RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Meet The Queens


  1. BBC Three

    BBC Three29 일 전

    Watch the new series on BBC iPlayer this October.

  2. ObiWan Kenobi

    ObiWan Kenobi6 일 전

    Cal Neill you might be homophobic but you’re definitely not straight if you’re commenting on a drag queen video. Either that of you have absolutely no life at all in the slightest 😂

  3. Markus Fuchs

    Markus Fuchs7 일 전

    @SuperClaire999 it's geo blocked tho

  4. Jun hee Bae

    Jun hee Bae8 일 전

    @Cal Neill that is how u are. So rather than people being free and expressing their art, they should close themselves and think about suicide ? Because that's what being closed leads to. Doesn't matter, straight, gay, curved, pointy

  5. smiler

    smiler시간 전

    I did NOT expect Sum Ting to sound like that!! 😂😂😂 Love it. I love how the drag queens are not competitive and they wanna help each other. I love that it's about performance too. That's important. I wonder if Michelle and Ru will research for the snatch game to understand the humour?

  6. Honey Fungus

    Honey Fungus9 시간 전

    The Vivienne seems a good laugh. Her impersonation of Kim Woodburn was spot on.

  7. Nikolas Sakkas

    Nikolas Sakkas9 시간 전

    Snatch Game suggestions: Gemma Collins (obviously), The Queen, Sharon Osbourne, Vicky Pollard, the girls from Geordie Shore, Dawn French or Jennifer Saunders, Adele, Mary Poppins, Miranda Hart, Theresa May, Margaret Thatcher, Kim Woodburn

  8. Sticky Keys29

    Sticky Keys299 시간 전

    Yeah this is good but nina should've been blac chyna

  9. Karla Garro

    Karla Garro10 시간 전

    crystal is the british version of pearl

  10. E Presley

    E Presley11 시간 전

    Is Blue Hydrangea American? She does not sound like she's from Ireland... can't wait to learn more about her and all the other queens! Will we get it in the States?

  11. teewoods

    teewoods13 시간 전

    Why so much refeence to Americans and their needs? Don't give a damn about Trumps people!

  12. Compact

    Compact13 시간 전

    I don't understand anything Baga Chipz says...

  13. Lonesome

    Lonesome14 시간 전

    Is Sum Ting Wong with ha? she is blinking too much!

  14. lime -x- tasting -x- pears

    lime -x- tasting -x- pears16 시간 전

    Scaredy Kat is so cute- Reminds me of Melanie Martinez’s style kinda but more exaggerated makeup.

  15. Ty Perez

    Ty Perez일 전

    Baga chipz is going to be the winner

  16. Donice09

    Donice092 일 전

    Crystal reminds me of bubble from absolutely fabulous

  17. happybetta

    happybetta2 일 전

    Will this be played on vh1 ? I’m confused why did this become a thing just super confused like this is filmed in us or Canada . Yes I’m dumb sorry

  18. Leon Grayson

    Leon Grayson2 일 전

    4:17 - I was whitening my teeth and the whole thing fell out my mouth cause I... I can’t. Her laugh kills me 😂

  19. Russ Britt

    Russ Britt2 일 전

    Since I am in America, hopefully I can purchase the season (+ Untucked) on Amazon...(or Amazon UK)....I wonder how streaming the show from the UK Amazon in the US would work?

  20. Aaron Taylor

    Aaron Taylor2 일 전

    BAGA CHIPZ has got to win this. The ultimate drag queen representing the UK. She makes me proud to be British 🇬🇧

  21. Nel Darmo

    Nel Darmo2 일 전


  22. Lauren S

    Lauren S2 일 전

    Why does Davina remind me of the dancer Diane from strictly... in face not necessarily personality

  23. Max M-S

    Max M-S2 일 전

    Kii at BBC Three making Crystal drop "Beth" from her name and come up with a new meaning for her name dddd

  24. Blue101

    Blue1012 일 전

    Are these the drag queens of 2019?

  25. milly thomas

    milly thomas2 일 전

    All of the Snatch Game could solely be Little Britain characters. But if no one does the GC I will stop watching.

  26. Teagan Downing

    Teagan Downing3 일 전

    0:34 huh?

  27. SpectacularVernacular

    SpectacularVernacular3 일 전

    Why it gotta be white

  28. Ibraheem M.

    Ibraheem M.3 일 전

    I am fonny as fukh

  29. Mr. w

    Mr. w3 일 전

    Scaredy Kat.... She is self-deprecating way too much. Have some optimism, queen!

  30. Paw Claw

    Paw Claw4 일 전

    Wtf did I just watch lmaoo

  31. Mads D

    Mads D4 일 전

    Aww, I want to watch this in Denmark. These queens actually seem likeable compared to the Americans.

  32. Elma Dedic

    Elma Dedic3 일 전

    I'm also from Denmark. Have any ideas for where to watch drag race? Ever since it got removed from Netflix, I've been unable to watch it. :[

  33. 大葉

    大葉4 일 전

    My bets on Divina, Scaredy Kat, Vivienne...

  34. VooDooTube

    VooDooTube4 일 전

    How cool would it be if Rupaul asked Lilly Savage to make a special appearance. !!

  35. Tiago Silva

    Tiago Silva4 일 전

    I just hope that Divine shows don't have this awful, stupid, terrible laugh thinking this will be your trademark

  36. reptile SLUT

    reptile SLUT4 일 전

    After losing multiple times latrice and manila merged their life forms to form vinegar strokes for another chance at the crown

  37. starky

    starky4 일 전

    god i love the vivienne

  38. Dead Cherries

    Dead Cherries5 일 전

    Why must of them look like the same person but with different makeup and outfits?

  39. Ian McLean

    Ian McLean5 일 전

    It’s more like Drag Race England (with one non-English person)

  40. Katie Jane

    Katie Jane일 전

    @Icon Of Recon are you being sarcastic? They said English not British. Northern Irish folk would not appreciate being called English lol

  41. Icon Of Recon

    Icon Of Recon2 일 전

    R u saying Northern Ireland is not in Great Britain 😡

  42. Icon Of Recon

    Icon Of Recon2 일 전

    Ian McLean that’s very racist

  43. Devin G

    Devin G5 일 전

    Who else is here for the accents?

  44. Keanon Van der Walt

    Keanon Van der Walt5 일 전

    Did Baga Chips really say _make ohp_ ?

  45. Josue Ojeda

    Josue Ojeda6 일 전

    Category is: Hogwarts House Extravaganza.

  46. Dawn Gilmore

    Dawn Gilmore6 일 전

    where do I get bbc three I player?

  47. Mercy Ziegler

    Mercy Ziegler4 일 전

    I think you can get it on the App Store if you’re from America

  48. GasparThePrince

    GasparThePrince6 일 전

    Prediction, sum ting Wong will be out in the first week or two

  49. Finn West

    Finn West2 일 전


  50. Evan Almond

    Evan Almond6 일 전

    Alright ladies, who we betting on being the villain of the season?

  51. George Whitehead

    George Whitehead6 일 전

    So happy to see UK Queens succeeding in this competition. Your creativity is inspiring. X

  52. Husam Saad

    Husam Saad6 일 전

    davina de campo love from 1st bitchy S̶c̶r̶e̶e̶m̶ laugh

  53. Hello Bye

    Hello Bye6 일 전

    Am I the only one who think Cheryl Whole is really pretty 🙋‍♀️ 😂

  54. Hello Bye

    Hello Bye6 일 전

    Can they help me make a creative drag name 😂

  55. Deanie

    Deanie6 일 전

    I adore them all.

  56. Mr. Carey Collection

    Mr. Carey Collection6 일 전

    That annoying Courtney Act accent.

  57. Xwire

    Xwire6 일 전

    Can’t wait 😊

  58. Satsu Sensei

    Satsu Sensei6 일 전

    My ranking so far: Blue Hydrangea Crystal The Vivienne Gothy Kendoll Vinegar Strokes Scaredy Kat Cheryl Hole Sum Ting Wong Baga Chipz Divina De Campo

  59. RubyRoseRivers

    RubyRoseRivers6 일 전

    Just by watching this, I’d rather Divina to win any time over the Vivienne

  60. Chris Lee Carey

    Chris Lee Carey6 일 전


  61. Kai Sven

    Kai Sven7 일 전

    I really hope scaredy-kat goes far

  62. Mercy Ziegler

    Mercy Ziegler4 일 전

    I’m not sure she will tbh, but I hope she will too

  63. Dave

    Dave7 일 전

    I am seariously questioning our species right now

  64. Brian Cook

    Brian Cook7 일 전

    Who did the lighting for this, HORRIBLE!

  65. Rebecca Anne

    Rebecca Anne7 일 전

    The Vivienne reminds me of Jennifer Coolidge

  66. Cameron Dougherty

    Cameron Dougherty7 일 전

    Anyone else think Vinegar looks JUST like Jessie on Emmerdale? No? Only me? Ok nvm.

  67. Jaimo Wamo

    Jaimo Wamo7 일 전

    I’m excited to get me crisps

  68. 21st century illegirl

    21st century illegirl7 일 전

    Lowkey hoping they got Yungblud as a judge...

  69. Tallulah J

    Tallulah J7 일 전

    Em Scottish queens next time pls 😿

  70. Cheryl Baker

    Cheryl Baker7 일 전

    🍑 🍆