1. pimpedouttotheinternet

    pimpedouttotheinternet23 시간 전

    Ethan’s crotch shot 🤤

  2. Jcnike 1400

    Jcnike 1400일 전

    Ayy pull up is a banger ❗️❗️❗️

  3. Michael Gilvarry

    Michael Gilvarry일 전

    Started to feel bad for Vik at the end


    Brooke DEVANNEY-SHAW2 일 전


  5. No Name

    No Name2 일 전

    This is Sardines. Reverse hide and seek is Sardines.

  6. ArtSonyeo

    ArtSonyeo3 일 전

    I love how Ethan and Tobi always share the same braincell

  7. xXteddyXx

    xXteddyXx3 일 전

    anyone see the ufo at 2:45 ?

  8. Daniyal Hasan

    Daniyal Hasan5 일 전

    Lol the sidemen just find another way to bully Vik Haha I aint gonna trend stopvikabuse lets just keep it that way

  9. Daniyal Hasan

    Daniyal Hasan5 일 전

    Imagine if Vik had found them around the same time the others did Oh that would have been something else

  10. A dead Man

    A dead Man6 일 전


  11. A dead Man

    A dead Man6 일 전


  12. A dead Man

    A dead Man6 일 전


  13. jewlz

    jewlz6 일 전

    that’s what you get vik for not waving when going down the slide

  14. alisha

    alisha7 일 전

    rahh they did tobi dirty with the picture of him with a whole chicken nugget in his mouth and Harry looks like a absolute nonce😭😭

  15. Mimii Aleya

    Mimii Aleya7 일 전

    What’s that pick finger app called? I don’t see the same one they have

  16. Oliver Does Things

    Oliver Does Things7 일 전

    Vik: *climbs the helter skelter* The Sidemen: ight imma head out

  17. Jasmin C

    Jasmin C7 일 전

    Damn zik got FINESSED

  18. Shyam Mrunal

    Shyam Mrunal7 일 전

    13:26 I dunno how many times I have revinded that😂

  19. Ogg The Fish

    Ogg The Fish8 일 전

    The game its called sardines if your hiding with the hider

  20. Dario Fortunato

    Dario Fortunato8 일 전

    Ethans mouth looks like the mouth they used on Annoying Orange

  21. Kenzie

    Kenzie8 일 전

    21:46 way to spoil it

  22. Vivien Mershon

    Vivien Mershon8 일 전

    love how tobi and ethan kept quoting ryan from hitchin XD

  23. Joe Barrass

    Joe Barrass9 일 전

    good vid

  24. James Khallwell

    James Khallwell9 일 전

    Why do they call it reverse hide and seek instead of sardines ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  25. Chouda04

    Chouda049 일 전

    Like if you’re here after JJ won the fight.

  26. Elon Musk

    Elon Musk10 일 전

    I feel bad for vik

  27. chelsea_fan _leon

    chelsea_fan _leon10 일 전


  28. Hamish Campbell

    Hamish Campbell10 일 전

    BTW the game is called Sardines

  29. Zachary J Bowman

    Zachary J Bowman10 일 전

    Half way through the vid and Vik already lost

  30. Zyterx

    Zyterx10 일 전

    Another one please these are so entertaining especially toby hiding and escaping

  31. iAMJack

    iAMJack10 일 전

    11:54 sticky Vicky was teased

  32. Zain Ali

    Zain Ali10 일 전

    13:34 ksi looks so lost like wtf is happening I went to sleep Wake up and all the guys are just laying around me

  33. ChidsR

    ChidsR11 일 전

    whos watching this after the fight? 👇🏽



    Jj beat Logan

  35. Ray Aviation

    Ray Aviation11 일 전

    JJ Pronunciation of We speak no Americano

  36. AMaree W

    AMaree W12 일 전

    What song was Jj trying to sing at 0:17???

  37. Colt

    Colt12 일 전

    17:55 Vik: "I feel dumb." Well because you were practically looking straight at them and still walked off, yeah you kinda are mate.

  38. Francisco Fuentes

    Francisco Fuentes12 일 전

    I learned this game watching peppa pig

  39. Jiya Patel

    Jiya Patel12 일 전

    lmao they made a sticky vicky reference

  40. Aye Man

    Aye Man14 일 전

    Nobody: JJ: Bababaniggararo

  41. Daniel L33t

    Daniel L33t14 일 전

    As a punishment for losing a challenge someone should read fanfic

  42. Dom FTS

    Dom FTS14 일 전

    Tobi teased the 20,000 holiday trip video, him and Harry said sticky Vicky...

  43. flo A

    flo A14 일 전

    Is it me or did the sidemen become actual celebrities now? Theres been fans lurking and screaming in the background in every recent video now

  44. Ryan Xander

    Ryan Xander15 일 전

    11:52 wait, sticky vicky? did they record this AFTER the holiday abroad?

  45. SAHAR Z

    SAHAR Z13 일 전

    They weren’t done editing it when this vid was filmed

  46. Bailey Andrews

    Bailey Andrews16 일 전

    20mins of vik being blind 😂

  47. Bailey Andrews

    Bailey Andrews16 일 전

    20mins of vik being blind 😂

  48. Aeusud

    Aeusud16 일 전

    Nobody: Villains in kid movies: 2:00

  49. Nathan McAllister

    Nathan McAllister17 일 전


  50. ÆceLIFE

    ÆceLIFE17 일 전

    Vikk is acc so shit at hide and seek

  51. Tobey lack vlogs

    Tobey lack vlogs18 일 전

    This in adventure Island at South end right? Next to the longest pier in the world. I went there couple years ago, it was great. Btw I love u guys and your content. Team ksi

  52. ByronCenz Studio

    ByronCenz Studio18 일 전

    When you rematch it after the vacation video, you finally know what “Sticky Vicky” they are talking about @11:52

  53. ttv dig bick

    ttv dig bick18 일 전

    Y tf was Ethan the only 1 who went down fast

  54. Emily Smith

    Emily Smith19 일 전

    The crooked house used to be so much more creepy. If u know u know

  55. A Douglas

    A Douglas19 일 전

    The tick on harrys picture pissed me off cause its smaller than the others

  56. SAHAR Z

    SAHAR Z13 일 전

    A Douglas lol is it?

  57. Shantaya Fairclough

    Shantaya Fairclough19 일 전

    JJ:It’s a bit cold ooooh

  58. Madhav Solanki

    Madhav Solanki20 일 전

    11:51 well now we know where that's from lol


    KID SLAYER20 일 전

    Hidden seek tig

  60. Nikki Galaxy

    Nikki Galaxy20 일 전

    i love the fact they just let jj sleep

  61. Dillon George

    Dillon George21 일 전

    11:53 abroad holiday 😂

  62. HAZZA 16

    HAZZA 1621 일 전

    11:53 that was a lil spoiler for 200 vs 20k