Sous Vide | Basics with Babish


  1. SamuelD1

    SamuelD14 시간 전

    Too raw

  2. Web M

    Web M4 일 전

    Who is Sue Vide and why does she want me to boil my meat?

  3. your_casual _gay_Avenger

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    I got a feeling that Im going to miss the intro theme song, I dont know why but I just feel like it wont be in the future. Calling it. your_casual_gay_Avenger 12/12/18.

  4. Edward Cameron

    Edward Cameron5 일 전

    I’ve never subscribed to a channel so fast omg.

  5. Brandon Davis

    Brandon Davis9 일 전

    Love your videos but The Ziploc method only works at temps below 155 degrees. Above that and the seal will fail. That’s also assuming you’re using high quality bags. The name brand bags won’t include known carcinogens, while the budget brands may. Also, 170 degrees seems crazy high. 145-150 for say 20 to 24 hours seems like it would give you better results.

  6. asilva5021

    asilva502113 일 전

    Big ol fuck off steak. Classic

  7. Stuart Highman

    Stuart Highman13 일 전

    I have to say when it comes to sous vide Chashu pork its worth the time to go 30+ hours at 155 degrees, I have tried the shorter method and it doesn't even come close. Of all the methods I have used to cook this, long slow sous vide is by far the best. Thank you for the idea :)

  8. Titanfall Tv

    Titanfall Tv13 일 전

    Big ol fuck of steak

  9. BAM5

    BAM514 일 전

    Sous vide temperature is really low. In my experience with my anova 125 will be rare. 130 medium rare 135 medium.

  10. wlawson70

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  11. JAMP0T1

    JAMP0T120 일 전

    'A kitchen essential' if youre telling yourself this to justify the money you spent on this its not true this just seems to add extra complexity, cost and time to simple meals


    BTYTWWTS22 일 전

    1:08 yes u have

  13. Pupster Pops

    Pupster Pops25 일 전

    I’m guessing Naruto ramen!!

  14. some guy on the internet

    some guy on the internet25 일 전

    You make good cooking content

  15. Nicholas

    Nicholas27 일 전

    I am like really interested in his cherry blossom looking tattoo in his left bicep..

  16. Joseph Montgomery

    Joseph Montgomery27 일 전

    rosemary, thyme....wonder where that's from :T

  17. Leo Chavez

    Leo Chavez28 일 전

    Is the meat B O N E L E S S

  18. Cian Mc sweeney

    Cian Mc sweeney개월 전

    Am I the only one who's eaten cookie dough raw for years already? 😂

  19. legofan370

    legofan370개월 전

    Ok is it me, or does that steak look rare? It looks fucking blue!

  20. Ad Dee

    Ad Dee개월 전

    Any chance you can post a copy cat recipe of Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites? I see recipes all the time but all WITHOUT a Sous Vide machine. So I would like to know how to cook them with this machine

  21. jino1113

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  22. toe sucker

    toe sucker개월 전

    What the Fuck is soo veed

  23. Beverly Lee

    Beverly Lee개월 전

    How long can bacon fat keep in the fridge?

  24. Jackson Bakes

    Jackson Bakes개월 전

    Me slamming my monster cock in a school girls desk

  25. Dylan Le Lerre

    Dylan Le Lerre개월 전

    Sous vide takes the texture of meat away. Not a big fan of it.

  26. London1869

    London1869개월 전

    Subtitle this video, "Carnivore's Delight." Damn, this is some beautiful meat.

  27. The Blutzkreig

    The Blutzkreig개월 전

    I thaught the title said suicide

  28. Canadas Cutest

    Canadas Cutest개월 전

    "mixing wine and amazon" I feel attacked

  29. Burgerboy

    Burgerboy개월 전

    5:26 he's going to hold a dick

  30. stabil lo

    stabil lo개월 전

    When your wife dont makes you a sandwich 1:14

  31. Harvard College

    Harvard College개월 전

    5:45 anyone else see a penis?

  32. JustAGuy

    JustAGuy개월 전

    You really should have let the meat rest before you cut it. Bleeding on the table is generally undesirable. Look, main point is: Let your meat rest. That's actually a good life lesson as well.

  33. senor guapo

    senor guapo개월 전

    It's actually insanely hard to get the necessary variances and approvals from county health departments to even have a sous vide/vacuum sealer inside a commercial kitchen. If a health inspector even slightly smells one they freak the fuck out. Not surprisingly some of the worst people on the planet

  34. Neil Tumacder

    Neil Tumacder개월 전

    How to make compound butter?

  35. antobio nabarro

    antobio nabarro개월 전

    Wait raw cookie dough is bad for you? Like cancer bad? I'm scared now I have to spread the word

  36. Remi J

    Remi J개월 전

    didn't dry the meat before searing. Nice dead grey on the bottom side from being freshly steamed. nice.

  37. Lil Dank Memes

    Lil Dank Memes개월 전

    Who would win a cook off binging with babish or gordan Ramsey

  38. a b

    a b개월 전

    other way to sear is blowtorch, gives nice crust fast without cooking it more

  39. J bell

    J bell개월 전

    Isn't cooking food in plastic dangerous. Leads to cancer and hormone imbalances due to BPA

  40. Luka Cherriman

    Luka Cherriman개월 전

    Cookie doe isn’t safe to eat? 😰

  41. Ias Howle

    Ias Howle개월 전

    Finally, someone who doesnt use the sharp side of the knife to scrape the cutting board

  42. Mystery Geek Dude

    Mystery Geek Dude개월 전

    I got a sous vide ad before this 😂

  43. Supreme293

    Supreme293개월 전

    I know it doesn’t look that good right now but watch this

  44. Dhimas Murdianto

    Dhimas Murdianto개월 전

    Sous Vide everything 😉

  45. James

    James개월 전

    129°F is where you cook that steak. And get yourself a butane touch.

  46. Gettin Jiggly

    Gettin Jiggly개월 전

    Wait cookie dough isn't safe to eat ?

  47. Legiterie Jittery

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  48. Georgios Paraskeva

    Georgios Paraskeva개월 전

    Are you using Anova ?

  49. Caleb Foster

    Caleb Foster개월 전

    Is that pork belly skin-on?

  50. Cooper Williams

    Cooper Williams개월 전

    I’m gonna make this for my men’s choruc

  51. ForeverZero

    ForeverZero개월 전

    1:14 woulda sucked if he hit the bowl with the marinade right? XDD

  52. QuarterOaSeel

    QuarterOaSeel개월 전

    geez, i was scared by the big pork slam

  53. Josh Larsen

    Josh Larsen개월 전

    this man can cook.

  54. Francisco DeTonne

    Francisco DeTonne개월 전

    Sous vide, to me, seems like a super pretencious way of cooking... I seriously don't know why

  55. Fitz

    Fitz개월 전

    maybe the name?

  56. Wes Plays

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  57. Schoobydoo

    Schoobydoo2 개월 전

    Hey, would you consider doing a home-made mirin video? Afaik most mirin available in stores isn't really real mirin

  58. Dan G

    Dan G2 개월 전

    The Forbidden Fleshlight

  59. DanC

    DanC2 개월 전

    Hey babish, can you make Naruto Style Ichiraku Ramen video?

  60. Beardie McBeardface

    Beardie McBeardface2 개월 전

    Or move to the UK where our eggs don’t have salmonella

  61. Selena Markham

    Selena Markham2 개월 전

    The steak can feel the bacon grease coursing thru its veins

  62. Selena Markham

    Selena Markham2 개월 전

    Somebody call a PO lice or an amber lampse

  63. Agent J

    Agent J2 개월 전

    That steak is a little too rare..

  64. Rory B

    Rory B2 개월 전

    i got so into chefsteps as a teen that my 18th birthday present was a joule, so yeah... i totally understand the sous vide hype, lmao

  65. freddy04123

    freddy041232 개월 전

    I don't get why sometimes you say one half of one cup but then other times say the normal phrases of one half cup or half a cup of.

  66. MrMrRubic

    MrMrRubic2 개월 전

    Is it just a American thing for eggs to me dangerous to eat raw?

  67. Jordan Saylor

    Jordan Saylor2 개월 전

    So um, where to get that cookie dough recipe?

  68. Toluene

    Toluene2 개월 전

    You should use Japanese shoyu (醬油, soy sauce). Japanese soy sauce, or shoyu, is brewed with roasted wheat. Chinese soy sauce, which traditionally left out the wheat, is nowadays brewed with wheat flour. In addition, Chinese sauce sometimes contains added sugar. This difference in ingredients as well as brewing time gives Japanese soy sauce a slightly sweeter, rounder flavor and Chinese soy sauce a denser, saltier finish. Generally, Chinese sauce also tends to be much thicker and darker than the Japanese style. Just shake the bottle and you will know.

  69. Maenethal

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    1:20 Meat carpet? Or meat curtains? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  70. Yeetus Feetus God of the yeets

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    1:14 when your parents aren't home.

  71. Eric Cervantes

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  72. peacefuljeffrey

    peacefuljeffrey2 개월 전

    This is my very first exposure to your videos, and I am instantly a fan. Your delivery is HILARIOUS! Your dry comedic sensibilities and timing are excellent. I just subscribed.

  73. peacefuljeffrey

    peacefuljeffrey2 개월 전

    “Like a big ol’ carpet ... of MEAT.” LOL! 😂

  74. Tom Warner

    Tom Warner2 개월 전

    Cookie Dough is already safe to eat if you're not a coward

  75. Caleb Beckham

    Caleb Beckham2 개월 전

    Slamming the meat on the table is in no ways optional.

  76. Travis James

    Travis James2 개월 전

    i recommend pan frying the tonkasu after slicing and before adding it to the ramen it really makes the pork extra flavorful.

  77. Rapace

    Rapace2 개월 전

    The flour can containt a lot of thing when it's not cook. This cookie dough is not safe, sorry.

  78. Austin Lunbeck

    Austin Lunbeck2 개월 전

    I well done piece of meat is my preference. It’s a taste thing. You can make a piece well done that is still tender juicy and well away from burnt. It’s harder to make a good piece well done but personally I can’t stand how much people love the red in their meat.

  79. Jacob Torrez

    Jacob Torrez2 개월 전

    Why didn’t you just say 1/2 cup instead of 1 half of 1 cup

  80. Tanner Tadlock

    Tanner Tadlock2 개월 전

    Big Pork Energy 1:14

  81. Turkish Mapper

    Turkish Mapper2 개월 전

    big ol' f*ck-off steak

  82. serce kelem

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  83. Ty Anderson

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    1:14 why am I laughing so hard

  84. Joe Food 2017

    Joe Food 20172 개월 전

    good video

  85. Funpants94

    Funpants942 개월 전

    Garlic is dangerous to cook sous vide. Don't recommend it.

  86. Cam Spark

    Cam Spark2 개월 전

    Hey Babish, your big F*** Off steak isn't a Porterhouse its a T-Bone just FYI

  87. Alexander Salsman

    Alexander Salsman2 개월 전

    Where's our ramen episode????

  88. Mike Masterson

    Mike Masterson2 개월 전

    Bro where the hell is the ramen video? i have been dying to see what happens with that pork belly!

  89. LiuProduction

    LiuProduction2 개월 전

    1:13 earrape

  90. Matthew Corn

    Matthew Corn2 개월 전

    Thank you for saying green onion, and not trying to fancy up the name!

  91. FaZe Sheldon Dinkleberg

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    is it pronounced sauce videh or sos vied?

  92. dumbconscript

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    sous vide is fake and gay

  93. Cody Putnam

    Cody Putnam2 개월 전

    is the video where you finish the pork belly up yet? i sooo want to see that.

  94. Jack Stenson

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    holy fuck i literally pissed my self at 1:14 im not kidding i peed in my pants i didnt notice for like 2 min lol

  95. don't care

    don't care2 개월 전

    I've never met another human being who got sick from raw cookie dough. I was fried and ate half a log one time as a teen and nothing ever happened. How come bodybuilders can suck down 12 raw eggs and not get sick? I can give links and names if people believe this practice doesn't happen anymore.

  96. Arty

    Arty2 개월 전

    "Big old fuck off steak" I love the phrase "big fuck off"

  97. Hadji Hidalgo

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    I've never seen another KOreporter channel in my life with so much positive feedbacks. Good job, Bab.

  98. Hailstorm Plays

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    Hey, vsauce michael here

  99. megabarf20

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    That pork slam had me dying haha

  100. Reuben Bunanta

    Reuben Bunanta3 개월 전

    But what exactly is a sous vide?

  101. _ DEVSTER _

    _ DEVSTER _3 개월 전

    Lol,,, one half of one cup!

  102. Aziz Al

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    That’s a dick steak at 5:26