Rural Outcasts | 웬 아이를 보았네 [2019 KBS Drama Special/ENG/2019.11.15]


  1. Manal A.R.M.Y

    Manal A.R.M.Y21 시간 전

    I need other Ep, noway! It's not enough😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Cheryl Garces

    Cheryl Garces22 시간 전

    I cried so mch he has softheart

  3. Honesty Laishram Chanu

    Honesty Laishram Chanu일 전

    Korean special dramas and movies are improving alot and quite amused with their sometimes unique storyline. Continue doing so and hope for better Korean drama storyline which are monotonous in nature at all the time.

  4. she's crazy af

    she's crazy af일 전

    Got no tears left to cry🤧🤧🤧💓💓💓💓 Lot's of love💓

  5. Arriety Moon

    Arriety Moon일 전


  6. Aicha kba

    Aicha kba3 일 전

    And i cried 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 everyone need to be loved..

  7. Trisha Love

    Trisha Love3 일 전

    I literally cried so hard at 1:06:53 . I really love this movie.

  8. Renata Silva

    Renata Silva3 일 전

    Ahh another great drama special ❤ thank you KBS

  9. Handini Ayu Lestari

    Handini Ayu Lestari4 일 전

    Future suzy is on making process...

  10. Niih Julienne

    Niih Julienne6 일 전

    Lovely movie. I cried towards the end of the movie. Love was all that kid needed in a hash world like this.

  11. Ong Ong I

    Ong Ong I9 일 전

    I suka lihat KBS title tak faham korean tulisn

  12. Rohini jeeda

    Rohini jeeda9 일 전

    Such a nice made me cry 😭♥️

  13. Avei Paofalse

    Avei Paofalse10 일 전

    God I cried!?

  14. Bright Sky

    Bright Sky10 일 전

    I really love kbs drama special. They always have interesting and meaningful stories

  15. Marivi Limpiada

    Marivi Limpiada10 일 전

    I cried a lot...such a good example..i love drama ever

  16. Ika mawardi

    Ika mawardi11 일 전

    I love you sunhui 😢

  17. Vini B. Rocha

    Vini B. Rocha11 일 전

    This is gold. 😢💕

  18. Eva Laspoña

    Eva Laspoña13 일 전

    I can't stop my tears..

  19. Natasha Hayes

    Natasha Hayes13 일 전

    45:50 SF9 이다, 셒구 셒구

  20. kimofalsa23

    kimofalsa2313 일 전

    This is so depressing 😭😭

  21. by Tari

    by Tari15 일 전

    So touched, thanks, this is an amazing film 😭😭😭😭

  22. Wima Wantika

    Wima Wantika15 일 전

    After watching this drama, I realize that Tae Hang Ho in Busted season 2 was nice person hahaha

  23. Mira Mira

    Mira Mira15 일 전

    The plot, the actors, the location and cinematography! It is superb! So heart warming. Within 1 hour we really felt all the emotions, we fell in love with the characters. Good job kbs!

  24. Chickenwings

    Chickenwings15 일 전

    I finished watching it and I’m still crying it’s so good I can’t I love it so much especially the ending

  25. Адыл Саттаров

    Адыл Саттаров13 일 전

    Ооой тооба кандай кино бул😀😀😀

  26. Mira Mira

    Mira Mira15 일 전

    Wow!!! Still amazed how korea can produce such amazing dramas!!!!!!

  27. with Nadia

    with Nadia16 일 전

    Thank you for making this a single drama. Bcos, I am just cannot stand for having my eyes crying to watch long drama.



    I'd admit that I'm homophobic but....gosh this movie literally changee my POV🤧🤧🤧😭😭😭

  29. YOWYoona

    YOWYoona17 일 전

    I almost forgot about kbs drama specials

  30. reyu reyu

    reyu reyu18 일 전

    bad ending , i was hoping he gone to get his surgery n bcome real women n leave 2gther with poopy 😭😭

  31. Almira Majam

    Almira Majam19 일 전

    She should end up with the man sksksksksksksk

  32. Ros Carmen

    Ros Carmen19 일 전

    my eyes can't stop cryinggg 😭😭😭😭

  33. 16cm fairy

    16cm fairy20 일 전

    I literally bawled my eyes out in the middle of the night!😭 This is such a heartwarming short film 💕 Definitely worth your time!😭 Sanhui 😭😭😭 I just cant help it but to imagine that they would be able to meet again when she grows up 😭

  34. Vea Ciara

    Vea Ciara21 일 전

    Such a heart warming movie. I really love it 😍 the main cast are really good 👍

  35. c r a

    c r a21 일 전

    It would have been better if she did not leave. I'm crying ㅠㅠ

  36. Bani Hima

    Bani Hima21 일 전

    Doesn’t the little girl look like younger version of Jun Ji Hyun?

  37. Bani Hima

    Bani Hima18 일 전

    Thank god 🙏🏻 I thought only I felt like that While watching I was constantly reminded of Jun ji hyun Thank you 😊

  38. Manali Adhikari

    Manali Adhikari18 일 전

    Thank you! that's what hit me too XD

  39. Vincent Dolido

    Vincent Dolido21 일 전

    Sunho wants to be a woman but when he finally experience the essence of being a woman (to have a child) he was satisfied and did the best thing for Poppy. Besides, he can earn that money because of the flower that can heal wounds without scar.

  40. Vincent Dolido

    Vincent Dolido21 일 전

    The fancy reference. Hahahaha.

  41. Hanna Alhayek

    Hanna Alhayek21 일 전

    Omg That so freaking saddddddd


    SMILEY EMOJI23 일 전

    Crying my eyes out 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Love has no gender... !

  43. Amina Khatun

    Amina Khatun23 일 전

    Everyone is happy ..and i am also happy

  44. Piseth Suon

    Piseth Suon23 일 전

    Don't hesitate to watch!!! You are not going to waste your time.

  45. Andrea Bergmann

    Andrea Bergmann24 일 전

    My heart is bleeding. He was in my eye a wonderful man woman with a big heart . She has learnt from her him as life can be. And he she has learn how big can love been.

  46. Nazratul Fareha

    Nazratul Fareha25 일 전

    society sucks i want sunhui to stay with dongja 😭

  47. Majy Majy

    Majy Majy25 일 전

    A Genuine Love of Mother

  48. shy shy calotes

    shy shy calotes25 일 전

    I hate that kbs drama specials does not have season 2...I need season 2

  49. 7th cloud

    7th cloud26 일 전

    What a beautiful movie 😍😭❤️

  50. Kate Yangson

    Kate Yangson26 일 전


  51. chanwoomin parkchakim

    chanwoomin parkchakim26 일 전

    Crying my eyes out again.....this movie deserve an oscar

  52. Sham The Baddest

    Sham The Baddest27 일 전

    The girl ooh

  53. Megan Heranandez

    Megan Heranandez27 일 전

    My heart 🥺😭

  54. Lucifer Chuck

    Lucifer Chuck28 일 전

    My tears weren't stopin love you both ❤️ beautifully made ....m i the only one emotional

  55. Krusty Candy

    Krusty Candy28 일 전

    Budak tu kdang2 mcm muke erra fazira.. sape org malaysia sini? Setuju x?

  56. Shin

    Shin28 일 전

    How live become so hard and we can get someone who take care ourself This story is so hurting me ㅠㅠ

  57. Lina Halipa

    Lina Halipa29 일 전

    MY HEART 💔💔😭

  58. 전아침달

    전아침달개월 전

    아름답고 슬픈 스토리네요.🏳️‍🌈

  59. Lil Bitchu

    Lil Bitchu개월 전

    I cried :"""""""

  60. rekha baner345

    rekha baner345개월 전

    I can't understand pls eng subtitle

  61. Ivani Nopiyanti

    Ivani Nopiyanti개월 전

    Best movieee . Please make it as a series or 2nd part . It teaches us lessons for respecting other people

  62. Layusya Hanjar

    Layusya Hanjar개월 전


  63. Mary MD

    Mary MD개월 전

    My tears can't fall down because my mom was here when I watched it. But it really gave me too much pain deep inside. 😭😭😭😭😭 He/She deserves to be happy too. I am so annoyed to those people who judged easily without knowing the truth..