[SEVENTEEN] GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.23 TTT #3 (Camping Ver.)


  1. su yeong

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    세븐틴 음악해 줘서 고마워 13명이 지금껏 서로를 믿고 잘 해온 만큼 평생 함께 했으면 좋겠다 먼 훗날 어떤 자리에 있더라도 캐럿들도 항상 함께하겠다고 약속해 사랑해 평생토록 빛내줄게💎

  2. DanceLikeUmaThurman

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    This is basically Our dawn is hotter than day mukbang camping ver. extended lol

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    세븐틴 화이팅

  6. Sandra Dominguez

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    24:44 what Seungkwan might not be true for all of us but it is for most of us Carats. I’m really thankful that I saw them randomly on the tv and stanned them. Their influence is more than just fans adoring them but actually seeing them as an inspiration to move forward. I get easily sad and discouraged but whenever I see or remember SVT I would stand back up again. We Carats are really lucky to have a group- a family- like them to look up to. I’m also really proud of their achievements whatever and wherever it may be. And I know that they will be here for us and vice versa.

  7. 100% CARAT

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    I love SEVENTEEN !! Siempre me hacen feliz

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  9. Happy Doodler

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    Hi guys! Could you explain to me what Werewolf is at 6:01 ? I want to understand the video better TvT I'd really appreciate it uwu

  10. SuShyroll 22

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    Can someone please tell me whats the song played at 7:59 mark thank youuu

  11. Rooibos Tea

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    Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day

  12. Victoria Oliver

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    I love how Jun just give up and said: come on kk my boys

  13. Hannah Grzzz

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    I love how it was like the parent line that had to clean up😆

  14. Géssica Rodrigues

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    Tão preciosos!

  15. Last hope

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    I don't know why but jeonghan's smile reminds me of Sakura's smile.....。◕‿◕。( ╹▽╹ )

  16. 배Chu

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  17. cherry VT

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    This is too funny, and sweet... 😂well i know I'm a bit late watching this. But it feels so good to see them together. We all know that they are tired of all activities and events, but everytime they film. They always think about their fans. Always putting their love and effort to all the carats. Lets appreciate them more. Thank you, Seventeen. I hope you all are doing well and stay healthy. Scoup's get well soon. And... by the way , I noticed that 31:54- 31:-59 they've already showed Spoiler if whats going to happen in MAMA. Like woah... unexpected as always. Hehe

  18. stshafwah rafifahs

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    I can't saying myself as Carat but I am following them since 2016. They grow up into one of the biggest group with the strongest bond. Seeing this video make me realize that i am not regret myself to like them untill now. They're not just a group but a family. I hope they continue to being like this. I m crying while watching this and my 'eyes got swollen. We're always got ur back boi.

  19. Jessa Esquinas

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  20. camila sanders

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    16:57 Look at the difference between Jun's glass and Jeonghan hahahahah

  21. Jelly Yang

    Jelly Yang23 시간 전

    Did anyone notice that Wonwoo took a wine bottle up to drink???Hahahaha . . . . . . . If not, go to see at 29:14

  22. M -san

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    Realmente, este episodio me hizo sentir sentimental. De verdad, ellos se merecen lo mejor

  23. 달빛소녀

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    승철오빠 그냥 기다릴게요ㅠ건강하게만 와요ㅠ

  24. Parazzo Rocco

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    Am i the one who crying here? Nah..

  25. Micah Anj

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    I cried so hard. Those times keep flashing with the memories of yesterday. I love this men to infinity and nothing will change it. Wah... I seriously cried so hard❤️💎😭

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  27. Jessica Wu

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    I really can't imagine the day Seventeen will disband

  28. Ramadhinda Putri

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    I love you so much sebongie, as always and u know it

  29. Dead Leaves

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    9:45 uwu babies

  30. Aerish G

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    i want to try the food that they cooked, it seemed tasty ☹️🥺

  31. Tae's Illegirl

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    Vernon's laugh at the end 😂😂

  32. _꼬야

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  33. Linda Shi

    Linda Shi일 전

    carats, anyone gonna be at the inglewood (los angeles) concert next month? :))

  34. Baesic Baek without eyeliner

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    scoup: thank you *suddenly farewell* svt: singing ending song together

  35. Stephanie Lee

    Stephanie Lee일 전

    Thank you, Seventeen!

  36. V.E. Gray

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    Hoshi and Coups talking about my UB Jeonghan made me cry. He's the glue and that's an undeniable fact. But then Mingyu sent a plate flying and that snapped me out of my crying jag lmao. This episode is a roller coaster of emotions.

  37. P. Mon

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    when Hoshi sprinted, that Yoshi sound got me

  38. Prava Nawatcha

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  39. sandrandin

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    Coming back to this episode today after that performance. Thank you for being yourself and I’m sure that you can do it

  40. meow19

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    emotional ep :') svt pls stay together for a loooong time. I really love uguys😭😭

  41. Meanie Carat

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    Why this reminds me of their One Fine Day? HAHAHA