Slicing an Arrow in Half Mid-Air in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys


  1. The Slow Mo Guys

    The Slow Mo Guys5 개월 전

    For those confused - the regular camera is filming at 50fps and edited in a 50fps timeline. The phantom is filming at 1000fps placed in the timeline at a playback speed of 25fps so each frame is doubled in the 50fps timeline. This means that all normal footage is much smoother looking and all the phantom footage is still played as slow as possible at 25fps. Why 50 instead of 60? 25 doesn’t fit into 60 very easily. Why 25 instead of 30? It means our phantom footage doesn’t get sped up. -Gav

  2. I’m the 2635th epic gamer h

    I’m the 2635th epic gamer h9 일 전

    The Slow Mo Guys what is your opinion on your nemesis “The Fast Mo Guys” ?

  3. Luke Schaefer

    Luke Schaefer개월 전

    I was wondering, when Dan hit the feathers off of the second arrow, the Phantom was right beside him and the arrow shot past it, but in the other angle beside Gav shooting the arrow, the Phantom was not there. Anyone?

  4. Badney

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  5. ADeCesare3

    ADeCesare3개월 전


  6. Filthy Greedy YouTube Executive

    Filthy Greedy YouTube Executive일 전

    Starting to think Armageddon is the only movie they’ve ever seen

  7. hallo_ole_

    hallo_ole_일 전

    3:30 thank me later

  8. Tristan Goodsell

    Tristan Goodsell4 일 전

    The arrow looks like a Minecraft arrow

  9. William Southcott

    William Southcott5 일 전

    dan looks like he works at pizza express

  10. This isn't Mamix

    This isn't Mamix6 일 전

    Everyone:I like this guys so much I: live in another country and didn't knew about them.

  11. Tyler Long

    Tyler Long7 일 전

    I have that exact bow

  12. Fawn OfTheDawn

    Fawn OfTheDawn9 일 전

    Dan is quite impressive

  13. Dustin Hoeppner

    Dustin Hoeppner9 일 전

    0:53 slow mo string wobble

  14. Marius Jäger Streicher

    Marius Jäger Streicher10 일 전

    I did this once... WITH A 50 BMG AND A SAMURAI GODS SWORD

  15. Gaming Channel

    Gaming Channel10 일 전

    Everyone:Its just a normal Slow Mo Guys video. Me:*SEKIRO IN REAL LIFE*

  16. Putzbert

    Putzbert10 일 전

    so instead of a rubber tip to the chest, the guy you were protecting now got a sharp wooden stick in the face? good job!

  17. GroovingPict

    GroovingPict11 일 전

    Gav: makes a video explaining the very good reasons for why The Slow Mo Guys videos arent in high framerates such as 50fps Gav, like, a year later: now uploads The Slow Mo Guys videos in high framerate...

  18. The Puppet Head

    The Puppet Head11 일 전

    I feel like this would've been loads easier with a crossbow and a couple of vise grips.

  19. Chunky Pee

    Chunky Pee12 일 전

    Are you and Brian Quinn twins Dan I swear to god yo look so much like him

  20. Speed Striker

    Speed Striker12 일 전

    i thought it would be vertically sliced in half

  21. Lee SmarterEveryDay

    Lee SmarterEveryDay13 일 전

    The slow mo “ I got it “ is brilliant!

  22. psychotic_sythic

    psychotic_sythic13 일 전

    ᴄᴀɴᴛ ғᴏᴏʟ ᴍᴇ

  23. psychotic_sythic

    psychotic_sythic13 일 전

    ᴜ ᴡᴇʀᴇ ᴘʀᴀᴄᴛɪᴄɪɴɢ ᴡᴇᴇʙ

  24. Dein Vater

    Dein Vater13 일 전

    Is it just me or does it look like its filmed in front of a green screen?

  25. FunnySuperBR

    FunnySuperBR13 일 전

    if i can, i will donate arrows for you

  26. Yrok24

    Yrok2413 일 전


  27. Silver’sPeak

    Silver’sPeak15 일 전

    Had to use the obligatory katana smh

  28. JMAC

    JMAC15 일 전

    The way he held the string tho.......

  29. Ben Robson

    Ben Robson13 일 전


  30. Killer Queen

    Killer Queen16 일 전

    minecrafters when they get bow in the first time be like 0:33

  31. mikefisher123

    mikefisher12316 일 전

    Make a deadly ball player! ⚾️

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  33. Win090949

    Win09094917 일 전

    Thought they’re gonna slice it though the middle

  34. giannaislame

    giannaislame17 일 전

    tell me why i thought they were gonna try to slice the arrow longways

  35. Max Petttit

    Max Petttit14 일 전

    That would be impressive

  36. Top Muffin

    Top Muffin17 일 전

    How do you have more subs than rooster teeth

  37. Matthew Pollock

    Matthew Pollock17 일 전

    TIL; Dan is f***ing ninja!!!

  38. Armand Celliers

    Armand Celliers18 일 전

    function gateway_link($params){ $successurl = $params['returnurl']."&paymentsuccess=true"; $failurl = $params['returnurl']."&paymentfailed=true"; }

  39. Rosie Low

    Rosie Low18 일 전

    *Overwatch Animated Short | “Dragons”*

  40. realradiant1 R

    realradiant1 R18 일 전

    Don’t call me the Internet. I am a human being!

  41. Eric Weis

    Eric Weis18 일 전


  42. Sean L

    Sean L18 일 전

    This is very impressive.

  43. Landon Bragg

    Landon Bragg18 일 전

    Nah u gotta try to slice it down the middle

  44. Landon Bragg

    Landon Bragg18 일 전

    You could have just shortened the draw length to like 15 inches and it would have been slot less fast and dangerous

  45. Azrael713

    Azrael71318 일 전

    Can we just agree Dan is getting far to skilled with his katana?

  46. WalrusAndBEYOND

    WalrusAndBEYOND19 일 전

    Life hack: watch the slow mo bit in .25 speed for slow slow mo

  47. Bryan Castro

    Bryan Castro19 일 전

    3:49 Slow it down to .25 and just listen lol hehe

  48. The Simple One [간단한 것]

    The Simple One [간단한 것]17 일 전


  49. Ryanqube

    Ryanqube19 일 전

    Never, never swing a blade from behind your shoulder if you want to keep your ears intact.

  50. drumrocka

    drumrocka17 일 전

    Ryanqube well, I mean, that looks like that is what he is doing, and hey presto what do you know his ears are still intact

  51. Jose Ramos

    Jose Ramos19 일 전

    3:22 Mark Nutt in slow mo lol.

  52. Vinci

    Vinci20 일 전

    i like how no one brings up how dan is getting an arrow shot right towards him

  53. Chopun

    Chopun17 일 전


  54. Jake Ruffo

    Jake Ruffo20 일 전

    6:16 Now I don’t care who you are. That’s frickin’ cool

  55. ChesuMori

    ChesuMori20 일 전

    I don't know why I'm always surprised by how competent Dan is. I guess it's just because he puts up such a goofy front.

  56. Jonathan Covington

    Jonathan Covington20 일 전

    I think it would deflect better if you strike it less cleanly. More with the side of the blade to have a pushing effect.

  57. itWouldBeWise

    itWouldBeWise20 일 전

    Baseball bat may be better for deflection.

  58. No Life Sloth

    No Life Sloth20 일 전

    5:37 foreshadowing?

  59. Zenith XYZAP

    Zenith XYZAP21 일 전

    I wanna see the arrow get cut horizontally or lengthwise or from left to right and not up to down.

  60. TheMattster5000

    TheMattster500021 일 전

    Gavin in slow mo saying Mark Nutt was my favorite part

  61. WildStar2002

    WildStar200221 일 전

    After seeing the color in Gav's face go red as he admits to having "Sorta shot the monitor" makes me want you guys to film him blushing in slow mo with the macro lens! ;-) {j/k}

  62. Tariens

    Tariens25 일 전

    Молвят ведьмак собьет стрелу на лету? Байка, как и думал

  63. Shrimp Pink

    Shrimp Pink개월 전

    This is big brain.

  64. Ivan Ristic

    Ivan Ristic개월 전

    fixate the blade standing on something and shoot an arrow so it splits in half and hits 2 targets behind the blade

  65. x_stillygoe_x

    x_stillygoe_x개월 전

    *video ends* 10 seconds later *shoots phantom*

  66. sreeja jithesh

    sreeja jithesh개월 전

    Did anyone notice that the background was green screen

  67. Khaliknazar Animation Studios

    Khaliknazar Animation Studios개월 전

    3:17 6:23 7:54 this is what you are waiting for.

  68. NyDat CoolGuy

    NyDat CoolGuy개월 전

    *Me expecting him to slice the arrow exactly in half through the middle*

  69. Nathan Walker

    Nathan Walker개월 전

    I love that Gavin said MARK NUTT in slow mo 😂😂😂😂

  70. Wolfox

    Wolfox개월 전

    It would have been a crime if he hadn't