1. Billy Kay

    Billy Kay2 시간 전

    Sorry but josh and vik are so awkward and cringy in this video

  2. MathewChek Production

    MathewChek Production8 시간 전


  3. MattLilley04

    MattLilley048 시간 전

    Harry is so funny 😂

  4. Meme Cancer

    Meme Cancer8 시간 전

    10:30 Josh looks like he has a baby face a bit

  5. Lexxo Plays

    Lexxo Plays11 시간 전

    Whats The first girl name?

  6. BenGamer51

    BenGamer5111 시간 전

    17:46 She definetly got cheated on

  7. mathias bore

    mathias bore12 시간 전

    i love the look on ksi

  8. olly davies

    olly davies13 시간 전

    The first girl was Peng

  9. RicardoCrf

    RicardoCrf14 시간 전

    1º girl the hot one 2º the one we hate 3º the cute girl 4º the funny one

  10. Dave Smith

    Dave Smith14 시간 전

    What's ur sprit animal a horse cuz i like people riding me

  11. illuminatie vlogs

    illuminatie vlogs17 시간 전

    Does harry even show any emotions?

  12. ejm ans

    ejm ans22 시간 전

    For sophie i wish JJ said the Helicopter

  13. Pix

    Pix22 시간 전

    22:47 her face when Jj says "who's david attenborough"

  14. Balt Edits

    Balt Edits19 시간 전

    She looked like she was gonna rage or be angry

  15. Loka nine

    Loka nine22 시간 전

    The outro song

  16. Yorak Hunt

    Yorak Hunt22 시간 전

    Always Wrong by s-x

  17. Infinity0907

    Infinity090723 시간 전

    25:01 she is a witch

  18. Eddie Box

    Eddie Box일 전

    JJs laugh 😂😂😂

  19. GarciaBarca14

    GarciaBarca14일 전

    Third girl was mad fine😅

  20. Aljaž Ferfolja

    Aljaž Ferfolja일 전

    Do another video like this

  21. Mudkip pug

    Mudkip pug일 전

    Who is this David dude that JJ didn’t know?

  22. DankDood101

    DankDood101일 전

    Harry’s answers had me fuckn rolling over the floor the first few times I watched it

  23. Unknown

    Unknown일 전

    Vik is deffo a virgin 🤣🤣

  24. SMKurama

    SMKurama일 전

    We need Harry and Simon to answer more questions

  25. Logan Abel

    Logan Abel일 전

    Smoking apon devils lettace

  26. Faisal Joumma

    Faisal Joumma일 전

    Talia while watching this video: Intresting.

  27. chunkeyknight

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    Damn that first blonde was hot!

  28. Stranger Potter

    Stranger Potter일 전

    Maidstone gang ✊where u at -->>

  29. Arif Ahmed

    Arif Ahmed일 전

    28:33 what is Harry on about.😂 I swear he is inbred as well

  30. Stranger Potter

    Stranger Potter일 전

    Where my ellas at 😂👍

  31. TwIsT Jonny

    TwIsT Jonny일 전

    The second girl looks like she’s off the grinch

  32. JPA

    JPA일 전

    Why has that bit been edited around 4:38 I wanna hear the rest of what she said 😂

  33. Bryce Cooper

    Bryce Cooper일 전

    1:05 who is that

  34. Sunny Chaplin

    Sunny Chaplin일 전

    1st girl is a gold digger just sayin

  35. Altijd Eise

    Altijd Eise일 전

    Hahahhahaha kanke grappug

  36. Prime ODDS

    Prime ODDS일 전

    The 3rd girl was mad attractive

  37. Jack Boczkowski

    Jack Boczkowski4 시간 전

    Matija Gusel first one was a gold digger though

  38. Matija Gusel

    Matija Gusel9 시간 전

    True so was the first



    LMFAOOOOOO Toni was so serious about his mom I love it !

  40. Aina Lind Lövvold

    Aina Lind Lövvold일 전

    ToNi?!?!?!?! (Tobi)

  41. Nisselelele !

    Nisselelele !일 전

    33:52 song name?

  42. Official Matt from Wii

    Official Matt from Wii일 전

    Sophie has the most punchable face and attitude I swear down

  43. GamingWithZeeks

    GamingWithZeeks일 전

    Vikk pulls when they cant see him, still the best though

  44. Kaden Zion

    Kaden Zion일 전

    Harry : I stole my grandads crutches and he fell down the stairs😀😀

  45. tango 7457

    tango 7457일 전

    Take me on that stamp date josh

  46. Viktor Jordanov

    Viktor Jordanov일 전

    whats the outro?

  47. Neo Vincent

    Neo Vincent일 전

    Number ones a gold digger init

  48. Isaiah Adelagun

    Isaiah Adelagun일 전

    Imagine if Freya watched this part of the video 17:41

  49. Owl

    Owl일 전

    2:19 ded

  50. Alaa Abu Halimeh

    Alaa Abu Halimeh일 전

    me and jj have the same shoes

  51. Matthew Ralph

    Matthew Ralph일 전

    Simon should have said “ mine is a horse cause I would like u to ride me”

  52. chief

    chief일 전

    Wrong choice of words JJ because lions of any gender eat balls of an animal first

  53. Dan G

    Dan G2 일 전

    Girl 3's laugh 🥰

  54. Cole M

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  55. Mark Dewmyn

    Mark Dewmyn2 일 전

    Make pt.2

  56. darryl darryl

    darryl darryl2 일 전

    The first girl was peng af when she bit her lip ohhh 6:09

  57. Kwaku Kusi

    Kwaku Kusi2 일 전

    sidemen > team 10

  58. Jerrup. Net

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  59. Nate Boi

    Nate Boi2 일 전

    13:36 muchdank Make tha face of ethans looped pls😂😂

  60. Isiah Witkowski

    Isiah Witkowski2 일 전

    Outro song??

  61. Dhd Ss

    Dhd Ss2 일 전

    Song at the end?

  62. Zalva

    Zalva2 일 전

    We need more of this!

  63. Horizonz77

    Horizonz772 일 전

    0:47 cringe

  64. GamerX TV

    GamerX TV2 일 전

    26:07 it's not in Alabama



    2.19 was so funny

  66. Fresh Mentos

    Fresh Mentos2 일 전

    If harry gets eliminated I skip ahead to the next girl his answers r so funny

  67. Moses Awolo

    Moses Awolo2 일 전

    I don't understand English... Can u tell what did she say at 3:05. Have u got any ...??

  68. Georgie Porgie

    Georgie Porgie2 일 전

    this video is literally just disrespecting woman and I love it 🥰

  69. Dreamz

    Dreamz2 일 전

    What’s the out tro song ??

  70. chief

    chief2 일 전

    18:30 why did JJ have to check his number again!?!?😂😂😂

  71. chief

    chief2 일 전

    2:36 is where tobi messed up her best friend could be a guy 😂

  72. ReaperKID

    ReaperKID2 일 전

    Anyone else get emma watson vibes from the third girl?

  73. Drip _ClIfFe8

    Drip _ClIfFe82 일 전

    “Where would u see yourself in 5years?” Harry”ded😱😂😭”

  74. Mackers

    Mackers2 일 전

    first girl wow

  75. -Kaylin Stewart-

    -Kaylin Stewart-2 일 전

    My favourite song is Wii Tennis, I love that song. Or I like bad guy. Or even bellyache those three songs are awesome

  76. Joshua Goh

    Joshua Goh2 일 전

    My favourite song is Horses In The Back by Lil Nas X

  77. RaezLite

    RaezLite2 일 전

    Harry & Simon have some explaning to do xD #Minishaw all the way xD (They are sat next to each other in every switch

  78. Leopold

    Leopold3 일 전

    Ksi is TOO much

  79. Motasem Bilal

    Motasem Bilal3 일 전

    16:27 Look at Vikk's face , simon hurt him lol. #StopVikkAbuse

  80. Jason Biercer

    Jason Biercer일 전

    Lol I actually feel bad for him

  81. Marc W

    Marc W3 일 전

    The Umbrella Academy of Degenerates

  82. Jesus Christ -Son of God-

    Jesus Christ -Son of God-3 일 전

    People who got chosen 1st person - JJ 2nd person - Vik 3rd person- Toby 4th person- Vik How did Simon and Harry not get chosen and how did JJ get chosen? 😂

  83. Hej Hej

    Hej Hej3 일 전

    We need a part 2 of this tbh

  84. Habiibii_7

    Habiibii_73 일 전

    *sees girl 3* I think I’m in love 😍

  85. Primitivz

    Primitivz3 일 전

    Harry's answers. 1st lady: 1st: 1:02 2nd: 2:19 3rd: 3:21 4th: 4:09 2nd lady: 1st: 7:35 3rd lady: 1st: 18:28 2nd: 20:06 3rd: 21:09 4th lady: 1st: 25:12 2nd: 26:35 3rd: 28:08 4th: 30:05 Thank me with a like

  86. Primitivz

    Primitivz3 일 전

    Harry's answers. 1st lady: 1st: 1:02 2nd: 2:19 3rd: 3:21 4th: 4:09 2nd lady: 1st: 7:35 3rd lady: 1st: 18:28 2nd: 20:06 3rd: 21:09 4th lady: 1st: 25:12 2nd: 26:35 3rd: 28:08 4th: 30:05 Thank me with a like