Sneakerheads: Inside the World of High-Stakes Sneaker Trading


  1. Ig: bowie_williamson

    Ig: bowie_williamson17 시간 전

    $30 basketball shoes, yeah in the 1920s

  2. Coolbear2004

    Coolbear200421 시간 전

    Where the fits at it’s just the shoes at least match

  3. Evan McCown

    Evan McCown일 전

    so cringey

  4. CedriQuest

    CedriQuest2 일 전

    Shoe sheep... smh

  5. Julian Luna

    Julian Luna2 일 전

    Kid is spoiled af ! Look we're he lives and what his dad drives ...

  6. Alexander Gabriel Alqueza

    Alexander Gabriel Alqueza2 일 전

    Thick face

  7. Niko L

    Niko L2 일 전

    Wow they got huge houses

  8. Baba Yaga

    Baba Yaga5 일 전

    He'll be a good salesman

  9. Joseph P

    Joseph P5 일 전

    You can’t get hurt clicking a button(breaks finger)

  10. mehdi babul

    mehdi babul5 일 전

    I wish I was this kid well more money wise

  11. Leon S

    Leon S7 일 전

    Kill me if i ever buy 1000$ shoes🤦🏽‍♂️

  12. My Channel Is Trash

    My Channel Is Trash7 일 전

    Their own money? You mean mommy and daddy's money?

  13. m7si banks

    m7si banks8 일 전

    Didn’t see a single Jordan 1, no real sneaker heads here.

  14. PrestigeOreo

    PrestigeOreo7 일 전

    m7si banks 1:25

  15. chris n

    chris n8 일 전

    Those Freddy Krueger’s in the thumbnail 🔥

  16. KJ KJ

    KJ KJ8 일 전

    What he doing now in 2020

  17. Maestro

    Maestro8 일 전

    Can’t relate. Whatever I get is what I have

  18. Daniel’s Cool and awesome channel

    Daniel’s Cool and awesome channel9 일 전

    This is kids in 1st grade

  19. Diego Hernandez

    Diego Hernandez10 일 전

    Rich kids, daddys money

  20. ICED tea_bandit

    ICED tea_bandit11 일 전

    Man is an actual sneaker head

  21. Zing x Blurr

    Zing x Blurr12 일 전

    damn them shaqs man wow

  22. Nicholas Hall

    Nicholas Hall13 일 전

    “Eminem’s new album is fire bro”

  23. Deck Z

    Deck Z14 일 전

    One of those guys are gonna get robbed

  24. Buggy

    Buggy15 일 전

    These kids are way smarter and that woman Who started talking first is a idiot they make money at a young age

  25. J Ki

    J Ki15 일 전

    These are resellers not sneakerheads

  26. Bill Bobert

    Bill Bobert15 일 전

    "Its to early to be doing this" What is he complaining about its still light outside 😂😂

  27. Greg Foley The Motivator

    Greg Foley The Motivator15 일 전


  28. Cdj Thg

    Cdj Thg16 일 전

    Ain’t gonna be long till someone rolls up with counterfeit cash and buys a pair while the 12 year old “businessman” is “hustling.”

  29. I got you

    I got you17 일 전

    And then there's me with my $30 Crocs

  30. Bot Jack

    Bot Jack17 일 전

    What is that song

  31. bruh Phoenix

    bruh Phoenix17 일 전

    Get me a pair of mid 1's and I be the happiest man alive

  32. Gilbert Charles

    Gilbert Charles18 일 전

    Must be nice having your parents help you buy shoes lol

  33. Jay2wavy 24

    Jay2wavy 2418 일 전

    I’d rather save my money instead of buying 1000 dollars sneakers.

  34. full sender

    full sender19 일 전

    Big Boy Chengs collection is Lit!

  35. Vanesa ordonez

    Vanesa ordonez19 일 전

    5:06 someone fell 😂😂😂

  36. internet troll

    internet troll19 일 전

    Factory: builds shoe with $10 using enslaved children in a sweat shop Retail store: sales same shoe for 250 Random kid: sales same shoe for 1600

  37. Kuwee Loi

    Kuwee Loi20 일 전

    School work is not important stupid dad

  38. over opinionated

    over opinionated21 일 전

    Double Pluggers $10

  39. over opinionated

    over opinionated21 일 전

    7.35 Pink Chick Military Guilt Trip Thats Low Bitch But She Got Ripped HAHAHAHHAHA

  40. ceo.of.racism.mp3 Instagram

    ceo.of.racism.mp3 Instagram21 일 전

    0:48 are those the back to the future??????

  41. Delta

    Delta22 일 전

    Me: looks at phone for 0.90057 seconds My da: DONT YOU HAVE A TEST TOMORROW

  42. Minecraft Pig

    Minecraft Pig24 일 전

    I like shoes I have a collection but this is to much the most I’ve ever spent is like $120

  43. AJ

    AJ24 일 전

    lmao If I died in the military and was looking down at my family from heaven trying to use my death as an excuse to get a deal on some shoes I would be so disappointed.

  44. Compilation Central

    Compilation Central25 일 전

    Waste of money. Jordan to this day is making BILLIONS off of stupid little ignorant mothafuckas!☠️

  45. PrestigeOreo

    PrestigeOreo7 일 전

    Compilation Central you’re making fun of kids making more than you at age 12, who is the real ignorant one

  46. TFR Fatal

    TFR Fatal25 일 전

    “I want to fly; can you take me far away?”

  47. TuckTuck

    TuckTuck25 일 전

    *All with their own money* Kids walks out of their million dollar houses with the kids dad giving them a ride in his Audi🤦‍♂️ In the wise words of Frank Ocean “Super rich kids with nothing but lose ends, super rich kids with nothing but fake friends”

  48. Christopher beltran

    Christopher beltran25 일 전

    most useless hobby ever

  49. PrestigeOreo

    PrestigeOreo7 일 전

    they’re making more money than you were at age 12 while having fun, and you’re making fun of them

  50. 6eek

    6eek25 일 전

    0:40 what are those shoes called

  51. alexander raich

    alexander raich26 일 전

    It was not 6:00 o’clock in the morning

  52. grayscaled

    grayscaled26 일 전

    these are just the rat resellers of the sneaker community lol

  53. Bluu Gaming

    Bluu Gaming27 일 전

    0:38 LITERALLY a sneaker head...

  54. owen bruh

    owen bruh27 일 전

    7:18 kid was holding tokyo 5's

  55. Cody Guzman

    Cody Guzman27 일 전

    That dudes parents are rich

  56. Destiny

    Destiny28 일 전

    It’s reselling not trading.

  57. Aaron Bostwick

    Aaron Bostwick29 일 전

    I saw this video so many times

  58. FREE TAY K

    FREE TAY K29 일 전

    These kids know nothing about sneakers and they aren’t sneaker heads they are resellers Resellers- buy shoes sell for more use that money to make more Sneaker heads - know stuff about sneakers collect sneakers trade sneakers and do some reselling

  59. Latetothegame

    Latetothegame개월 전

    Why are you calling after market? This is legit abc has no clue what’s going on.

  60. XXPhantøm 05

    XXPhantøm 05개월 전

    These kids are in there 20s now

  61. GrizzlyX

    GrizzlyX개월 전

    4:01 What’s that T-shirt???? It’s very very nice

  62. Swefty

    Swefty개월 전

    Rip kobe

  63. Lord S

    Lord S개월 전

    Rip kobe 😢