Scream Powered Microwave


  1. SoulstealeR 220

    SoulstealeR 2203 시간 전

    you were talking about nord vpn and suddenly a virus and threat detection poped up xd

  2. Nathan Jobson

    Nathan Jobson6 시간 전

    U should make a robot that jacks u off u sad sad little man

  3. Matsie

    Matsie7 시간 전

    Make a machine that tazes you when you get demonitized

  4. Boris Landaverry

    Boris Landaverry10 시간 전

    0:27 guess he ran out of ideas 😂

  5. Ivan Lai is me

    Ivan Lai is me14 시간 전

    Make a robot that wipes your but for you

  6. Mr. Shepherd's pie

    Mr. Shepherd's pie14 시간 전

    Robot idea

  7. Marius

    Marius16 시간 전

    I expected him to actually power the microwave by converting his screams into energy :(

  8. itsugachi

    itsugachi17 시간 전

    Make wind powered stuff duh

  9. Hey Wats ap

    Hey Wats ap18 시간 전

    Micheal you like shocking people right? Well of course you do. Make a twister game that shocks you if you don’t make the colour in time

  10. Ravenkshoy

    Ravenkshoy18 시간 전

    Ok I have an idea, an electric bike that has two batteries and meanwhile you use one battery the other one charges like to have infinite power.. I don't really know how to but the weeks can be generators... Or something... In the worst case, that one charge gives you at least 4 times than conventinal electric bikes.

  11. Tre Lane

    Tre Lane18 시간 전

    Make a robot that peels a orange for you

  12. Nig Ga

    Nig Ga19 시간 전

    Monsters inc be like

  13. Ana Martinez

    Ana Martinez23 시간 전

    When did Karen start working at target

  14. Orlaani

    Orlaani23 시간 전

    Can you make an air guitar or an air piano which is actually sounds when you act like playing?

  15. Unknown Stef

    Unknown Stef일 전

    Robot lol

  16. Mega ManMario

    Mega ManMario일 전

    Make a bot that deletes all the bad robot designs in the comments

  17. Rystic -

    Rystic -일 전

    Makes a robot that does something when you swear

  18. Deezapples Unkown

    Deezapples Unkown일 전

    Make AirPods with wires


    DEVIL BOY일 전

    U should make a robot that can make u feel good about ur self

  20. Demonic Chair

    Demonic Chair일 전

    Make a chair.

  21. KC Garcia

    KC Garcia일 전




    *Høt ōråñgé*

  23. SpongeBucket

    SpongeBucket일 전

    A robot that yells at everyone who passes by it before shooting them with a Nerf gun

  24. GVMK2

    GVMK2일 전

    Please makes a robot!

  25. REDNAX TheGoldKing

    REDNAX TheGoldKing일 전

    A robot that turns off the TV as soon as it turns on

  26. CallmeChaos

    CallmeChaos일 전

    Make a 3d printer that destroys things instead of making.

  27. dead plays

    dead plays일 전

    Make a camera that dosent focus or focuses on the background

  28. Kyuu

    Kyuu일 전

    you should make a punching bad that sounds like your worst enemy when you punch it

  29. Julian van de Laak

    Julian van de Laak일 전

    make a robot that can enter a russian slapping contest

  30. Deadpool the killer

    Deadpool the killer2 일 전

    Wait ut its scream powered then why do you need a wire?

  31. Max Thomas

    Max Thomas2 일 전


  32. Nick Perro

    Nick Perro2 일 전

    Make a robot that will spray fake snow, light up, blast Christmas music, etc. when you say something like "Christmas"

  33. death_walker21

    death_walker212 일 전

    Do a bot that smack people's face when u ask their name

  34. Quick tech

    Quick tech2 일 전

    How many days does it take to you make video ?

  35. liam goovaerts

    liam goovaerts2 일 전

    you should make a bot that responds to every crappy bot idea

  36. ZuTu

    ZuTu2 일 전

    schlatt would burn his house if he has this microwave

  37. Francisco Garcia

    Francisco Garcia2 일 전

    The smartest one

  38. Some Unikeness

    Some Unikeness2 일 전

    A drone that when you be an abusive farther kills itself

  39. Komi Shouko

    Komi Shouko2 일 전

    Put it against a civic and it will do it good enough

  40. Luciano Djakovic

    Luciano Djakovic2 일 전

    Make a machine that gives you the most subscribers on KOreporter