1. Valorie Williams

    Valorie Williams11 시간 전

    The first few minutes seemed like the beginning of a stupid horror movie.....

  2. Its the Real Nate

    Its the Real Nate15 시간 전

    never knew a man get scared by a light turning on 7:49

  3. Lauren C

    Lauren C18 시간 전

    Who else has been fort Amherst? ✋

  4. Jessica powley

    Jessica powley일 전

    So no ones gonna talk about the things appearing from the corner before they all started running

  5. anthony o.

    anthony o.일 전

    YOOOOOOOO 8:32 pay attention to the right and top/middle of the screen they actually got something moving in the background

  6. anthony o.

    anthony o.일 전

    8:30 **

  7. noreen hall

    noreen hall일 전

    Might have actually enjoyed it if could hear and not so stupid

  8. Chef iCube 2

    Chef iCube 2일 전

    Are the people in there statues orrrrrrr People that froze?

  9. Ruzzy Ruzby

    Ruzzy Ruzby일 전

    Bro I wanna see them goto another haunted place

  10. Angel Vargas

    Angel Vargas2 일 전

    7:36 JJ:I just don believe in ghosts 7:50 ahhh

  11. Shooga Shooga

    Shooga Shooga2 일 전

    I literally just got the most STUPIDEST ad about that interactive story cancer app 😭

  12. Caydin Benjamin

    Caydin Benjamin2 일 전

    JJ’s teeth were so white I seen them in the dark

  13. Decay Mystic

    Decay Mystic2 일 전

    Why does JJ look like James charles in the thumbnail

  14. Pat Star

    Pat Star2 일 전

    Make more haunted explorations

  15. Shuu Uchiha

    Shuu Uchiha2 일 전

    hey i live near amherst as well the only difference is that its in the US

  16. Face Hole

    Face Hole4 일 전

    F for my lil sister

  17. SnipeAGino2324

    SnipeAGino23244 일 전

    Mentally i swear vik is like 13

  18. Sam Hughes

    Sam Hughes5 일 전

    When the spirits predict KSI won’t beat Logan Paul and get it right 😱😂

  19. Luke Giunta

    Luke Giunta6 일 전

    anyone else spot the dead pixel on the left camera during Wigi board thing?

  20. J_hope

    J_hope6 일 전

    I have stayed over at night in a manor near there. It’s so terrifying that I slept in the same room as my older sibling. 🥺

  21. Gladeon

    Gladeon7 일 전

    Atleast ye survived

  22. Twin

    Twin7 일 전

    5:13 the demons told the truth

  23. Leiki Dal-Christiansen

    Leiki Dal-Christiansen7 일 전

    The ghost was Right jj did not win agents logan😂😂

  24. JT VLOGS

    JT VLOGS8 일 전

    That is what scared me the most tbh 15:05

  25. Pocho

    Pocho8 일 전

    What’s the outro song called 👌🏽

  26. Aayush Sharma

    Aayush Sharma9 일 전

    It’s not middle of the night but

  27. Kengy Sazki

    Kengy Sazki9 일 전

    The ghost were right jj didnt beat logan paul

  28. Steve Harrinanan

    Steve Harrinanan9 일 전

    this reminds me of when they played Gmod

  29. jescar nehme

    jescar nehme9 일 전

    More haunted vids

  30. Cathy Cooper

    Cathy Cooper10 일 전

    What was that noise

  31. Ritz Parce

    Ritz Parce10 일 전

    I would that guy sticking in the middle because *IM YOUR DAILY SCARDEY CAT*

  32. Aasish Chhetri

    Aasish Chhetri10 일 전

    If deji was there he would've been like the sidemen left me in a haunted tunnel😂

  33. アリーア

    アリーア10 일 전

    8:31 i saw something white beside the stairs before they freaked out buy the sound

  34. IGBSongs

    IGBSongs10 일 전

    14:08 oops that’s my ringtone

  35. Madness skyline

    Madness skyline11 일 전


  36. Ryan Cunanan

    Ryan Cunanan11 일 전

    They should make another one of these vids

  37. Riley Farley

    Riley Farley11 일 전

    8:29 Netflix has entered chat.

  38. Oliver Wood

    Oliver Wood11 일 전

    Bad boy

  39. BlahBlah Pidgeon

    BlahBlah Pidgeon11 일 전

    is it just me or do jjs teeth glow in the dark?

  40. idk

    idk12 일 전

    L Read more

  41. Jennifer delcid

    Jennifer delcid12 일 전

    Do more scary video

  42. no you

    no you12 일 전

    12:05 harry was holding on too simon

  43. Michael King

    Michael King13 일 전

    Name of song at 17:40 ??

  44. Lilli L

    Lilli L13 일 전

    2:48 bad boy 😂

  45. Kate Covell-Bullock

    Kate Covell-Bullock13 일 전

    Garbage content alert

  46. Kievan Zane Candiah

    Kievan Zane Candiah13 일 전

    The demons were right Ksi didn't win the fight

  47. *Gacha Girl*

    *Gacha Girl*13 일 전

    JJ’s there they are fine

  48. 么RΞDzZ

    么RΞDzZ14 일 전

    Look at 6:06 min am I trippin or is that a Ghost or it'z just a manuequin

  49. dab Az

    dab Az11 일 전

    mannequin bruh

  50. Belvedere

    Belvedere14 일 전

    Was that a secret door opening?

  51. IllingPlayz

    IllingPlayz14 일 전

    0:20 in the middle of the night?

  52. Adam Gohn

    Adam Gohn14 일 전

    At 9:11 I heard Allah Akbar

  53. X_May_X

    X_May_X14 일 전

    tbh the building does look old but the decorations look very new , someone deffo set this up before , probably someone inherited the building and welcomed the public in

  54. Edward Hamilton

    Edward Hamilton15 일 전

    The board was correct ksi drawed

  55. XXSAVAGEXX 241

    XXSAVAGEXX 24115 일 전

    Did anyone see the thing that pop out in the middle of the screen right side on 8:30

  56. XxgachagirlxX XOXO

    XxgachagirlxX XOXO12 일 전

    XXSAVAGEXX 241 what is that?

  57. Essaks 786

    Essaks 78615 일 전

    ethan: if theres a demon here make the same noise like before me: stops eating

  58. susan deal

    susan deal15 일 전

    So silly using that board guys

  59. MoYusuf_ 101

    MoYusuf_ 10115 일 전

    Ksi is jus being joe weller now 😂😂

  60. volcomXdiamond

    volcomXdiamond16 일 전

    idk if its a partial of dust or what, but at 11:32 i saw a small white orb at the top of the stairs fly upwards toward the ceiling

  61. neffets kivøh

    neffets kivøh16 일 전

    creepy vibes inside

  62. Cian Doherty

    Cian Doherty16 일 전

    omfg look behind harry at 14:31

  63. BlueX

    BlueX16 일 전