Sanders slams CNN for Russia report, calls Dem debate 'terrifying'


  1. Jay Muller

    Jay Muller3 일 전

    love you Sarah, keep preaching the truth.

  2. leslie hale

    leslie hale11 일 전

    We need him to Beto be re-elect he’s the only one with Balls enough to fight for our Country

  3. Tampa User

    Tampa User22 일 전

    Hey Sarah!! Owning a GUN is NOT A GOD-GIVEN RIGHT, you freaking idiot!!! You just love to throw around those pseudo-Christian references but clearly you don't know jack about Jesus, the Bible, or anything else about religious beliefs -- whether Christian or otherwise. And when I say 'you', I mean, you personally, the president personally, and everyone in between, including people who chant bully phrases at rallies. That's not condoned by the Bible, either. Showing up at church with cameras rolling doesn't make you Christian.

  4. Morty Mcfly

    Morty Mcfly22 일 전

    Nasty pig good thing she is not with trump anymore or he will lose election.

  5. Mommy Dearest

    Mommy Dearest24 일 전

    Well well look who’s back, I knew she was going to end up on Fox ..... liar 🤥

  6. Chris Thompson

    Chris Thompson27 일 전

    Everybody wise up. The Left is not trying to win an election. They are distracting, diffusing, pontificating, and obstructing in order to delay the upcoming justice actions. Every minute they delay the business of government is a minute that they WIN. The Deep State is DEEP. We will be at least 6 more years chasing these criminals around trying to get control of our government wrestled away from them. Meanwhile, we have a good President who works tirelessly to fix things he has seen wrong for decades before deciding to try to do something about it.

  7. Catherine Edwards

    Catherine Edwards28 일 전


  8. Shmevan Riceballz

    Shmevan Riceballz28 일 전

    Though Bernie was on this show lmao

  9. Jorge Lahiff

    Jorge Lahiff28 일 전

    The Democrats are so out of touch with working class people. The Dems don't stand for much more than abortion on demand, LGBT orientation for Kindergartners, open borders, disarming law abiding citizens, and attacking Christian values. Moderates like me are compelled by our self-preservation instincts to vote against the Democrats.

  10. Charlie Farson

    Charlie Farson28 일 전

    45 gets hate cause hes a real man

  11. Tampa User

    Tampa User22 일 전

    Charlie Farson ? A-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  12. Tommy Sullivan

    Tommy Sullivan개월 전

    Who will be held accountable?

  13. OG knucklehead

    OG knucklehead개월 전

    What's wrong with her face she need to be in the circus as Elephant Man 😂😂

  14. Tampa User

    Tampa User22 일 전

    I don't like her either but that's not nice.

  15. spindoctorkev4real

    spindoctorkev4real개월 전

    At the time of this post only 418,861 views in 5 days. Must be a FOX channel. Sara Sanders is still the Trump troll that she is. Republicans wake up! If you want to save your party and self respect, get rid of Trump and all his gangsters, unless you're part of the grift as well.

  16. scott paul

    scott paul개월 전


  17. Patricia Manzi

    Patricia Manzi개월 전

    God I thought we would never have to see the lying suckabee sanders

  18. luv2rideaz3msn

    luv2rideaz3msn개월 전

    FNN is done stick a fork in em. The only people that lien to hem have their heads up their asses

  19. luv2rideaz3msn

    luv2rideaz3msn개월 전

    Smart people will walk away from the demon cratic party’s insanity Trump2020

  20. Joe Marwil

    Joe Marwil개월 전

    So Jesse colors his hair now?

  21. Conor Gillespie

    Conor Gillespie개월 전

    Nadler was a straight tubby wubby pants

  22. arkie74

    arkie74개월 전


  23. Big AL

    Big AL개월 전

    Arkansas loves lying pigs?

  24. Wallaby Ted

    Wallaby Ted개월 전


  25. roberto gonzalez

    roberto gonzalez개월 전

    Sarah lying sanders

  26. Jorge of Albion

    Jorge of Albion개월 전

    Who cares what that lying cow fart says. Her smoky eye can be smelled from thousands of miles away.

  27. Redd Green

    Redd Green개월 전

    She’s dishonest while in the white house. How can you trust anything she says?

  28. Robin Jays

    Robin Jays개월 전

    The heat is on! An actual debate would be better than last debate!

  29. bigheadtwin

    bigheadtwin개월 전

    Get this ol' cow off the screen......seen enough of her already....



    I DID NOT KNOW!!! Wonderful news, best of everything Sarah! Miss you causing controversy on the HIll...was always on your side

  31. Steven Marzullo

    Steven Marzullo개월 전

    I can't wait to watch the snowflakes alligator tears roll when Trump win the 2020 election 🤣🤣🤣

  32. blahblah jumpswing

    blahblah jumpswing개월 전

    you know when the cameras are off, trump take his face off and spreads his wings and lets his tail stretch, and then he eats the crap off paper plate from the kids he traps

  33. blahblah jumpswing

    blahblah jumpswing개월 전

    I loved seeing you and yours kids in church, stay beautiful.

  34. Ronald Stormy

    Ronald Stormy개월 전

    The democrat candidates arrived on the short bus

  35. Sergio A. Aguilar

    Sergio A. Aguilar개월 전


  36. Up yours, rightie!

    Up yours, rightie!개월 전

    Guns are a *God-given* right?! Chapter and verse, please, Sarah . . .

  37. michael pike

    michael pike개월 전

    hell im gonna vote for trump in 2024

  38. Robo Trump

    Robo Trump개월 전

    She looks like a scoop of mashed potatoes plopped on a plate with gravy hair

  39. Midnight Ryder

    Midnight Ryder개월 전

    It's the people who let these bastard scums of the earth walk all over them 24/7, and its the people who will soon pay the unimaginable consequences for laying down for far too many years.

  40. Aurea Sanabria

    Aurea Sanabria개월 전

    You Go Sarah!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Gina R

    Gina R개월 전

    UNBELIEVABLE, What the Hell is Sarah Sanders doing back? What a total disappointment, and bad choice on you Fox News. SARAH SANDERS is a hypocrite, and almost as big as a LIAR then Trump himself. She calls herself a Christian, what a flipping joke. Pretty pathetic, but not surprising.

  42. John's Watching

    John's Watching개월 전

    WOW! Two sickos on the same screen - kinda gross!

  43. Len Ovo

    Len Ovo개월 전

    Don't you think if Brett showed you his cucumber in college, that you would remember something like that ??? Obviously, if she didn't remember that happening, it didn't happen !!!!

  44. William Helfrich

    William Helfrich개월 전

    Republican peccary

  45. Brian

    Brian개월 전

    I thought Sara was fine in the White house but now she's just an ex white house staffer thats not very easy on the eyes.

  46. pipsqueak677

    pipsqueak677개월 전

    democrats WILL win in 2020... Ted Cruz even said Republicans have a very high chance of losing Texas in 2020.. All democrats need to win is Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and possible Texas. All states that have been hardest by tariffs and lost the most jobs

  47. Donna Bergeron-Birge

    Donna Bergeron-Birge개월 전

    You can be the bullshitter in chief. Keep defending the liar...I mean weatherman. He blames everybody by himself. Conservative values are not the same as the Fox/Tramp lack of ethics. How many people have you fired??? You people are nauseating. You are saying the same thing that Fox does all the time.

  48. baba duke

    baba duke개월 전

    Please somebody tell her to tone down that smile, before she pokes an eye out.

  49. christopher jones

    christopher jones개월 전

    FAKE NEWS-Doesn`t the news media networks have editors, bosses that confirm or deny articles posted? If anyone in their networks verifies, confirms articles before posted they need to hit the road. ( I suggest allowing this tripe is intentional. )

  50. Bifo Skywalker

    Bifo Skywalker개월 전

    Well they the democrats look back they will have to take ownership of there lunacy. All this they say is because of President Trump, when they the democrats from Barry the mule to Hillary the brainless fool used the FBI, CIA and the Fake Media to rig an election. No people not Russia or President Trump committed any wrong doings in the 2016 election, they didn't have to the democrats did it all.

  51. Davey Houston

    Davey Houston개월 전

    Sister soulja is a bigot to hell with her!

  52. Davey Houston

    Davey Houston개월 전

    When you control the electoral you win constantly congratulations mr. Trump on your 2020 win

  53. Faison Howard

    Faison Howard개월 전

    Glad fox brought Sarah on .

  54. Guy

    Guy개월 전

    For decades, Trump has laundered billions of dollars for Russian organized crime figures and other oligarchs. Ultimately, Trump's involvement with Russia's criminal underworld created an opening for Putin and his agents to manipulate and control him. Trump has had contacts with the Russian mafia for 35 years. His properties have laundered money for them. The Russian mafia are connected to Russian intelligence. They were and still are, living and have working in Trump's buildings. Trump has even partnered with them. There are many ways in which he’s compromised. After the fall of the Soviet Union, you suddenly have trillions of dollars that have to be laundered. It opened the floodgates for the Russian mafia and for the oligarchs. A good way to launder that money is through real estate. Trump made it clear he was ready, willing and able to do that without asking any questions. Trump was $4 billion in debt after his casinos failed in Atlantic City. He came back thanks to the Russians. The Republicans are also implicated. The Russians didn't just go after Trump: They went after the entire Republican Party. There is Russian money going into the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, the NRA, and then to Republican officials and candidates directly. When Trump first visited Russia in 1987, he immediately came back and took out full page ads in the New York Times, the Boston Globe and Washington Post. These ads were very anti-NATO, anti-Western alliance, and that was exactly what the Russians want, even today. Back in 1984, Trump had started laundering money for the Russian mafia. In ‘92, the Russian mafia had people like Vyacheslav Kirillovich Ivankov, who was one of the key figures under the mob boss Mogilevich. The FBI was looking all over for him but he was actually in Trump Tower. A lot of the Russian mobsters were going to Trump Tower to launder money as well. Trump was completely overextended in Atlantic City. He ended up $4 billion in debt. He had no future at all until the Russians came to his aid. Russian Oligarchs made Trump an offer that he could not refuse. Suddenly Trump started dealing with cash, and he couldn’t get bank loans except some from Deutsche Bank. He was so bankrupt that almost no Western bank could loan him a dime. There were ways of laundering money that Trump had. The financing of building projects that involved $400 million or $500 million to build a skyscraper. Once the building was built, they could sell the condos through the shell companies, and limited liability corporations. This was done anonymously in all cash transactions with the Russian oligarchs and other people affiliated with the Russian mafia. They owned Trump before he ever met Putin. Trump became close with the oligarchs who were in turn close to Putin.

  55. Carlo Weis

    Carlo Weis개월 전

    Sarah who?

  56. dlm cmfc

    dlm cmfc개월 전

    Sanders is stress eating. gotta move the camera back.

  57. M M

    M M개월 전


  58. antique

    antique개월 전

    Trump is right. She is one hot piece of tail.

  59. Hockeymom #67

    Hockeymom #67개월 전

    Their sources are themselves. Steven Crowder proved that with one of their own stories. They will be the same baby snowflakes, whining, crying and flopping on the ground just like they did in 2016 election.

  60. cmactoronto

    cmactoronto개월 전

    Sanders doesn't know a thing or two.. about anything.

  61. Nello Johnson

    Nello Johnson개월 전

    Overlook it's lieing Sarah

  62. Cakiema

    Cakiema개월 전

    Why does fox disable comments on some videos but not others.....brainwashing easy people everyday🤩🤣🤣

  63. Vladika Michael

    Vladika Michael개월 전

    Hillary got at least 4 killed.