1. Brendan Over16

    Brendan Over1658 분 전

    Harry tries to hard to be funny

  2. Benjamin Chang

    Benjamin Chang6 시간 전


  3. Zuzia Michalowska

    Zuzia Michalowska8 시간 전

    JJ wanted to go on a date with him self 22:22

  4. T Flink

    T Flink12 시간 전

    Vik is hella awkward

  5. Nothing yet

    Nothing yet19 시간 전


  6. Ygor Souza

    Ygor Souza20 시간 전

    another one, please

  7. taku kadonza

    taku kadonza일 전

    when did simon get funny

  8. Shozab Naqvi

    Shozab Naqvi일 전

    Ngl the third one was proper fit

  9. Mehmet Mutlu

    Mehmet Mutlu일 전

    No one: 3rd girl; classic

  10. Lachlan Jones

    Lachlan Jones일 전

    Please do another one of these

  11. Yung blood cells Cuh

    Yung blood cells Cuh일 전

    The Sidemen trying give their answer- yeah I think The 4th girl- oh yeah that’s a classic

  12. Icy guy

    Icy guy일 전


  13. Doug TheGamer84

    Doug TheGamer842 일 전

    Vikk: still making bad videos probably Harry: dead *harry earlier on* Well that’s a bit boring

  14. rozi2089

    rozi20892 일 전

    Ella from Brighton is cute!!!

  15. adi

    adi2 일 전

    "my chwest" gets me everytime

  16. john michael embile

    john michael embile2 일 전

    Worst part of this is Harry getting eliminated

  17. Bots Jun99

    Bots Jun992 일 전

    What's the song in the outro pls... Big fan from Greece love the content 5th time watching this one



    JJ probably fckd that first girl after the video..😂

  19. Mahmoud Bakeesh

    Mahmoud Bakeesh3 일 전

    F u harry I am from Syria it was the most beautiful country ever

  20. Mahmoud Bakeesh

    Mahmoud Bakeesh일 전

    @Sir Villain really?!

  21. Sir Villain

    Sir Villain일 전

    Mahmoud Bakeesh 😂

  22. RbGamer Strack

    RbGamer Strack3 일 전


  23. Popcorn Papa

    Popcorn Papa3 일 전

    Tobi and Ella would be a great couple!

  24. TrollYoMama xD

    TrollYoMama xD4 일 전

    25:36 jesus, best diss i‘ve ever heard😂😂😂

  25. Dof_Et _

    Dof_Et _4 일 전

    Harry’s trainers anyone?

  26. DoraDog GD

    DoraDog GD4 일 전


  27. Jesse Owens

    Jesse Owens4 일 전

    This has got to be, one of the all time FUNNIEST SIDEMEN VIDEOS EVER!!! #XIXsidemen

  28. Dark vengeance R

    Dark vengeance R4 일 전

    Anyone else here genuinely like cannibal corpse

  29. ZZZ ZZZ

    ZZZ ZZZ4 일 전

    The first girl wanted JJ

  30. lola i

    lola i5 일 전

    My parents when they are mad at me and we’re in public: 22:52 ‘SIT DOWN’

  31. Harry Wise

    Harry Wise5 일 전

    I'd get my mum to make us dinner. I'M DEAD!!!!! XDXD

  32. Luke Fielding

    Luke Fielding5 일 전

    Did Tobi actually get offended by a 'your mum' joke off his mates? Hahahahahah

  33. Vex

    Vex5 일 전

    Nobody: JJ: Swaz Tekkerz

  34. Name'sJoeli

    Name'sJoeli5 일 전


  35. veryspyzzy

    veryspyzzy5 일 전

    I like how Josh tries to be funny but doesn't get any comments

  36. coco ay mi amor

    coco ay mi amor5 일 전

    No one : JJ: sooo i have money and im famous

  37. Mr TigerHD

    Mr TigerHD5 일 전

    28:00 yeah...sorry mate

  38. L N

    L N6 일 전

    No ones talkin bout the last girl, she’s honestly funny and vibrant

  39. Quagswag

    Quagswag3 일 전

    Yeah she seemed fun and down for a laugh

  40. Electro Gamer

    Electro Gamer6 일 전

    23:30 Simon 🤣🤣

  41. TheBRUIN64

    TheBRUIN646 일 전

    Outro music???

  42. Erik Finck

    Erik Finck6 일 전

    The first girl knew Jj lmao

  43. Channing Brundage

    Channing Brundage6 일 전

    I’m from liver pool 6:30