Shooting at N.J. high school football game between Pleasantville and Camden high schools


  1. Basil Ramel

    Basil Ramel23 일 전

    31 year old loser. Piece of shit. Camden.

  2. michael lehner

    michael lehner23 일 전

    20 years later and camden is still causing problems. Im glad we left that shithole.

  3. sychophantt

    sychophantt23 일 전

    Forget gun laws we need murder laws!

  4. hi

    hi24 일 전

    All the other kids with the pumped up kicks

  5. Kevin Riad

    Kevin Riad24 일 전

    That’s my friends cuz:(

  6. Matthew McCoy

    Matthew McCoy25 일 전

    This would have been the best birthday ever.

  7. Transportxtions

    Transportxtions25 일 전


  8. weird clikkie

    weird clikkie25 일 전

    This is so close to me oh god

  9. juanita dalessandro

    juanita dalessandro25 일 전

    Dam and that kid that got shot goes to my school. And I think he passed away this morning

  10. Lashawna Madden

    Lashawna Madden25 일 전

    I know the kid, he used to be mean to me but we adapted and became friends 😪

  11. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose26 일 전

    This doesn’t make national news because it’s all too common of an occurrence.

  12. Lamont Cranston

    Lamont Cranston23 일 전

    If the shooter was white this would be on every major news station for days and they would do nothing but blame the gun and have every activist under the sun on their shows waving a finger and telling everyone how horrible all white people are. This didn’t make national news because of their race. Just like how the shooting in So-Cal that just happened barely got covered. Shooter was Asian. If the MSM can’t tie this to whitey and somehow throw shade at guns and trump all at one time you’ll barely hear about it, if at all.

  13. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon26 일 전

    This doesn’t make national news because it’s all too common of an occurrence.

  14. Kolohe Lau

    Kolohe Lau26 일 전

    Public schools will be a thing of the past within 20 years,

  15. doliio volay

    doliio volay26 일 전

    It all looks so nice!!

  16. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon26 일 전

    Bruh im from nj shyt crazy😭😭😭

  17. IKeepBadCompany

    IKeepBadCompany26 일 전


  18. Scooby Snacks

    Scooby Snacks27 일 전

    Weird.. haven't seen any of this on the news.. I wonder why?

  19. nick9000

    nick900024 일 전

    gang related

  20. afutla qian

    afutla qian27 일 전

    This happened at my sister's school no one got shot tho

  21. doliio volay

    doliio volay26 일 전

    This was an amazing video.

  22. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu27 일 전

    Trump is sticking his nose in other country’s violence when he can’t even control what happens in his own country smh

  23. Edmond Dantes

    Edmond Dantes23 일 전

    Like your leaders do nothing but run to us for help.

  24. Roscoe Dogg

    Roscoe Dogg27 일 전

    The people involved are most likely NOT Trump supporters.

  25. zeposgrave

    zeposgrave27 일 전


  26. afutla qian

    afutla qian27 일 전

    The title makes it sound like the schools were shooting at each other

  27. Tim pim

    Tim pim27 일 전

    Imagine a world where we can go at least 30 days without some kind of shooting

  28. afutla qian

    afutla qian27 일 전

    The title makes it sound like the schools were shooting at each other

  29. blue text on white background

    blue text on white background27 일 전


  30. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu27 일 전

    Poeple why are you shooting schools leave the poor kids alone

  31. Roach Stomper

    Roach Stomper27 일 전

    U know I go to this school right ;-;

  32. Ryan Tab

    Ryan Tab27 일 전

    Seems like everything is just going downhill, thats it, start the hunger games trials.

  33. afutla qian

    afutla qian27 일 전


  34. Shalashashka

    Shalashashka27 일 전

    Wasnt a very pleasant day in pleasantville was it?

  35. Roscoe Dogg

    Roscoe Dogg27 일 전

    No, not really.

  36. g33k707

    g33k70727 일 전

    black folks stay losing

  37. Libby

    Libby27 일 전

    My ibf goes to the middle school near this high school..

  38. Allergic to humans not animals

    Allergic to humans not animals27 일 전

    Yes. Thank you for showing us what an ambulance looks like.

  39. Jade Booz

    Jade Booz27 일 전

    Bruh im from nj shyt crazy😭😭😭

  40. T-wrecks

    T-wrecks27 일 전

    Wait, so this didn't happen in Florida? Could of fooled me.

  41. ronnie massart

    ronnie massart27 일 전

    I'm guessing they're both Catholic

  42. Roscoe Dogg

    Roscoe Dogg27 일 전

    No, mostly black.

  43. Malamute Aerospace

    Malamute Aerospace27 일 전

    Crack infested Camden. Absolute shithole ghetto.

  44. David

    David27 일 전

    The animals will be animals

  45. P. A.

    P. A.27 일 전

    I always looked at the news saying that shootings at or near schools are happening more often and it’s a matter of time before it happens in my town and it finally happened. A shooting at Pleasantville high, less then 5 minutes from my house happened and it’s gonna happen again somewhere else in the US. A day before this there was one in California that just becomes background forgotten news at this point, where a decade ago people would have talked about it for months. People gonna forget this one too and it’s gonna continue on and on. People in my own town act like nothing happened. Gang violence or not this shit has to stop being near a place where students suppose to be safe.

  46. ninjabiomech

    ninjabiomech27 일 전

    The title makes it sound like the schools were shooting at each other

  47. Ilah Pena

    Ilah Pena27 일 전

    Poeple why are you shooting schools leave the poor kids alone

  48. Chandler Harley

    Chandler Harley27 일 전

    lmao hopefully he set his respawn point

  49. truth and common sense warrior

    truth and common sense warrior27 일 전

    It was just some cross training going on in the stands.

  50. Murk Did dat Beat productions

    Murk Did dat Beat productions27 일 전

    Every time democrats are in hot water all of a sudden it's a mass shooting

  51. Noah Kirkpatrick

    Noah Kirkpatrick27 일 전

    Wtf what ever happened to just taking your own life

  52. Jaison Torres

    Jaison Torres27 일 전

    See this is why I don't watch sports I don't watch nothing of these m************ cuz now in days or there is a bunch of f****** insects outside with guns you can't even have fun with your family this is garbage

  53. Woodrow Pride

    Woodrow Pride27 일 전

    Pleasantville? As in the movie with Tobey McGuire!?

  54. ling Ling

    ling Ling27 일 전

    Rip lil peep

  55. Hector Vergon

    Hector Vergon27 일 전

    Kids recording haha stupid lil kids

  56. JustinLovesCats

    JustinLovesCats27 일 전

    Oh he's not white? What a boring story........

  57. JustinLovesCats

    JustinLovesCats27 일 전

    @Roscoe Dogg I was being sarcastic. Hence, the dots. lol

  58. Roscoe Dogg

    Roscoe Dogg27 일 전

    No. Black on black, just like Chicago. And Detroit. And Miami. And Cleveland. And Oakland. And Kansas City. And...........................

  59. Carl M

    Carl M27 일 전

    Why can't they behave??

  60. Tim Bennett

    Tim Bennett27 일 전

    NJ everything about guns is already banned...... Ban sports!

  61. Mad Marc

    Mad Marc27 일 전

    Freaking New Jersey.

  62. The Casuist

    The Casuist27 일 전

    Congratulations on the victory.

  63. yakyakyak69

    yakyakyak6927 일 전

    DEFENSELESS VICTIM ZONE! (it’s the law!)

  64. m59 54

    m59 5427 일 전

    Why is this on trending?

  65. NightMare O4

    NightMare O427 일 전

    Ban blacks.

  66. Galaxy Vulture

    Galaxy Vulture27 일 전

    Moments like these make me feel safe that online school exist.

  67. Than'os.

    Than'os.27 일 전

    Bless those who persecute you

  68. Yessir

    Yessir27 일 전

    This was definitely caused by a gamer! - Old white women

  69. ·•Nutorious1•·

    ·•Nutorious1•·27 일 전

    Title should be "Ambulance on field

  70. Eagles Nation

    Eagles Nation27 일 전

    This is how my old high school is every football game that's why people barely show up because its always somebody shooting and fighting all of the time smh

  71. Glenn Vatista

    Glenn Vatista27 일 전

    Another shooting... Oh... At this point, might as well just bet when the next one will happen.

  72. patrick y

    patrick y27 일 전

    I guarantee you the shooter is not even a fan of football

  73. Zeus Santiago

    Zeus Santiago27 일 전

    I’m a father of three and these active shooter drills are crazy to me wtf is goin on here people I moved to another state so my kids wouldn’t grow up how I did and now it seems like it doesn’t matter and we gotta worry about cowards posing as police officers out here not even responding BULLSHIT

  74. ☠️☠️

    ☠️☠️27 일 전