Shaq Tries to Not Make a Face While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. First We Feast

    First We Feast4 일 전

    SHAQ! FINALLY! Enjoy the show and get your official HOT ONES merch here, spice lords:

  2. Arturo Navarro

    Arturo Navarro5 시간 전

    First We Feast got joe Rogan on this

  3. Goodfellajaxx

    Goodfellajaxx5 시간 전

    First We Feast I told you guys well over a year ago!!! To get Shaq on here this Episode was hilarious. now you got to get another one of LA greats, Snoop Dogg!!!! #snoopdogg

  4. Mark Babia

    Mark Babia6 시간 전

    Guys please watch our video about jaywalking you can also forward this video to other people to spread awareness

  5. haiyaniwewe

    haiyaniwewe7 시간 전

    Get Justin Timberlake already!!!

  6. MrJFranson

    MrJFranson2 분 전

    “I’m not gonna make a face” Entire video is him making meme worthy faces

  7. Bert Gumble

    Bert Gumble2 분 전

    I love the traveling channel/food network soundtrack they dropped on this episode.

  8. J2 digital

    J2 digital3 분 전

    "Kansas doesn't know how to make hot wings!" - Proceeds to take the tinniest bites lolol.

  9. RJay790

    RJay7904 분 전

    18:30 I hollered out laughing!

  10. Vin Fresco

    Vin Fresco4 분 전

    Shaq: Kansas don’t know how to do no hot wings... Kansas. Also Shaq: 😯

  11. Q Tip

    Q Tip6 분 전

    Get Kobe Bryant on here

  12. owen no

    owen no6 분 전

    My friend met Shaq

  13. rizMa

    rizMa10 분 전

    Wtf is the music 1:48

  14. Typical Toy Reviews

    Typical Toy Reviews12 분 전

    why it look like Shaq eating some popcorn chicken with them Sasquatch hands

  15. Kill Courtney

    Kill Courtney13 분 전

    Lol! He barely made out of the milds. Try 6,000,000.

  16. Xx_Stalinas_xX

    Xx_Stalinas_xX13 분 전

    wheres the part when he says his boys are sweating

  17. Kyle Lopez-Vito

    Kyle Lopez-Vito13 분 전

    Shaq is a life-long learner. Very admirable. Oh yeah, he also looks like a black Thanos. Sounds like Thanos too.

  18. richard escobar

    richard escobar16 분 전

    Shaq don't remember the last time he said aaahhh, he was almost dying.

  19. Xaltokan Granados

    Xaltokan Granados17 분 전


  20. Citrusenze

    Citrusenze18 분 전

    Who else was waiting for him to say “Barbecue Chicken ALERT!!” Some time during this video? 😂

  21. Daniel Babineau

    Daniel Babineau19 분 전

    Shaq really went to town on that chicken! I wish all of the guests attacked the chicken like he does.

  22. Louis Heldt

    Louis Heldt19 분 전

    *He apologizes Kansas*

  23. Atomatic Games

    Atomatic Games21 분 전

    This dude has such an insane ego. I want to like him, but he makes himself such an unlikeable person that it is impossible.

  24. The Secret Sauce

    The Secret Sauce21 분 전

    Oh shit , this nigga big as fuck

  25. Raul Reyes

    Raul Reyes22 분 전

    I think this video was made in Kansas City, Shaq try the " Bomb " hot sauce, but the really hotter sauce is " Ground Zero ", very few people can handle it.

  26. James Smith

    James Smith24 분 전

    2:39 "We never had any differences." 2:59 "Even though we had our differences..."

  27. WilD JeSTeR

    WilD JeSTeR24 분 전

    You know when a sauce is spicy enough when it puts a giant man to tears

  28. Lorrin Hervey

    Lorrin Hervey25 분 전

    They had to zoom out the camera how tall he is 27:14

  29. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover25 분 전

    Mr jack black plz

  30. George Miranda

    George Miranda26 분 전

    We didn't have any differences.....7 seconds later .....even through we had our differences....lmao love him

  31. Zebulous

    Zebulous27 분 전

    Still can’t free throw for sheeeyit hahaha I gotta say though, homeboy is the best host of all time. Shaq started out funny, but toward the end he turned into a dick

  32. Karin

    Karin27 분 전

    Hahaha Shaq got owned

  33. Eddie Azzolino

    Eddie Azzolino28 분 전

    Sean youre the fucken man!!

  34. Carly Northcutt

    Carly Northcutt30 분 전

    I love how shaq always tryna be the director

  35. Sean Elliott

    Sean Elliott31 분 전

    SHAQs the man!

  36. Kevin Herbert

    Kevin Herbert32 분 전

    This was great. Really enjoyed it.

  37. Lucas Possnien

    Lucas Possnien33 분 전

    6 thousand people have never tasted pussy... (dislikes)

  38. zedic raps

    zedic raps33 분 전

    Heres the clip right here 😷😂😂😂

  39. Zwaks

    Zwaks35 분 전

    18:29 The Kansas Face

  40. Isaiah New

    Isaiah New35 분 전

    I live San Antonio

  41. Bryan Peralta

    Bryan Peralta36 분 전

    16:52 come on shaq, i know you didnt drink any milk.

  42. Bryan Peralta

    Bryan Peralta31 분 전

    21:50 i know you changed your wing back there, you didnt eat the one with the milk

  43. grey specter

    grey specter37 분 전

    it's like he doesn't know how dumb he is, very odd.

  44. jamo2006

    jamo200638 분 전

    I wanna hang with Shaq. He seems like a fun dude.

  45. mer8771

    mer877138 분 전

    Man, Shaq, I got nothing but respect for you. Stand up man and we need more like you.

  46. Michael H

    Michael H40 분 전

    Get Ellen

  47. Mista Phelps

    Mista Phelps41 분 전

    Shaqs kinda a bitch....

  48. Mister STuffY 16

    Mister STuffY 1641 분 전

    I’m focused on the butt

  49. Michael Strange

    Michael Strange41 분 전

    The Ghost Repper Peeper shit...

  50. twayne80

    twayne8042 분 전

    LMAO...I dont think anyone caught that "Mr. Turner" reference hahahaha. "I refuse to answer..."

  51. Simeme

    Simeme42 분 전


  52. Mike Russell

    Mike Russell42 분 전

    What a chump, making rules on the fly. And not eating the last wing. Boo, Shaq! Boo on you!

  53. Simeme

    Simeme42 분 전


  54. Vee pij

    Vee pij43 분 전

    Shaq tryin to kill our man, hot damn

  55. Impeach 45

    Impeach 4543 분 전

    11:00 dude he hella black lmao. I can't see him.

  56. Brad R

    Brad R44 분 전

    you need to have links for each hot sauce. They should pay you handsomely for that

  57. Drewssoccer77 2

    Drewssoccer77 245 분 전

    A hurdle to dunk on

  58. Carl Winslow

    Carl Winslow45 분 전

    11:21 when you nut but she keep sucking

  59. PeaceFuL BeInG

    PeaceFuL BeInG45 분 전

    Love you brother! DOPE!!!

  60. MusicthatsStrange

    MusicthatsStrange47 분 전

    Shaq was amazing in The Green Mile

  61. twittstruck

    twittstruck42 분 전

    That was Micheal Clark Duncan.

  62. Javier.

    Javier.48 분 전

    18:21 "Kansas don't know how to do not hot wings"

  63. K9 RAF

    K9 RAF49 분 전

    You should prank someone by putting the hottest sauce on the first wing

  64. JustToxic

    JustToxic49 분 전

    18:30 lol

  65. J W

    J W51 분 전

    Shaq is a big bully lol "Eat this shaq sauce wing. No, i'm not eating it, you eat it" Sean is the most amazing dude for going through with it!

  66. BFahz

    BFahz52 분 전

    Its "Da Bomb" that gets em every time!

  67. Joseph Oarson

    Joseph Oarson52 분 전

    green cap... buttermilk?

  68. Dustin Varner

    Dustin Varner54 분 전

    Hahaha I loved hearing him talk shit about da bomb because I've had ground zero... Shit will CRIPPLE a mf

  69. James Johnson

    James Johnson56 분 전

    Shame. Shame. Shame. *ding ding ding* Shame. Shame. Shame.

  70. Hoolz

    Hoolz57 분 전

    They say you can't drink a gallon of milk within an hour and not throw up after. I wonder if this is true for Shaq.

  71. cody templet

    cody templet58 분 전

    i see you pulling up in the noah jacket, sean

  72. Pāvels Derjagins

    Pāvels Derjagins59 분 전

    He even sounds like he is 3 meters long :D What a nice guy

  73. Peter Elliott

    Peter Elliott시간 전

    Revenge of the Kansas

  74. Dinger Slinger4

    Dinger Slinger4시간 전

    Barbecue chicken

  75. clayton cash

    clayton cash시간 전

    Can you PLEASE GET Charles Barkley?!

  76. Mari

    Mari시간 전

    Shaq attacks the Snack


    GOGO GINO시간 전

    5:44 20:40 And many more times SHAQ MADE A DAMN FACE!!!😜😜 💩💩💩 Shaq's face.. 💩😂😂

  78. Elimanater1

    Elimanater1시간 전

    “Kansas dont know how to do hot wings” * Bites wing * “ *Kansas* ” 1 second later “ *oh* I’m sorry Kansas”

  79. 021

    021시간 전


  80. Lord Estrella

    Lord Estrella시간 전

    lol great man!

  81. A fella In a rut

    A fella In a rut시간 전

    The milk jug looks like a mug in his hands.

  82. Be Happy 956

    Be Happy 956시간 전

    I apologize Kansas!!! Lol

  83. Rosanna Vaughn

    Rosanna Vaughn시간 전

    Boo boo on force...I like him. He's my type of funny.

  84. Marcus Hansen

    Marcus Hansen시간 전

    A back was broken at 29:11

  85. blaze foxx

    blaze foxx시간 전

    Kansas really messed him up 😂🤣

  86. Niel de Wet

    Niel de Wet시간 전

    Shaq's voice sounds like I only have my subwoofer plugged in

  87. Rob B

    Rob B시간 전

    Shaq at 2:39: "We never had any differences" Shaq at 2:58: "Even though we had our differences" Ummm ...

  88. Jonathan Law

    Jonathan Law시간 전

    Jeez, the budget of this show.

  89. noypi clan

    noypi clan시간 전

    I think shaqs is the voice actor of khufra from mobile legends😂

  90. Mac Love

    Mac Love시간 전

    Shaq got me dying he fucking hilarious

  91. FujinBeatz

    FujinBeatz시간 전

    Da Bomb bottle in Shaqs hand looks like eye drops bottle in mine

  92. Antwuan LaMont

    Antwuan LaMont시간 전

    Shaq says "We didn't have any differences. People need to understand that....." Then seconds later...... Shaq says, "Even though we had differences............." Love Shaq, but dude doesn't need to be talking

  93. xellienter

    xellienter시간 전

    Shaq assassination

  94. GanjeeMcStanky

    GanjeeMcStanky시간 전

    Sean got BLACKED

  95. Anthony Jenkins

    Anthony Jenkins시간 전

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this man a clown

  96. Ditto The G

    Ditto The G시간 전

    Shaq seems like such a cool guy :)

  97. Adam Rombough

    Adam Rombough시간 전

    sooo funny🤣🤣

  98. MKUltra

    MKUltra시간 전

    Shaq is so massive that he carries around a jug instead of a water bottle.

  99. BergRD

    BergRD시간 전

    Shaq always a gentleman... Even during the F-Bombs, lmao.. He's class.

  100. GOGO GINO

    GOGO GINO시간 전

    Waiting on you TIMBERLAKE!!!😂😂😂😂

  101. David Turingan

    David Turingan시간 전

    This makes me wanna eat my own Carolina reaper, well I’m planning to prank my buddy.

  102. David Turingan

    David Turingan시간 전

    Fuck it’s hot!

  103. Tiara Elyse Watkins

    Tiara Elyse Watkins시간 전

    Get Mariska Hargitay

  104. supboii

    supboii시간 전

    what a pussy man , dayyymn :p

  105. M to the B

    M to the B시간 전

    What an unit.

  106. Wibe

    Wibe시간 전

    Those chicken wings looking like chicken pinkies

  107. Glock Fanboy

    Glock Fanboy시간 전

    Wall of shame