the game down as killer or I'll get 20 k for ending a game too soon and not pip, because against a trapper using Sprint burst is just wasting a perk slot when you think you're going to loop then step in a trap. people who play killer consistently, know what to commit to, Sprint burst can definitely be used well it's just the killers this was shown on are the ones the don't teleport, lay traps, phase walk or blink. I like the way some people use it but it doesn't look great against the greater types of killers in the game is all.

  51. hazard-crab Gaming

    hazard-crab Gaming20 일 전

    Me:runs dead hard and sprint burst Everyone else: you weren’t supposed to do that

  52. BaraPersson

    BaraPersson20 일 전

    1:00 how do you run with SB up?

  53. BaraPersson

    BaraPersson10 일 전

    @Aenovuth Nyne Yeah ^^ i usually comment when i watch the video and not after. But yes i know now

  54. Aenovuth Nyne

    Aenovuth Nyne11 일 전

    did u find out?

  55. JP MOZER

    JP MOZER21 일 전

    how did you didn't activated sprint burst while running?

  56. Aqvorip

    Aqvorip21 일 전

    why did you steal @loleriz ,s tech?

  57. Tony42545

    Tony4254521 일 전

    in that first siituation dead hard would been better then sprint burst because if she would of just puked on the other guy and came back to you, you would have no defense and would of went down but with dead hard you could still loop her and have an insurance plan called dead hard which can both prevent a hit and give you distance at the same time

  58. Andrei Gamer PRO

    Andrei Gamer PRO21 일 전

    clickbait, the video is rly old

  59. Da 2

    Da 222 일 전

    You should do an anti or how to counter every killer video and show a example of each thing you talk about it helps newer players put out and it gives you some content

  60. Nicane3 - Dbd Gameplays

    Nicane3 - Dbd Gameplays22 일 전

    only cause dead hard is bugged right now :(

  61. Mono-demon00p

    Mono-demon00p22 일 전

    Am I the only one who doesn’t use adrenaline cause the randoms do nothing but urban around the map

  62. Eric Shadow

    Eric Shadow22 일 전

    Thanks for this vids

  63. Ergox

    Ergox22 일 전

    how did you run and the sprint did not activate?

  64. Sango Youkai Taijiya

    Sango Youkai Taijiya22 일 전

    Can you do this build? Head on Decisive Strike Adrenaline Inner Strenght

  65. Luke Smith24

    Luke Smith2422 일 전

    Near 50k subs

  66. Nea Karlsson

    Nea Karlsson22 일 전

    First it was lithe now it’s sprint burst god make up ur mind

  67. That Dude

    That Dude22 일 전

    You have a soothing voice

  68. Antonio Ramos

    Antonio Ramos23 일 전

    You are a top player, I enjoy your videos bro, keep it up!