Simone Biles Scores 60.965 in Quals at 2018 Worlds


  1. sporteverywhere

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  2. Ezgi T

    Ezgi T9 개월 전

    The pricing does not make sense: If one video is 1$, then a person can get 3 videos for 3$ if they are payed one-by-one. I think it would make more sense if you do 5 videos for 3$.

  3. Elia Rousa

    Elia Rousa9 개월 전

    She is good to jump but artistic is 0 and now is nothing for artistic presentation !

  4. Funky Monkey

    Funky Monkey9 개월 전

    sporteverywhere fig should be paying you to put these videos out.... how else will gymnastics gain popularity with the younger generation???

  5. Ballerina Equestrian

    Ballerina Equestrian3 일 전

    Someone's floor music went perfectly with Simone's vault

  6. Meh Meh

    Meh Meh2 개월 전

    Maybe She participates and ENJOY the thrill of the sport bc when it’s their TURN to see HER PARTICIPATE please SHOW the SAME encouragement and AGILITY she gave them 🤓 DONT BE MADDDD 🤫😊😘

  7. Wanna Bee

    Wanna Bee2 개월 전

    I can't even walk straight man wtf

  8. Nicolas Raggio

    Nicolas Raggio3 개월 전


  9. spud0606

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  10. Mary Marro

    Mary Marro11 일 전

    SALTY #TROLL!!😂😂😂 Go away, pedophile!!🖕

  11. Irie Vybz

    Irie Vybz3 개월 전

    You jealous dog child molester❗🤷🏼

  12. spud0606

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  13. Mary Marro

    Mary Marro11 일 전

    @Helen Legg And...?

  14. Kinks & Curls

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  15. spud0606

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  16. spud0606

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  17. spud0606

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  18. spud0606

    spud06063 개월 전

    Simone Biles does drugs

  19. Briana Wallom-Fonseca

    Briana Wallom-Fonseca3 개월 전

    On beam at 2:30 why did it say that her front pike was a front tuck

  20. Haxicle

    Haxicle3 개월 전

    Briana Wallom-Fonseca the judges downgraded it

  21. Carolyn

    Carolyn3 개월 전

    Simone "The Bullet" Biles -- for the sound of her feet hitting the pad. POW!

  22. Aladdin Smith

    Aladdin Smith4 개월 전

    The agility and acrobatic of a Chinese gymnast and add Ms. Biles power we'll see something never seen before and some might say a disadvantage or refuse to compete ashame of the embarrassment.Simone strength comes from her lower body power it seems as if she can go on forever.

  23. 향수

    향수4 개월 전

    I love simone♡

  24. India M

    India M4 개월 전

    The twitches do not add to the routines. They just look bizarre. I’ve been watching team gymnastics with three in a group and they really interpret the music

  25. Tonya Lee

    Tonya Lee4 개월 전

    Just a muscle

  26. Lizzie Wang

    Lizzie Wang4 개월 전


  27. Anca Bartes

    Anca Bartes4 개월 전

    she will never be as flowing as Nadia - just robotic she is. nothing gracious or exoressive

  28. Anca Bartes

    Anca Bartes2 개월 전

    @Bquan Porter the problem is that Nadia had grace and expression, flexibility and catisma.This one has the robotic jump and nothing else ... Nothing interesting ...

  29. Bquan Porter

    Bquan Porter2 개월 전

    @Anca Bartes great grandma Nadia from the 70s👵 gymnastics is considered for beginners today

  30. tristanhnl

    tristanhnl2 개월 전

    Anca, you have to remember, gymnastics is a sport. If you want your main criteria to be graciousness and expressiveness, you should probably watch/consider ballet, more so than gymnastics (ballet still requires athleticism and strength however). Besides, what you say is an opinion too. I think Simone has great expressiveness. Watch her floor routine. It's not only incredible in athleticism, it incorporates elements of modern dance moves. She has a lot of fun with her routine, and we enjoy watching her, too.

  31. Lucas Carey

    Lucas Carey2 개월 전

    Simone has incredible artistry. The charm of her personality shines through on floor, and paired with her unprecedented difficulty in tumbling, she's an absolute force. Your opinion is in the minority.

  32. Gymnastics World

    Gymnastics World4 개월 전

    stay pressed

  33. Ruby Rainbow

    Ruby Rainbow4 개월 전

    I want to be just like her when i grow up..... Ive been doing gym for 4 years

  34. D H

    D H4 개월 전

    How old are you?

  35. jennifer andrea espinosa flores

    jennifer andrea espinosa flores4 개월 전

    What material is that kid made of?

  36. Paola Pimienta

    Paola Pimienta5 개월 전

    Is Her final score good or bad? I dont know, but Simone is an incredible gymnastic, she deserve more than that.

  37. Haxicle

    Haxicle3 개월 전

    Paola Pimienta it’s amazing

  38. Taylor Anonymous

    Taylor Anonymous5 개월 전

    Just a fantastic athlete

  39. Chester Izzy

    Chester Izzy5 개월 전

    She’s very talented but unattractive

  40. abraham hernandez

    abraham hernandez5 개월 전

    The most beautiful gymnast in history, love her body!.

  41. Patricia Grady

    Patricia Grady4 개월 전

    She's very athletic, the things that she does, make you wanna holler . I love your comment , you have great taste, buddy. I love her so much , she overcame a lot , but she held it together, now look at her . 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  42. m ღ

    m ღ5 개월 전

    É homem?

  43. HB

    HB5 개월 전

    Nothing will ever help me get over how incredible her Biles move is on the floor. It just defies all logic and is so fun to watch. Can't wait to see her master a front layout after it likes she's been seen doing in practice. Just a crazy talented woman.

  44. JP

    JP5 개월 전


  45. Elphxdav

    Elphxdav5 개월 전

    All the hype cause shes black. Shes little below average

  46. tristanhnl

    tristanhnl2 개월 전

    If that's the case, then there would be equal "hype" for Gabby Douglas and the other black gymnasts. There was hype for Gabby because around the time of the London gymnastics, she really was that good. Then she had a growth spurt and a lot of things she found easier back then, is now so much harder. The "hype" went down when her gymnastics proficiency went down. In the same vein, Simone Biles gets a lot of "hype" because she really is that good. She does crazy difficult elements that others, including many of the men, can't pull off. She jumps higher, tumbles harder, does more twists and flips. The fact that you say she's "little below average" shows how little you know about gymnastics.

  47. Gucci Crocs

    Gucci Crocs5 개월 전

    2:26 was that a tuck or pike? I thought that was a pike

  48. Gucci Crocs

    Gucci Crocs5 개월 전

    Bree Robinson oh that makes sense thanks

  49. Bree Robinson

    Bree Robinson5 개월 전

    her knees bent mid-air so it was down-graded to a tuck

  50. Adam Young

    Adam Young5 개월 전

    This is better than her olympics

  51. D H

    D H4 개월 전

    Because it's 2 years later. Just wait took 2020. Its going to be crazy

  52. spud0606

    spud06065 개월 전

    Drug addict! HATE HER

  53. D H

    D H4 개월 전

    She's not a drug addict you ignorant asshole

  54. HB

    HB5 개월 전

    Drug addict?! No

  55. I'm just a camel

    I'm just a camel5 개월 전


  56. spud0606

    spud06065 개월 전

    Simone Biles 👧🏿💊👧🏿💊👧🏿💊👧🏿💊👧🏿💊 takes banned drugs 💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊

  57. Astrid Schlegel

    Astrid Schlegel5 개월 전

    This girl is. Unbelievable. She far outshines all the other gumm

  58. Astrid Schlegel

    Astrid Schlegel5 개월 전


  59. Emiliana Calista Lie

    Emiliana Calista Lie5 개월 전

    honestly she has the moors, silivas, biles (+cv) and the double double! she'll be doing triple double in 2019 and i am shook.

  60. Michael

    Michael5 개월 전

    Her dismounts are unreal.

  61. A Cherished Gem

    A Cherished Gem5 개월 전

    Get it Lady Simone!!

  62. José Luis Becerra

    José Luis Becerra6 개월 전

    Nadie me quita de mi cabeza que esta mujer esta dopada... Aun que reconozco que es muy buena, USA tiene que recurrir a nuevos códigos de puntuación para intentar alejar a La Madre Rusia, La catedrática de este deporte de las medallas.

  63. Mary Marro

    Mary Marro11 일 전

    NUNCA le han encontrado nada ilegal en su sistema....Por otra parte, a los Rusos le han encontrado esteroides hasta en el cu*o!!😂

  64. loun a

    loun a6 개월 전

    I love you Simone biles

  65. Yutthachai Wadsumrong

    Yutthachai Wadsumrong7 개월 전

    Youre scoring explanations are boring

  66. mia Lose

    mia Lose7 개월 전

    Her coach is hot

  67. spud0606

    spud06067 개월 전

    and she does it all on banned substances! 👧🏿💊👧🏿💊👧🏿💊👧🏿💊👧🏿💊👧🏿💊👧🏿💊👧🏿💊

  68. D H

    D H4 개월 전

    No she does not. Ritalin is allowed if doctors say it's needed. She has ADHD.

  69. John Smith

    John Smith7 개월 전

    Obvious steroid and amphetamine cheat. The obvious truth was confirmed by hackers. A disgusting and ugly spectacle.

  70. Devlin Mcgregor

    Devlin Mcgregor8 개월 전

    Cheating scum.

  71. Marcus Smith

    Marcus Smith8 개월 전

    Happy Birthday Simone Biles!(Born March 14th)

  72. jodavitow

    jodavitow8 개월 전

    Her Fabrichnova just waters my mouth

  73. Dani G

    Dani G8 개월 전

    Hell yeah! Love her she’s amazing

  74. Eagle Hendershot

    Eagle Hendershot8 개월 전

    She is using peds,fools.

  75. jodavitow

    jodavitow8 개월 전

    Her vault is sick

  76. K T

    K T8 개월 전

    Does she just wake up and think “Hmmmm I’m going to do that skill today” and the hen go the gym and kill it? J/K I know how hard she works but WOW.


    ERIC TINDYEX8 개월 전


  78. Tribal Deity

    Tribal Deity9 개월 전

    at fist i was like how hard did she just land? but that was the music in the background

  79. Michael Clark

    Michael Clark9 개월 전

    # Enjoying

  80. Kirsten Have

    Kirsten Have9 개월 전

    Is a 6.4 good?

  81. Bquan Porter

    Bquan Porter2 개월 전

    It's the highest on vault behind the pudonova but I think the lowered the pudonova in this current cop

  82. Alina Mateo

    Alina Mateo7 개월 전

    It's a pretty high difficulty score

  83. Littlest Booth

    Littlest Booth9 개월 전

    I love your fault your floor and your dog your floor you’re being your Val I love you love it so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much it’s so good you are so good you’ll probably win so much medals

  84. Littlest Booth

    Littlest Booth9 개월 전

    I love all of your cool tricks they’re so so so so so so so so so so so so awesome you’re so good do you want to so much medals you are like the best gymnast in the world

  85. Dragonstorygirl

    Dragonstorygirl9 개월 전

    How is.a back pike 2:18 only a C??

  86. Shari Seibeld

    Shari Seibeld6 개월 전

    Because the code is really messed up A sheep jump is only a C as well ( if it's credited )

  87. Hannah O’Donnell

    Hannah O’Donnell9 개월 전


  88. Michael Diaz

    Michael Diaz9 개월 전

    Yes obcourse..!

  89. Penny Lane

    Penny Lane9 개월 전

    She’s gross to look at, sorry 🤢 dumpy lookin burnt biscuit

  90. michelle gravesande

    michelle gravesande5 개월 전

    did you check the mirror lately .someone including yourself think you are gross.

  91. Fish_Stix69

    Fish_Stix697 개월 전

    @Penny Lane you weird broski, why are you even here?

  92. Lucy M.

    Lucy M.7 개월 전

    @Penny Lane oh sweety, I have another one for you, and that's RACIST.

  93. Paul Pinard

    Paul Pinard7 개월 전

    Haters be hatin but the GOAT just be floatin' you S.A.B. your life is a triumph!!!!!

  94. H Fekitoa

    H Fekitoa8 개월 전

    😂😂 stay mad and pressed.