1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory개월 전

    What country should we fly to next? Let us know below!

  2. Gromp

    Gromp일 전

    come to Israel

  3. raquel

    raquel일 전

    the south of spain

  4. Ronald Leon

    Ronald Leon5 일 전


  5. Rohith Ravindran

    Rohith Ravindran21 일 전

    come to south india ❤️

  6. Javier Maldonado

    Javier Maldonado개월 전


  7. Grasha Abella

    Grasha Abella33 초 전

    come to philippines 🇵🇭 ! I guarantee you with best experiences!

  8. Abdul | The Marketing Noob

    Abdul | The Marketing Noob14 분 전

    Hi. Just a simple suggestion. India is a multicultural country. So if you go into another state, you will definitely feel like you're in a new country. Check the Southern part of India, Tamil Nadu, Kerala it has beautiful beaches and waterfall.. Important thing, the food tastes that can overcome the tastes you have consumed in Mumbai. Most important thing, learn to Bargain. 70% of KOreporterrs often come to India and some are staying in southern part of India. Maybe you can check their KOreporter videos too. Have a good time

  9. ItsNow

    ItsNow시간 전

    The two guys who considered you as a friend are considered creepy by most people in the US. Indians just need a chance for them to show that they are nice people.

  10. Ashley Tremblay

    Ashley Tremblay시간 전

    I love their speeches at the end of their videos. They are so inspiring and it’s interesting to hear what they learned

  11. Ianzukito

    Ianzukito4 시간 전

    11:14 this dude tho

  12. Dana P

    Dana P6 시간 전

    I love watching your videos! I just have a smile on my face through the whole video!!!

  13. Mattie Wolf

    Mattie Wolf6 시간 전

    the guy at 11:14 😂😂

  14. Priyanka Vidacak

    Priyanka Vidacak8 시간 전

    So happy to have come across your channel and so happy that you had a good time in Mumbai, the messages you gave in the end was the best don’t judge and hear see for yourself 👍🏼

  15. Radlene

    Radlene8 시간 전

    That girl was so pretty and so was her mom

  16. Menka Patel

    Menka Patel9 시간 전

    Such kindness, I teared up! Bring your new friends to visit LA for 48 hours.

  17. TheGolden Apple

    TheGolden Apple9 시간 전

    I never thought Indians girl can be so beautiful wtf?

  18. Julien T

    Julien T9 시간 전

    You guys should go somewhere crazy and try to bring someone random back!

  19. choid2614

    choid26149 시간 전

    🤔henna?🤔mehndi?🤔on a man?👌Oh well... FUN!!!😁

  20. kaouter mar

    kaouter mar10 시간 전

    That girl is just so kind and sweet and funny love her, you should invite her to LA



    Ohh you are french??? Your accent doesn't sound like french hehehehehe

  22. Nick

    Nick10 시간 전

    When u bargain u have to walk away if need be.... come on guys. That's not how u bargain?!?!

  23. Katie T

    Katie T10 시간 전

    How on earth do you run into so many kind people

  24. janset  yeten

    janset yeten10 시간 전

    wow you flew with Turkish airlines!! I didn't expect to see that. Nothing bad tho, just surprised cuz I'm from Turkey :)

  25. Navkaran Rekhi

    Navkaran Rekhi11 시간 전

    Come to Delhi

  26. Abhinash Jha

    Abhinash Jha11 시간 전

    Oh god thats roshni walia

  27. Juan Medrano

    Juan Medrano11 시간 전

    11:15 the dude is like me to

  28. Jeevan Pandey

    Jeevan Pandey11 시간 전

    She looks like prajakta kholi

  29. David Mootoo

    David Mootoo12 시간 전

    A Trinidadian here, came across your videos and you guys live the dream. Traveling for me is so cost-prohibitive, that I have to live vicariously through videos like yours. Keep going, keep posting, so I can keep dreaming.

  30. Sanjana Agarwal

    Sanjana Agarwal12 시간 전

    I felt offended when she is said ' India is harsh place to travel '. Being an Indian ,also ,rational ,it is a best there it is World!!

  31. Gixxer Suzuki

    Gixxer Suzuki12 시간 전

    a random girl from india with earpods and an applewatch...yeah ok really random i call bs

  32. Thrill of Speed

    Thrill of Speed12 시간 전

    But did you smash

  33. k-keii

    k-keii13 시간 전

    11:14 that guy in the background is amazing

  34. abs groovy

    abs groovy13 시간 전

    That was really ballsy man. Glad u had a great exp. cheers

  35. Elisabeth S

    Elisabeth S14 시간 전

    India is so awesome! I loved it there and the people are great!

  36. Gyanendra. Sharma

    Gyanendra. Sharma14 시간 전

    its scripted, the girl you see runs her own facebook videos that are very popular

  37. trapar charles

    trapar charles15 시간 전

    bangladesh next plz plz plz

  38. dogrocket 123

    dogrocket 12315 시간 전

    Her mum is the best

  39. Big Hero

    Big Hero16 시간 전

    U were just lucky

  40. LovePeace&Happiness Smile

    LovePeace&Happiness Smile16 시간 전

    This touched my heart ♥️

  41. Jose Paulo

    Jose Paulo17 시간 전

    Come to Philippines, 💯🙏

  42. Riri

    Riri17 시간 전

    India is a very harsh place to travel. Me an Indian watching this unsubscribes *harshly*

  43. Rubi Rotmo

    Rubi Rotmo17 시간 전

    Shes so pretty wtf

  44. Tristan _

    Tristan _18 시간 전

    Stop saying yes to every trip... taking plane accross Los Angeles to Mumbai for a 48h trip... God damn we're in 2019, not in 1980, we pretty all know how bad it is to take plane for the planet. So only for a f*cking short trip to India just to make money, that's not great example you're giving guys.

  45. aries dadulas

    aries dadulas19 시간 전

    The dog men

  46. xX2kLegendXx

    xX2kLegendXx19 시간 전

    Did he clap Indian cheeks tho??

  47. Muhammad Amirul

    Muhammad Amirul19 시간 전

    Wow girls thicx

  48. Vatsal Singh

    Vatsal Singh19 시간 전

    Refer this youtube channel by Karl Rock if you are visiting India on your own. Will help you keep safe and have a good trip. There is good & bad everywhere. Peace.

  49. Ravi Kumar

    Ravi Kumar21 시간 전

    Is she roshni walia . Child actor?

  50. Dank Memez

    Dank Memez23 시간 전

    That girl was so beautiful

  51. Allen Fepuleai

    Allen Fepuleai23 시간 전

    India is amazing and so are the people

  52. Dank Memez

    Dank Memez23 시간 전

    Fly to the Netherlands with 10 strangers

  53. Tyler Grandbois

    Tyler Grandbois23 시간 전

    11:14 the dude in the back got me dead🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  54. TheImji

    TheImji23 시간 전

    Where'd you get the shirts from?

  55. Justin Murphy

    Justin Murphy일 전

    Well it’s crazy there because it’s the size of the u.s. top 2 biggest states with 1 billion people crammed in it