SCOOB! - Official Teaser Trailer


  1. Minecraft Steve

    Minecraft Steve일 전

    Hi everyone Scooby Doo here

  2. Minecraft Steve

    Minecraft Steve일 전

    Scooby doo

  3. Tiana Roberge

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  4. Foggy Animation

    Foggy Animation2 일 전

    they need to stick to the old animation and make a spin off cartoon based on the hex girls from the movie witches ghost playing concerts and solving mysteries on the side i mean their was the old cartoon josie and the pussycats in a few others like butch cassidy and the sun dance kids or jem and the holograms but still we need a hex girls spin off cartoon using old school animation not any more sissy people had to go ruin it with their stupid nonsense by sayin stuff like this lol personal power, found family, the defying of traditional expectations of femininity, and being unabashedly freaky.” hex girls where eco goths that enjoyed using herbal blends if i remember correctly to help their singing voices acting like it was witchcraft they are just down to earth good people that didn't care about what others thought of their appearance but did care about protecting and loving the earth like a god damn hippies idk how they got the message that the hex girls were about being gay or feminine

  5. Diamond Block Gaming

    Diamond Block Gaming2 일 전

    I like Shaggy's original actor more. Every thing else is incredible. 9/10

  6. Launchpad McFrak

    Launchpad McFrak3 일 전

    Is there a p[etition I can sign somewhere to have Matthew Lillard put back in as Shaggy's voice? Never should have been given to someone else.

  7. Adalia Galvez

    Adalia Galvez3 일 전


  8. Justin Henson

    Justin Henson3 일 전

    Ugh, WTF did they not cast Matthew Lillard? The Shaggy voice they cast for adult Shaggy is terrible except for the screams.

  9. Mase Rook

    Mase Rook3 일 전

    We need like the old shaggy man😭😭

  10. Marisa Capellan-Battle

    Marisa Capellan-Battle3 일 전

    Cerberus, eh? Tell ya what, make the c an s, place "ka" in front of it, place a t between the s and e, and in front of the new word, put "Constellation of" in front for good measures. See what ya get.

  11. Dr fumbles

    Dr fumbles3 일 전

    Shaggy hasn’t been the same since his place was raided

  12. Elvin Garcia

    Elvin Garcia3 일 전

    From The Studio That Brought You The LEGO Movie™ Storks® The LEGO Batman Movie™ The LEGO Ninjago Movie® And SmallFoot™

  13. Elvin Garcia

    Elvin Garcia3 일 전

    SCOOB! Coming To Theaters May 15th 2020 See It In REAL D 3D And DOLBY CINEMA™ ©2020 Warner Bros. Pictures/Warner Animation Group

  14. Deadmind Reality entertainment

    Deadmind Reality entertainment4 일 전

    god damn do i hate the new animation style they are using for cartoons nowadays just pretend the movie doesnt exist not gonna be giving them any of my money screw em

  15. Fustrolight

    Fustrolight5 일 전

    Velma's voice doesn't sound right

  16. Biggy

    Biggy5 일 전

    Not my Shaggy

  17. Golden Gunter

    Golden Gunter5 일 전

    Idk what to say about this one. I mean wouldn't it be better if they made another tv show similar with Mystery Inc. That one was a masterpiece and the first Scooby Doo show that had a storyline character development plot twists etc.

  18. Treavor Pugh

    Treavor Pugh5 일 전

    Will Forte is no shaggy bring in the true new shaggy Matthew Lilard

  19. FC's The Meme

    FC's The Meme6 일 전

    Can't wait, looks really good.

  20. Dyziox

    Dyziox7 일 전

    I like scooby!!!!

  21. MsLita

    MsLita7 일 전

    Present day american entertainment ruining the classics once again I see.

  22. boredstudent

    boredstudent7 일 전

    I remember there was already a "prequel" movie about Scooby-Doo. wasn't it on Cartoon Network? I never watched it nor did I ever have any interest in it. This looks like a true prequel story however.

  23. Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster

    Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster7 일 전

    What makes this film even more amazing, is that it'll be like a Hanna-Barbera Cinamatic Universe. It'll be cool and amazing to also Blue-Falcon & Dynomutt Dog Wonder, Captain Caveman & Dee Dee Sykes (From Captain Caveman & The Teen Angels and Laff-a-Lympics), and Dick Dasterdly & Muttley (From Wacky Races & Dasterdly & Muttley in Their Flying Machines) in this movie. I wonder if the rest of the Teen Angels will appear in the movie or even be mentioned in this movie.

  24. Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster

    Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster7 일 전

    I am so hyped-u to see this new Animated Scooby-Doo movie. To bad the main voice cast, except for Frank Welker, won't reprise their roles as Norville "Shaggy" Rogers (Matthew Lilliard, Scot Innes, Billy West or Scott Menville), Daphne Blake (Grey Delisle Griffen), and Velma Daze Dinkly "Dinklestein" (Kate Micucci or Mindy Cohn)!

  25. Amabel Barlow

    Amabel Barlow8 일 전

    I can't wait for this movie come out, we finally get to see the origin story of the Greatest Mystery Team of all time!!!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  26. Luigi Marinus Gaming

    Luigi Marinus Gaming8 일 전

    Scooby and the gang face their most challenging mystery ever: a plot to unleash the ghost dog Cerberus upon the world. As they race to stop this dogpocalypse, the gang discovers that Scooby has an epic destiny greater than anyone imagined.

  27. Windysaint

    Windysaint8 일 전

    ♥️ Scoob ♥️

  28. cupcake925

    cupcake9258 일 전

    Can someone tell me what happend to mathew lillard

  29. SuperMarioFans 2

    SuperMarioFans 28 일 전

    0:47 i like that music

  30. Atley Rawlins

    Atley Rawlins8 일 전

    What was the music when scoob did his trailer voice

  31. xXxJokerManxXx

    xXxJokerManxXx9 일 전

    Real Shaggy: Like, what the hell, man! They made me sober af man!

  32. Pixel Gamer

    Pixel Gamer9 일 전

    At least shaggy said “man” once

  33. Desu Chan

    Desu Chan9 일 전

    When you realize the voice actor for Shaggy is the same guy who voiced Chester V in Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2.

  34. Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster

    Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster7 일 전

    You can actually tell because of the way Shaggy is talking??

  35. kaleb64 Dee

    kaleb64 Dee9 일 전

    I like the voice actor for scooby, but Shaggy and the rest of the gang I’m not to sure how I feel about

  36. Charlie Thompson

    Charlie Thompson9 일 전

    0:20 warner home video

  37. Jonathan Duprey

    Jonathan Duprey9 일 전

    And also I want tom and jerry team up with Johnny quest and mystery gang

  38. Jonathan Duprey

    Jonathan Duprey9 일 전

    I hope tom and jerry crossover in the scoob hanna-barbara cinematic universe

  39. Triops Studios

    Triops Studios9 일 전

    The hell is this thumbnail's cringe. Why do they changed it ?

  40. Mr. Spaghetti

    Mr. Spaghetti9 일 전

    1:06 Can we just take a moment to appreciate this scene?

  41. Gamingbro 1410

    Gamingbro 141010 일 전

    rip avicci.

  42. Nur

    Nur10 일 전

    Shaggy looks like pewdiepie

  43. Xander Goward

    Xander Goward10 일 전

    I would have kinda preferred if they had brought back some of the actors from the original live-action movie, maybe to make it more nostalgic, I dunno

  44. Xander Goward

    Xander Goward10 일 전

    @Valenzuelas Studios Cool Idea :)

  45. Valenzuelas Studios

    Valenzuelas Studios10 일 전

    I'm planning to redub the entire movie to fix the voice acting problem for everyone. I won't really start the process til I get the earliest screening for the movie to know what the characters will say.

  46. The Entertainment world

    The Entertainment world10 일 전

    🤣🤣🤣 that make me laugh very hard in the top of my lungs of the announcer terror theme then the dramatic music later after that announcement.

  47. Chynna Lee

    Chynna Lee11 일 전

    Ummm scooby was rich in a pup named scooby doo..... why does shaggy have a sober voice?

  48. Pocus a

    Pocus a11 일 전

    Why was there meat in the sandwich? Scooby and Shaggy are vegetarian.

  49. Valenzuelas Studios

    Valenzuelas Studios10 일 전

    Some versions have them as vegetarians while others don't care.

  50. Cinema Goofs

    Cinema Goofs11 일 전

    I cry whenever I hear without you because not only because avicii died also because it’s 2020 and all my 2010 childhood shows ended and I feel so sad (Ben 10, yes I know theres a reboot, Gravity falls, and most of all, Fish hooks)

  51. Matthew Thornley

    Matthew Thornley11 일 전

    Okay, when will there be another trailer?!

  52. Matthew Thornley

    Matthew Thornley10 일 전

    @The Entertainment world you mean it'll be out in March?

  53. The Entertainment world

    The Entertainment world10 일 전

    Maybe in the next couple of months.

  54. Andrew Knowles

    Andrew Knowles11 일 전

    🛳🏝Darn.🍏👻🍎👻It's the first trailer.👶🧸

  55. Elizabeth Jackson

    Elizabeth Jackson12 일 전

    I can't wait to go see this! I guess I have to take my granddaughter so I don't look like a complete weirdo lol, But I do find their voices strange!! Hopefully we can get past that and get to enjoy the movie! Scooby Doo is my absolute favorite! My husband knew as soon as he seen the first trailer come out he waa going to have to take me to see it! ❤️

  56. Immortal Dmon

    Immortal Dmon12 일 전

    So much nostalgia in one trailer!

  57. Collided Worlds

    Collided Worlds12 일 전

    I expect this to be good, but even Scooby Doo In a spaceship is too dumb for me.

  58. kneehigh

    kneehigh12 일 전

    the trailer looks cute can't wait to watch it!

  59. James J.M.S.S

    James J.M.S.S12 일 전

    0:24 WAIT! Hold on a second! Aliens? Does that mean we get to see Crystal and Amber again? - 0:59 All this time I figured the infamous Scooby Snacks were either homemade or store bought dog biscuits, and now it turns out they're nothing more than *Nilla Wafer Cookies* !

  60. Evelyn Lopez

    Evelyn Lopez12 일 전

    iKeA omg 🤣

  61. Jeffrey Aguilar Navarro

    Jeffrey Aguilar Navarro12 일 전

    shaggy sceard

  62. Lance Dudero

    Lance Dudero12 일 전

    Jinkies! That looks strange to it's design.

  63. LewisMG

    LewisMG13 일 전

    Does anyone like IKEA? Yes I’m talking about the big blue warehouse with the restaurant *i k e a*

  64. Dr. Shrek

    Dr. Shrek13 일 전

    Am I the only one that's gonna point out that scooby and Fred's voices haven't really changed? Scooby cant change that much tho

  65. Samuel Bernardo

    Samuel Bernardo14 일 전

    I don't like Shaggy's new voice. But I prefer Matthew Lillard, he's played Shaggy in Scooby-Doo Live-Actions movies. He's voice fits perfectly in the character. And also Velma's new voice is too much forced. I don't like her new voice. I prefer a thousand times better Velma's perfect voice is truly Linda Cardellini's voice. Just like Matthew Lillard, she's played in Live-Actions too. and she started enter in the voice acting from 2004, voice acting Velma in a videogame based on the movie of same name, Scooby-Doo 2 - Monsters Unleashed. Because the only work of her in voice acting is voicing acting Velma. Anyway, her voice fits perfectly in the character in this new movie.

  66. Samuel Bernardo

    Samuel Bernardo10 일 전

    Yeah. Now I get it.

  67. Valenzuelas Studios

    Valenzuelas Studios10 일 전

    I can fix that faster than you can say "Scooby Dooby Doo!"

  68. Joe Ferri

    Joe Ferri14 일 전

    Am I the only one who thinks will forte is actually not that great of a shaggy impersonator

  69. Radon

    Radon14 일 전

    *shaggy only use 0,00001% of his Power in this trailer*