SKT vs SPY | Quarterfinal Game 1 | World Championship | SK Telecom T1 vs Splyce (2019)


  1. nana ba

    nana ba개월 전

    대회에서 뉴메타하네

  2. Jory Creighton

    Jory Creighton개월 전

    wanted to skt reaction from blonker steal video guy....

  3. Cristian David Quintana

    Cristian David Quintana개월 전


  4. Kalinmir

    Kalinmir개월 전

    audience cheering so fake it hurts

  5. Q

    Q개월 전

    Anyone else going to comment anything about that 4:20

  6. William Gibbons

    William Gibbons개월 전

    Clid on top form

  7. William Gibbons

    William Gibbons개월 전

    Unfortunately, this is not a world's winning SKT

  8. W0lfMan27

    W0lfMan27개월 전

    William Gibbons probably not but i want them to.

  9. Harrish Haictin

    Harrish Haictin개월 전

    I want Captain Flower to cast

  10. Reed G

    Reed G개월 전

    Skt vs fpx for finals

  11. space man

    space man개월 전

    27:10 "SPLYCE TWO ON TWO TAKING DOWN FAKER" when it was clearly 2v1. trash eu commentary trying to make eu trash, sound better than they are.

  12. Norbert Trombitás

    Norbert Trombitás개월 전

    @space man you have failed to think that XD you have failed so badly, "korean gods" getting stomped by g2

  13. Anakin Buen

    Anakin Buen개월 전

    Commentators always want to make the underdogs look like they're gods on their top form

  14. tom butler

    tom butler개월 전

    @JustACasualUsername just cos you want eu to win doesn't mean you're a closeted white supremacist lmao...

  15. JustACasualUsername

    JustACasualUsername개월 전

    ​@space man no one: absolutely no one: space man: white supremacists

  16. space man

    space man개월 전

    @Luca yeah not NA. even if i was the point still stands. So many closet white supremacists want EU to win so bad. To the point that they blatantly lie about whats going on in the game. The korean gods will destroy them anyway.

  17. Yokinos

    Yokinos개월 전

    Gotta hold that thought

  18. Johan Sebastian Najas

    Johan Sebastian Najas개월 전

    that lucian tho

  19. black magic753

    black magic753개월 전

    Lissandra is a trash champ

  20. Reed G

    Reed G개월 전

    Ur trash

  21. lugiarboy

    lugiarboy개월 전

    Nah, its just Faker thats broken

  22. HelloHellNO

    HelloHellNO개월 전

    칸친놈 ㄹㅇ 개잘한다

  23. 轟大地

    轟大地개월 전

    9:47 BP 16:20 start

  24. Phoenix Blaze

    Phoenix Blaze개월 전


  25. kaiser der variante

    kaiser der variante개월 전

    Thank you

  26. Hoàng Hữu

    Hoàng Hữu개월 전

    Skt vô địch

  27. touhami _dz

    touhami _dz개월 전