1. Briseida Urrea

    Briseida Urrea11 시간 전

    Happy birthday Jackie.

  2. Jordan Rodriguez

    Jordan Rodriguez13 시간 전

    Booker is so cute . Usually I don’t like Golden Doodles, but Booker is super cute!

  3. Ejed Gaming

    Ejed Gaming일 전

    17:11 she surprised

  4. Erik Ryan

    Erik Ryan일 전

    Like for them to get back together.

  5. Nathan Lopez

    Nathan Lopez2 일 전

    Brandon’s so slick

  6. devilz reject469

    devilz reject4692 일 전

    I'd like to see her in the victoria secret n high heels oh n happy bday chica lol

  7. MSF Clix2

    MSF Clix23 일 전


  8. kot3q booy

    kot3q booy4 일 전

    7:11 keep paused 🥰😅😂😂😂😂 Edit I mean 17:11 my bad Make this thumb blue if you think they are secretly dating

  9. Michelle Wong

    Michelle Wong4 일 전

    Bro Brandon was probably BEEN waiting for the kiss

  10. Make up Plus slime

    Make up Plus slime6 일 전

    21:31 Anthony: I gonna pass out I need food

  11. Make up Plus slime

    Make up Plus slime6 일 전

    And then they kiss not once but 3 times

  12. Make up Plus slime

    Make up Plus slime6 일 전

    Jackie :thank you for the gift Anthony: kiss! kiss! Go on a date !

  13. Chef Games

    Chef Games8 일 전

    Anthony has a crush on Jackie it’s obvious

  14. Editz

    Editz8 일 전

    “ Lmao lets just say this would go on a different website “😂

  15. Sunjot Grewal

    Sunjot Grewal9 일 전

    Happy birthday Jassica

  16. luis acevedo

    luis acevedo10 일 전

    they just "friends with benifits"

  17. Madison Tinsman

    Madison Tinsman10 일 전


  18. PUBG-mobile ктм悲ViCcKs

    PUBG-mobile ктм悲ViCcKs10 일 전

    I know they are dating low key but dont want to say cause of there content

  19. Freezzee_Botters

    Freezzee_Botters11 일 전

    Let’s just say this going on a different website

  20. Ayad Ayad

    Ayad Ayad16 일 전

    Booker is so cute

  21. Ciklaly Alaniz

    Ciklaly Alaniz16 일 전


  22. J&E Content

    J&E Content17 일 전

    21:36 “maybe I will try on the panties” bruh

  23. Brian the rock Dominguez

    Brian the rock Dominguez18 일 전

    Did she say brian

  24. Mikel Clemente

    Mikel Clemente19 일 전

    That kiss is cute

  25. David Hernandez

    David Hernandez20 일 전

    I thought he was gonna say 2 tickets to Ariana Grande’s Sweetener world tour

  26. Jdjd dHdj

    Jdjd dHdj21 일 전

    He look destroyed when she did not want the basketball

  27. deisy urena /

    deisy urena /22 일 전

    This is how many ppl want them to get back together👇

  28. david hanson

    david hanson22 일 전

    I love Booker

  29. Amy Velasquez

    Amy Velasquez23 일 전

    Brandon: “ I’m mean hey..” Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. Ya boi mar

    Ya boi mar23 일 전

    U can take me in one of rooms😂😂😂

  31. Rodolfo Urias

    Rodolfo Urias26 일 전

    Yall shold ge back together

  32. Valeria Magana

    Valeria Magana26 일 전

    You should definitely get back together

  33. Ellen Nudelman

    Ellen Nudelman26 일 전

    Booker is the best

  34. ExQuisitely OrDinArY

    ExQuisitely OrDinArY개월 전

    Y’all realize that Brandon and I are married, right? He just doesn’t know that yet. 😉😂

  35. Alivia Baltierra

    Alivia Baltierra개월 전

    🤣🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😭😭😭😭💖💖💖💖💖💖 I really really want them to get back together

  36. Bryan Fuentes

    Bryan Fuentes개월 전

    Nigga Anthony just kiss her alredy 😂😂😂👎

  37. Jack Johnson

    Jack Johnson개월 전

    What is her insta

  38. Omar Dominguez

    Omar Dominguez개월 전

    "I'm not talking about you're pepperoni ones"😂😂😂

  39. MinusXD

    MinusXD개월 전

    Just get back together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Cora Pamplona

    Cora Pamplona개월 전


  41. Rachel Gallardo

    Rachel Gallardo개월 전

    Hahaha I swear I cant get enough of your Videos Brandon!!! Jackie fuckn rocks great girl

  42. lukhman hassan

    lukhman hassan개월 전

    I’m a big fan of u brawadis ❤️

  43. Billy's Goated

    Billy's Goated개월 전

    Just get back together

  44. ADAM 17207

    ADAM 17207개월 전

    No way that she is 12

  45. SyphonxL FYE

    SyphonxL FYE개월 전

    Hmmmmmmm........What do I see on Jackie's waist at 14:06... hickies or should I said "hackies "

  46. B. Ceasar

    B. Ceasar개월 전

    21:35 “maybe now I’ll like try the panties on now” hahahahahhaahhaahahahahha!

  47. Maddi Sinclair

    Maddi Sinclair개월 전

    All I want in life is a video of Anthony n Brandon singing happy birthday to me

  48. Aubrey Soriano

    Aubrey Soriano개월 전

    It's okay Jackie. You deserve it!

  49. luckysniper676 Holy

    luckysniper676 Holy개월 전

    I miss cameraman Jackie and Brandon playing basketball in his prime😔


    HAHAHA _JAN개월 전

    i watched this vid twice, idc if it’s 23+ minutes long, i’m still watch no matter what


    HAHAHA _JAN개월 전

    we all know you like jackie, brandon.

  52. Nahsaire Nunes

    Nahsaire Nunes개월 전

    Date each other

  53. Mallory Hightower

    Mallory Hightower개월 전

    why don’t y’all get back together already?!

  54. Bertha Ramirez

    Bertha Ramirez개월 전

    You need to get back together 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  55. GlorGS

    GlorGS개월 전

    Who else wants a rich friend 🤣🥴

  56. Whippin plays

    Whippin plays개월 전

    17:10 kiss 17:27 kiss 17:32 kiss

  57. Erdi Shabani

    Erdi Shabani개월 전

    We all know that he smashed her when they turn off the camera😂

  58. Selena_ Ohbella16

    Selena_ Ohbella16개월 전

    OMG... PLEASE GET BACK TOGETHER ALREADY!!! WHAT THE HECK XD Edit: LIKE 👍🏻 This comment if y’all also agree **(so that Brandon can see :3)**

  59. Jonas Lebron

    Jonas Lebron개월 전

    happy birthday jackye i love you ok

  60. Nine2Five

    Nine2Five개월 전

    Anyone know the song at the end of the video ?