Sony pulls Spider-Man out of the MCU!?!?! - Angry Rant!


  1. JediPrime

    JediPrime16 일 전

    Let's face his solo films are the worst Spider-man movies ever,and they have disrespect the character compared to how he was in the old Steve devo books,the Sam rami film,intro the spider vesre,or most of the games especially the PS4 game which is what the MCUs spiderman is supposed to be and how it should have been right from the start

  2. Borsalino Kizaru

    Borsalino Kizaru개월 전

    I never liked like how the Tom Holland Spider-Man films are so dependent upon the connection to the MCU. It contributes to them not standing on their own that well unless you watch the other movies.

  3. Masebound

    Masebound2 개월 전

    This is the definition of a fake fan

  4. Day R

    Day R3 개월 전

    Disney is already a monopoly, now they want to demand 50% profits of another company? Pure scumbags

  5. You Tube

    You Tube4 개월 전

    Only tom that matters is tom hardy

  6. Gridseeker

    Gridseeker4 개월 전

    Now waiting the "happy joe" video.

  7. DrViperVideos

    DrViperVideos4 개월 전

    Hes back!

  8. Maxy Lynnon

    Maxy Lynnon4 개월 전

    Disney: Give us 50% Sony: Go fuck yourself Uncle Ben: Ah shit, here we go again...

  9. George Quinones

    George Quinones4 개월 전

    He’s back in the MCU!!!!!!!

  10. Robert Wesley

    Robert Wesley4 개월 전

    Good. Sony is standing their ground. The MCU going forward doesn't appear very interesting anyway. I like to appreciate the iconic web slinger for how he is and not just popular character to make people watch the Captain Marvel only to watch them make Spiderman into a joke.

  11. Gridseeker

    Gridseeker4 개월 전


  12. SonicParamount894

    SonicParamount8944 개월 전

    How much money did Disney pay Joe to say this?

  13. SonicParamount894

    SonicParamount8944 개월 전

    Mr Krabs: I am the most greediest person alive. Mickey Mouse: Hold my wizard costume

  14. GamerLuna

    GamerLuna4 개월 전

    Make Spiderman be his own thing again, and as in have NOTHING to do with any other MCU hero. Pls.

  15. SamuraiCritic

    SamuraiCritic5 개월 전

    Personally, I wouldn't be devastated by Spider-Man being pulled from the mainstream MCU. In the latest film (SM: Far from Home), I enjoyed the 'youthful portrayal' of SM by Tom Holland, and I thought SM: Homecoming was spot on; but some issues are problematic for comic book fans. My big issue is Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, and the pushed/forced feel of the interaction with Happy Hogan. Plus, I admit that I don't like that almost every big scene has Peters mask coming off and exposing his face/identity to the world. ( I personally think a much better choice for Aunt May would have been either a Holly Hunter or Helen Hunt -- which so fits into the older Marvel Comics trope of characters having matching initials ( PP for Peter Parker, SS for Susan Storm, RR - Reed Richards -- just saying), But seriously, I was starting to feel that the MCU 'version' of SM was sliding too far from its comic book roots. Although after seeing SM: FfH, I can begin to enjoy Mary Jane a bit more, although still not thrilled she has turned into an outsider/misfit in high school. The Spider Man /Mary Jane interaction in comics was always more akin to Big Bang Theory, relationship of Leonard and Penny. So if Sony pulls SM for their future movies, does that mean we might still get some Ghost Spider or Miles Morales action? I sure hope so, and for the next villain, lets see Kraven and/or Tombstone -- but you need another villain if you only take Tombstone, whereas Kraven could be a solo villain in a SM movie by himself if need be!!

  16. Alejandro Valdez

    Alejandro Valdez5 개월 전

    Wow holy crap. At this point Marvel is pretty much just acting more childish than I thought they would. COMPARED TO SONY! Shame on you marvel. Shame on you. You had something great and wanted more! You greedy goblin!

  17. Tea Tea

    Tea Tea5 개월 전

    theres only like 7-8 billion people on the planet billions of dollars is a lot of potentially money

  18. Hero of Kush

    Hero of Kush5 개월 전


  19. mr head

    mr head5 개월 전

    blame who you want but the fact is Sony pictures has no interest in making good movies their just happy with the fact that any Spiderman movie will do good enough in the first couple weeks of release that they'll make money no matter how bad it is... RIP good Spiderman movies we barely got to know you

  20. Tate Marles

    Tate Marles5 개월 전

    Ok yeah yeah disney are evil overlords and what ever, all that bullshit aside sony has proven time and time again they don't know what to do with the character spider man 3,amazing spider man 1 and 2,venom.......these are all hot fuckin garbage however evil and controlling disney maybe i trust them when it comes to superior entertainment.

  21. 1,000,000 Views and Likes

    1,000,000 Views and Likes5 개월 전

    MCU has enough characters to work with already. No need for Spider-Man.

  22. Master Sir

    Master Sir5 개월 전


  23. JNuTZ DB

    JNuTZ DB5 개월 전

    Kevin Feige helped made the Toby McGuire Spider-Man movies. He’s been helping the Spider-Man movies. Marvel did care but they were going to bankrupt which why they sold Spider-Man to Sony. Spider-Man belongs to Marvel Studios. No more Deadpool and Spider-Man movie. No more x-men and Spider-Man movie. Spider-Man won’t be part of Civil War 2.

  24. Alysa Fajard

    Alysa Fajard5 개월 전

    where is your spider-man far from home movie review?

  25. Tyler Horton

    Tyler Horton5 개월 전

    Why does everyone blame sony. They started a fair deal with disney and disney wanted more.

  26. countryboy

    countryboy5 개월 전

    Far From Home was so great...why😔

  27. Rob X

    Rob X5 개월 전

    So I guess we gonna get at least one more Spidey movie that continues this mayor cliffhanger from the end of Far from Home ?? That would be great because otherwise this would've been the first endcredit scene from an MCU movie that meant nothing! 🤔🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Good explanation about this whole mess Joe thx!! 😎👍

  28. Rahmat Umar

    Rahmat Umar5 개월 전

    You sided with disney. Really Joe? And here I thought you hate greedy ass publisher like EA but you sided with Disney which basically the EA of movie industry

  29. darryl cardinal

    darryl cardinal5 개월 전

    That intro pissed me off. You can’t be mad at something but then have a smile on your face and laughing. IDK that kind of shit just triggers me

  30. RRoJ

    RRoJ5 개월 전

    Mickey Mouse needs to free my boi Spider Man

  31. D3IM0S

    D3IM0S5 개월 전

    Disney and Marvel is taking all the risk. Lol. If the movie fails, it's a Marvel Failure, not a Sony failure. But then again, Sony did finance the Spiderman movies. If Disney wants 50% of the profits, then everything needs to be split down the middle, including all the money it takes to make the movie.

  32. NintendoFanBoy07

    NintendoFanBoy075 개월 전

    Yeah mom and dad stop fighting!! 🥺😢😭

  33. MMZERO9

    MMZERO95 개월 전

    Hey, Sony? Is that the diminishing returns train I see pulling into the station? 🚞

  34. finnewar

    finnewar5 개월 전

    marvel movies is shitt.

  35. finnewar

    finnewar5 개월 전

    i am happy.

  36. Big John

    Big John5 개월 전

    Sony yes!!! Disney suck

  37. alphatrion100

    alphatrion1005 개월 전

    Spider man was never a regular avenger anyway. More of a parttimer

  38. McFrozenNuggets

    McFrozenNuggets5 개월 전

    Kneon from Clownfish TV actually said his only complaint with MCU Spider-Man is he was like a junior Avenger.

  39. Benny Aderaw

    Benny Aderaw5 개월 전

    “Spider-Man”...more like Iron Man Junior. I’m glad they took him out of MCU.

  40. Sam Konkel

    Sam Konkel5 개월 전

    I’m so dreadfully sorry, Joe. But in the end, the deal has OFFICIALLY come to an end.

  41. Hugh Janus

    Hugh Janus5 개월 전

    Im actually really happy iron boy annoyed alot of fans and as a huge spiderman fan i like hollands performance but his identity being blown and being the next iron man was garbage writing. Id like to see tobey or even andrew return or atleast a contination with holland detached from the mcu without the bad directing

  42. Mr.ScaryPasta

    Mr.ScaryPasta5 개월 전

    Sony will suffer for this! I shall make them! And when they come to Disney in their hour of need, Sony will lose everything! Their money! Their company! Their franchises! Their dignity! EVERYTHING! I'm gonna enjoy watching Sony destory itself! I'm gonna enjoy watching them lose everything they've built! Heh! Heh! Heh! 😈

  43. ButtSelfie ._.

    ButtSelfie ._.5 개월 전

    Disney: i want Sony to give me $250 million dollars. So i can make a spiderman movie. While I'm making it. I'm going to be selling spiderman merch. Which will make over $1 billion in a year. A few weeks after the movie comes out. I want 50%. Which is $500 million and Sony gets $500 million :D. Idiots: SoNy BaD AnD GreEdy. DiSnEy GoOd

  44. Justice

    Justice5 개월 전

    Disney-Marvel movies are trash. I prefer spiderman to be with Sony.

  45. Inacio's Second Channel

    Inacio's Second Channel5 개월 전

    Absolutely! Disney is too greedy! It needs to stop being a monopoly on us!

  46. Ariel Malsi Real

    Ariel Malsi Real5 개월 전

    Sony Goes DOOM SLAYER MODE And Disney Goes SATAN MODE! Satan Has Left The Chat. Welcome To HELL, Dudes.

  47. Ariel Malsi Real

    Ariel Malsi Real5 개월 전

    Sony Goes DOOM SLAYER MODE And Disney Goes SATAN MODE! So Satan Has Left The Chat.

  48. ZakaZ

    ZakaZ5 개월 전

    Disney didn't produce Sony's films with Sony to gain all the rewards, Disney has gotten too greedy and needs SOMEONE to say NO to them.

  49. Mr.ScaryPasta

    Mr.ScaryPasta5 개월 전

    Guys please don't hate on Joe. The House Of Mouse controls his paychecks. Because they bought the company Maker Studios which he works for. So he was paid to say it was Sony's fault.

  50. J YouTube

    J YouTube5 개월 전

    disney FUCXXXX

  51. Eléanor+

    Eléanor+5 개월 전

    Excuse me did you said 7B hum no 11B take it or leave it

  52. B K

    B K5 개월 전

    Tom Holland sucks so I don't care.

  53. dalleX88

    dalleX885 개월 전

    good for you sony !

  54. Majima Goro

    Majima Goro5 개월 전

    dude who cares. The MCU is done. I dont give a fuck about Spiderman teaming up with Captain Marvel or who ever else is left over there. Theres really nothing exciting going on in the MCU until they re-introduce Wolverine and the Xmen into the MCU. Until then the only super hero movie i care about is into the spiderverse 2 and that has nothing to with mcu

  55. Grandmommoms

    Grandmommoms5 개월 전

    Sony made "Into the Spiderverse," right? Then I'm ok with this.

  56. Jake X

    Jake X5 개월 전

    Grandmommoms to be fair that was song animation so idk how separate they are

  57. Rebel Skully

    Rebel Skully5 개월 전

    I'll throw my PS against the wall and buy Xbox if Sony gets a pass on this

  58. Rebel Skully

    Rebel Skully5 개월 전


  59. Andrew Bergamann

    Andrew Bergamann5 개월 전

    Sony is going full Betamax all over again... It seems japanese also don't learn from their mistakes.

  60. MichaelAlberto

    MichaelAlberto5 개월 전

    Let me remind you all that Disney owns ABC, ESPN, Touchstone Pictures , Lucasfilm, A&E, History Channel, Lifetime, Pixar, Hollywood Records, Vice Media, and Core Publishing. As well as many resorts, hotels, and cruises, and recently Fox. So why do they need 50% from Sony?

  61. The cool gaming Puppet

    The cool gaming Puppet5 개월 전

    Welp guess I have to head dc movies now.

  62. broli m

    broli m5 개월 전

    MMoneee! as usual disney being greedy

  63. Sandwich of ham

    Sandwich of ham5 개월 전

    It seems every spiderman film with the number 3 is cursed.

  64. Aaron Sanchez

    Aaron Sanchez5 개월 전


  65. Kevin Connell

    Kevin Connell5 개월 전

    Sonys got them over the barrel and showing them the 50 states