1. Tyron Andrews

    Tyron Andrews17 일 전

    2020 here and still love x

  2. Tyron Andrews

    Tyron Andrews17 일 전

    2020 righ now if your listening to it

  3. Morgan • 20 years ago • edited

    Morgan • 20 years ago • edited19 일 전

    Who else here before 100 million views?

  4. Elver Chavez

    Elver Chavez개월 전

    [Verse 1: XXXTENTACION] Yeah, me haffi, big up, yuh Big up, yuh, big up, yuh Buy car and land fi yuh Use bad man for their bread when the mortgage up Big up, yuh, big up, yuh, big up, yuh Gyal dem a Kingston Haffi whine dem body when they hear me on this one Man, it's cool until this shit change Wanna use me for the money and the cars, yeah, the big range Yeah, it's funny how shit change All shorty want is young nigga's drawers, that shit stains In a poor house, Biscayne Now I'm in the coupe with a crib big as Chris Paine Never could forget all the nights it was just pain Now I'm finna come for the throne, don't forget, mane

  5. Michael Green

    Michael Green개월 전

    This sounds like Oxbow B by Lorn. Whoever reads this should definitely check that song out.

  6. iiXziGxn

    iiXziGxn개월 전

    Anybody feels like Eminem can rap fast to this if he was a feature?

  7. Creeper GT

    Creeper GT개월 전

    This what Cleo collecting after X’s death

  8. carlos andres criollo fonseca

    carlos andres criollo fonseca개월 전

    no la he escuchado pero ta chida :D

  9. carlos andres criollo fonseca

    carlos andres criollo fonseca개월 전


  10. dronemaster122 studio's

    dronemaster122 studio's개월 전

    My name starts with jah

  11. dronemaster122 studio's

    dronemaster122 studio's개월 전


  12. Billy Sanchez

    Billy Sanchez2 개월 전

    Please put this in black panther 2 !!

  13. That 1 Girl paris

    That 1 Girl paris2 개월 전

    Rip xxx

  14. Pollo Pio :v

    Pollo Pio :v2 개월 전

    this looks like a FIFA song

  15. Jason Watson

    Jason Watson2 개월 전

    Ain’t here to promote, here to remember X

  16. Bryan Rodriguez

    Bryan Rodriguez2 개월 전

    Lil Wayne & Eminem - No Love? I think its the same sample....

  17. Serenity Mata

    Serenity Mata2 개월 전

    ╔══╗ ╚╗╔╝ ╔╝ (⁀`v´⁀) ╚══` .¸. XXX

  18. Fred Bowles

    Fred Bowles2 개월 전


  19. RaLakoose

    RaLakoose2 개월 전

    Truly miss u x :( its hard to listen to ur music cause ur gone...tryna learn the shit u spoke before ur departure...but GODDAMMIT...its hard :(

  20. Tatiana Marie

    Tatiana Marie2 개월 전

    Here in 2019- such an amazing song.

  21. Tatiana Marie

    Tatiana Marie2 개월 전

    BadVibes4Ever Gaming I’m marking the times I visited this song

  22. BadVibes4Ever Channel

    BadVibes4Ever Channel2 개월 전

    Tatiana Marie the song was released this year

  23. Der Typ von neben an GG

    Der Typ von neben an GG2 개월 전

    Jahseh we Hope ya will be fine in heaven no singer is better than you!

  24. Isaiah Collins

    Isaiah Collins2 개월 전


  25. Isaiah Collins

    Isaiah Collins2 개월 전

    @yub nub k

  26. yub nub

    yub nub2 개월 전

    Isaiah Collins Jesus calm down

  27. Isaiah Collins

    Isaiah Collins2 개월 전

    This is Art


    RAY FERGUSON2 개월 전

    Anyone else only here for X??

  29. guy fieri

    guy fieri2 개월 전


  30. Looser Kid

    Looser Kid3 개월 전

    Big up, yuh Big up, yuh, big up, yuh IT GETS ME EVERY TIME BRU🇯🇲🔥🔥🔥💯

  31. Looser Kid

    Looser Kid3 개월 전

    Ware all my fello Jamaicans at 💯💯💯

  32. Courtney Smith

    Courtney Smith3 개월 전

    Rip to the goddess of rappers and a legend to the fans I will miss you and have a good life in heaven pls everyone like and give rips in the comments so they can see my prayer and also pray for him I’m sorry for the people who don’t believe in Jesus but i love you x

  33. 36ixes

    36ixes3 개월 전


  34. FEOC 1

    FEOC 13 개월 전

    I watched this edit of x crying last week and now I’m more depressed 😔

  35. Yin Brown

    Yin Brown3 개월 전

    this is such a hard beat oml

  36. Pietro Formosa

    Pietro Formosa3 개월 전

    Gucci boo boo

  37. jai_bougie12

    jai_bougie123 개월 전

    I want x back

  38. Ah shit, here we go again.

    Ah shit, here we go again.3 개월 전

    Lets just listen to this song on x channel and hope the royalties go to his family 🙏.

  39. MCG Estrada

    MCG Estrada3 개월 전

    Swae Lee - "Won't be late"???

  40. Lil Sad

    Lil Sad3 개월 전 go listen and share everywhere please

  41. SeemsLegitTV

    SeemsLegitTV3 개월 전

    His music is amazing we lost his voice too soon 😔❤️

  42. Demo

    Demo3 개월 전


  43. Taylor Morgan

    Taylor Morgan3 개월 전

    why they trying to make it seem like he still alive and this is not his style rip xxx

  44. ΛUSSRΛH667

    ΛUSSRΛH6673 개월 전

    Love from France , Portugal , and Spain 🇵🇹🇫🇷🇪🇸🔥👌

  45. Goku Uchiha

    Goku Uchiha3 개월 전

    Me and x are from the islands. X is Jamaican Im from all the islands so basically im Bajan and Jamaican Hawaiian and a lot more islands im from

  46. GZ WRLD

    GZ WRLD3 개월 전

    Who here before 3 million like if you are lol 👇🏻


    JAH IS A LEGEND3 개월 전

    stop trying to get clout from a dead legend I hope your content with yourself while his son grows up without a dad and only has music to listen to. Imagine he sees this comment how will you feel stop and get a life

  48. Freak Prince

    Freak Prince3 개월 전

    Why are you fucking disrespecting him by asking for likes

  49. AjdrenningCod

    AjdrenningCod3 개월 전

    We need to stop being sad about his death it's been a whole year, We should be happy knowing that he left music for us.

  50. aj hatrak

    aj hatrak3 개월 전

    X was smart enough to fake his death. Not saying he is or isn’t dead. Just that he was smart enough to pull off a fake death🤷🏼‍♂️ For those hating on other people’s comments, are you even an X fan. I don’t think he would be happy with your judgmental comments or hate towards another human, just sayin☺️

  51. MS Brandon

    MS Brandon3 개월 전

    I feel Jamaican I miss x

  52. Koolor

    Koolor3 개월 전

    This should have 600 milion views not 600 thousands

  53. Naveraj Dhesi

    Naveraj Dhesi3 개월 전

    3 oktober 2019 and still listening

  54. AuraAura

    AuraAura3 개월 전

    ngl this song is his worst

  55. Zackary Morton

    Zackary Morton3 개월 전


  56. Traiway 7

    Traiway 73 개월 전

    I whis guys that x gonna live to he is 200000 year he can’t die 1 year ago but he is 😭😭😭😭

  57. dennis grady

    dennis grady4 개월 전

    Vybz kartel. Yup!!!!! 2019 still .... salute .

  58. Sammy Shanoss

    Sammy Shanoss4 개월 전

    good one.

  59. ALEXANDER Berdeja

    ALEXANDER Berdeja4 개월 전

    :(rip x Love your songs

  60. Natural Nia

    Natural Nia4 개월 전

    0:45 You’re Welcome

  61. Laal Lolo

    Laal Lolo4 개월 전

    Ik Ky mani Marley son

  62. Manuel Garcia

    Manuel Garcia4 개월 전

    My math might be wrong but im might grow up to be in 2054

  63. Kevin Rodriguez

    Kevin Rodriguez4 개월 전

    i thought x was dead last year and made a song a month ago

  64. Mara Cardoso

    Mara Cardoso4 개월 전


  65. Actively Anime

    Actively Anime4 개월 전


  66. Phxmous

    Phxmous5 개월 전

    It's quirky that Kartel is Ft. And the song is "Royalty"

  67. carlos molina

    carlos molina5 개월 전

    Are you shure he is dead