1. Terrvon Kelley

    Terrvon Kelley2 시간 전

    Joven should’ve been in this

  2. Emily Swallow

    Emily Swallow4 시간 전

    Damien is actually a good singer..... that should be his other job👍👍

  3. Mony Bogoev

    Mony Bogoev4 시간 전

    Were are they getting waxed?

  4. Laura Haywood

    Laura Haywood5 시간 전

    100000000000000000000000/10 for how uncomfortable Ian is making me!!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous10 시간 전

    Damien would make a great audio book narrator

  6. Mylee Campbell

    Mylee Campbell13 시간 전


  7. Kyah Mcgee

    Kyah Mcgee16 시간 전

    Ian made me hella uncomfortable

  8. Quinlan Lightfoot

    Quinlan Lightfoot19 시간 전

    xzibit is not a word

  9. Alam Jose

    Alam Jose일 전

    we need to see Shane, Olivia and Noah for the next one. *P L E A S E*

  10. mvru _be_happy

    mvru _be_happy일 전

    We need Olivia in this type of video

  11. Annaleise Moore

    Annaleise Moore일 전

    I ship Courtny and Damien

  12. jacob keopadubsy

    jacob keopadubsy일 전

    omg ian looks so old for all the past years of childhood ;-;

  13. October Graves

    October Graves일 전

    Level ten uncomfortable 😂

  14. Sadie Peterson

    Sadie Peterson일 전

    I like Waxer Rachael.... Lit....

  15. Conner Jones

    Conner Jones일 전


  16. Loppy Sue

    Loppy Sue일 전

    Ian He( has no more hair on his)Cox

  17. Jocelyn Rogers

    Jocelyn Rogers일 전

    Sarah sounds like a jungle cruise skipper😂😂😂

  18. EthanVoiced

    EthanVoiced일 전

    9:07 when Rachel suddenly falls for Shayne

  19. Danny Selph

    Danny Selph2 일 전

    They should really wear gloves. Just wanted to make that statement lol.

  20. Danny Selph

    Danny Selph2 일 전

    These people are living more free than i ever dare to.

  21. 。、*trashy Panda*、。

    。、*trashy Panda*、。2 일 전

    Z dood -Courtney Miller 2019

  22. Katie The Salty Walrus

    Katie The Salty Walrus2 일 전

    Sarah's eyes are so pretty 🤩😍

  23. Ali Martin

    Ali Martin2 일 전

    Ok I can not Be the only person who ships Courtney and Damien

  24. Mixer

    Mixer2 일 전

    Do more of this, but with Keith, Noah, and Olivia.

  25. Josue Raya

    Josue Raya2 일 전

    Over 9,000000000,00000000000,0000000000,000000000000,0000000000,00000

  26. Depressed kermit

    Depressed kermit3 일 전

    Is -the guy wearing a top- American or British '3' (Im saying that because he's wearing the UK flag on his top)

  27. Rebecca Maud

    Rebecca Maud3 일 전

    why does rachel the waxer look like michael cera?

  28. Rebecca Maud

    Rebecca Maud3 일 전

    how dumb is courtney?

  29. IHaveNoFriends05

    IHaveNoFriends053 일 전

    Ian was making me vEeEEeerRy comfortable in this video 😏

  30. Banana Boi

    Banana Boi3 일 전


  31. Kaitlyn Haider

    Kaitlyn Haider3 일 전

    Shayne, Olivia and Noah

  32. Tucker fox Marell

    Tucker fox Marell3 일 전

    Z dood

  33. Brian Hagopit

    Brian Hagopit3 일 전

    Ian sounds deprest

  34. Nolan Bennett

    Nolan Bennett3 일 전

    18:40 Courtney doesn’t have any hair on her nuts...

  35. Nolan Bennett

    Nolan Bennett3 일 전

    Next time I think they should be able to write the words down on paper.

  36. AniMaL

    AniMaL3 일 전

    I just realized that I have been spelling rhythm wrong for my entire life... And I'm a guitar player....

  37. FireN WaterBoy

    FireN WaterBoy3 일 전

    What was Rachael waxing was it the ‘Privates’ as people would say

  38. Giorgos Ntovolos

    Giorgos Ntovolos4 일 전


  39. Miriam Stringer

    Miriam Stringer4 일 전

    im only in 6th grade and i knew how to spell zucchini

  40. tammy2stephenson

    tammy2stephenson4 일 전

    13:29 ohhh that’s a hot wax

  41. io i

    io i4 일 전

    Is it just me or Damian reminds me of Thomas sander

  42. Celia Padgett

    Celia Padgett4 일 전

    3:10 Damien’s laugh aww

  43. arieson diaz

    arieson diaz4 일 전

    13:50 sounded like auto tune

  44. Ultimate Squad

    Ultimate Squad4 일 전

    At 11:54 Ian put the E before the I but they still counted it

  45. Annie Jauregui

    Annie Jauregui4 일 전


  46. Annie Jauregui

    Annie Jauregui4 일 전

    XX tents ion

  47. giana lamantia

    giana lamantia4 일 전

    Next time it should be Shane,Olivia and Ian again

  48. Susan Zamora

    Susan Zamora4 일 전

    just damian

  49. Susan Zamora

    Susan Zamora4 일 전

    damian and ians ship name

  50. axehand animations

    axehand animations4 일 전

    Ian spell dog Ian:9