Rockabilly Guitar Lesson - Cliff Gallup Special


  1. BabyBoomerChannel

    BabyBoomerChannel6 시간 전

    There must be live footage of Gallup playing with Vincent somewhere - but I can't find it.

  2. Luca Solari

    Luca Solari4 일 전

    I LOVE Gene Vincent's songs with the guitar parts of Cliff Gallup! I would need a whole guitar course with tabs of several songs. This CG Special is a precious start guide...

  3. Atomic flash

    Atomic flash5 일 전

    Learn it before you teach it

  4. deranged 666

    deranged 666년 전

    Way too clean" rock it boy!

  5. Randy Richter

    Randy Richter11 개월 전

    It's the Cliff Gallup Special, so I tried to come close to his sound which is very clean. This also the case for most of the rockabilly recordings Some mild distorsion adds some bite and I love that too, but heavy distorsion is not my thing.

  6. Petri Tähtinen

    Petri Tähtinen년 전

    Hello, great playing, what gauge strings and brand you using, flats or wounds, Gallup using flats. Thank you

  7. Randy Richter

    Randy Richter년 전

    Hi Petri, I use 11th flatwound strings by Thomastik

  8. Dmitri Tchoulanov

    Dmitri Tchoulanov년 전

    it's cool

  9. Benjamin BOUVIER

    Benjamin BOUVIER년 전

    Hi Buddy. First, a lot of thanks for all you share. I'm looking a lot for Gliff Gallup guitar lessons or tabs on youtube and the rest of the web. Unfortunatly, I've never found a Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps version (and cliff's part) of one of (maybe not the best) Gene's song, but most beautifull and very known version of Hunchained Melody. With this Mandolin/Italian style picking. Would you share it?

  10. Randy Richter

    Randy Richter년 전

    Hi Benjamin, that would be an interesting challenge for me. I haven't played it yet. I can try, but won't promise anything ;-) Great suggestion!

  11. Dylan Welch

    Dylan Welch년 전

    What other scale is being played beside the g minor pentatonic mixed with a mixolydian in the first solo?

  12. Randy Richter

    Randy Richter년 전

    Hi Trevor, I see it more as the G-Major-Scale with some Blue Notes and Chromatic Notes to give it some flavour and to connect the notes.

  13. Dylan Welch

    Dylan Welch년 전


  14. Dan Mons

    Dan Mons년 전

    Great lesson . MERCI de France

  15. Jack Grattan

    Jack Grattan년 전

    Did Cliff Gallup come from a western swing background? His awesome solo in RACE WITH THE DEVIL sounds similar to the guitar solo in Bob Wills' ROLY POLY.

  16. Randy Richter

    Randy Richter년 전

    Not really Western Swing, but he's played with a local country band. At least these are the only recordings available, prior to Gene Vincent

  17. Doctor Skull

    Doctor Skull년 전

    Randy, thanks for the greatest demonstration videos on You Tube.

  18. SolarReturn

    SolarReturn년 전

    Randy! :) Really enjoy your videos and lessons! I know you must get a ton of requests and I know you have to be beyond busy recording and all, but could you possibly find a way to do a lesson of this Buddy Holly classic 'Slippin And A Slidin' sometime this year. Id be more than happy to purchase this lesson from you my friend! If you could teach the acoustic and the lead electric guitar licks on this I would be very grateful my friend! I would even dance at your wedding if you could do this this! :) Im planning on ordering quite a few lessons from you before the year is out and I would really appreciate it if you would make this song available. You all are doing a great job in the studio recapturing that Sun Studio sound by the way. Really sounds great. Love your piano playing as well. Best regards my friend!

  19. Randy Richter

    Randy Richter년 전

    Send me an email and we can work something out

  20. Alex E

    Alex E2 년 전

    Sehr aufschlussreich! Gut erklärt. Danke!

  21. cochabambas

    cochabambas2 년 전

    Über toll super tasty playing.

  22. Bob Mac

    Bob Mac2 년 전

    Cliff was amazing (the king Rockabilly guitar IMO) . . . and you do a great job Randy!

  23. Randy Richter

    Randy Richter2 년 전

    thanks, Bob! Gotta love the Cliff Gallup stuff

  24. Stiv Luca Vincent

    Stiv Luca Vincent2 년 전

    Great lesson man. ...Mr Gallup is My Hero!

  25. Pete Andrews

    Pete Andrews2 년 전

    Wow great playing, you have nailed the Gallup style!

  26. Paul Whiting

    Paul Whiting2 년 전

    Hi Randy great video yet again. I'm looking to do a number of your courses but wondered if you recommend a good beginners guitar for about 160 pounds?

  27. Randy Richter

    Randy Richter2 년 전

    Pretty much the same models. Gretsch also offers the Pro Jet for that kinda money. Generally speaking, single coils are usually better suited for rockabilly than humbuckers. But most importantly you have to feel comfortable with your guitar

  28. Paul Whiting

    Paul Whiting2 년 전

    Hi Randy since speaking to you earlier Ive managed to raise my fiances up to 350 - 400 pounds (400 euros) What would you go for for that price?

  29. Randy Richter

    Randy Richter2 년 전

    Hi Paul, 160 Pounds is not much. If you invest 100 moe, you can get some decent Squier Tele or Strat, also an Epiphone Les Paul can be nice. I would definitely try some guitars at ta local dealer instead of ordering online. Especially with the cheap models it can be hit or miss.

  30. Graeme Rogers

    Graeme Rogers2 년 전

    Great lesson. Many thanks for making this available.

  31. blondegretsch

    blondegretsch2 년 전

    excellente approche du style du fantastique Cliff Gallup . Merci vous êtes parfait .

  32. Steve R. Janes_Berlin

    Steve R. Janes_Berlin2 년 전

    ABSOLUTELY GREAT! 100% exact.

  33. Teddy Hair

    Teddy Hair2 년 전

    Vc não fala português.. É nem eu em inglês.. Mas sou apaixonado por Rockabilly..