Slomo: The Man Who Skated Right Off the Grid | Op-Docs | The New York Times


  1. DWNtoERTH

    DWNtoERTH5 일 전

    THIS MAN GETS IT. I’m always looking for flow. It’s hard when we’re always on alert, always in fear, where’s the money?! We forget. The simplest things. Movement for the sake of movement.

  2. Jesse Jackson

    Jesse Jackson6 일 전

    "In all due modesty I believe I'm flying."

  3. Doug Jones

    Doug Jones12 일 전

    My Mission Beach trolley driver to the LERN conference at Paradise Point told me about Slomo b/c I told him I'd brought my skates to SD. Rained all week so couldn't make the skate down to the beach from the Hyatt until finally was able to skate down to Mission Beach Saturday morning but couldn't find Slomo. Will give it another go next trip out to SoCal. I feel exactly the same as he's articulated. It is like flying! Dojo

  4. Ali Rahn

    Ali Rahn25 일 전

    you can probably tune into that acceleration vibe IN meditation. i wonder. or just at any / every moment, even...

  5. Ali Rahn

    Ali Rahn25 일 전

    *’zero gravity’ *posture? maybe

  6. Ali Rahn

    Ali Rahn25 일 전

    is it ‘zero gravity’ ? i wonder.

  7. Ali Rahn

    Ali Rahn25 일 전

    or ‘levitating’ kind of vibe

  8. Ali Rahn

    Ali Rahn25 일 전

    it’s kind of a ‘hovering’ vibe. i think

  9. duniel3000

    duniel3000개월 전

    Great, inspirational stroy. I liked: "I try to regress to what I think is about eleven and a half, which is the last of the idealistic years before the testosterone and all the other stuff takes off"

  10. Jon Detka

    Jon Detka개월 전

    Such Joy! Thank you for sharing your story Slomo. Roll on!

  11. Rich Hayter Skater

    Rich Hayter Skater2 개월 전

    I freakin' love this story! "Do what you want to." Class!

  12. Amy Sacco

    Amy Sacco2 개월 전

    Beyond inspirational. This man is a legend and the videography is perfect.

  13. Nuno Ribeiro

    Nuno Ribeiro2 개월 전


  14. DrinkingStar

    DrinkingStar2 개월 전

    I totally understand Slomo. He has found his Shangri-la. I am a 74 year old beach bum who has also found his Shangri-la. Shangri-la is not a place but rather a state of mind. Shangri-la is any place where you can "do what you want" and be the person you want to be. Once you try to conform to the norms of commercialism and social expectations, you are not the person you want to be. When you are yourself, you are happy. Keep things in your life simple and seek only what you need to be truly happy. Happiness is the only thing that matters in life. Without happiness, fame, fortune and health are worthless. Find the place you love and be yourself by doing what you want to do. When you do, you will understand what life is all about. You will be Enlightened. You will then understand what Slomo is saying and telling you. I would advise those who do not understand nor where to begin that they see to movies. One is "Lost Horizons". The other is "The Razor's Edge"(1946 version). Once you do, then read the novels by the same name by Hilton and by Maugham. I also suggest the movie, "Life Guard" because I think Slomo would appreciate what Sam Elliot( the life guard is saying about wealth/success and happiness. Maybe Sam would want to star a movie about Slomo.

  15. Gary Mabs

    Gary Mabs2 개월 전

    Good video every time....

  16. Julio Jimenez

    Julio Jimenez3 개월 전

    Reminds me of my teenage years 😢

  17. Mirko San San

    Mirko San San3 개월 전

    I love this video. I watch it from time to time and think about it as I kayak the beautiful rivers of Oregon.

  18. bsb1975

    bsb19753 개월 전

    It would be far more inspiring a story if he continued to work training new doctors despite his oncoming disability. Instead, he comes across as a guy who made a pile of money and wants to spend his remaining days with vision roller skating. He has my sympathy for his blindness, but this man is not a hero.

  19. C D

    C D4 개월 전

    My family and I had the privilege of talking to him on the San Diego boardwalk. He was a very kind man and incredibly intelligent man and a wonderful soul. He actually remembered us from past visits, and took time aside from his day just to talk with us. It was amazing to hear his views on life and a pleasure to talk with him.

  20. Michael Garske

    Michael Garske4 개월 전

    Just had the opportunity to meet SloMo. Awesome dude, just wish I could have skated with him!

  21. Max Hummler

    Max Hummler4 개월 전

    To make it short - great inspiring story ;)

  22. Japhy VanSanity

    Japhy VanSanity4 개월 전

    I’ve literally watched this five times it’s like a movie, this guy should definitely have a Hollywood take on what it means to truly live ‘slo mo’ 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  23. Marco Abyss

    Marco Abyss5 개월 전

    i just got a pair of inline skates about a month ago. this is exactly the inspiration i'm looking for.

  24. Edgar Perret-Gentil

    Edgar Perret-Gentil5 개월 전

    which skates are those he rolls on sebas or gyros?

  25. Kararch

    Kararch6 개월 전

    Why Americans always need that single epiphany to finally wake up? ^^

  26. yixnorb

    yixnorb6 개월 전

    He's the sort of guy that you do not need to know to love.

  27. tgooding

    tgooding6 개월 전

  28. Copernican Revolution 2.0

    Copernican Revolution 2.06 개월 전

    Resonates strongly here. Using unicycle and OneWheel. But experience sounds very similar! 🙏🏼🌻🐳

  29. Thirty and Rollin

    Thirty and Rollin6 개월 전

    Love this video and way of life!

  30. Londonfogey

    Londonfogey7 개월 전

    I would like to know more about the scientific side of this. I often experience mild elation when cycling, but I assumed this was due to dopamine release during exercise.

  31. Heaven Above Earth Below

    Heaven Above Earth Below7 개월 전

    Sorry, there is no "center of the Earth", there is only Up and Down, since we live on a plane. Watch some good flat earth videos like GlobeBusters on KOreporter. It is so sad when I see people still stuck ion that old paradigm from 1700 . Newton, though we use math he created, did not believe in gravity. There is no evidence that gravity exists and it is easily disproven that there is a gravity that pulls things towards an imaginary center of a big ball that we live on the surface of.

  32. letsif

    letsif7 개월 전

    Existential solution to the mystery of life

  33. Mairen Oates

    Mairen Oates7 개월 전

    I'm from PB and I love this man with all my heart. He has been a huge part of my childhood and still is today (I just saw him today on the boardwalk lol). This man is great

  34. Alexei R

    Alexei R7 개월 전

    Good to know he still hanging around :-)

  35. ludia

    ludia7 개월 전

    besties to the cameraman also!!!!! great shots!

  36. AJ Bright

    AJ Bright7 개월 전

    Wonderful. I’m a hard core rollerblader. And I totally get this. And I truly understand what he’s saying about the feeling of skating in the zone of euphoria. What an amazing piece. Great job NYT!

  37. The Concert For Bangladesh 2021

    The Concert For Bangladesh 20217 개월 전

    Keratoconus is the eye condition they are describing possibly - there are special contacts for this.

  38. Divertissement Monas

    Divertissement Monas8 개월 전

    Roller skating, best feeling in the world! Well done, Dr John Kitchin. Most people going through life not feeling this type of energy and freedom. Good physical explanation however, doesn't even come close to the actual feeling and experience. It is totally spiritual and one actually feels alive!

  39. Utopija

    Utopija8 개월 전

    Was living in San Diego for about 10 years. Passed by Slomo many times. As he liked to cruise on rollers, I liked to cruise on bicycle. One day I was on the beach with wife and baby... he passed by, and told my son - "maybe you will be our leader one day"... and he slowly moved forward. Today, about 10 years later, I am living in Germany. For whatever reason, mentioned Slomo, while talking to my son (now he is 12). That brought this memory back and I showed to my son this video. Very touching... Anyway, I envision myself in a small wooden house and small garden, next to the river bank, back in my hometown, after many years abroad...To do what I want to do...Thank you Slomo for making my plan stronger.

  40. JenTyme

    JenTyme8 개월 전

    At 8:30 The Benefits of Skating are explained

  41. peter carkagis

    peter carkagis8 개월 전

    good on you Doctor Slomo , enjoy your life, we all should follow your phylosophy

  42. Robert Spitfire

    Robert Spitfire9 개월 전

    At the end of the video I've felt so emotional and I'm seeing in the comment section that others did too. I wonder why, what is the psychology for that? Is it because we're watching a man achieving something that we would like too, is it because of the music or other factors?

  43. Adam Langlois

    Adam Langlois9 개월 전

    Retired doctor, a modern philosopher. Its cold as a witch's tit out but I'm gonna skate anyway

  44. Luis Ignacio Hernandez Gonzalez

    Luis Ignacio Hernandez Gonzalez9 개월 전

    Wheres this guy at?

  45. Bertrice

    Bertrice9 개월 전

    when he dies someone will take his place . I guess that's me