School Uniform Makeover Challenge ~Transforming 4 Types of Uniforms~



    ROBLOX ADDICT!!!30 초 전

    How many r curious what's the back of niki's second out fit's pant????

  2. Sequoia Lipsey_MacLean

    Sequoia Lipsey_MacLean5 시간 전

    Is anyone here in 2019 Click this if you are 👇🏻

  3. Sherri Richburgh

    Sherri Richburgh9 시간 전

    This whole video gabby was trying to use NYC slang

  4. Kakoi The Fox

    Kakoi The Fox11 시간 전


  5. Madison Gardiner

    Madison Gardiner19 시간 전

    Niki should get plastic surgery to make them look like twins again

  6. FadingShadows

    FadingShadows20 시간 전

    Rip headphone users Thank goodness my headphones just fell of my ears

  7. Chanely Rodriguez

    Chanely Rodriguez22 시간 전

    I wish you guys did my school uniform :(

  8. sydney8652

    sydney8652일 전

    2:16 me when I hear foods ready! Btw great vid!👍

  9. kylee lerue

    kylee lerue일 전

    “Where did you come up with a square and stars at” that sounded so shady and I love it 😂

  10. LPS Lili

    LPS Lili일 전

    Nikki I want your sweatshirt that you wore in the intro I mean hoodie

  11. Xx Moonlight xX

    Xx Moonlight xX2 일 전

    Niki: -talking- Gabi: -looking bored-

  12. Tea Leafu

    Tea Leafu3 일 전

    School uniforms give me Heathers vibes.

  13. Paulina flores

    Paulina flores3 일 전

    Gabi screams power puff girls with that last uniform

  14. Agent Ty

    Agent Ty3 일 전

    marvelous girls,,l like ur designs and ur songs

  15. Zzz Zali

    Zzz Zali4 일 전

    I love your video‘S

  16. Megan Guerrera

    Megan Guerrera4 일 전

    That’s my school uniform before you dazzled it up

  17. Jimin Plays roblox

    Jimin Plays roblox5 일 전

    My style is in the middle of niki and gabi

  18. Gabrielle ChaibDuval

    Gabrielle ChaibDuval5 일 전

    I liked Nicki outfit a bit more because i am not really a girly girl but Gabi also did an awesome job #mynameisgabrielle

  19. Xx_ EmeraldStone

    Xx_ EmeraldStone5 일 전

    That outfit that gabi had in your hand was my uniform... Hmmmmmmm

  20. Lili Diaz

    Lili Diaz5 일 전

    I love gabi's uniforms and do more

  21. manmadetomb301

    manmadetomb3015 일 전

    At our school 🏫 we are not allowed to were makeup 💄

  22. Martin Holland

    Martin Holland5 일 전


  23. Joanne Stokes

    Joanne Stokes5 일 전

    Gabi won

  24. shiftfell chara playz

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  25. Steph Appel

    Steph Appel6 일 전

    Gabi as heather chandler? Oh hell yes

  26. Anson Pan

    Anson Pan6 일 전

    we are uniform fabric manufacturer, may I have your email?

  27. Miz K

    Miz K6 일 전

    Do more DIY please

  28. •itzRose •

    •itzRose •6 일 전

    *I wish there for kids -_-*

  29. harlie Bones

    harlie Bones6 일 전

    Imagine a 5 year old wearing gabys second outfit 😍😍😍😗😙

  30. Hannah McMillan

    Hannah McMillan6 일 전

    My ears just died I’m wearing headphones 😂

  31. Lol im Thanos

    Lol im Thanos7 일 전

    I love the styles

  32. Katie Banham

    Katie Banham7 일 전

    1:50 Gabbie's shirt😂

  33. Mie Vevo

    Mie Vevo7 일 전


  34. Autumn Davis

    Autumn Davis7 일 전

    This was amazing

  35. LDALLILady haha

    LDALLILady haha8 일 전

    Dude the gym oytfit looked like something billie ellish would were lol

  36. Tessa Baxter

    Tessa Baxter8 일 전

    I love that’s so raven

  37. Dante Louise

    Dante Louise8 일 전

    I love niki’s uniform it is beautiful and I love gabi’s as well

  38. Dante Louise

    Dante Louise8 일 전

    Oh yeah it does sorry niki

  39. Irina Morales

    Irina Morales8 일 전

    Gabi's uniforms are so cute I would actually wear that

  40. mattblast

    mattblast8 일 전

    Business is Nikki if it’s Ciscogirl??

  41. Ella Fritz

    Ella Fritz8 일 전

    Ok I wear uniforms and I had a skirt that’s a FINGER length and so they said it was ToO ShOrT And so they made me Chang into a skirt that was below my flipping knees and I was so mad

  42. ava couture

    ava couture8 일 전


  43. Arielle Drue Lawson

    Arielle Drue Lawson9 일 전

    Gabi looks like Ariana Grande


    AYESHA ALI10 일 전

    Gabi won this definetely!

  45. Claudia Valenzuela

    Claudia Valenzuela10 일 전

    Lol Niki dress's up like she is crafty but the real crafty one is Gabi

  46. Bojana Vojinovic

    Bojana Vojinovic10 일 전

    Niki's outfit looks like a IKEA employe lol

  47. weird chocolate

    weird chocolate11 일 전

    Even though I'm more of the tomboy type I like gabbys outfits ALOT

  48. Samantha Wallitsch

    Samantha Wallitsch11 일 전

    When they used your school uniform :/

  49. Thatoneguy onyoutube

    Thatoneguy onyoutube11 일 전

    8m subs and you cant even buy some implants? smh

  50. Thatoneguy onyoutube

    Thatoneguy onyoutube7 일 전

    @*_ ʎɐ lıʞǝ j⃣a⃣z⃣z⃣_* the dumb bitch cant buy better tits with 8m subs

  51. *_ ʎɐ lıʞǝ j⃣a⃣z⃣z⃣_*

    *_ ʎɐ lıʞǝ j⃣a⃣z⃣z⃣_*7 일 전

    Thatoneguy onyoutube what?

  52. glitter cat

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  53. Paul

    Paul11 일 전

    How much to do both of you at the same time ?

  54. Tesharna Tibos

    Tesharna Tibos11 일 전

    Niki 1st Gabi 2

  55. glitter cat

    glitter cat11 일 전

    We font have unuforms or dress codes

  56. jimin jjams

    jimin jjams12 일 전

    oop- I have to wear a blazer and a long kilt skirt and a polo shirt with a tie 👽

  57. Cali Gyetvai

    Cali Gyetvai12 일 전

    Gabi has a a box in front of her croch

  58. sandra vargas

    sandra vargas12 일 전

    I kept thinking niki and gabi were like 25 until this video lol I never knew

  59. Ale Arvizo

    Ale Arvizo13 일 전

    Gabi is definitely giving me Ariana Grande vibes lol so pretty 💖

  60. Loriah Brown

    Loriah Brown13 일 전

    but im a big fam and i love them

  61. destiny perez

    destiny perez13 일 전

    Gab I said oh that’s creative

  62. Michael Brodie

    Michael Brodie13 일 전

    Nothing less than freshly washed and hand starched & ironed classic 1950's navy blue plaid Catholic School uniforms are acceptable. Try again.