1. gameranx

    gameranx개월 전

    Thanks for watching. Hope yous guys have a good weekend! What are you playing? Watching? Let us know.

  2. Scott Bracher

    Scott Bracher18 시간 전

    Bloody love GameRanx.. keep up the good work 👍🎮

  3. Payton Cutts

    Payton Cutts21 일 전

    Maybe they do undead nightmare 2

  4. Don't get above your reason

    Don't get above your reason개월 전

    Sorry I'll never buy a Google gaming system. They suck China's d*CK.

  5. ClICC

    ClICC개월 전

    Am I the only person who thinks you guys over at gameranx should make an updated Top 10 Goriest Games list?

  6. Romeo Bradds

    Romeo Bradds개월 전

    I hope bully 2

  7. Paul Merritt-heaney

    Paul Merritt-heaney5 일 전

    Bit late only just seen this video. I agree I would love to see rockstar work on something else. DMA designs worked on the first gta and the second if my memory is right. On the n64 there was a game called “body harvest” and DMA also had a part in the creation of this game to. I use to enjoy that game a lot and would be more then happy to see a remake of that game because if they made a game that good on the n64 what could they do with today’s and the future console generations. That’s a game I would love to play again if you don’t know what I’m on about just give it a google.

  8. SlowSvt

    SlowSvt6 일 전

    1:55 A new midnight club

  9. B O

    B O10 일 전

    Imagine a GTA where it was a global storyline. Start in USA then onto London then Tokyo etc. What a game that would be!

  10. Ghost

    Ghost11 일 전

    A KOreporter leaker? And who might that be?

  11. Elijah M. Stephenson

    Elijah M. Stephenson12 일 전

    You can wait for GTA? 5 came out in 2013!!! I can't wait!!! I've been waiting bruh!

  12. Yusuf ibn Qadir

    Yusuf ibn Qadir13 일 전

    Yu Rok

  13. 818Spencer

    818Spencer13 일 전

    I still want RDR1 on PC

  14. Marc Zimmerman

    Marc Zimmerman14 일 전

    GTA 6. I don't give a shit about table tennis, it's been 6 years since GTA 5 came out.

  15. Vincy_is_happy

    Vincy_is_happy15 일 전

    Will GTA VI have CJ?

  16. Annoying goblin

    Annoying goblin16 일 전

    If there's another gta it should be set in the 1950s or even 60s. London was a thing in gta as well.

  17. Krabby Patty Grease

    Krabby Patty Grease16 일 전

    That's great news but they really should fix connection issues with rdr2 online

  18. DMZ

    DMZ18 일 전

    To Rockstar Here’s some advice make gta 6 right now to shut the fans up and then after you can probably go for 5-6 years with no complaints (as long as gta 6 is good) then straight after gta 6 get bully 2 even if you’ve already tried TRY IT AGAIN then make another fan favourite game then most likely gta 7

  19. Reggie F

    Reggie F18 일 전

    RDR2 on PC is cool, Online Eh.... but there still isn't any massive updates to the regular game and its been a year already. there wasting such a great opportunity to dive deeper into the game on the single player side.

  20. Jimmy Kantstandyourbitz

    Jimmy Kantstandyourbitz19 일 전

    I much rather have GTA 6 come out than Bully 2 tbh.

  21. заставил тебя выглядеть

    заставил тебя выглядеть19 일 전

    GTA 6 it's been so long

  22. Lunar Vania

    Lunar Vania19 일 전

    You heard it first here, Jake will be getting "WILD" on Animal Crossing in March.

  23. Skizz Mortlock

    Skizz Mortlock20 일 전

    No love for Midnight Club?

  24. Captain America

    Captain America20 일 전

    4:21 when you’re talking to someone at the door and you’re dog is being annoying behind you.

  25. I’m some body Ur nobody

    I’m some body Ur nobody20 일 전

    Gta 6 or bully 2 I don’t care give one of these fast.

  26. anthony gifford

    anthony gifford20 일 전

    All I know is bully 2 would be great but I want a new midnight club, and you're right I can wait on GTA 6 for longer so they can release a few other smaller games

  27. Sanel Sistek

    Sanel Sistek20 일 전

    Gra 6 !! It been over 6 years since it came out

  28. Thincy 02

    Thincy 0221 일 전

    I cant wait for RDR2

  29. gotchoass inmyscope

    gotchoass inmyscope22 일 전

    If we can't have Bully 2 I'd really like a remastered San Andreas or a new Midnight Club game

  30. Rift Salty

    Rift Salty23 일 전

    bully 2 would be very very hard to pull off with nowadays graphics and censorship

  31. endorbr

    endorbr23 일 전

    Google is full of shit. The kind of streaming gaming they’re talking about is a decade away and that’s assuming that internet providers really invest in network upgrades during that time.

  32. Torfaro

    Torfaro23 일 전

    Nobody: Me: *BIG HANDS* 7:23

  33. Poison

    Poison24 일 전

    Max Payne 4

  34. Alby Trevy

    Alby Trevy24 일 전

    the only games i want are: bully 2, skate 4, battlefield bad company 3. The rest are just distractions


    XPRO SHIT24 일 전

    4:20 what the fuck is this guy doing :D

  36. IXSasukeKingIV YT

    IXSasukeKingIV YT24 일 전

    I Just want Gta 6 To Come Out already its been fucking 7 years since gta 5 been out

  37. Numeric Wolf

    Numeric Wolf25 일 전

    who else wants GTA6 to be a drift game

  38. Genesis YT

    Genesis YT26 일 전

    You know what I want A flash game and rockstar can do it but probably not happening

  39. Babak Karimi

    Babak Karimi26 일 전

    I believe in VR too

  40. Brighton Delorme

    Brighton Delorme26 일 전

    Rockstar should work on a fantasy or scifi setting game.

  41. Pom Jaens

    Pom Jaens27 일 전

    midnight club come on!!!

  42. NeoTheChosenOne

    NeoTheChosenOne27 일 전

    Troy Baker and Laura Bailey working together again? Snow Villier and Serah Farron reunite!

  43. Rilakkuma

    Rilakkuma27 일 전

    The Warriors remake would be sick.

  44. Christian-E. Latte

    Christian-E. Latte27 일 전

    I bet the Google stadia controller just uses mind reading technology to achieve negative latency. All the buttons are just placebo buttons.

  45. Krabset

    Krabset27 일 전

    They should make a sandbox RPG. Elder scrolls type, just Rockstar´y(?).

  46. SiGmA MaLe StraTegieS

    SiGmA MaLe StraTegieS27 일 전

    Thank you Sony for using PS5 instead of making up some fancy name



    I would love a bully 2

  48. Adam bennion

    Adam bennion28 일 전

    Stadia is just another Data mining tool for google, just like KOreporter.



    I need a midnight game now

  50. Gary Brown

    Gary Brown28 일 전


  51. doppydopp

    doppydopp28 일 전

    From rockstar? How about a pirate theme.. arrr!

  52. voor wat

    voor wat28 일 전

    1:39 Disagree strongly here. The last GTA was 6 years ago. You can wait for it, but most can't! :)

  53. FatBot

    FatBot28 일 전

    i just want a new midnight club

  54. Lord Way

    Lord Way28 일 전

    GTA 6 it's been 6 years since the last with no dlc and it's my favourite series.

  55. Aaron Goodson

    Aaron Goodson28 일 전

    The rare tumblebutt from cyanide and happiness caught on film 4:20

  56. Kana Beats

    Kana Beats29 일 전

    that was a cowards move by blizzard fr

  57. Dre Domo

    Dre Domo29 일 전

    Ray J sponsored this video and this comment.

  58. jon

    jon29 일 전

    negative latency? no thank you.

  59. Veegzid

    Veegzid29 일 전

    4:20 is what you came for

  60. Boi Lookin

    Boi Lookin29 일 전

    lol for the entire ps4 life cycle there will be no true gta release

  61. Hagar TheHonorable

    Hagar TheHonorable29 일 전

    How about a medieval R* game?




  63. Adrian Cardona

    Adrian Cardona개월 전

    I thought you and tatted makeup trans got into a fight? This why u don't do make up tutorials anymore? Gaming now? Cool. 😁Jk

  64. jonny5777

    jonny5777개월 전

    So true about slow internet speeds! Although we are getting 900mbs soon is that fast?

  65. Fernando Herrera

    Fernando Herrera개월 전