Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) - Washington Monument Rescue Scene (3/10) | Movieclips


  1. xhenisa nela

    xhenisa nela일 전

    O maj gad

  2. Zara-Lee Hamilton

    Zara-Lee Hamilton일 전

    3:20 *peter falls* The most important Question ever Flash:Are you really Friends With Peter Parker I’m laughing so hard:NOT THE TIME FLASH

  3. Veki Vedran

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  4. jordan wet

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  5. jordan wet

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  6. FA Sarikei

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  7. Seyran Rzayev

    Seyran Rzayev3 일 전

    mədəniyyət yoxdu axı birinci oğlanlar çıxır sora qız

  8. Beau Bodde

    Beau Bodde5 일 전

    I want to make the spider man sute

  9. Superior 06

    Superior 069 일 전


  10. Evility Evolotus

    Evility Evolotus9 일 전

    “Ive never been this high before”

  11. Loys 42

    Loys 429 일 전

    Cgi suck

  12. Jacques Shaker

    Jacques Shaker10 일 전


  13. Emma Playz

    Emma Playz13 일 전

    Police:hey spider dude but your hands up Spider man:HEY I HAVE A NAME OK NOT SPIDER DUDE SPIDER MAN

  14. ItsRonnyPlays 725

    ItsRonnyPlays 72514 일 전

    This is ur chance Peter kiss her smudge lips all over her xd

  15. ItsRonnyPlays 725

    ItsRonnyPlays 72514 일 전


  16. Gaelle Alcindor

    Gaelle Alcindor14 일 전

    Police officers are so geto

  17. TheAnxoiusHero 21

    TheAnxoiusHero 2115 일 전

    Some kid in a red suit: exists Police: *now this is an avengers level threat*

  18. Bina Rizvi

    Bina Rizvi15 일 전

    spiderman: huhuhu me : shut up bro ive been to the burj khalifa (l>

  19. Tim Sincher

    Tim Sincher16 일 전

    This is your chance Peter kiss her... *Web breaks* Story of my life... 😒😒😒

  20. Isha Ali

    Isha Ali16 일 전

    Best Ever

  21. Muharrizal

    Muharrizal17 일 전

    02:17 Hey,, how you doin? Joey Tribbiani

  22. Life Reaper

    Life Reaper18 일 전

    3:03 Peter griffin?

  23. Paranoia Person

    Paranoia Person18 일 전

    I bet the cops feel so stupid afterwards

  24. Ikhlas El Sayed Ali

    Ikhlas El Sayed Ali18 일 전

    And why did someone tall to peter to kiss the girl why

  25. 1000 subscribers without videos

    1000 subscribers without videos16 일 전

    Have you seen the movie?

  26. Ikhlas El Sayed Ali

    Ikhlas El Sayed Ali18 일 전

    And you stop putting scary scary and scary videos

  27. Ikhlas El Sayed Ali

    Ikhlas El Sayed Ali18 일 전

    Why do police hate hero spider man is good

  28. Mike Dasik

    Mike Dasik13 일 전

    They don't know who he is, he's in another city.

  29. annieva

    annieva19 일 전

    no joke this made me sweat

  30. HetFloortje

    HetFloortje19 일 전

    Spiderman: *Is able to hold up entire elevator and hold two people with just his feet* Also Spiderman: *Can't break glass*

  31. Mike Dasik

    Mike Dasik13 일 전

    It's said in the movie itself - he needed more momentum.

  32. Mista _Mask

    Mista _Mask16 일 전

    Holding/carrying and penetrating are two different things mate😭but good try

  33. Deniz

    Deniz16 일 전

    @No 1 some idiots will say r/wooosh

  34. No 1

    No 117 일 전

    Is 4 inch ballistic glass do you Evan know how freaking tough that is

  35. ood

    ood19 일 전

    The cgi sucks

  36. chests_

    chests_19 일 전

    “This is your chance Peter. Kiss her” _falls_ “Thank you!”

  37. D4vid

    D4vid17 일 전

    "goddamit peter"

  38. Hj Gaming

    Hj Gaming20 일 전

    Wrong year

  39. Eion Bowen

    Eion Bowen20 일 전

    Are u really friends with Eion Bowen

  40. Eion Bowen

    Eion Bowen20 일 전

    Eion so is everyone ok after Chasity marie

  41. Eion Bowen

    Eion Bowen20 일 전

    Eion your ok Chasity marie

  42. Eion Bowen

    Eion Bowen20 일 전

    Eion I got u Chasity marie

  43. Eion Bowen

    Eion Bowen20 일 전

    Eion go go Chasity marie I got u

  44. Eion Bowen

    Eion Bowen20 일 전

    Eion heyyyyyy after Chasity marie stop moving around

  45. Eion Bowen

    Eion Bowen20 일 전

    Eion I got u Chasity marie

  46. Gi Mandira

    Gi Mandira22 일 전

    he is really funny, i adore to watch his movies

  47. Jonah Cotton

    Jonah Cotton22 일 전

    Cops don’t like it when someone else does their job for them

  48. Joey Curiel

    Joey Curiel22 일 전

    1:16 return to the ground immediately! *goes higher* 🤣

  49. Duda Müller

    Duda Müller23 일 전

    simply one of the best movies I've ever seen❤️ Tom Holland I love you 3000😍❤️

  50. Bertha Morales

    Bertha Morales23 일 전

    Spider-Man vs the vulture

  51. Adam The llama

    Adam The llama23 일 전

    Peter: I’m gonna die. Infinity War: Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good

  52. Babitha Kanstan

    Babitha Kanstan24 일 전


  53. 陳健元

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  54. Surya Tanamas Harison

    Surya Tanamas Harison25 일 전

    WAPD Dodol

  55. TGuna Thanan

    TGuna Thanan25 일 전

    Spider-Man trying to save the peoples

  56. Mike Dasik

    Mike Dasik13 일 전

    Yeah. Police are stupid.

  57. Галина Діденко

    Галина Діденко26 일 전

    Sam Raimi Spider-Man and TASM: you hold the webHomecoming: 2:53 the web holds you

  58. Michelle HaRa

    Michelle HaRa26 일 전

    Peter: people can’t know who i am also peter: “WAIT WAIT MY FRIENDS ARE IN THERE” “Liz!”

  59. Alex Rodriguez

    Alex Rodriguez26 일 전

    Was Peter actually thinking about kissing Liz in that moment?

  60. Mike Dasik

    Mike Dasik13 일 전


  61. Mikhail Plaz

    Mikhail Plaz28 일 전

    0:40 the most fake looking scene in the movie

  62. Mikhail Plaz

    Mikhail Plaz28 일 전

    0:20 thanks captain obvious!

  63. Spider-Man 2019 parker

    Spider-Man 2019 parker28 일 전


  64. Mike Kanobayita

    Mike Kanobayita28 일 전

    I was suprised to find out the actress playing Peter's love interest was 27 years old during this movie

  65. Mike Dasik

    Mike Dasik13 일 전

    @Cam Lucas Yeah. That line was really ridiculous.

  66. Mike Kanobayita

    Mike Kanobayita24 일 전

    @Cam Lucas yeah i laughed when they said that too

  67. Cam Lucas

    Cam Lucas24 일 전

    Mike Kanobayita I couldn’t see it he looked his age and I laughed during the train scene when they said he’s just a kid

  68. Mike Kanobayita

    Mike Kanobayita24 일 전

    @Cam Lucas yeah man she does that is why it was shocking to me cuz the actors playing Peter, MJ , Flash and ned were all 21. Tobey did look like a high school student in his senior year and afterward he went on continuing playing a college student Peter parker.

  69. Cam Lucas

    Cam Lucas24 일 전

    But she actually looks like a teen unlike Tobey and Andrew

  70. neha gour

    neha gour29 일 전

    I love you spider man is my hero

  71. Kyshaun Webster

    Kyshaun Webster29 일 전

    Aye big guy quit moving around

  72. Jasely Zhang

    Jasely Zhang개월 전

    Why does spider man said big stop moving around to his best friend

  73. Mike Dasik

    Mike Dasik13 일 전

    He didn't want the other friends to know it was him, Peter Parker. He wants to have secret identity.

  74. Mark

    Mark개월 전

    man i wish they didnt use to much cgi on his costume

  75. Junior Arellano

    Junior Arellano개월 전

    Hold on a sec anyone not notice the sound at 2:03 it sounded like toby Maguires voice when he hits the metal on hes way down that's how toby sounded in every spider man film bruhhh

  76. Hui Yuki

    Hui Yuki개월 전


  77. Deeqa hared Daud

    Deeqa hared Daud개월 전

    Juuujghuujjjhjjhhjjjhhhhjjhhjmm. Oksdbmmbxfh,hfklkgjlgklhljnlnm,.,gkpbbkydhetyrcjdvhrdgy

  78. A C Brigitha

    A C Brigitha개월 전

    This is justtttt epic

  79. DC Dumping Hipster

    DC Dumping Hipster개월 전

    Which Spider-Man is better tobey magurie or Tom Holland

  80. Mike Dasik

    Mike Dasik13 일 전

    Each one is better/worse in something else. Tobey was too old and had natural webs (which is inaccurate to comics). But he had very good story. Also, he had really bad girlfriend. Andrew was too dark and too cool, but had the best chemistry with his girlfriend ever. But he looked the most like Spider-Man (tall, skinny). Tom is the only one who looks like teen, he is funny, immature, but smart, absolutely relatable and likeable. He should just be a little more independent.

  81. Gladiator089

    Gladiator08929 일 전

    For me Andrew all the way

  82. Mathurin Aron

    Mathurin Aron개월 전

    Tom Holland all the way

  83. Extreme Beyblade World

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