Simone Biles - Floor Exercise - 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships - Senior Women Day 2


  1. Raccoon

    Raccoon5 일 전

    Please can we have this in super human slow mo. This is unbelievable. (They need to shoot this with a phantom camera)

  2. msFiBi

    msFiBi7 일 전

    I know nothing about gymnastics. But OMG I enjoy watching every single video about this girl!!! What a powerful spirit and body! Beautiful and strong! Go Simone! Good vibes from Russia! 🔥

  3. Estrella pineda

    Estrella pineda20 일 전

    God bless simone

  4. Makalic Dzanan

    Makalic Dzanan개월 전

    ich kann es viel besser als du

  5. Jayne Mcfadden

    Jayne Mcfadden개월 전


  6. msh msh

    msh msh개월 전

    Great,super women

  7. Leonor Távora

    Leonor Távora개월 전

    What was that thing at 0:27 and why did they remove it?

  8. John E

    John E개월 전

    Simone Biles and Brandon McCuien would make a perfect tumble duo on floor. They have both invented skills and they're both masters of the arts. But damn, this woman is superhuman and freakin impressive

  9. Olivia Blythe

    Olivia Blythe개월 전

    This is the closest a human will get to flying 😂

  10. rose

    rose개월 전

    No manches!!! Q barbara

  11. Fan !

    Fan !개월 전


  12. Andrea Lizeth lozano cardoza

    Andrea Lizeth lozano cardoza2 개월 전

    The a book de rebeld girl,s sou is you

  13. Angeles Cortez Osorno

    Angeles Cortez Osorno2 개월 전

    Que Bárbara es de otro mundo. Excelente gimnasta. Yo no le daba un diez , le daba un 20. Espectacular, jamás eh visto a alguien como ella. Muy, pero muy bien.

  14. Wesley Schneider

    Wesley Schneider2 개월 전

    Essa merece ir para o livro guinnes book perfeita 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  15. Captain Africa

    Captain Africa2 개월 전

    simones biles my enfance ressemblance for yours enfances mother....

  16. Paiva Jr

    Paiva Jr2 개월 전

    Oh Simone .. you are impossible :)

  17. sono quello che cambia idea

    sono quello che cambia idea2 개월 전


  18. Cyrielle Francqueville

    Cyrielle Francqueville2 개월 전

    La meilleure des meilleure

  19. Graciela Jimenez

    Graciela Jimenez2 개월 전

    Esa chica es de otro planeta,cómo puede lograr tanta altura y perfección con 1:47 de estatura??😱

  20. ilovegymnastics rose

    ilovegymnastics rose2 개월 전

    That’s African Beauty and Black Power right there baby,,

  21. Nico Barendse

    Nico Barendse2 개월 전


  22. Caitlin Frawley

    Caitlin Frawley2 개월 전

    Her floor music is so good. And that triple double holy moley! 😱😱😱

  23. Valentino Tera

    Valentino Tera2 개월 전

    Too hype... Comaneci and many others was another galaxy.

  24. Aran Erem

    Aran Erem2 개월 전

    She is gorgeous and she really did it

  25. Maria Aguilar

    Maria Aguilar3 개월 전

    Fantástica 😘

  26. jodavitow

    jodavitow3 개월 전

    Do you think it would be possible for her to go Biles II, chuso+split jump, Biles + front LO, and Silivas by Tokyo? That would be the most insane routine

  27. Louise OTUKOLO

    Louise OTUKOLO3 개월 전

    OMG the most famous gymnast 😍

  28. Лариса Бисик

    Лариса Бисик3 개월 전


  29. BucyKalman

    BucyKalman3 개월 전

    Amazin acrobatics, but she lacks in artistic expression.

  30. Gwgw Ktr

    Gwgw Ktr3 개월 전

    No penalties I’m so glad for her

  31. MsPuckerupButtercup

    MsPuckerupButtercup3 개월 전

    Unbelievable!!! She's the only person I can say that if I ever met in person, I would turn into a 5 year old immediately and just blush and look down...the amount of admiration and respect for her would be totally overwhelming.

  32. g k

    g k3 개월 전

    I love her.... beautiful

  33. Kate Turnbull

    Kate Turnbull3 개월 전

    Absolutely amazing. I love this woman

  34. critterhatcher

    critterhatcher3 개월 전

    To still have enough power to do “The Biles” on her second tumbling pass after doing a thriple double is just unreal 😵😵😵

  35. MyWayne1993

    MyWayne19932 개월 전

    to even have enough power to do double double at end is just another level of unreal.

  36. Serginho Serginho

    Serginho Serginho3 개월 전

    Extraordinária 👏👏👏.

  37. Jayne Mcfadden

    Jayne Mcfadden3 개월 전


  38. ASMR Veilleuse

    ASMR Veilleuse3 개월 전

    This woman is a genius, a magician, a fairy! What a prodigy! Wow! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


    BLACK STARR3 개월 전

    Beautifully amazing. Well done.

  40. SARAI Dawta of ISRAEL

    SARAI Dawta of ISRAEL3 개월 전

    Black magic at it again.... yaaaaay 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  41. Rud

    Rud3 개월 전

    I guess next year she will just grow wings and say "fuck physics".

  42. the Flipside

    the Flipside3 개월 전

    can anyone see the triple double without putting it in slow motion?

  43. Emmanuel Cázares

    Emmanuel Cázares3 개월 전

    She's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Darthsiddiousful

    Darthsiddiousful3 개월 전

    Wonderful !! Bravo Simone Biles 👍

  45. the Flipside

    the Flipside3 개월 전


  46. Álvaro alfonso Castañeda mahecha

    Álvaro alfonso Castañeda mahecha3 개월 전


  47. Dave Cherisme

    Dave Cherisme3 개월 전

    Stupenda wooowww

  48. Gerry Duarte

    Gerry Duarte3 개월 전

    Russiaaaa Be careful in Tokyo 2020 'cause this Young Lady is onFIRE!!!! Oh yessssss Mamiiii Russia!!!

  49. Carla Turner

    Carla Turner3 개월 전

    She's phenomenal


    INTOXICADO3 개월 전

    recomended 0.5 (Y)

  51. Felicia Ismail

    Felicia Ismail3 개월 전


  52. Colyn Marie

    Colyn Marie3 개월 전

    Very precise, powerful and special Simone Biles. Legend!!

  53. Od Oddy

    Od Oddy3 개월 전


  54. Loredana Tarc

    Loredana Tarc3 개월 전


  55. Sole Survivor

    Sole Survivor3 개월 전

    she's unbelievable 😲 😘

  56. Alan Zevallos

    Alan Zevallos3 개월 전


  57. Bambo Leona

    Bambo Leona3 개월 전

    Maravilhosa 🖤

  58. crazy clownx

    crazy clownx3 개월 전

    Can someone pls explain why they put cushion in the beginning and take it off just after the first landing? Ive been wondering about it for a long time already lol. Thanks.

  59. Mika 6

    Mika 63 개월 전

    Safety reasons, preserving her ankles lol!

  60. NoSoyElSuperhombre

    NoSoyElSuperhombre3 개월 전

    My mind is fucked. Has there been any female gymnast that has mastered n consistently performed the double double? She's just add another one full twist to make it triple double (triple twisting double tuck) that so far I've known only one other human, the male one (twister king, Kenzo Shirai), that has ever done it on a competition. Kenzo's skill has been caught up by Simone!

  61. Biky and Viky

    Biky and Viky3 개월 전

    ....è una cosa favolosa....ogni rincorsa, ogni slancio, ogni salto....ogni movimento.....tutte cose che ti fanno venire la pelle d'oca.....!!!!....meravigliosa....mi piacerebbe conoscerla di persona.....ciao...!!!....

  62. DMG STAR

    DMG STAR3 개월 전

    I can do that, trust me, but only in my dreams

  63. Rosenrot Osbourne

    Rosenrot Osbourne3 개월 전