Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich


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    Our hearts may be broken, but at least we have something to cover those hearts, a sale on Sooubway merch:

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    Im 500!

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    I love your videos, please upload a lot more👌😎🥳

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    I said sooubway 100 times on my channel!

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    TheOdd1sOut rules

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    James did you hear about coppa? Im so worry its going to destroy your channel if it goes into effect 💔

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    It’s been a month since it’s been uploaded

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    @theodd1sout I’m unvaccinated do you make fun of me

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    Everyone respect the odd1sout because he’s amazing and spectacular

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    Some guy in the future is gonna find that sandwich/wrapping and be like, "Oh."

  12. Kook Lir

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    Do you know what that means? Somewhere in America, a sandwich that bit theodd1sout was buried

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    Guys they actually made m and m chocolate bars

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    The ending is SO sad😭😭😭😭

  15. Jill Wiegand

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    Floof doesn’t want to lick my nose tho. (It’s bleeding)

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    I'm so sorry for the irrelevant comment but more people need to know about this! We won't have ANY ANIMATIONS from January 2020 because of this COPPA update, take your time to watch "Chadtronic's" videos about COPPA it's very important

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    Fuk the attached resume for your own home to do this for me to go to the attached document and the attached resume and

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    Просто написал хуйню

  19. Hanging with Josie

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    Did anyone else see the pringles man at 1:50

  20. Alfie Bocca

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    This is what Mr Krabs will do when the Krusty Krab closes

  21. IceTeaNPizza

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    James, could you make a video about the whole COPPA rule that might even be the end of KOreporter?

  22. Scp-173

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    i am crying its so sad and fun

  23. Creamy Cookie

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    Только после просмотра твоих роликов, заметила, что и у нас есть Soobway :Р И раньше слышала, что там всё ООООЧЕНЬ плохо с санитарией. Только ради твоего милого песика... Я рискну ¬^¬ И зайду туда с попугаем, хд

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    Сдрасти сссср

  25. Dougie Buggie

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    i know becouse in soobway 2 you said subway

  26. Rafferty CLARK

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    Jared eating all the sooubway sandwiches, his name is Jared and he's still looking good 0:03

  27. Josh Thompson

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    Heres something good:

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    Sooubway more like sueway ok I’ll stop

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    *Mother, I would be most grateful if you let me consume a pasterie with high levels of sugar and simple carbohydrates.*

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    I feel like eating sooubway now

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    I made a Sooubway funeral:

  32. ______________ 25 years ago•

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    Nooooo....... I got rickrolled

  33. Jax

    Jax9 시간 전 James, this has to be mentioned before you’re sued into the dirt mate.

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    James! We did a Fanfiction about your KOreporter channel! PLEASE LOOK AT IT AND CHECK IT OUT!

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    His dog is a MURDERER!!

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    So if this channel gets marked for kids, it's done? ...

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  38. تلا بعغلعغ

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    First Harry the moth Secund suooooop way Coming soon Flof the dog In like ten years.....

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    Rip sooubway

  40. iiFrostiie Games

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    Odd1IsOut : "They have other problems to deal with at the time." Newspaper : Man Mistakes Child For Sandwich Man : YUMMY YUMMY, IN MY TUMMY! Child : *Yay I'm gonna be eaten alive* This part is at 0:36

  41. Jeff Delong TV

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    I hope the new law not going ruin your videos or channel

  42. Demonic Gacha

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    The sad thing is i haven't never been in subway

  43. Brandon B

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    Can anyone tell me the video where is a character and is mom in the store and the character is Like "mother I'd like to have.." I vaguely remember it

  44. Joystickplays

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    I think is is sooubway 5, sooubway 4 is in the video "Wrong numbers"

  45. Sans The Pun

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    1:01 pin Number two I know already your fur suit name is “Chip”.....? :3

  46. -Lightning Bird-

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    1:06 build a mech suit for floof yes now do it lol

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    Hi TheOdds1sOut! There's a new law that affects American kids channels called COPPA. If you see a message about this don't ignore it. If you ignore the message they can take down your channel. Not only does this affect kids it affects adults who make kid videos. When responding, you determine whether or not you show content for kids or not. Specifically for kids or specifically not for kids. If you choose for kids, this option will shut down your comments and your notifications. Just a warning to everyone in the U.S.

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    “GO BUY MY GAME ITS IN TARGET” Me being a Canadien “We dont have target”

  49. Channel DEDEDE

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    Your in B I G trouble,

  50. sehhi vooty

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    Did anyone else watch the series of Sooubway back to back?

  51. avocado potato

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    *legend has it that the sooubway sandwhich has still not been found till this day*

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    I ordered your book the other day from my schools book club

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    when ur too sad u cant even eat in7:49 ;-;

  54. Super Saiyan Swagger

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    I have never been more emotionally attached to a *sandwich* A *sooubway* sandwich

  55. Awesome_ Annie10

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    J Just A a M man E eating S sooubway

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    There was a book sale thing at school and your book was there so I got it

  57. Galaxy Awakened

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    Who else believes we’ll be seeing James on Subway commercials

  58. To the moon and back

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    For some reason I'm actually really saddened by this. It may just be my period talking, but like, it kinda feels like something really important and meaningful ending.

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  60. m y s t x i i c

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    I know I shouldn't laugh in your moment of despair, but the dramatic sandwich eating scene killed me.

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    I bought your book I subscribed and hit the notification bell

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    It said no shirt no shoes no sandwich but a cookie isn’t a sandwich

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    Please watch this video! As a creator, you and your channel are in serious danger. please just take a few minutes to watch this video and see how bad the situation is! It needs to be addressed and spread for more creators to see. Lea your voice be heard!

  64. joshua louthan

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    James the ftc and coppa is jeapordising you and the animators make a video take a stand and save animators and animation

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    That real in 🇵🇭

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    Did anyone else watch the series of Sooubway back to back?

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    This legend of a video reached 1m likes on 19mil views

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