Sesame Street: Respect is Coming


  1. Speckled Box

    Speckled Box5 일 전

    So far this season, this has been the most satisfying.

  2. chypesrandom1

    chypesrandom15 일 전

    Elmo better be careful before cersei comes and green fires his backside 😂

  3. RAD Zina

    RAD Zina5 일 전

    he should have talked to daenerys instead..

  4. RAD Zina

    RAD Zina5 일 전

    This is the canon ending, and Season 8 is just an alternate timeline... Believing that is the only thing keeping me going at this point

  5. Mr Kimono

    Mr Kimono5 일 전


  6. Stealth Drifter

    Stealth Drifter5 일 전

    I was expecting to get meme material from this, this whole thing is a meme

  7. Natty Sichau

    Natty Sichau5 일 전

    Anybody know the music?

  8. Alan Bejarano

    Alan Bejarano5 일 전

    Next up: Elmo teaches Hodor how to say Hi in spanish

  9. luis monreal

    luis monreal5 일 전

    Elmo Tully Kermit Tully Oscar Tully

  10. Andy Shick

    Andy Shick5 일 전

    well, that didn't turn out so well

  11. Lucas Hrynyk

    Lucas Hrynyk5 일 전

    At this rate, this is going to be a better ending than the actual ending

  12. Akari Goshi Hime

    Akari Goshi Hime5 일 전


  13. AlexanderDraconis

    AlexanderDraconis5 일 전

    Spoiler Jokes GoT S8E5 below the break . . . . . Oh tried. Now Daenerys Targaryen must face her ultimate foe. Gravely Disappointed Elmo.

  14. Alex Te’o

    Alex Te’o5 일 전

    Did Elmo just stop a war?

  15. Leki Jolo

    Leki Jolo5 일 전

    Well... Cersei should've listened to Elmo 🤭🤭

  16. Staicy Rangel

    Staicy Rangel5 일 전

    Sesame street should make a shortfilm to teach about the mindfulness with Daenerys and Jon😂😂😂

  17. Chochi23

    Chochi235 일 전

    Why is a children's show referencing a show like Game of thrones. Kids shouldn't know about game of thrones! 😱

  18. Nameless

    Nameless5 일 전

    They’re really promoting game of thrones to little kids?

  19. S S

    S S5 일 전

    well no respect from ME after ep. 5 ...

  20. John Galactus

    John Galactus6 일 전

    At this point this could be a real scene from Season 8.

  21. Chris chomley smyth

    Chris chomley smyth6 일 전

    Better than episode 5 season 8

  22. María del Castillo González

    María del Castillo González6 일 전

    This video is better than the entire season 8

  23. Max Irani

    Max Irani6 일 전

    Guy's the leaks are wrong the real ending is that Elmo talks to Dany and convinces her to make new friends in Westeros.

  24. Dewey Salazar

    Dewey Salazar6 일 전

    00:07-00:11 Literally Cersei’s attitude towards anyone who isn’t Joffrey, Jaime, or The Mountain

  25. Oh Yeah

    Oh Yeah6 일 전

    best ep of this season

  26. Saif Sufian Otoum

    Saif Sufian Otoum6 일 전

    I can't belive this actually exists

  27. Alan Guan

    Alan Guan6 일 전

    Game of throne x Sesame Street cross over

  28. Stefan Kwiatkowski

    Stefan Kwiatkowski6 일 전

    Well...'s not like things could get any worse at this point

  29. Blake Berry

    Blake Berry6 일 전

    Lena is gorgeous

  30. Micah MacCallum

    Micah MacCallum6 일 전

    better than season 8, certainly

  31. ccddle

    ccddle6 일 전

    someone didn't learn their lesson.

  32. AnelyMG

    AnelyMG6 일 전

    Omg I just stumble across this, this is so sweet, I love it. I needed it after last episode. Cute!

  33. D

    D6 일 전

    Elmo: You couldn’t live with your own failures. Where does that bring you? Back to me.

  34. fuquan douglas

    fuquan douglas6 일 전

    Elmo just saved this timeline from season 8

  35. Alvar Rubio

    Alvar Rubio6 일 전

    Daenerys: *Destroys Kings Landing* Elmo: *Solve every problem with words* I choose my king, do you?

  36. Jillian Colucci

    Jillian Colucci6 일 전

    If Elmo was in Game of Thrones I would buy the whole box set

  37. ThePurplePenguin

    ThePurplePenguin6 일 전


  38. Mitch

    Mitch6 일 전

    1:18 Cersei can smile??????

  39. Wil Lichtenstein

    Wil Lichtenstein6 일 전

    Tyrion really seems to have taken that conversation to heart. Too bad Elmo didn't talk to Dany, maybe King's Landing wouldn't be a pile of smouldering rubble.

  40. DiGriz

    DiGriz6 일 전

    Already better than season 8.

  41. Fubs_the_queen 1996

    Fubs_the_queen 19966 일 전

    Next week on Sesame Street: Elmo and his friends talk to Ms. Danaerys about the importance of listening and not playing with fire.

  42. Lauren Eighmy

    Lauren Eighmy6 일 전

    This is so precious!

  43. Luna Lynx

    Luna Lynx6 일 전

    Too late to replace D&D writer's with Sesame Street writer's.... Where Rick portal gun I'm on a mission?

  44. MalcolmRandall

    MalcolmRandall7 일 전

    Cersei should've listened to Elmo, but she Didn't! NOW look what happened. ALL of this could've been avoided.

  45. Avenger Shepard

    Avenger Shepard7 일 전

    Well this.....this is awkward now.

  46. -Sub Walrus

    -Sub Walrus7 일 전

    episode 5 s8

  47. Opal Wolf

    Opal Wolf7 일 전

    I’m dying, this is too good 🤣

  48. Arwin Palac

    Arwin Palac7 일 전

    But, in the end, “respect” was thrown out of the window.

  49. Thomas Zhao

    Thomas Zhao7 일 전

    RIP Cersei

  50. voteZDLR

    voteZDLR7 일 전

    On some level this is messed up cause the kids watching this might be like "Oh neat they're in old times Mommy! Let's watch that show!" and she's like "..... maybe in like 20 years"

  51. Adrian Lima

    Adrian Lima7 일 전

    The red keep was destroyed... did Elmo escape in time?

  52. carlos munoz

    carlos munoz7 일 전

    this is a better ending

  53. TimedropStudios

    TimedropStudios7 일 전

    Can't listen and learn from rubble

  54. Alia MacKay

    Alia MacKay7 일 전


  55. kelly taylor

    kelly taylor7 일 전

    Elmo is the only one who can make cersei changed opinion and leve her speechless, look at 1:00...

  56. Unlimited Sand!

    Unlimited Sand!7 일 전

    This better be canon

  57. Lucario Pokemon

    Lucario Pokemon7 일 전

    Elmo can save Game of Thrones

  58. jm71681

    jm716817 일 전

    The fact that this exists gives me hope for humanity.

  59. Darryl Wallace

    Darryl Wallace7 일 전

    Does this mean Cersei and Tyrion are the only ones who will survive?

  60. Pere Parellada Gràcia

    Pere Parellada Gràcia7 일 전

    What if they both drank that wine, and then started choking and turning purple, hearing just one last sentence before dying: *"It's time for Elmo to rise..."*

  61. trapease

    trapease7 일 전

    grown ups still need sesame street

  62. Lydia Natalia

    Lydia Natalia8 일 전

    If only Sir Elmo had arrived sooner and talked to Joffrey, Ned Stark wouldn't have died.

  63. Eleeth Tahgra

    Eleeth Tahgra8 일 전

    Elmo should have appeared on the end of S08E04

  64. Hildebeast Clinton

    Hildebeast Clinton8 일 전

    Why is Sesame Street creating skits from an Adult Television Series? Sickening

  65. Spider-Senpai Is Coming

    Spider-Senpai Is Coming8 일 전

    The Real Azor Ahai: Elmo

  66. Tellalli Media

    Tellalli Media8 일 전

    Deus ex machina...Molière would have been happy

  67. Jordan

    Jordan8 일 전

    This was the scene they didn't show when Tyrion met with Cersei.

  68. Slater Allen

    Slater Allen8 일 전

    Elmo rules the iron throne

  69. Sean Hanes

    Sean Hanes8 일 전

    Is this Canon?

  70. PeterM

    PeterM8 일 전

    D&D suck:/ in the books Lord Elmo of house Sesame is a warmongerer and is shown to have blue fur! when Lord Grover turns up in a blue fur instead of red like in a dance with dragons, Im gonna be done with the show:(

  71. Khairuzan Dwijayanto

    Khairuzan Dwijayanto8 일 전

    Do kids know the references?

  72. Liliputian07

    Liliputian078 일 전

    I really don't like this Game of Thrones is horribly dark and really should not be in contact with Sesame Street in any capacity like, at least, not officially

  73. Lord Proteus

    Lord Proteus8 일 전

    Elmo appearing is what one might expect from the writing of the last season.

  74. Erin Chambers

    Erin Chambers8 일 전

    HBO’s acquisition of Sesame Street got weird

  75. Fan Fanny

    Fan Fanny8 일 전


  76. Toney M.

    Toney M.8 일 전

    Kids can't identify with a show that's for adults. I don't get what this was supposed to be? Who is this for Adults? Kids? Children shouldn't be left to think GOT is in anyway kid friendly.

  77. Thoroughly Wet

    Thoroughly Wet8 일 전

    It troubles me to think that the things I've heard are in game of thrones exists in seasame street

  78. The Fezmo

    The Fezmo8 일 전

    Elmo will be the one to take out Cerci

  79. LuckyStarZ

    LuckyStarZ8 일 전

    Bring me his head

  80. CJ B

    CJ B8 일 전

    This is the best thing they could have done.

  81. Gandalf The Light

    Gandalf The Light8 일 전

    The What If of Game of Thrones Sesame Street invades the world of Game of Thrones during the final season, causing no one of importance to die.

  82. The asiatic Lion

    The asiatic Lion8 일 전

    They actually got actors from the show dam that must have killed Sesame Street budget.

  83. Laura Gallaher

    Laura Gallaher9 일 전

    Elmo will end up on the Iron Throne

  84. Galilea Beltran M.

    Galilea Beltran M.9 일 전

    That is so wholesome.

  85. Kevin Harris

    Kevin Harris9 일 전

    Cersi gonna double cross you Elmo! Then she going down and blow up Sesame Street with that green stuff Lol!

  86. Some_Crazy_Dude

    Some_Crazy_Dude9 일 전

    Imagine seeing Elmo getting straight up murdered at the end of the video

  87. I Make Playlists

    I Make Playlists9 일 전

    Lena Headey's acting is phenomenal.

  88. Spencer Austin-Martin

    Spencer Austin-Martin9 일 전

    Respect our borders, build the wall

  89. Raptor302

    Raptor3029 일 전

    So Elmo, do you want to explain incest to the kids, or should I?

  90. bailando74

    bailando749 일 전

    So HBO and Sesame Street were trying to capture the GOT-watching preschool demographic?

  91. Gizelle TG

    Gizelle TG9 일 전


  92. Gregor Adler

    Gregor Adler9 일 전

    I was expecting red wedding ending.

  93. Megan Dunklin

    Megan Dunklin9 일 전

    Can Elmo show up in this weeks episode so Jaime won't be killed off 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  94. Jade Wyvren

    Jade Wyvren9 일 전

    If Elmo sits on the Iron Throne then I might have some peace.

  95. KoiNadi

    KoiNadi9 일 전


  96. Albertus

    Albertus9 일 전

    Better writing than season 8

  97. space cowboy

    space cowboy9 일 전

    "Elmo of Sesame Street."

  98. milking cow suprise

    milking cow suprise9 일 전

    Oh... something for kids crosses over with something that will traumatize kids for life...

  99. Isaac Huerta

    Isaac Huerta9 일 전

    Best video ever!! 😂😂😂😂

  100. el perdedor con estilo

    el perdedor con estilo9 일 전

    Tremendo crossover