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    WELCOME TO THE CHANNEL! For more videos and goal reactions for Son Heung-Min SUBSCRIBE to my channel! #COYS #NiceOneSonny

  2. Harry

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    George, brilliant video and a very good win!👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾. What Spurs kit did you have on?🤔

  3. cl

    cl5 개월 전

    Thank you for writing Son's name properly. I just wish the Spurs organisation would do the same. It's a lack of cultural respect, really. Imagine if Koreans introduced Harry Kane as Kane Harry. Would that make sense?

  4. 이영민

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    Thank you

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    굿! 손 ㅎㅎㅎ

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    Nice one sonny

  8. 월클구자철

    월클구자철4 개월 전

    Son is one of the top three soccer players in Korean history. I like SON


    K PHILIP5 개월 전

    이사람 토트넘 3rd유니폼 모델로 나왔던데

  10. 안녕안녕

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    subtitles Korean Please

  11. Bonggyun Jeong

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    5:09 sonny's first goal 6:31 sonny's second goal

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  13. Joe ernesto

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    c-class coupe??

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    nice one sonny nice one son nice one sonny let's have another one

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    소니 화이팅♡

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    역시 손 ㅋ 구독누르고 간다 손의 좋은 영상 많이 업로드 해줘라

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    @김수빈 외국인한테는 반말합니다ㅎ 영어도 반말인데요 뭘ㅋㅋ

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    반말 찍찍.. 지리구요

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    잘보고 갑니다~👍

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    손이 토트넘에서 나오면 정말 슬플듯

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    You should learn Korean You will get more subscribers =)

  22. 니체는죽었다.

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    Lovely sonny❤️❤️❤️

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    S o n a l d o ✨

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    이 형은 항상 즐겁네 ㅋㅋ

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    @YID ARMY He's always excited and happy!

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    I really admire you and your video. Always cheers~ mate.

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    Son is greased lightning.

  30. 개코ᄒᄒ

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    sonny is back!!!! he is back!!!

  31. 권태수

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    우리 흥민이 많이 사랑해주세요 그리고 잼나게 영상 보고갑니다 좋아요 구독 누르고 갑니다 홧팅~~~

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    형 오랜만이야 그리웠어~~~~~~.

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    Im happy 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  35. cl

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    How much are tickets? Are prices higher when Spurs play the top six teams, like MC or Liverpool?

  36. Ocean No.9

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    long time

  37. 손흥민넘버원

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    As a Korean, I think Son deserves ballon d'or this season because Son>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Messi>Ronaldo>Neymar>Mbappe>Hazard and rest of them are trash

  38. Jong-jin 종진 Jin Lee 이

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    손흥민넘버원 자제 부탁 드립니다.

  39. minofish Conner

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    So where is the shooting vid.?

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    See you in Wednesday

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    Hey! George! 이번 시즌도 부탁해!

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    한국의 자랑 쏘니 최고야 진짜👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇰🇷

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  44. 이재홍

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    more than 50k S.Koreans stayed up till late to watch Sonny's play yesterday and more people started to support Spurs since he joined the club! Sonny made two goals which were absolutely phenomenom!!

  45. Crypto World

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    not allowed to point your camera at the pitch...what a joke

  46. 즐리에

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    한국인은 나뿐인가;;;;;

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    son day That's great.

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    우징형 보고 다음은 조지형 공식이다.

  50. 부남혁

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    0:55 Harry Kane?

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    Sonny~~~~~~~ 가즈아~~~~~~~

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    Much better videos than before, the image quality is 🔥 too, what camera is that?...keep up the good work

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  54. 장민호

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    spurs stadium world best no.1 stadium. Sonny goal korean people hope !!!!!! Spurs premire champion 2019 !!!! Spurs uefa champions 2019 !!! GO ~~ SPURS ~ GO SONNY ~~~

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    역시 이형님 리액숀 찰지다ㅋ

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    기다렸어 오빠!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. George Spurs Vlogs

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    What a performance that was COYS

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  59. Khraw Kupar Syiem

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    Sonny the next arjen robben

  60. K20491

    K204915 개월 전

    Fuck Robben! He shot all the time same looking goals. But Son is a true genius.

  61. PANAGO

    PANAGO5 개월 전

    This kid is a lucky charm take him everywhere COYS!

  62. Bagirock Carlguksoo

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    not just lucky charm he is the leader of tottenham like every one agrees

  63. 노오답 TV

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    COYS!! I love you SONNY~~~~~ Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur!!

  64. 수야림

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    형 다시보니 반가워~

  65. Howard Shin

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    Love the video George, thanks for that! COYS

  66. yoonki kim

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    thank you all the time. we could learn about how to we sing Spurs Song, Bcoz of you. #COYS !

  67. 찌니

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    That's a great video^^~~~

  68. Andrey Li

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    3:09 How is the cup filled??

  69. Brad

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    Aurier was in fire with Alderweirld

  70. Baba Ba

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    Fantastic son 🐐

  71. Jordan THFC

    Jordan THFC5 개월 전

    Great performance. I've always been talking about how when we have the ball, we can't create chances. We created chances alright! COYS! THFC!