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    Lol Pacific rim versus Kajiu lol

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    Team robot

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    Team Robot

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    Robot Won and we will all be there after we die

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    im team robot ali

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    team robot i like the mecha

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    team monster im evil

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    3 14

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    Go go power rangers Bay bay power rangers

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    What’s wrong w your voice

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    Team robot!!!💖💖💖💖💗💖💖

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    Tiem robot

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    3:10 that’s what she said

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    5:41 he just got rko'ed outta nowhere 🤣🤣🤣

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    robot robot robot

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    Like = Team Robot Dislike = Team Monster

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    im blown away I saw I ali-a add right before the video started

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    Me: Plays fortnite Me:sees the monster *Runs away*

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    Team robot all the way

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    5:09 give him a bndage bazooka in chapter 2

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    Team= Robot

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    Team robot

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    Team Robot

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    Tean robot

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    He's a robot not a person you need that flying thing to heal him I know it's 4 months old

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    Team robot

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    Team robot

  33. The most stupid But cool things

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    Team monster🖕🏻

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    8:22 Thats what she said...

  35. Pandakio

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    Mecha Team Leader: Being Toxic Also Mecha Team Leader: *Ight imma head out*

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    robot all the weigh

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    go go robot

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    Like the comment if you like the robot or comment if you like the .monster

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    How do people not hear where the monster is like are your headphones really that bad I had a pair of Astro a10 and I heard it no problem