Simone Biles (USA) Beam EF 2019 Worlds D-Score (2017-20 Code)


  1. sporteverywhere

    sporteverywhere개월 전

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  2. Lin Johnson

    Lin Johnson18 일 전

    This is the beam and she still hops the landing

  3. Book Mistress

    Book Mistress21 일 전

    Such SLOPPY form. Has to take at least 5 steps to get from one position to the next tumble. She HUGS the beam with first half of foot, lands in a hunched postion, and has to take several steps out of it. Hurries through the arm movements bcz if she did it correctly she would fall off. Just jumps up on the beam. SHe has tricks that she uses to hide her poor flat footed landings on the beam and to spin into next movement. Almost fell on her face with landing and actually NEVER stopped moving after she jumped off the beam. Poor execution. Flat flooted jumps, hands uncordinated and in totally diff positions than the other hand. Disgrace. Bent knees thougout half the routine. All this with YEARS of experience under her belt and finest trainers in the world.

  4. JoJo x

    JoJo x22 일 전

    Also! Imagine awarding her just 10th of a point for the double twisting double tuck dismount off BB? Whoever is running the show at FIG needs to GO! They come up with this crazy code to push for more difficulty. Then get it and dont want to reward it? Its insanity !

  5. Book Mistress

    Book Mistress21 일 전

    She should have received MORE deductions. She is hiding her lousy footwork, the fact she is almost always ready to fall over, flat foot jumps, almost landed on her face, never really stoopped to see how many steps she took after landing.

  6. JoJo x

    JoJo x22 일 전

    Simone wins a medal in EVERY event at 2018 World championships. Simone: "it was a catastrophe, horrible "... 🤣 all gymnast problems

  7. Kevin Sam

    Kevin Sam23 일 전

    Not gonna lie, this routine is a bit boring , but she is so smart to construct it this way, because she knew her barani and the fronts were not consistent, and its not her fault the COP doesnt demand otherwise, she finally found a routine she can easily hit with the high sv she needs, if she stays like this im hopeful she will continue her success as always , she can really stick to more than after tokyo and still make more records and stay unstoppable and and stay at this same level for many years because i doubt another gymnast will come close to her

  8. sgsg mns

    sgsg mns28 일 전

    bb was the most disappointing event final in the championship all athletes had boring, similar routines and skills and most of them were even inconsistent except for simmon no competition, no creativity, no fun

  9. Francis Nguyen

    Francis Nguyen28 일 전

    Nice routine balance beam, Simone.

  10. kev7978

    kev797828 일 전

    Not taking away Biles' credibility and her well-deserved victory here, but her beam routine has definitely been Gogeanised.

  11. will fattoni

    will fattoni개월 전

    The full twisting double tuck on floor is an E and on beam is a G. Why the double double is Just a H on beam? It should be a J or at least an I

  12. jodavitow

    jodavitow8 일 전

    Safety reasons is the biggest BS excuse to give it such a low value. Pretty much no one even does the full twisting double tuck, I think for the last two quads or so there hasn't been more than two girls doing it in the same worlds/Olympics (one of them being simone). Why would FIG even think it's realistic for most gymnasts to attempt the double double. It's simply so absurd. No one is going to do that and now not even the only person who could because they made it be not worth it.

  13. Grace Sewell

    Grace Sewell15 일 전

    I think giving it an h is a gross underestimation. Coaches would not allow a gymnast to perform a skill if it wasnt ready. Skills like that take hours of practice, you cant just chuck them in when you feel like it. Safety reasons is a stupid reason because a gymnast will only perform that skill if they feel like they are ready and goes the same for any other skill regardless of difficulty, if they cant do it, then they wont simple.

  14. Tove Kauppi

    Tove Kauppi21 일 전

    Book Mistress This is demonstrably false, as she won without using the new skill. Also, just to clarify: I’m not saying that judges are unfair towards her at competition. I’m saying that the difficulty of her new, frankly insane dismount was set to be so low that it’s not worth doing.

  15. Book Mistress

    Book Mistress21 일 전

    Sure. She is unfairly judged and not in her favour. 🤔

  16. Book Mistress

    Book Mistress21 일 전

    No. Her skill are at such a level She shouldn't even br able to compete until she can do them properly AND gracefully. And consistently.

  17. Seth Alexander

    Seth Alexander개월 전

    I just want to say that I really appreciate all of your videos. Before I started watching your videos, I knew NOTHING about gymnastics other than that I enjoyed watching it. Didn't know any of the names of the skills, didn't really know any of the gymnasts except Biles, my knowledge of the sport was really limited. But because you make these videos, I am so much more educated about gymnastics and am able to have an informed opinion about it. And I really appreciate that because I'm in my final year of law school and things are really stressful and gymnastics is something new that I've found that's relaxing and enjoyable, and your videos help me better appreciate something I enjoy, and that's really meaningful. Thank you!!

  18. JoJo x

    JoJo x22 일 전

    Good for you. I was headed to law school. Passed my LSAT's but got pregnant with my first son. End of that. Been a Paralegal for a long time.... love it. Good luck to you!!

  19. Hermes Almeida

    Hermes Almeida개월 전

    A Menina Ouro. Outubro de 2019.

  20. COMESツナミ

    COMESツナミ개월 전

    She finally nailed it

  21. Claro Mepa

    Claro Mepa개월 전

    I just realised how much of this routine is based off of connection value. It would be around a 5.9 without most of the connections (not including series required)

  22. Claro Mepa

    Claro Mepa개월 전

    BlackWidow I didn’t say it was bad I was just shocked on how much connection is involved in this routine. I guess taking out her grigoras balances all the connection

  23. BlackWidow

    BlackWidow개월 전

    I've seen worse, lol. Like Sanne Wever's routine.

  24. Gracie C.

    Gracie C.개월 전

    It is so amazing how Simone and her coach was able to fix her wolf turns and that leap series in just three weeks. Seriously I was so worried how her wolf turns have gone wonky and yet she was able to fix it in time for Worlds. Amazing and definitely good coaching by the Landis.

  25. Book Mistress

    Book Mistress21 일 전

    No they didn't lol.

  26. Brad Wolf

    Brad Wolf개월 전

    Neerflahlesexehkyooshon. - Eugene Kwok

  27. Funky Monkey

    Funky Monkey개월 전

    Fig should have rewarded her on top of gold with an upgrade on her double double, probably her best execution at finals since 2015

  28. Funky Monkey

    Funky Monkey7 일 전

    Book Mistress ok boomer

  29. A

    A8 일 전

    Book Mistress so what you’re saying is you can do all that, but better??? Hmm

  30. jodavitow

    jodavitow21 일 전

    @Book Mistress girl, you're insane. She's literally doing the hardest routine in that competition AND got the best execution. How is that a participation trophy lol? You saying everywhere she's bad at beam won't change the fact that she is the most successful beam worker ever in the history of gymnastics. Even if you hate her the fact that she's great at beam won't change. Go watch graceful girls do basic ass routines if you're into that and leave the people who appreciate the actual high level gymnastics alone.

  31. Book Mistress

    Book Mistress21 일 전

    You grew up in a system where people got participation trophies didn't you? Lowering standards and expectations is how this sport came to such low levels. Simone just basically sat on the beam and then stuck her legs out. Disgraceful.

  32. NiceDrivewayy

    NiceDrivewayy개월 전

    I wonder if she’ll upgrade at all for Tokyo. That D-Score is still made up of some C elements. Would be cool if she was able to stack it with D+ elements.

  33. NiceDrivewayy

    NiceDrivewayy15 일 전

    sysya schaatsen cool! I hope so! Thanks for the info and breaking down the D and E scores. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!

  34. sysya schaatsen

    sysya schaatsen15 일 전

    @NiceDrivewayy They are but Simone won with 0,6 difference so i would say yes. Simone took some difficulty out and her E score went up because of it. The others are right now upping their D scores but it results in lower E scores. She has a routine in which she can hit her connections and which she can execute cleanly, most of her competitors don't.

  35. NiceDrivewayy

    NiceDrivewayy16 일 전

    sysya schaatsen is it really good enough to win? I hope so-but it just seems other people are really stacking the difficulty

  36. sysya schaatsen

    sysya schaatsen28 일 전

    She can do a more difficult routine but she took some things out on purpose because she needs to be consistent. It's to much of a risk on beam to really upgrade especially when you have a routine that is already good enough to win with.

  37. Bquan Porter

    Bquan Porter개월 전

    What connections are she missing to go up to the 15s

  38. Marc Myron

    Marc Myron개월 전

    Bquan Porter beam scoring is always harsh and she had an unusual 0.3 step after he dismount so this would’ve almost have been a 15.3/15.4 if it wasn’t for the huge hop back

  39. Bquan Porter

    Bquan Porter개월 전

    @Agnes A this should be a 15.7 since her difficulty is 6.4 or more

  40. Agnes A

    Agnes A개월 전

    Bquan Porter this got 15+

  41. Brennocg

    Brennocg개월 전

    I miss seeing hard elements ON beam, like the arabian, full twist...I think don't worth the risk anymore.

  42. Brennocg

    Brennocg28 일 전

    @MyWayne1993 yes, Beijing was so amazing!

  43. MyWayne1993

    MyWayne199329 일 전

    Remember thr 2008's Olympic? Omg one of the best competitions on beam. Gymnasts were throwing big skills on beam and even connect those big skills as if they were tumbling on floor.

  44. ForLife ForMe

    ForLife ForMe개월 전

    @Claro Mepa it is called a Barani

  45. Nicole

    Nicole개월 전

    qiqi still does the full twist!

  46. Claro Mepa

    Claro Mepa개월 전

    Gymnasts still do it but it’s very difficult to be consistent. As you can see Simone took out her grigoras I think it’s called. She might upgrade soon but she obviously doesn’t need to.

  47. Marc Myron

    Marc Myron개월 전

    I heard the FIG had a reasoning for her double double dismount being valued low. Can someone explain what their reasoning was?

  48. Ian D

    Ian D29 일 전

    Their reasoning is that they didn't want to encourage it for safety reasons; BULLSHIT !!! If they cared about safety, they wouldn't have ditched the one-touch warm-up in EFs and they would have permitted Danusia Francis to use an extra mat on her dismount off beam. The real reason is that they don't want an already dominant gymnast to be so ahead in terms of scoring potential. If the double-double received the J it actually deserves, Simone's dismount would be worth 1.3, a whole point higher than the silver medallist, who dismounted with a C.

  49. Marc Myron

    Marc Myron개월 전

    mrparts not saying they’re evil just dumbasses 🤣 they want creativity while they undervalue it when presented with it... hell, when Catalina Ponor trained a double layout dismount off beam everyone shitted and suggested it’d be an H, that’s what should be an H. Not a double double when it’s already an H on floor. They’re probably just salty because when they were gymnasts they could compete a cowboyed double tuck off beam and win. Now, Simone comes in and does something only people can dream of 🤣🤣

  50. Marc Myron

    Marc Myron개월 전

    TheMissMariiee they say they care about gymnasts safety as if they aren’t the ones who invented the stick rule and said you can no longer lunge out of passes 🙄🤣 they complain about artistry/creativity and here comes Simone with a badass dismount and now suddenly they’re like, “safety!!! Too much!! Do a wolf turn or side jump instead!!!” 🤣

  51. mrparts

    mrparts개월 전

    People are always saying the FIG is evil as if it’s some shady organization, when it’s just a bunch of coaches and judges. The fact is they openly control the direction of the sport and overvalue-undervalue skills depending on what they want to see in the next quad. This is nothing new.. like remember the days when on floor a double pike and a full-in had the same value... so the full-in on floor virtually disappeared.

  52. TheMissMariiee

    TheMissMariiee개월 전

    Marc Myron they said it was for gymnasts safety. But that’s bs because if it was for safety reasons they would just banned the skill. My guess is they downgraded the skill because Simone is too dominant in the sport.

  53. Leander Hartley

    Leander Hartley개월 전

    Although in my opinion this routine is extremely boring (but clever in the way its constructed), a score in the 15s on beam is amazing!

  54. MyWayne1993

    MyWayne199314 일 전

    @Leander Hartley if Men ARTISTIC gymnastic isn't about artistry why is it called ARTISTIC gymnastic then? Lmaoo you yourself contradict yourself bitch. Artistic gymnastic is not all about dancing and grace and poise and good luck in winning the gold medal with just grace and "being artistic". Last time I recalled, you score high marks in this sports with difficulty and execution, NOT dancing and grace and whatever arm movement you'd think all gymnast should possess.

  55. Leander Hartley

    Leander Hartley14 일 전

    ​@MyWayne1993 YOU STILL FLOPPED! Even though its called Men's Artistic Gymnastics, literally EVERYBODY knows that MAG isn't about the artistic element. Name me one 'artistic' male gymnast, whos ACTUALLY artistic, and didnt just win the Longines prize.

  56. MyWayne1993

    MyWayne199319 일 전

    @Leander Hartley "Also traditionally, MAG is more about power" BUT IT IS STILL CALLED AS MEN ARTISTIC GYMNASTIC ISN'T IT? LMAO WHO FLOPPED NOW

  57. Adam Tak

    Adam Tak26 일 전

    @Leander Hartley I flopped? You're the one who brought up the "artistic" in the sport name as justification for there having to be artistry. I flipped it on you by using MAG as an example where there is no "artistry". Anyways out of the 4 women's events, the only ones to even show case "artistry" on are floor and beam. Usually on beam that consists of hand gesturing excessively like Melnikova... Boring. Like you said, some over do it like Moors and others under like Biles. Personally, I love watching Biles because she brings a level of excitement to the sport others do not. However, her floor routine isn't even my favorite. Popa Roxana, MDJDS, and Flavia were all great to watch, but they don't have the same level of execution or difficulty as Biles so I'm always left wanting more from them.

  58. Leander Hartley

    Leander Hartley26 일 전

    @Adam Tak Because unfortunately nobody really cares about MAG as much as they do WAG. Also, traditionally, MAG is more about power. So that's where you flopped. But I do agree with you with that overly artistic routines like Brooklyn Moors are just unnecessary, but the thing is, overly powerful routines like Biles' are boring. You do realise that there can be a balance between the Artistic and Power side? Also just because you don't want to see someone dancing around on floor, doesn't mean that other people don't want too either, which is why so many people complain about the lack of artistry.

  59. jodavitow

    jodavitow개월 전

    Yet some people have the audacity to say she's a bad beam worker despite her medaling in every single beam finals at worlds/Olympics she's been AND being the gymnasts with the most beam worlds gold medals ever. She's arguably the most successful gymnasts there's been ever on Beam. Specially if she snatches that gold next year as well

  60. jodavitow

    jodavitow21 일 전

    @Book Mistress lol. Literally everything you said is either flat out not true or things that have nothing to do with how gymnastics is scored. Nice try tho. Better take a seat and stop trying to criticize the woman who's been beam world champion the most times ever.

  61. Book Mistress

    Book Mistress21 일 전

    Read my post. She is BAD on the beam. Can barely cross her legs when she walks over it. Simone is not competing against teams of the past either. Face it. You can like her but she doesn't deserve all this credit.

  62. jodavitow

    jodavitow개월 전

    @Megan Todd I'm not saying she's bad at beam? I'm literally stating she's arguably the best

  63. Megan Todd

    Megan Todd개월 전

    jodavitow It’s not that she’s not good at beam she’s just an even better vaulter/floor tumbler. Still very good at beam tho

  64. jodavitow

    jodavitow개월 전

    @ForLife ForMe random trolls idk. But I've seen it said many times.

  65. Tim Olsen

    Tim Olsen개월 전

    Do you really think she has the corner on gymnastics? Well, here is a little amateur perspective from 80 years ago, repost this every where on the pandering MSM if you agree it’s THREE TIMES AS GREAT as Simone!

  66. Rosa Denfert

    Rosa Denfert개월 전

    Well-deserved gold!! I always root for the Chinese on beam but Simone delivered the cleanest and most confident performance, no doubt.

  67. ForLife ForMe

    ForLife ForMe개월 전

    Rosa Denfert +1 here. I didn't expect Simone to win this gold but she managed to! Congrats

  68. Art-Efacts

    Art-Efacts개월 전

    what is the difficulty of the full full

  69. Claro Mepa

    Claro Mepa개월 전

    Should be I but it’s H

  70. Seanzie P

    Seanzie P개월 전

    Not enough

  71. kelsey

    kelsey개월 전


  72. Lieke de Bruijn

    Lieke de Bruijn개월 전

    Amazing! Can someone tell me how they come to 1.2 point deduction for her E score?

  73. Eimard Gomes

    Eimard Gomes9 일 전

    @Gaod Rob Yeah you're right Just saw the code of points.

  74. Gaod Rob

    Gaod Rob9 일 전

    @Eimard Gomes "each extra step into preparation for dismount" is called "precision" or "adjustment", and it's only deducted one time by -0.1 ! It doesn't matter if you do 1, 3 or 5 extra "steps" cause it's -0.1 not more thankfully, cause it's already all over the place these deductions...

  75. MyWayne1993

    MyWayne199311 일 전

    @Gaod Rob thanks for the info! I'm still learning about this sport myself.

  76. Eimard Gomes

    Eimard Gomes11 일 전

    @Gaod Rob -0.1 for each extra step into preparation for dismount = 0.2!?

  77. Gaod Rob

    Gaod Rob11 일 전

    @MyWayne1993 Judges probably took out -0.1 for her Switch Leap 1/2, cause in Slow-Mo it's quite good but in real time it looks not enough. if you compare hers to Aliya's one it's definately not enough, plus judges of today deduct almost every Leaps even when we think that's good, so...

  78. FrancesBaconandEggs

    FrancesBaconandEggs개월 전

    I bet she was so happy to have hit beam, especially after her falls at Rio and Doha.

  79. Kevin Sam

    Kevin Sam23 일 전

    honeyfromthebee yes but she said in general that her confidence was really down after these past few years, and she said she kept trashing herself eventhough she was a good beam worker

  80. honeyfromthebee

    honeyfromthebee25 일 전

    Definitely... though she did take out the elements that caused her problems.

  81. Sally Parker

    Sally Parker개월 전

    I've been looking for this

  82. Ian D

    Ian D개월 전

    The D panel had the easiest job in these championships. All of her skills were spot on and none of her connections were questionable. Amazing!


    BILES USA14 일 전

    @Book Mistress what??? Are u talking about???

  84. MyWayne1993

    MyWayne199319 일 전

    @Book Mistress here comes someone with zero knowledge about some sports but has something to say about it anyway. Congrats for making yourself looking like an idiot

  85. Book Mistress

    Book Mistress21 일 전

    ROFL. None of it was questionable? ALL of it. Nshe jumped onto the beam, sat down on it, and then just stuck her legs out.

  86. SirCalava

    SirCalava개월 전

    Feels like her best beam performance all season, especially her switch leap series was rock solid this time, except maybe for the front leg on the switch leap was a little shy

  87. MyWayne1993

    MyWayne199319 일 전

    @Rique Busta ahh! Yeah I remember the D panel downgraded her beam routine during AA in Doha 2018 because of that.

  88. Rique Busta

    Rique Busta21 일 전

    MyWayne1993 yeah they’re not talking about the split position they’re talking about the switch portion. It has to have a noticeable switch to it not a “play safe” switch to not fall off.

  89. TheGymSavant

    TheGymSavant개월 전

    @MyWayne1993 They were talking about the front leg that goes out, she has a tendency to not fully extend her leg outward as much as she should be lmao

  90. MyWayne1993

    MyWayne1993개월 전

    Oh on a second thought, after watching the whole thing in 0.25x speed and pause at the top of her leap, her front leg was actually parallel to the floor. But during the switch leap, she hit beyond 180°.

  91. MyWayne1993

    MyWayne1993개월 전

    Don't worry, she still hit her split position in 180° if you play it in slow motion. As long as the back leg is raised so that the leap hit 180° split position, I don't think she will be deducted for that. Not sure if there is rule saying the 180° split must be parallel to the floor.

  92. Kyrus1 Sabher1

    Kyrus1 Sabher1개월 전

    Love Simone Biles!