Scream Powered Microwave


  1. Spicy Cat

    Spicy Cat47 분 전

    Actually it’s not powered by the screams it’s a scream detector. Your robots are terrible and you should feel bad.

  2. NobodyKnows

    NobodyKnows49 분 전


  3. Shnerpy

    Shnerpy3 시간 전

    Ding Ding

  4. rAnDaL

    rAnDaL3 시간 전

    just learned michael is from maui and the college (university of maui college) in his linkedin is a 5 min walk from my house lol.

  5. Wazouski san

    Wazouski san4 시간 전

    how does it feel to get 2000000000 views and 167000 likes?

  6. Wazouski san

    Wazouski san4 시간 전

    getn some fuckin eric andre flashbacks

  7. Bean_Lord

    Bean_Lord4 시간 전

    a camera booth that has multiple airsoft guns that open fire when its activated

  8. stop

    stop6 시간 전

    make a robot that makes robots and the robots that the robot made makes another robots also the ones that were made are able to make another robot and those too can make other robots and then these robots can make even more robots.

  9. What If

    What If7 시간 전

    A robot idea

  10. Penguinought Plaz

    Penguinought Plaz7 시간 전

    Make a mini mini fridge that comes to where ever you called it from (a think I wanted to build but think I can)

  11. Crane Speaks

    Crane Speaks7 시간 전

    A drawbridge that shouts murder plots at you when it extends and retracts

  12. Tomkenny5

    Tomkenny58 시간 전

    Make a calculator that makes fun of u for being a dumbass every time u type something simple into it so that everyone knows how dumb u are

  13. Pvt. A. Farag

    Pvt. A. Farag8 시간 전

    A device that makes you jump by electric shock and you can control each individual leg or both

  14. The Fallen D.W. by Reese G.

    The Fallen D.W. by Reese G.8 시간 전

    You could make a robot that pushes a chair out when it detects you beside it, and pulls it back in when you get off the chair.

  15. mike dunhim

    mike dunhim8 시간 전

    A bot that sees or hears when you laugh at a meme and upvotes it for you

  16. Bashir Sfar

    Bashir Sfar9 시간 전

    a machine that would bill your bank account a dollar every time you swear..... good luck

  17. colored bullet 21

    colored bullet 219 시간 전

    Yo a app named larf is using this video in their ad did you allow this

  18. Timmy Jones

    Timmy Jones10 시간 전

    *how's your lung capacity*

  19. Tristan Barndt

    Tristan Barndt10 시간 전

    Make a cookie jar that slaps you when you take a cookie

  20. Kyle Kovacs

    Kyle Kovacs10 시간 전

    A computer that shuts down every time you make a spelling mistake

  21. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach11 시간 전

    Robot that deletes your browser history when an unregistered user logs on

  22. nobody Yo

    nobody Yo13 시간 전

    Make a screaming ding ding

  23. It’s Ye Boi

    It’s Ye Boi13 시간 전

    How about a robot that just automatically responds to comments asking about robots with the good ol shut the fuck up

  24. YeetLord 13

    YeetLord 1313 시간 전

    Okay but what about a toaster that always burns your item to a crisp

  25. Temaryd

    Temaryd13 시간 전

    Shit idea

  26. Niza

    Niza13 시간 전

    build a rubik´s cube solving robot

  27. Fluffy master of fluff

    Fluffy master of fluff14 시간 전

    You should make a robot that anytime you say "KOreporter Comments" it says "your ideas are stupid"

  28. Shizu34

    Shizu3414 시간 전

    make a digital clock that turns off everytime you look at it

  29. Jerald Butternubs

    Jerald Butternubs15 시간 전

    A robot that shoots kids that do fortnite dance

  30. YourDEADm8

    YourDEADm815 시간 전

    I Wonder if a Screaming roomba can power that microwave...

  31. GamesFomes

    GamesFomes15 시간 전

    What arduino are you using?

  32. Aidan Webster

    Aidan Webster18 시간 전

    A robot that tells you you are awful and a mistake whenever you type a robot idea. This is an awful idea.

  33. Ben yee Da baller

    Ben yee Da baller18 시간 전

    A robot that yells in the target at random



    A robot that makes other robots so that michael could upload.

  35. alan smithee

    alan smithee18 시간 전

    A salad bowl that ejects the salad when you try to eat out of it. Because fk salad

  36. ElfArcher3000

    ElfArcher300019 시간 전

    What about a robot yoda that questions your actions and morality

  37. Goopy

    Goopy20 시간 전

    how about a DVD player that when ever you put a DVD in it it shots you in the foot

  38. RiDz wing

    RiDz wing20 시간 전

    Make a tampon cannon

  39. lightwolf

    lightwolf21 시간 전

    This thing protects you virginity

  40. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Federal Bureau of Investigation22 시간 전

    Is this Young Tony Stark?

  41. Shivaram Kumar

    Shivaram Kumar22 시간 전

    build a robot that builds a robot which builds a ding-ding

  42. Oldsnookz Oldsnookz

    Oldsnookz Oldsnookz22 시간 전

    @Michael Reeves make a i phone that shocks ur hand so u drop the phone

  43. Oldsnookz Oldsnookz

    Oldsnookz Oldsnookz22 시간 전

    @Michael Reeves make a i phone that shocks ur hand so u drop the phone

  44. Seb Hardy

    Seb Hardy23 시간 전

    Make a picture frame that blocks out white people from the photo

  45. ofir shahar

    ofir shahar23 시간 전

    a fan that starts working when its hot enough

  46. Jamez 77

    Jamez 77일 전

    Make a robot that turn on the heater full blast when it’s hot

  47. Ben yee Da baller

    Ben yee Da baller일 전

    Make a consent bot that self destructs when somebody touches it without consent

  48. Ben yee Da baller

    Ben yee Da baller일 전

    Make a robot that posts a video at least once a week. I’m dying

  49. ArtCore

    ArtCore일 전

    Upgrade the microwave so that it translate everything you say to morse code :D

  50. junkjouster

    junkjouster일 전

    Hey Michael you should collaborate with this guy! he is a lot like you and does great stuff and could use a boost.

  51. isuccatdrawing

    isuccatdrawing일 전

    Make a vacuum that works like a vacuum

  52. lil_mattress06

    lil_mattress06일 전

    A company called larf has stolen part of this video and used it as it's own to promote the app.🌚

  53. Tyler Sanders

    Tyler Sanders일 전

    A pillow that grabs your head, then chokes you to sleep.

  54. j dog

    j dog일 전

    Make something basic for yourself man and film it

  55. Jack Doe

    Jack Doe일 전

    Gordon Ramsay lost his microwave

  56. Cypher's Basement

    Cypher's Basement일 전

    What about a robot that gives good advice on how to better your life?

  57. Tyson Roser

    Tyson Roser일 전

    Combine this with the Roomba.

  58. SengageBand

    SengageBand일 전

    We need a magic 8 ball that only screams Steve Carell as Michael Scott's No.

  59. Jake Jewell

    Jake Jewell일 전

    Make a sweatshirt that you can vape out the strings connected to the hood

  60. Maddox Kaneda

    Maddox Kaneda일 전

    Make a robot that dumbs water on your head if you hit snooze

  61. Ava Breden

    Ava Breden일 전

    Okay listen, a vr headset linked to a camera on a drone that follows you a few feet behind you so u can play life in third person.

  62. mems mem

    mems mem일 전

    Make a robot that automatically dislikes robot ideas

  63. Bose-Einstein

    Bose-Einstein일 전

    Build a fridge that kindly reminds you of your weight every time you open it.

  64. Easton Thatcher

    Easton Thatcher일 전

    Make a robot that kills you on sight

  65. Kai Fisher /Superfish1979

    Kai Fisher /Superfish1979일 전

    Vodka in the background though lol no wonder he's crazy because he’s drunk

  66. Roger P

    Roger P일 전

    how does he have 39 vids but 2.2 million subs. he will be the top youtuber in a year.

  67. Sadpineapple

    Sadpineapple일 전

    a robot that makes terrible dad jokes. period.

  68. Luciano Aimaro

    Luciano Aimaro일 전

    A bed that electrocutes you when your alarm goes on

  69. pepe jpg

    pepe jpg일 전

    Go cart that only brakes when your pissing

  70. Firefox 2912

    Firefox 2912일 전

    Controller/keyboard that tries to kill you in games

  71. Cj

    Cj일 전


  72. Jason

    Jason일 전

    You should build a robot that smacks William every time he tries to use the 3D printer or lazer cutter your choice.

  73. Ranjb 2007

    Ranjb 2007일 전

    A trash can that pukes when you leave garbage in it for too long

  74. Benjamin Cimoli

    Benjamin Cimoli일 전

    A roomba that shoots an airsoft claymore when it detects a person.

  75. SubscribeToPewdiepie

    SubscribeToPewdiepie일 전

    Make a bike that forces you to fall over

  76. Aidan Nemeth

    Aidan Nemeth일 전

    make a car that honks for a minute when you speed

  77. Wilderness Vlogs

    Wilderness Vlogs일 전

    You should make a robot that kidnaps strangers

  78. Joshua Dewez

    Joshua Dewez일 전

    Make a robot that hits you in nuts as alarm clock

  79. Yeet 1

    Yeet 1일 전

    Did you give this company called Larf permission to use your vid? I got an ad for it and it showed your shitty microwave.

  80. HunterDeadguy bro

    HunterDeadguy bro일 전

    Get a dog shock collar that teases someone who is lying in front of your faces face or when you think they're lying