Simone Biles Stuns With New Triple Double on Floor | Champions Series Presented By Xfinity


  1. MrLizLemon

    MrLizLemon일 전

    The commentary is inane and stupid

  2. emil rudenschold

    emil rudenschold3 일 전

    she's only getting this fame because she's female, if a guy did this no one would bat an eye.

  3. Gergely Sári

    Gergely Sári4 일 전

    I love how she's throwing tripld doubles and she makes it look effortless, and I can't even do a half turn salto 🙄 she's such an idol

  4. Steven Walker

    Steven Walker일 전

    I can barely walk a straight line and she out here flying higher than superman

  5. PepperTwist Gacha

    PepperTwist Gacha7 일 전

    Replay Button= 1 like 0:21

  6. jupiter is a bean

    jupiter is a bean7 일 전

    this woman is unreal

  7. Pritesh Govindji

    Pritesh Govindji24 일 전

    When you mix strength and grace to the perfect level = Simone Biles.

  8. Aloha803

    Aloha80325 일 전

    What the heck... is she even human?

  9. Lafawn Lasiter

    Lafawn Lasiter25 일 전

    Simone is the best gymnasts I've ever watched and she keeps uping the game.

  10. lilisasil35

    lilisasil3525 일 전


  11. EdGringo78

    EdGringo7828 일 전

    I would not be one bit surprised if she laid her triple double out. She even overrates THAT! Absolutely amazing, her power!!

  12. LegendRaptor080

    LegendRaptor08029 일 전

    I’m just looking at the thighs and wondering how much force they can actually dish out. I’m pretty sure the floor is springboard or smth, but even so, she jumped like 9ft in the air. How much torque? Horsepower? Joules? I gotta know. Could probably bend a steel sheet with legs like that ngl.

  13. Loxisms & Schisms

    Loxisms & Schisms29 일 전

    She is so good that I'm getting emotional af and I don't know why?

  14. Vickie Cook

    Vickie Cook개월 전


  15. NicoleM2108

    NicoleM2108개월 전

    I watched the move at .5 speed playback...amazing

  16. bushrat au

    bushrat au개월 전

    dat ass be Goddess Flubber

  17. bushrat au

    bushrat au개월 전


  18. Oneofusall

    Oneofusall개월 전

    No idea how she does that, but she does it really well!!

  19. Mehmet Aslan

    Mehmet Aslan개월 전

    an incredible beyond incredible

  20. ohoo hoi

    ohoo hoi개월 전




    It's the 21st century. It's time to ditch the music in women's gymnastics.

  22. William Smith

    William Smith개월 전

    Where's all her endorsements?

  23. thefastness2000

    thefastness2000개월 전

    she's very skilful but the music makes this ridiculous

  24. icon200

    icon200개월 전

    Forget the overused word “amazing” replace with stunning!!

  25. Silas Super soozy

    Silas Super soozy개월 전

    simones first tumbling pass is like she has a seizure in the air for 1.5 seconds then comes back down and continues her routine

  26. Karlee Meier

    Karlee Meier개월 전


  27. Debra Daniels

    Debra Daniels개월 전

    I wish I can do this stuff so I can do flips in public to impress people

  28. katie

    katie개월 전

    She scares me

  29. Toya G

    Toya G개월 전


  30. missreds88

    missreds88개월 전

    Gravity.exe has stopped working

  31. WantOxide

    WantOxide개월 전

    Watched the 70s Olympics and this. Doesn't feel as good as watching the 70s ones but damn we got faaaaaar more advanced in this sport nowadays... She's incredible

  32. breakshot74

    breakshot74개월 전

    my knees are hurting just from watching

  33. Remi Maloney

    Remi Maloney개월 전

    Hey it's Amber!!

  34. A G

    A G개월 전

    Doping 101 %

  35. Vito Karleone

    Vito Karleone개월 전

    man or woman?

  36. Vito Karleone

    Vito Karleone개월 전

    @CHO In my country, mom is only a woman

  37. CHO

    CHO개월 전

    is your mum a man or a woman ?

  38. Chris Hunt

    Chris Hunt개월 전


  39. 9

    9개월 전


  40. Mary Patton

    Mary Patton개월 전

    I tried gymnastics when I was 5, then 6 and then again at 7. I loved gymnastics and was naturally flexible but I didn't work out. I was terrified whenever I was upside down. I never got over that fear. Paranoid.

  41. Mary Patton

    Mary Patton개월 전

    When she does the triple double, does she keep her eyes open? I wonder what that looks like from her perspective. Could she do it with a tiny camera on her head? I imagine dizzy beyond all recognition.




  43. AL C

    AL C개월 전

    Her butt can kick my ass (no pun intended) it’s sooo toned with muscle

  44. J. J.

    J. J.개월 전


  45. J. J.

    J. J.개월 전

    Best in the world! Hands down! Of all time!

  46. Atul Koundal

    Atul Koundal개월 전

    Superbbb ❤️ from INDIA

  47. Carlos Henrique

    Carlos Henrique개월 전

    Simone já entrou pra história da ginástica artística, uma grande e maravilhosa atleta, parabéns!❤️

  48. Lazz the Wolf

    Lazz the Wolf개월 전

    Bro if you look closely, you can see thanos in the crowd scoping out Simone to try and recruit her

  49. Lazz the Wolf

    Lazz the Wolf개월 전

    Bruh, the announcers “UGH....ugh” is literally me at home anytime I watch the goat 🐐 perform 😂 😆 Like words fall short I swear!

  50. Georges Ducame Aly

    Georges Ducame Aly2 개월 전

    You are the best Simone Biles. Love you.

  51. sonder

    sonder2 개월 전

    that flip at 1:10, does anyone know what it’s called?


    DONALD DUKE2 개월 전

    I thought she was a beautiful girl. I was right ! But now she's a graceful and beautiful woman with a personality to match her gymnastic prowess. My wife and I love you, Simone.

  53. Andreea Andreea

    Andreea Andreea2 개월 전

    There's one thing I do not understand about all the hype on Simone Biles. She's the first gymnasts to do this move. Okay? There had always been gymnasts to do moves that no one did before. Simona Amânar doing the Amânar vault for the first Time ON A HORSE, not on a vault table (now everyone does it, including Marooney, known as the greatest vaulter AND BILES). Silivas doing a Double-Double THIRTY YEARS AGO, when the Floor was just a big mat. There were other gymnasts to win 4 gold medals at the same olympics (Larisa Latynina în Melbourne 1960?not sure and Ecaterina Szabo 1984) There were other gymnasts to win medals at every olympic finals they qualified into (Daniela Silivas - 1988). There are other gymnasts that won more than 4 golds în a major competition for the same aparatus (Cătălina Ponor has 5 Balance Beam gold medals în European Championships.) One thing she did than no other gymnasts did was having the biggest number of medals at Word Championships, I think she has more than 20, that this is a HUGE accomplishment. And she performs the highest score skilled on the Code of Points. That's a huge accomplishment too. She is the greatest of her generation. But calling a gymnast the greatest of all Time, is wrong în my opinion. She had the chance to be born în an era of youtube where her performance can be so easily shared and her popularity can reach everyone. But if you are a true fan of gymnastics, than you Know that there had been a lot of great gymnasts during all this Time. Greatest of their generation. None had the nuts to call themseves "greatest of all Time". Not even Nadia. Not even Korbut (who changed gymnastics forever. Everything we see în modern gymnastics îs a result of her revoluționary routines). Not even Svetlana Korkina (the most decorated gymnast în worlds before Biles). And regarding the doping problem, I don't think Ritalin helps her perform better. I don't know if it helps her concentrate better, which is essential în gymnastics, given the fact that she's so tiny. But I guess the federation knows better . I'm not arguing with the fact that she's allowed to use it. There's one thing I find unfair tho. Andreea Raducan won all around competition at Sydney 2000. They took away her medal for a cold pill her doctor gave her. Îs it fair that Biles can compete while using substances that are basically banned, and Raducan îs stripped of a medal she worked her whole youth for, for a cold pill she took once?

  54. Krissy B

    Krissy B2 개월 전

    Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

  55. Heather Kmetz

    Heather Kmetz2 개월 전

    She always performs to the same music, she should change it up.

  56. Thais Castro

    Thais Castro2 개월 전

    Fantástica 🤗

  57. TwinsAmv

    TwinsAmv2 개월 전

    She uses the floor just like a trampoline and that scares me

  58. Annabelle

    Annabelle2 개월 전

    Anyone know why they put a mat on the first flip?

  59. Chuck Pestacchi

    Chuck Pestacchi2 개월 전

    Simone is a true champion, she's totally amazing.

  60. Bruno Silva

    Bruno Silva2 개월 전

    Whats the name of song?

  61. byuti yots

    byuti yots2 개월 전

    Very good my favorite gymnastics 😘😘

  62. Christian Leo

    Christian Leo2 개월 전

    At last, that's a perfect bum bouncing end!!!

  63. Miss Deon

    Miss Deon2 개월 전


  64. Whit h

    Whit h2 개월 전

    her power and grace brings tears to the eyes. wowow