Slowdive - Slomo (Live on KEXP)


  1. Carlos Sahagun

    Carlos Sahagun개월 전

    This version is perfect, makes me feel goosebumps... only a few songs have that feeling.

  2. Chris Hyson

    Chris Hyson개월 전

    One of the dopest fucking songs I've ever heard.

  3. Isabel Vergara

    Isabel Vergara개월 전


  4. sekalianyangsetia

    sekalianyangsetia개월 전

    Before i sleep

  5. Kenneth john

    Kenneth john개월 전

    heavenly music

  6. eric stanchick

    eric stanchick개월 전

    What sorcery is this? That a bunch of seasoned adults can look like they are just mulling about , expending maybe15-25 calories above resting , while producing a work of art perhaps greater than anything they had toiled over for 30 years. And people disbelieve the existence of magic ...

  7. westernpark70

    westernpark702 개월 전


  8. clayton chadwell

    clayton chadwell2 개월 전

    I'm so happy to see this! I did not think I would ever hear new. A gift from the gods...........

  9. Евгений Лалкин

    Евгений Лалкин2 개월 전

    Это блять божественно

  10. александр филимонов

    александр филимонов2 개월 전


  11. Ryan Bradford

    Ryan Bradford2 개월 전


  12. humdrum club

    humdrum club2 개월 전


  13. Ratonhnhakéton Raj

    Ratonhnhakéton Raj3 개월 전


  14. Collecting Movies and Games

    Collecting Movies and Games3 개월 전

    That's so fu.... awsome ❤️

  15. Murat Isik

    Murat Isik3 개월 전

    Beautiful! And better than the album version, especially bescause of the extended outro.

  16. kinksbeatlesstones

    kinksbeatlesstones3 개월 전

    This songs like all their others puts me in a happy place!

  17. Shlomo Ohana

    Shlomo Ohana3 개월 전

    Thats my name

  18. Hamed R

    Hamed R4 개월 전

    music ends at 7:20. thank me later.

  19. Philippe Schoepen

    Philippe Schoepen4 개월 전

    For my funeral please

  20. Daniele L

    Daniele L5 개월 전


  21. ernie last

    ernie last5 개월 전


  22. PotatoHead

    PotatoHead5 개월 전

    Ahead of their and our time... Slowdive..

  23. disturbed neural oscillations

    disturbed neural oscillations5 일 전

    PotatoHead relax

  24. Marko Jakupec

    Marko Jakupec5 개월 전

    Imagine them performing Pygmalion :O

  25. Philippe Schoepen

    Philippe Schoepen5 개월 전

    Like you so much guys...

  26. Cesar EXTREMO

    Cesar EXTREMO6 개월 전

    LIMA - PERÚ 2019

  27. hono Nunes

    hono Nunes6 개월 전


  28. _ ryood

    _ ryood6 개월 전

    This should be in Twin peaks The return!

  29. Massimo D'Arrigo

    Massimo D'Arrigo6 개월 전

    Slowdive, I Love You

  30. jason x

    jason x6 개월 전


  31. _ ryood

    _ ryood6 개월 전

    Trentemoller brought me here :)

  32. jason x

    jason x7 개월 전

    20 People Are Brain Dead

  33. Chad

    Chad7 개월 전

    Slowdive is so stinkin awesome. Love this album to death. So sorry I missed them when they came to Madison, Wi. Golden Hair live is ridiculous!!!

  34. Blinek 182

    Blinek 1827 개월 전

    Best song 2019 :)

  35. Santiago Torres Guevara

    Santiago Torres Guevara8 개월 전

  36. AUroRA BoReAliS

    AUroRA BoReAliS8 개월 전

    This version is even better than the studio version.

  37. Tom

    Tom8 개월 전

    Wow I'm surprised how good this sounds

  38. Aditya Namoijam

    Aditya Namoijam8 개월 전

    Feels like heaven! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. rize kyoto

    rize kyoto8 개월 전

    this is orgasm!

  40. Enrique  Ramirez

    Enrique Ramirez8 개월 전

    fuckkkkk.they so the best

  41. mujin70

    mujin708 개월 전

    Etheral. Absolutely ethereal. Takes you away from this craven world to a better place.

  42. José María Llurba Ortiz

    José María Llurba Ortiz9 개월 전

    Tengo mucho aprecio a Slowdive pues siempre me ha acompañado a hacer que mis sueños se conviertan en deseos y éstos, en cierta manera, con sacrificio, se hicieran realidad. Desde entonces, sigo siendo un soñador, porque la vida debe ser sueño, y Slowdive hace música para soñadores incansables.

  43. The_Realistic_Man

    The_Realistic_Man개월 전

    Si pero te consejo que no escuches a slowdive si te encuentras en momentos dificiles de tu vida, te dara paz si... pero hara que tu sensibilidad suba de nivel y te desgarrara por dentro los sonidos melodicos y melancolicos de slowdive, Estas canciones son un extasis auditivo cuando te encuentras bien contigo mismo(a) y los seres que te rodean.

  44. Peter Alan

    Peter Alan9 개월 전

    I can't stop listening. Nor shedding tears of inspiration and letting go.

  45. Scott Whiteford

    Scott Whiteford9 개월 전

    Jesus fucking Christ, why have I not heard this before!? ❤️❤️

  46. paul elliott

    paul elliott9 개월 전

    Wonderful in every way

  47. Kim Gauge

    Kim Gauge9 개월 전

    the only word that does justice to the art on display here is - sublime! From the balance in the mix, to the engineering and blending of the guitars; the space created in the song, to the lyrics, to the performance, to the atmospherics - seriously, no band should be this good, and yet, here we are.



    S L O W D I V E

  49. Matt Smith

    Matt Smith9 개월 전


  50. Luis Alberto Sánchez

    Luis Alberto Sánchez9 개월 전


  51. MrEnigma1966

    MrEnigma196610 개월 전

    The sound engineers a genius!

  52. Francisco Melo. Melo.

    Francisco Melo. Melo.10 개월 전

    long... good sing

  53. Filip P.

    Filip P.10 개월 전

    Is that Peter Dinklage on drums?

  54. José María Llurba Ortiz

    José María Llurba Ortiz10 개월 전

    Slowdive is the best dream

  55. Adam Kjær

    Adam Kjær10 개월 전

    Fucking amazing!! So dreamy and ethereal it rips you heart open. Seeing them live this summer was an immense experience. This is my favorite song of their most recent album.

  56. princess samsung

    princess samsung10 개월 전


  57. Renato Fernandes

    Renato Fernandes10 개월 전

    é verdade.

  58. SKELEMM •

    SKELEMM •11 개월 전

    I'm crying... a lot... It's such a masterpiece... ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  59. Artur Safarov

    Artur Safarov11 개월 전

    soooo goood

  60. Alessandro Pace

    Alessandro Pace11 개월 전

    Due Palle!!!

  61. Chris Miranda

    Chris Miranda11 개월 전

    Martin Riggs is such a good singer

  62. Philip Astore

    Philip Astore11 개월 전

    Honest & heartfelt...!

  63. hans van schijndel

    hans van schijndel년 전

    04:05 Epic

  64. Akif Özcan

    Akif Özcan년 전

    What an amazing live performance.... Great band in Shoegaze World...