Spiderman (2012) - Spider Man vs Lizard School Fight Scene Hd


  1. AH.IronBeast

    AH.IronBeast일 전

    RIP Stan Lee 😢😭

  2. Leanne0803

    Leanne08033 일 전

    I admit the scene in the Library with Stan lee is so funny, he got luck in that library.

  3. Leanne0803

    Leanne08033 일 전

    I like the original one better from 2002 and 2004. The 2008 one was not good either.

  4. Primitive Land

    Primitive Land4 일 전

    Good movie

  5. Hugh Grant

    Hugh Grant5 일 전

    Look I used to love this movie,but I would of rathered watched avengers.

  6. Saba Royal

    Saba Royal5 일 전


  7. Cian Healy

    Cian Healy6 일 전

    Loved how spider like Peter was in this movie and how they really explored the vertically of spidermans fighting and web swinging

  8. Abhik Sengupta

    Abhik Sengupta7 일 전

    Rip Stanley 😢😢😢😢😢

  9. DIDISify

    DIDISify8 일 전

    Dis is zo cool 😍😍

  10. Max Mcgrane

    Max Mcgrane8 일 전

    2:57 when my Xbox decides to shut down

  11. CJ Bell

    CJ Bell9 일 전

    That spider man is my favorite

  12. Swooshswish

    Swooshswish10 일 전

    *this guy acting spiderman is what a fork is in a bowl of soup or ringo in the beatles - FU K N USELESS LOUSIEST ACTOR**

  13. Folande Kalan

    Folande Kalan7 시간 전

    Say that to Tobey Macryer and Tom Hackland, you poser

  14. Dejaaa.Niceee

    Dejaaa.Niceee11 일 전

    Agly lizard

  15. Tri Wahyujati

    Tri Wahyujati12 일 전

    How spider man kill the Giant monsters

  16. Anbarasan A

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  17. Anbarasan A

    Anbarasan A12 일 전


  18. itzsandy7700

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  19. 1 word 1k likes Challenge.

    1 word 1k likes Challenge.13 일 전

    3:00 I wish that happened when he tried to save her in the part 2😢

  20. Hayhat Ibrahim

    Hayhat Ibrahim11 일 전


  21. FaZe Joey

    FaZe Joey13 일 전

    That man dosesnt care

  22. Venom

    Venom14 일 전

    human spider

  23. Venom

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  24. Venom

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  25. Venom

    Venom14 일 전

    spider human

  26. Venom

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  27. Venom

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  28. Venom

    Venom14 일 전

    a spiderman

  29. Venom

    Venom14 일 전

    the spiderman

  30. Venom

    Venom14 일 전

    In WWE wrestling Peter Parker also known by his ring name Spider-Man

  31. Moey Day

    Moey Day14 일 전

    They look 22 in high school

  32. Malachi Salazar

    Malachi Salazar14 일 전

    This been asked a lot but who's the better spider Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, or Tobey Maguire

  33. Queen Nidra

    Queen Nidra11 일 전

    Andrew in my opinion, his spiderman was the best

  34. AltijdTuber

    AltijdTuber11 일 전

    maguire, easy. He was the only spiderman that had natural web shooters, and not all this high-tech bullshit

  35. Mrdjan Krkan

    Mrdjan Krkan16 일 전

    What they did with lizard's tail after.

  36. Bibul Cenel

    Bibul Cenel15 일 전

    Grilled it then eat

  37. TV Dama Entertainment

    TV Dama Entertainment16 일 전

    like this movie

  38. Oanh Ngoc

    Oanh Ngoc17 일 전


  39. DrIfTy BoI

    DrIfTy BoI17 일 전

    Cmon gotta respect stan lee’s death ;(

  40. Tran Trang

    Tran Trang18 일 전


  41. Hoangson Dt

    Hoangson Dt19 일 전

    Spiderman spirem

  42. The PlushClub ._.

    The PlushClub ._.19 일 전

    I didn't understand anything when I saw this when I was small

  43. Howard Vercoboy

    Howard Vercoboy2 일 전

    Same and all i understand is the spiderman vs lizard only

  44. Exotic Adrian Uzumaki

    Exotic Adrian Uzumaki20 일 전

    Let’s just appreciate the fact that Stan doesn’t notice them fighting

  45. Crystal Martin

    Crystal Martin19 일 전

    Who is making it shows people making them I am in love with scary shows 😀😍

  46. gamer tv

    gamer tv20 일 전


  47. gamer tv

    gamer tv20 일 전




    This Spidey was a dude mannn

  49. joyschalks013

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  50. Sara Oliveira

    Sara Oliveira21 일 전

    Por favor quero coisa pra crianças não para adulto

  51. Ирина Бабинкова

    Ирина Бабинкова21 일 전


  52. MaZeR

    MaZeR22 일 전

    2:06 i thought he's going to say " don't make me come up there bitch!"

  53. Kaurdi

    Kaurdi22 일 전

    1:05 *"Ah yes, i'm a scientist, so I know that green goo mixes with yellow powder to make a fucking BOMB"*

  54. Eldes Silva

    Eldes Silva23 일 전


  55. mahabub khan

    mahabub khan23 일 전

    I'd c

  56. Mubarak Aljabri

    Mubarak Aljabri23 일 전

    رنة ككككككككككككككككككض👢👢👢👢👢👢👢👢👢👢👢👢👢👢⏲📞📞📞🇬🇦📞📞📞📞📞📞📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲صا

  57. Robert Kelly

    Robert Kelly24 일 전

    Not a bad movie underrated.

  58. Giovanni Italiano

    Giovanni Italiano24 일 전

    More like spiederman vs mark zucker berg

  59. pablo honey

    pablo honey24 일 전

    Worst villain ever..

  60. 陳雅雯

    陳雅雯24 일 전


  61. KingCarrot Cake

    KingCarrot Cake24 일 전

    Ive liked all the spiderman movies but I peed my pants when I saw Lizard I could not sleep right after I watched the movie because I was just a 4 year old when I watched it

  62. Gabe Parnell

    Gabe Parnell24 일 전

    My favorite spiderman

  63. denis rusu

    denis rusu25 일 전


  64. Omar Ffff

    Omar Ffff25 일 전

    هل من عربي هنا

  65. Gabi Jung

    Gabi Jung25 일 전

    é ca

  66. Gabi Jung

    Gabi Jung25 일 전

    é ca

  67. Savage Izaac952

    Savage Izaac95226 일 전

    This is not Spider-Man it’s the amazing Spider-Man stupid.

  68. Taniar Bonaventura

    Taniar Bonaventura26 일 전

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  69. bichra rochdy

    bichra rochdy26 일 전