Rod Wave - Heart On Ice


  1. Melissa Jackson

    Melissa Jackson2 시간 전

    This is so real

  2. Fancy Face

    Fancy Face5 시간 전


  3. Slime Daniels

    Slime Daniels15 시간 전


  4. brabrabadazzsavage

    brabrabadazzsavage16 시간 전

    I felt dawg on this shit I can’t stop playing this shit

  5. Sermar Southern

    Sermar Southern17 시간 전

    Felt this💯

  6. iDrxpLouis Tv

    iDrxpLouis Tv19 시간 전


  7. Mrs. Charles

    Mrs. Charles20 시간 전

    Memories 😟😔

  8. youngeenjay dareal

    youngeenjay dareal일 전

    😈 ♈💪

  9. Mythic Retro

    Mythic Retro일 전

    Who ever disliked dis must be a hater ong

  10. THE ONE

    THE ONE일 전


  11. Unknown_ Entity

    Unknown_ Entity일 전

    Collab with MO3 and that would be fire 🔥🔥

  12. Todd Singleton

    Todd Singleton일 전

    Shit so hawd🤕 screets luv u nigga

  13. Kvngdasauce King

    Kvngdasauce King2 일 전

    This man voice is a instrument I swear 🤧

  14. Kamyah Chafin

    Kamyah Chafin2 일 전

    🔥🔥😩.!! I feel yo pain💔

  15. Gunz MG828911

    Gunz MG8289112 일 전

    Man Let Me Get A Second Verse On Here Man The World Gonna Finally Love Me I Need This One Man

  16. Anthony Rush

    Anthony Rush2 일 전

    My whole life story in 2mins💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  17. Dita Kane

    Dita Kane2 일 전


  18. Kimberly Falconer

    Kimberly Falconer2 일 전

    I like this song but why is this song so short

  19. Shot by Ki Spellman

    Shot by Ki Spellman2 일 전

    Rod Wave x Kevin Gates!!? 🔥🔥🔥

  20. Anton Johnson

    Anton Johnson2 일 전

    Real spill my dog. Keep grindin Fashow

  21. Gregnisha Bias

    Gregnisha Bias3 일 전

    I have listing to this song over and over I love it FACTZ

  22. Thts Layy

    Thts Layy3 일 전

    This songs so addictive 😩🤧

  23. Amaya Smith

    Amaya Smith3 일 전

    My favorite rapper 💪👍🙏🤟🔥

  24. KK ThaGoat

    KK ThaGoat3 일 전

    U my new fav artist how much for a feature??



    New fav song for real this song is amazing 😭😊💕

  26. Tiffany Russell

    Tiffany Russell3 일 전


  27. GreenUp Rell

    GreenUp Rell3 일 전

    This shit the Hardest out right Now On God

  28. Syneek Mob

    Syneek Mob3 일 전

    Rod Wave gon take over... All his song touch you💯💯💯!!

  29. Anedreas Wright

    Anedreas Wright3 일 전

    When he said don't know how you get down with thoes clowns but i am a solider i was like i am a solider.🔥🔥🔥

  30. Big Breezy

    Big Breezy3 일 전

    Ong this song hit💯💯💯

  31. Wadley Marcelin

    Wadley Marcelin4 일 전

    I love Rod Wave

  32. BrezeLoe Vevo

    BrezeLoe Vevo4 일 전

    Tell dat boy wave we need a ft out here in Chi wassup I got 5k

  33. chris dawson

    chris dawson4 일 전

    Just heard your shit, bruh it's rocking keep it coming bout to check out your music

  34. Briana Prewitt

    Briana Prewitt4 일 전


  35. Briana Prewitt

    Briana Prewitt4 일 전

    You raw

  36. jada houston

    jada houston4 일 전

    1 hour???

  37. Theyluvvv. me

    Theyluvvv. me4 일 전

    It's my fault 😔

  38. Nikki L.

    Nikki L.4 일 전



    SHEEN CURRY5 일 전

    *Finally a young black man not posing to be a thug or gangsta* This is what our society needs!

  40. Marlo Stanfield

    Marlo Stanfield일 전

    He bout that tho dont get it twisted 🗣



    Keep this shit up bro fr yo shit amazing

  42. Kierra Keekee

    Kierra Keekee5 일 전

    Love love love it!!!

  43. Walkin’Bucket ENT.

    Walkin’Bucket ENT.5 일 전

    Bro ain’t even have to curse🙏🏽👌🏽

  44. NaTraia Roberts

    NaTraia Roberts5 일 전

    My baeeeeee in this video😍💕!! YK Osiris🥰🥰 but this song fye🤪❤️

  45. Lena The God

    Lena The God5 일 전

    This needsssss to be longerrrrr

  46. Curtis Baggett

    Curtis Baggett5 일 전

    He go hard I'm in Milwaukee I fuck with you

  47. monae williams

    monae williams5 일 전

    “My fault I were my heart on my sleeve “

  48. Ayoo Deric

    Ayoo Deric5 일 전

    0:41 all my Kissimmee heads like this

  49. Terrel Franklin

    Terrel Franklin5 일 전

    I don't even Kno how I got here!!! But im glad I heard this song so many tears dropped from my eyes 💯 always a reason right!!!

  50. Brandon Thomas

    Brandon Thomas6 일 전

    Should we expect a song wit u and yk

  51. tydre joines

    tydre joines6 일 전