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    like this video if your favorite song was in this video ❤️ and comment which song is your favorite!! 😍

  2. Anna

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    I have lot of my fav songs in it omg😍😍😍😍

  3. NITA Todd

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    I like bad guy

  4. Diya Rao

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    I was 500th reply so yeet

  5. Anikaleah Hamilton

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    My favorite song in this was probably Senorita or If I can't have you. What can I say? I like Shawn Mendes

  6. Alexandra MacQueen Ferro

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    Doin it Wrong and Bohemian Rhapsody lol this vid is the best btw

  7. Rosa Diaz

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    Boy with luv bts

  8. Ellen Morgan

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    Fac you brent

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    Sucker hmm perfect

  10. Savageweirdo Boo

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  11. Juanita Sanchez

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    Songs in real life again like if u want songs irl again

  12. Lulama Chauke

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    Senorita ist fav

  13. wavvy

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    *thank you brent* for making this video.

  14. Maeve Browne

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    Love you baby

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    how do you not get copy righted

  16. Cousins Tutorials

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    I love bad guy and if I can't have you

  17. Aidan Torraville

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    My favourite song is your song

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    Rip Alexi😂😢

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    Brent i love the song thank you BRent

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    Senorita and bad guy

  21. LEXIE Mojica

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    My was Ariana Grande songs and camila Shawn

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    its BEN .......

  23. Bianca Quiring

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    Omggg Boy With Luv!!! Who's A.R.M.Y here ??!

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    I love senyoeter

  25. Gavin Ferrara

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    And old town road

  26. Gavin Ferrara

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    Queen bohemian rhapsody

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    I. LOVE. 🎶

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    #mendesarmy for fricken ever

  29. Kiara W

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    Shawn Mendes ma boi 💚💟💛💞❤️💕❤️💟🧡💝💛💞❣️💘💞💞🧡💕💜🧡💟🧡💞💚💜❣️💞🧡❤️💝💚💞💙💜💞💙💞❣️💞💕💓💘💛💟🧡💝🧡

  30. nazrin akhtar

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  31. Mehar Odedra

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    Littlerly none Not anyone Not even the midnight ghoust Not even andrew weeping Lexi at the end: no oned no one noooooooo oneeeeeeeeee Me:AHHHHHHHHHH&&HHHHHHHH!!!!!!!🤣🤣

  32. Nengboi Singson

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    Please please do again

  33. something something

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  34. Melanie Stewart

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    My 3 fav song old town road

  35. Dave Cavanagh

    Dave Cavanagh7 시간 전

    Alexi sounds like Alexa

  36. Kerry Ryan

    Kerry Ryan8 시간 전

    All of the song you played I know and then my favourite songs my most favourite is probably a good thing probably seven minutes away no no no no break up with your girlfriend make the butter in the blue button blue I meant

  37. Noora Bts

    Noora Bts8 시간 전

    My favorite song is boy with luv

  38. Kateryna Miscoi

    Kateryna Miscoi8 시간 전

    I love the bloopers and I love you Brent you are just too nice to not be able to be nice like if you didn’t get it😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 👇🏽

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    Oh maymay

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    Your the best Brent 👍🏾🤝🙏🏾

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    My favorite my favorite songs are Justin Bieber

  42. Susan Greenaway

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    Yes bad guy

  43. Susan Greenaway

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    Yes truth hurts


    ANNA FALCO11 시간 전

    1. sucker 2. bad guy 3. senorita 4. old town road i am not going to name the rest because it will take to long


    ANNA FALCO11 시간 전

    i liked 13 of the songs you used

  46. Derek Gallie

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  47. Derek Gallie

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  48. Koleen Mayfield

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    I know 5 songs

  49. Robinson Goncalves

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    I love when you put in old town road,bad guy and senyourita

  50. Alondra Ponce

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  51. Mackenzie Stibbard

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    You should hydro dip your phone

  52. CrazyGirl

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    Also u used the song señorita I love that song!

  53. CrazyGirl

    CrazyGirl16 시간 전

    I like the song “Bad Guy” you sang it

  54. Jania Hook

    Jania Hook16 시간 전

    Mine is truth hurt

  55. eMiE piG

    eMiE piG17 시간 전

    OMG Lexi is a cheater too

  56. Moriah Boh

    Moriah Boh17 시간 전

    Also you could've used the I'm sorry song when Andrew was saying sorry to Lexi

  57. Catherine W

    Catherine W17 시간 전

    Im the bad guy.... Duh

  58. Catherine W

    Catherine W17 시간 전

    Billie eilish bad guy was my favorite

  59. Addie O'connor Gay

    Addie O'connor Gay18 시간 전

    I don't care. Is my favorite

  60. Nicki’s Daughter XD

    Nicki’s Daughter XD18 시간 전

    Hey what up hello

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    i LOVE senorita

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    Y it so short

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    They took Alexi from stranger things lol😂

  64. Jt And Charly

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    my favorite is señorita

  65. Rafaelito Garces

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    My favourite song is Have u like if that is your favourite too ;3

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    All of those songs are my favorite

  67. Norma Vera

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  68. MMBroBrother

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    Bad Guy

  69. Larry Owens

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    2 of my favorite songs were in it like if it’s 2019

  70. Claire Muzzy

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    Do an all disney version

  71. Bonnie Tanner

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    Love it?😍👧💏👰❤💔😘🐸🇺🇸👳💪👭💪✌👯👯✊✊

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  73. Jordynn Harris

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    Old town road

  74. Country

    Country22 시간 전

    First Señorita Second if I can’t have you Third eye sucker Fourth bad guy fifth doing it wrong Fifth I mean six thank you Brent Seventh Old town Road Teeth break up with your girlfriend

  75. Oscar Heintzelman

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    that is my favorite song can I tell you something between you and me and Alex is my Alex is my favorite song to you can't tell me nothing how old are both of y'all give me in the talents down below love you guys11 my favorite fan keep him more videos and I'm going to be telling you guys when's my birthday is coming when you guys are about to get my birthday September 4th and I'm going to be turning 11 and September please

  76. Sperling Anastasia

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    3:03 Brent: Can I tell you something just between you and me? Alan/alex: you can tell me nothin :') That is just like me andy sister Alan or Alex's smile in that is just like my sister xD I laughed so hard a this 🤣

  77. Joanne Lazo

    Joanne Lazo23 시간 전

    0:21 lol his face

  78. Jose Resendez

    Jose Resendez23 시간 전

    Doin it wrong doin it wrong doin it wrong I love that song

  79. Caydi Phelps

    Caydi Phelps일 전

    Ahhh my fav song is senurita

  80. Jade Francis

    Jade Francis일 전

    Brent are you a Billie Eilish fan cuz I am

  81. Grecias Bakery

    Grecias Bakery일 전

    do cardi b yellow

  82. Stephanie Fensom

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    My fave song was “doin it wrong “ by u Brent ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰😍😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  83. Rebecca Ashby

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    I love when u call me senirita That's my fav

  84. Nurije Ramadan

    Nurije Ramadan일 전

    I have Smule

  85. Mackenzie Burress

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    My favorite song was easier by 5 sos