1. The_Assasin004 mos

    The_Assasin004 mos3 시간 전

    1:22 Simon's bicep thoo.....

  2. Hezammm

    Hezammm16 시간 전

    Set 8 kids

  3. George William DINNAN

    George William DINNAN20 시간 전

    👶🏿 👚. That’s jj 👖 👟

  4. Odeon Cinema

    Odeon Cinema일 전

    Why are 7 retards pointing and screaming for 17 minutes

  5. Odd

    Odd2 일 전

    literally shadowboxing

  6. ÆceLIFE

    ÆceLIFE2 일 전

    Vikk is just bouncing around like a space hopper the p***

  7. DriianDi

    DriianDi2 일 전

    Best video ever

  8. Fergal Kirwan

    Fergal Kirwan3 일 전

    What?? Hahha

  9. Ethan Kelly

    Ethan Kelly3 일 전

    This is called shadow boxing in NZ 😂😂

  10. ButterMilk YT

    ButterMilk YT4 일 전

    Yo vik at 16:04 has no friends

  11. FunZoom

    FunZoom4 일 전


  12. Daniel Paypay

    Daniel Paypay4 일 전

    Best sidemen video

  13. Umair Mohammed

    Umair Mohammed5 일 전

    Summary of vid OOOOOOOOOO

  14. Oli Lucas

    Oli Lucas5 일 전

    anyone after the rematch

  15. #TeamTrees

    #TeamTrees5 일 전

    Like For Part 2

  16. Tah

    Tah6 일 전

    Ain’t nobody gon talk about how josh helped simon show him where to point?(simon vs vik up to 5)

  17. josh

    josh4 일 전

    @Tah yeah Lol

  18. Tah

    Tah4 일 전

    josh not like that, but he kinda told simon where to point tho, when he knew it.. Ur name’s josh😂

  19. josh

    josh4 일 전

    He wasn't helping its not like he knew were vik would go.

  20. Apy man!

    Apy man!6 일 전

    7 men being Shannon Briggs on drugs for 17 minutes and 10 seconds.

  21. Mika Lou

    Mika Lou6 일 전

    Someone please buy Simon a T-shirt that fits and some fucking socks 😂

  22. Joseph Vernon

    Joseph Vernon6 일 전

    This has got to be the greatest friend group ever

  23. Zain Ali

    Zain Ali6 일 전

    So simple but yet so entertaining... We need an episode 2

  24. Vedant Vivek

    Vedant Vivek6 일 전

    Who’s watching after ksi got the W

  25. Dang

    Dang6 일 전

    le epic w for KSI in the rematch

  26. Ňāţívĕż118

    Ňāţívĕż1186 일 전

    Dear past babatunde you beat pogan laul

  27. Rez K

    Rez K7 일 전

    Seven spastics screaming for seventeen minutes

  28. YoungRed92

    YoungRed927 일 전

    I just spit my drink at that Ethan photo!!

  29. Abdalla Ibrahim

    Abdalla Ibrahim7 일 전

    Deji: 13:02

  30. VipasMine

    VipasMine7 일 전 come join

  31. Kingofwins N3NX

    Kingofwins N3NX7 일 전

    Who else thinks vik is just cringy as now that he thinks he’s hard or something

  32. Vansh Chopra

    Vansh Chopra7 일 전

    The more appropriate title would be 7 retards screaming for 17 mins

  33. Naail _

    Naail _7 일 전

    ofcourse u wathced simons video on his second channel

  34. Carl Otanes

    Carl Otanes8 일 전

    12:35 for Ethan’s african voice lmao

  35. Carl Otanes

    Carl Otanes8 일 전

    So much HYPEE in this broo 😂😂👏👏

  36. Vatsin Venkatesh

    Vatsin Venkatesh8 일 전

    Sidemen run out of video ideas: “Let’s do a pointing game.” 😃


    KUZZYHD8 일 전

    There should be music in the background and when the beat drops they point their fingers

  38. Saphtou

    Saphtou8 일 전

    Is vik a street fighter?

  39. Shrey Shah

    Shrey Shah9 일 전

    i love it how no one knows that this is actually a Japanese game called "Acchi Muite Hoi"

  40. Joshua Daniels

    Joshua Daniels9 일 전

    Do they know that you have to look in the opposite direction???

  41. TiDi oH

    TiDi oH9 일 전

    5:16 that was the littest thing ever

  42. Nolan Pritchett

    Nolan Pritchett9 일 전

    vik pay attention mate.

  43. Yep Yep

    Yep Yep9 일 전

    Omg this is so bad. In NZ, the game is so fast there will probably be 3 moves in a second and in stead of saying where there going 😂 they just make a shh noise lol. Also we’ve be playing it for many years

  44. Allyson Bruns

    Allyson Bruns10 일 전

    Jj is so into it😂 I love him so much

  45. Jamey Cassady

    Jamey Cassady10 일 전

    If this isnt a more sidemen video idk what is 😂

  46. Joe Millington

    Joe Millington10 일 전

    This is something that would be on wii party😂

  47. Eugene Sarpong

    Eugene Sarpong10 일 전

    Tobi is Deadass Insane

  48. ÆceLIFE

    ÆceLIFE10 일 전

    Why is vikk just bouncing around the twat

  49. Lilly Murty

    Lilly Murty10 일 전

    jj bopping around the back of simon and viks round was the best thing

  50. SkimMilk4200

    SkimMilk420010 일 전


  51. SkimMilk4200

    SkimMilk420010 일 전

    I saw fitz youtooz on the shelf

  52. RAfael MUnhequete

    RAfael MUnhequete10 일 전

    5:15 Tobi did Not just do that🔥

  53. GoatyAir

    GoatyAir11 일 전

    16:33 sheet I looked down

  54. Rowan Craske

    Rowan Craske11 일 전


  55. Shifty-BTW

    Shifty-BTW11 일 전

    In nz we call it shadow boxing BTW

  56. Jullian Molina

    Jullian Molina11 일 전

    Why is this shit so hype 😂😂😂

  57. Will

    Will11 일 전

    Me at the beginning: There's no way I'm watching this whole video Me 17 minutes later: Well shit ...

  58. Evie Dawson

    Evie Dawson12 일 전

    08:16 look through the door to the right you see that man 🤣😂

  59. Zach Shirley

    Zach Shirley12 일 전

    13:26 what is the song?

  60. SmokeAflo

    SmokeAflo12 일 전

    Its called the ish challenge btw

  61. Rain

    Rain12 일 전

    Tobi: breaths Sidemen: OhOHoHOhOhohOhOH

  62. Tristen Davis

    Tristen Davis12 일 전

    Why is this actually lit?

  63. Kebab Tshab

    Kebab Tshab13 일 전

    Tobo using Nigerian juju

  64. Kebab Tshab

    Kebab Tshab13 일 전

    This is so bent but entertaining 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣