SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official Trailer


  1. Geetha Geetha

    Geetha Geetha28 분 전

    Spider-Man back to mcu

  2. Just Another Fandomer

    Just Another Fandomer10 시간 전

    Am I high or did the scene at 0:28 never happen in the movie?

  3. Captain Fantastic

    Captain Fantastic17 시간 전

    I miss old spider man

  4. LiangHuBBB

    LiangHuBBB일 전

    0:30 wasnt in the movie?

  5. GeenTies USE CODE Jarick-pipo

    GeenTies USE CODE Jarick-pipo일 전

    2:32 hihi the old spiderman theme 😂

  6. Shanon Downey

    Shanon Downey2 일 전

    I'm gonna spoil it iron man dies in avenger endgame

  7. Iron fudger Stark

    Iron fudger Stark2 일 전

    Imagine if this was the first teaser trailer before endgame without the spoiler warning Oh boy a lot of people would have been pissed

  8. Mansion Growtopia

    Mansion Growtopia2 일 전

    I have watch it Is so Amazing Movie UwU

  9. Xx_mad_xx

    Xx_mad_xx2 일 전

    Joker is better

  10. Frank Heffley

    Frank Heffley3 일 전

    Endgame spoiler (Heroes brought back) warns of other Endgame spoiler (Iron Man) in a trailer that is a whole spoiler (heroes brought back)

  11. angelx 1992

    angelx 19923 일 전

    Fun movie again. Can watch again and again. :D

  12. BIZARE

    BIZARE3 일 전

    Fail spider-man movie of all time

  13. Kadir Hakverdi

    Kadir Hakverdi5 일 전

    Bad. Sad but true

  14. StewieMemes lmao

    StewieMemes lmao6 일 전

    Who's here after watching it?

  15. Sharveen Raj

    Sharveen Raj7 일 전


  16. Asif Awan

    Asif Awan7 일 전

    literally the *WORST SPIDER MAN MOVING* till date

  17. Gxlqctic

    Gxlqctic7 일 전

    Far from home? Homecoming? All this talking about homes and the next movie will be called “Spider-man: Eviction Notice” *sponsored by HGTV*

  18. Harijah Ijah

    Harijah Ijah8 일 전

    the best spiderman the thor hajen slain sderhas geesa

  19. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker9 일 전

    That awkward moment when your trailer is way better than your movie

  20. Lupe craft 3023

    Lupe craft 30239 일 전

    Hello Tom Holland

  21. Lupe craft 3023

    Lupe craft 30239 일 전

    J. Jonathan Jameson

  22. Epic Spider

    Epic Spider9 일 전


  23. Ryuel dragonborn

    Ryuel dragonborn9 일 전

    Mmmhmm jake Gyllenhaal

  24. Sara Sinha

    Sara Sinha10 일 전

    The movie was cool and a bit funny 😀😀😀😂🤣😎😍😍😎😎

  25. Elle Sancho

    Elle Sancho10 일 전

    he had the spider-verse costume... kewl

  26. ashley_ chan

    ashley_ chan10 일 전

    yea i like this peter i want come when i have 14 years

  27. Swiftyplayz

    Swiftyplayz11 일 전

    Ironman: Dies Captain America: Disappears Mysterio: shocked Hulk: roars Thanos: dead Spiderman: hello! I can't be a friendly neighborhood spiderman when there is no neighborhood

  28. Gustavo Sosa

    Gustavo Sosa12 일 전


  29. MarkTV vlog

    MarkTV vlog12 일 전

    i dont like mj in this movie sorry

  30. Alejandro Inc

    Alejandro Inc11 일 전

    MarkTV vlog why

  31. Born 2 Play

    Born 2 Play13 일 전

    Spidy is back

  32. usama Butt

    usama Butt13 일 전

    They have ruined spiderman

  33. Ray Hawk

    Ray Hawk13 일 전

    It's interesting how the 2 villains Vulture and Mysterio they scrapped for the cancelled Raimi film Spiderman 4, end up in the 3rd Reboot, the one they use in the MCU


    DARE X DEVIL13 일 전

    Spoidermon 😂😂😂

  35. lols1234

    lols123414 일 전

    Spider-Man: Homecoming Annabelle Comes Home Spider-Man: Far From Home

  36. Frank Heffley

    Frank Heffley3 일 전

    Oh hell no!

  37. Nicolas Camusso

    Nicolas Camusso14 일 전

    why is "the snap tore a hole in our dimention" not included in the movie?

  38. Louis play Games

    Louis play Games15 일 전

    Cause I’m never gonna watch it, avengers end game

  39. Louis play Games

    Louis play Games15 일 전

    I don’t care if it spoiled it

  40. Dollar Gabi

    Dollar Gabi15 일 전

    MYYYY husband

  41. Devansh Mishra

    Devansh Mishra16 일 전

    Bring black cat in next movie.I love that character.Plsssssssssssssssss

  42. Mervcry

    Mervcry16 일 전

    i’ve never watched spider-man movies but when i see Zendaya i watch.

  43. Blue Gangsta

    Blue Gangsta16 일 전

    Spider-Man 2 > Far From Home > The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  44. jip jop

    jip jop16 일 전

    Lets do the Spider baby.... that actually could work.... maybe

  45. Movie Time

    Movie Time16 일 전

    The real reason why SPIDERMAN is far from home because ANNABELLE comes home.😁😂😂

  46. Aiheutuva vaiva

    Aiheutuva vaiva17 일 전

    Mary Jane is Readhead!!!! Stop this political BS!!!!!

  47. Aiheutuva vaiva

    Aiheutuva vaiva17 일 전

    Redhead I mean.

  48. Keith Carrick

    Keith Carrick17 일 전


  49. Mr.FakeSinger

    Mr.FakeSinger17 일 전


  50. 16 Janeiro 1993 RocketMan

    16 Janeiro 1993 RocketMan17 일 전

    This movie was so dull, I was disappointed, overrated

  51. Classic Sonic

    Classic Sonic17 일 전

    Avengers infinity war spider man:"(Doesn't goes back to earth and stays at spaceship)" Spiderman far from home:" *IT WAS AN ACCIDENT.* "

  52. Rogue Thunder

    Rogue Thunder17 일 전

    Why the frick is this in my recommended after this movie been out for 5 months

  53. wornoutshoes11

    wornoutshoes1117 일 전


  54. Red Girl

    Red Girl18 일 전

    this is gonna be hard to watch .. especially when they mention tony a lot.. *heartbroken*

  55. Jerson Ayala

    Jerson Ayala18 일 전

    Spoiler alert... spiderman is Peter parker

  56. Jonathon Mohammed

    Jonathon Mohammed18 일 전

    There is alot wrong with these Spider-Man movies. The original trilogy is the best.

  57. Raven Binguan

    Raven Binguan18 일 전

    So the monster just created by mysterio?

  58. Mr. epic

    Mr. epic15 일 전

    It's a fake monster

  59. ABHILASH Spartnax

    ABHILASH Spartnax19 일 전

    Waiting for Black Widow 😘

  60. Internot

    Internot19 일 전

    Spiron Man? :o

  61. xAsteledo _

    xAsteledo _19 일 전


  62. Michał Szajerski .Transport International

    Michał Szajerski .Transport International20 일 전

    I watch this film 1/10

  63. Phú PK

    Phú PK21 일 전


  64. ~ Bright Romeo ~

    ~ Bright Romeo ~21 일 전

    I just watched this piece of trash. I wish I had that time back. This movie is by far one of the worse I ever seen. It seems like it's written by a ten years old. You can notice mistakes in every 5mins of it. This retarded movie also give the impression that the world can go extinct, Spiderman has to save his colleagues. Nothing else matters. Another Hollywood piece of rubbish, and I'm just putting it nicely.

  65. inferno0020

    inferno002021 일 전

    I am surprised that nobody mentions Nightcrawler when they see great Jake Gyllenhaal