1. Brent Rivera

    Brent Rivera4 개월 전

    like this video if your favorite song was in this video ❤️ and comment which song is your favorite!! 😍

  2. Alaine peterkin

    Alaine peterkin8 일 전

    Did u make the band or whatever u were saying?

  3. Kendall B

    Kendall B22 일 전

    Brent Rivera your the best youtuber ever I love all the songs

  4. cookie swirlc

    cookie swirlc개월 전

    I Love Shawn Mendes he's one of my favorites in KOreporter

  5. Alex Gomez

    Alex Gomez개월 전

    Mine was senorita!!

  6. Princess Ellacornia

    Princess Ellacornia개월 전


  7. Ray Tan

    Ray Tan27 분 전

    My favorite song

  8. alaiqah ismail

    alaiqah ismail시간 전

    These are tiktok songs 😍😍🌈🌈😃😃

  9. Arianna Espinoza

    Arianna Espinoza2 시간 전

    Brent: like Lexi:comment Andrew: like again Maddie: comment Masen:like

  10. Sofia Huff

    Sofia Huff3 시간 전

    My favorite song is thankyou Brent

  11. Cecilia Gonzalez

    Cecilia Gonzalez4 시간 전

    My name is Camila like Camila cabeyo

  12. Team XLA

    Team XLA4 시간 전

    Why can’t we hear the DNA test is it copyright or something

  13. Hattie Lloyd

    Hattie Lloyd6 시간 전

    My favorite song is the very 1st one u played SUCKER

  14. Mini Deadpool

    Mini Deadpool6 시간 전

    Was it really Andrew

  15. Nashya Graham-dacosta

    Nashya Graham-dacosta9 시간 전

    My favourite is boyfriend by big time rush

  16. Attila Szalai

    Attila Szalai10 시간 전

    My favorite is also treat you better by Shawn

  17. Lucas Aldrich

    Lucas Aldrich10 시간 전

    My favorite song is old town road

  18. Ronnie Gabriel Marty

    Ronnie Gabriel Marty11 시간 전

    How long

  19. Vicky Darnics

    Vicky Darnics12 시간 전


  20. Anthony Bustamante

    Anthony Bustamante12 시간 전

    my favorite song is sucker for you and senoreta and old town road

  21. Dream Couture

    Dream Couture13 시간 전

    Andrew your Dom

  22. Nalani Miller

    Nalani Miller13 시간 전

    You used 20 of my favorite songs

  23. Tara Johnson

    Tara Johnson13 시간 전

    my favorite was why you got to be so rude

  24. Artzy sensation

    Artzy sensation13 시간 전

    Charlie Puth How long

  25. Artzy sensation

    Artzy sensation13 시간 전

    Bad guy Billie elish

  26. Artzy sensation

    Artzy sensation13 시간 전

    Imagine dragons bad liar

  27. Artzy sensation

    Artzy sensation13 시간 전

    Sucker by Jonas Brothers first one

  28. Dancing Girly

    Dancing Girly13 시간 전

    Every song by Shawn Mendes is my favorite

  29. Mirella Moreno

    Mirella Moreno14 시간 전


  30. Mirella Moreno

    Mirella Moreno14 시간 전

    From the Jonas brothers

  31. sana azizi

    sana azizi14 시간 전

    My favorite song was " How long has it been going on" this is my favorite!!

  32. RRRoyy

    RRRoyy15 시간 전

    At 3:42 you can clearly tell Brent is checking out Maddie

  33. THOMAS K J

    THOMAS K J15 시간 전

    I love all the songs that you have played....

  34. Randa Berrim

    Randa Berrim15 시간 전

    Bohemian rahpsody

  35. Cindy Corona

    Cindy Corona15 시간 전

    My home

  36. Vincent Basker

    Vincent Basker19 시간 전

    All of these songs are my favourite including thank you brent

  37. cнıм

    cнıм19 시간 전

    Oh my my my 🤣

  38. lisa isherwood

    lisa isherwood22 시간 전

    Bad layer

  39. Stephenie Liew

    Stephenie Liew일 전

    I am the bad guy DUH

  40. Ana Moua

    Ana Moua일 전

    Brent: "This is before Ben..." Wat do yo mean!??! BeFoRE hE WaS bORn oR bEfORe tHey stArtEd tO dAtE

  41. Îçøñîç. Gåçhå

    Îçøñîç. Gåçhå일 전

    Vid: "oh my my my" Me: ArMyYYyYyYy

  42. Reese Bean

    Reese Bean일 전

    OMG i'm in love with nick jonas And you totally used SUCKER and COOL and i absoulutley love nick jonas (The Jonas Brothers) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Andreah Arevalo

    Andreah Arevalo일 전


  44. gamze gure

    gamze gure일 전

    All of the Shawn Mendes songs and bad liar by imagine dragons

  45. madison armenta

    madison armenta일 전

    i like the sog at the end cuz i like rayonu groda

  46. Camren Massey

    Camren Massey일 전

    Brent I want to be like lexi what should my KOreporter name be