Sesame Street: Respect is Coming


  1. titus diodoros

    titus diodoros2 일 전

    I lost it at her reaction to cookie monster!

  2. titus diodoros

    titus diodoros2 일 전


  3. titus diodoros

    titus diodoros2 일 전

    I CACKLED! I can't believe this real! They actually filmed this! This is so pure and...bizarre! I love it!

  4. Evilgidgit4Ever

    Evilgidgit4Ever2 일 전

    Elmo would've solved a lot of problems in Westeros.

  5. Thejokers Gaming

    Thejokers Gaming2 일 전


  6. Jeff Pryce

    Jeff Pryce3 일 전

    I’m with House Elmo. ✊

  7. Montage wassup bro

    Montage wassup bro3 일 전


  8. Montage wassup bro

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  9. Jason Voorhees

    Jason Voorhees6 일 전

    Plot twist : Elmo is the lord of light

  10. Steiner Hardy, Mechwarrior

    Steiner Hardy, Mechwarrior6 일 전

    Respect is earned, not freely given.

  11. Liquid_oKxy

    Liquid_oKxy8 일 전

    This has a deeper reference, to Ser Elmo Tully who was the heir of Lord Grover Tully and the father of Kermit & Oscar Tully during the Dance of Dragons period

  12. Eder

    Eder11 일 전

    Better than season 8

  13. cullen Productions and games

    cullen Productions and games12 일 전

    This happened

  14. Emilia Lynn

    Emilia Lynn12 일 전

    Elmo could have talked to Daenerys about burning king's landing..........

  15. thundertower

    thundertower13 일 전

    plot twist elmo is a targaeryan and the rightful owner of the iron throne🧐

  16. Gyan Jorge

    Gyan Jorge15 일 전

    So sweet :))

  17. Isaac Nikolic

    Isaac Nikolic16 일 전

    Who would have thought this would actually be Tyrion's strategy in season 8?

  18. Teh Sprinkle Free Man

    Teh Sprinkle Free Man18 일 전

    Sesame Street is becoming hip.

  19. Chanel Coco

    Chanel Coco20 일 전

    How many children watch Game of Thrones or True Blood? What is WRONG with the producers of children’s TV shows and movies today? Fred Rogers Walt Disney and Jim Henson are probably rolling over in their graves at all the trash thrown at children today and being associated with their legacy. It’s not right. I don’t understand the agenda and don’t know what the point of it all is 😔

  20. HYBRIDM5

    HYBRIDM521 일 전

    Elmo is the Red God

  21. itzlogiiccboi Figueroa

    itzlogiiccboi Figueroa21 일 전

    Elmo desides your crusaid

  22. David Bow Wow

    David Bow Wow21 일 전

    Elmo is the True King

  23. The Screenslaver

    The Screenslaver24 일 전

    Why wasn’t Elmo is that final battle against the Night King’s army?

  24. Asmr latassia

    Asmr latassia25 일 전

    Three letters that put this together LOL

  25. Vincent Gamale

    Vincent Gamale25 일 전

    Cutest video I've seen my whole life

  26. gomes920

    gomes92025 일 전

    Music used?

  27. Mark Reilly

    Mark Reilly25 일 전

    Still a better ending than the actual show...

  28. LordMalice6d9

    LordMalice6d925 일 전

    A better ending to Game of Thrones than what the fans got with season 8.

  29. Power Armor Patriot

    Power Armor Patriot26 일 전

    Elmo should sit upon the iron throne.

  30. DarthCipient

    DarthCipient26 일 전

    After this video, Cersei had Elmo killed.

  31. Nathanael Reyes

    Nathanael Reyes27 일 전

    This is poetic cinema

  32. Mad Max

    Mad Max27 일 전

    Ironically this was better than the series finale

  33. Macaroni I Trey

    Macaroni I Trey27 일 전

    yup that's right YOU BETTER LEARNT TO RESPECT

  34. Michael Vinciguerra

    Michael Vinciguerra28 일 전

    God why can't this be a regular thing

  35. Johana Gonzalez

    Johana Gonzalez28 일 전

    This is the best ending ever

  36. Pennuang Domduangden

    Pennuang Domduangden28 일 전

    you know, there's actually a character named Elmo in ASoIaF lore, and his son name's Kermit. They were both Lords of Riverrun.

  37. FireFrei

    FireFrei29 일 전

    If only Cersei and Bronn can do the same thing.

  38. Victor Molina

    Victor Molina29 일 전

    Alcoholism has finally taken its toll on Tyrion and Cersei’s minds

  39. Sophia Elisa

    Sophia Elisa개월 전

    is it bad that i’m laughing really hard

  40. Nat S

    Nat S개월 전

    As pathetic as season 8.

  41. jess

    jess개월 전

    still better than the actual finale of season 8

  42. Senziecookie

    Senziecookie개월 전


  43. Queen Cersei

    Queen Cersei개월 전

    Actually... Ser Gregor took care of a this... Elmo...

  44. Callian r

    Callian r개월 전

    I love the "I'm judging you" look Elmo gives Cersei.

  45. Tim Hartley

    Tim Hartley개월 전

    Better ending than what we got.

  46. Wong Jefx

    Wong Jefx개월 전

    The real season 8 finale.

  47. Levi Paladin

    Levi Paladin개월 전

    Sesame Street is the gateway drug into Game of Thrones.

  48. Alexandre Beaudry

    Alexandre Beaudry개월 전

    Bran should have listen to Elmo

  49. TheRelicHunter

    TheRelicHunter개월 전

    A better finale than season 8

  50. l Z I

    l Z I개월 전

    Better ending than season 8