1. dilek sinanoglu

    dilek sinanoglu일 전

    *feels poor*

  2. Just rose Only rose

    Just rose Only rose3 일 전

    I love bangladesh dresses

  3. Ash bang

    Ash bang3 일 전

    im korean and i love my fashion and you look great in it

  4. Valeria Rivera

    Valeria Rivera3 일 전

    Is she filming with an android

  5. Cecilia Long

    Cecilia Long3 일 전


  6. Ashlyn_ flame10

    Ashlyn_ flame103 일 전

    OMG I just got done watching you trying"life hacks" video!

  7. gacha rose !

    gacha rose !3 일 전

    Me if I was in Japan -buys all anime plushies clothes and pillows -

  8. Aylin Bonilla

    Aylin Bonilla4 일 전

    Its a cool place to go because of the ofits

  9. It's just NAY NAY

    It's just NAY NAY6 일 전

    Hi hello just want to say your hair low-key looks good

  10. jesus jimenez

    jesus jimenez7 일 전

    Little Lia-SniperWolf

  11. NeonKittyYT_1 ___________

    NeonKittyYT_1 ___________7 일 전

    Dude I was watching The Peanuts Movie and she said Charlie Brown

  12. C. G.

    C. G.7 일 전

    When Japan sizes are a little too big for you

  13. Plippy :p

    Plippy :p7 일 전

    isnt she snifer wolf?

  14. official RA

    official RA8 일 전

    How her phone changed so many times. First it was an android then apple

  15. Space Crazy

    Space Crazy9 일 전

    I really want one day for Lia to say "im pregnant" and that child would have the perfect mom I swear Lia would make a good mom that child would be popular

  16. slave No. 4028

    slave No. 40289 일 전

    what this video taught me: if you were rich. oh and also beautiful like a princess, life could be really good.

  17. Ericka Sanchez

    Ericka Sanchez9 일 전

    And blackpink duddududdu

  18. Ericka Sanchez

    Ericka Sanchez9 일 전

    Who else heard seniorita in the back

  19. Yuni Potato

    Yuni Potato9 일 전

    *mE JuSt LoOkiNg aT ThOsE ClOthes Be LiKe* *damn i wish i have that body*

  20. Maddie Rose

    Maddie Rose10 일 전

    Did you switch to Android

  21. Army Blink Once Ángulo

    Army Blink Once Ángulo10 일 전

    America: Crop tops, Vans , Ripped jeans🤣

  22. Army Blink Once Ángulo

    Army Blink Once Ángulo10 일 전

    Omg Señorita Gidle❤️❤️✊🏼

  23. Raymond MIkesell

    Raymond MIkesell10 일 전

    I think the clothes were ok.... But Lia can literally pull off anything

  24. Janeth Gomez

    Janeth Gomez12 일 전

    Japan has way cuter & better clothes than America

  25. cede rose

    cede rose12 일 전

    Youd make a bomb as* anime character 👌👏

  26. Gamer Awesome

    Gamer Awesome13 일 전

    Her hair is so pretty with the blue color

  27. Makynzee Puffer

    Makynzee Puffer13 일 전

    # jealous

  28. انفصام لحياة افضل

    انفصام لحياة افضل13 일 전

    6:05 BLINKS!! DID U HEAR THE BACKGROUND MUSIC?!! ITS *AS IF ITS YOUR LAST* 😭😭😭💕💕💕❤️ 8:25 KPOP FANS?? *SENORITA* !!! I’m dying 😭😭🙂♥️

  29. Nina The Munch

    Nina The Munch13 일 전


  30. Kitten girl 3359

    Kitten girl 335914 일 전


  31. rgovaniii

    rgovaniii14 일 전

    I’m actually Japanese and I speak Japanese but I can speak English to

  32. Legendary

    Legendary14 일 전

    she has gucci and stuff and she says 20 is alot lol

  33. Kawaii Cookie

    Kawaii Cookie14 일 전

    If I went to Japan I would go broke in a second

  34. Midnight

    Midnight16 일 전

    I swear if I went to Japan I would go up to someone and say “hola!” I don’t know my languages

  35. Hannah Shinn

    Hannah Shinn16 일 전

    Ok so your looking for cheap clothes? Girllll look at your mansion! That’s my dream house

  36. aqueelah lindsey

    aqueelah lindsey16 일 전

    Was that jacket 2900$

  37. Damien and me Have a lot of fun

    Damien and me Have a lot of fun16 일 전

    I think you should wear the criss cross shirt with some cute pants on thanksgiving !

  38. MohuboVlogs

    MohuboVlogs16 일 전

    All those clothes were like Blair Waldorf - upper east side

  39. 肉食やめようぜ?

    肉食やめようぜ?16 일 전

    im Japanese and vegan.

  40. Mint

    Mint16 일 전

    She is trying so hard to make her body look like an hourglass ⌛️

  41. Zoologist Gameplay

    Zoologist Gameplay7 일 전

    Her body already looks like an hourglass. She isn't a try hard like most people 🙄