Roblox Adventures - WHAT IF THE PALS WERE ANTS IN ROBLOX!? (Ant Simulator Roblox)


  1. Minhvu Hoang

    Minhvu Hoang5 일 전

    The queen code if you want to haf the queen its ukls 14k

  2. Somari 656

    Somari 6569 일 전

    why is the kirby background is over there?........I LOVE IT!!!

  3. Julie Hill

    Julie Hill12 일 전

    what the name of that game

  4. Heavenz Scent

    Heavenz Scent13 일 전


  5. gamer g

    gamer g18 일 전


  6. Makenna G Reynolds

    Makenna G Reynolds23 일 전

    What game is this

  7. Elizabeth Cox

    Elizabeth Cox25 일 전

    Uhhhhh *whispers* what the heck

  8. raquelcrivelli

    raquelcrivelli27 일 전

    Ants 🐜 I have about 80,0000

  9. Laura Reyes

    Laura Reyes28 일 전

    Did you know ants with wings are girls.

  10. Colt Snowden

    Colt Snowden개월 전

    🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏 ...

  11. Rosy Macias

    Rosy Macias개월 전

    Sometimes I play Ant Simulator to

  12. Maria Robledo

    Maria Robledo개월 전

    BloxTube i played your game

  13. That one car guy Budgie

    That one car guy Budgie개월 전


  14. Alex Dunn

    Alex Dunn개월 전

    DUDE THERE’S A SPIDER OVER HERE Oh it’s a tarantula. DUDE IT JUST ATE ME Oh bye. lol

  15. WolfieGalaxy NightMareGirl

    WolfieGalaxy NightMareGirl개월 전

    I think I was in that game with you cause I remember sombody trying to steal my apple

  16. Gamer Boy_YT

    Gamer Boy_YT개월 전

    Wat game is this?

  17. brandon foster

    brandon foster개월 전


  18. rhey elimanco

    rhey elimanco개월 전

    im in 2019 :P

  19. Bookswith Bek

    Bookswith Bek개월 전

    Y is kirby

  20. lolo3232

    lolo3232개월 전

    And a spider COOL

  21. lolo3232

    lolo3232개월 전

    I’ve played that game before and it was AWESOME

  22. Tommy Moses

    Tommy Moses개월 전

    called it was What

  23. Olivia Playz

    Olivia Playz개월 전


  24. Mini Masterson

    Mini Masterson2 개월 전

    How do you get to be a fly?

  25. Simon Ward

    Simon Ward2 개월 전


  26. Best Friends

    Best Friends2 개월 전

    I hate spiders 🕷

  27. Flamingofan XD

    Flamingofan XD2 개월 전

    Anyone 3016

  28. WonnyCece Lewis

    WonnyCece Lewis2 개월 전


  29. Anthony Marin

    Anthony Marin3 개월 전

    Cartoon episodes put a videobof the amazing world of gumball

  30. adan fun time

    adan fun time3 개월 전

    6:30 i think i know how you could got back up

  31. Roswell Gaming team

    Roswell Gaming team3 개월 전


  32. Cool Kittenz

    Cool Kittenz3 개월 전

    You guys are really funny 😂😂😂

  33. heriberto gutierrez

    heriberto gutierrez3 개월 전

    Play jailbreak

  34. BatangMakulit is back again

    BatangMakulit is back again3 개월 전


  35. Lydia Chapman

    Lydia Chapman3 개월 전

    Im about to be sick :-[ *ohhhhh my god*

  36. player h

    player h4 개월 전

    Un epic video

  37. Natalie Oconnor

    Natalie Oconnor4 개월 전

    Minecraft pokemon

  38. waskie maswaskie

    waskie maswaskie5 개월 전

    what game is that

  39. Emma GE

    Emma GE5 개월 전

    A bunch of italiants

  40. Larry Dunham

    Larry Dunham6 개월 전

    What do you spell to play that game?ANT?

  41. Jasmine rose Centre

    Jasmine rose Centre6 개월 전

    Project zorgo is watching.....

  42. Salvador Pacheco

    Salvador Pacheco6 개월 전

    How can that apple fit in that hole?

  43. Red A

    Red A6 개월 전

    the pals. ROBLOX🐜🐜😱😱

  44. Jemma Bailey

    Jemma Bailey6 개월 전

    Read it now You are ugly

  45. Kids Phone

    Kids Phone6 개월 전

    What is this game called

  46. Youssef Shaaban

    Youssef Shaaban6 개월 전


  47. Andrew Pettersen

    Andrew Pettersen6 개월 전

    How are you so strong scooby........doo beee dooooo!

  48. Karl Nadherny

    Karl Nadherny7 개월 전

    is denis there?

  49. Joey lin

    Joey lin7 개월 전

    What is the game? I wanna play

  50. Jaden Jame

    Jaden Jame7 개월 전

    You have the best video

  51. Reisya and neyra Episode 3

    Reisya and neyra Episode 37 개월 전

    What is the game called

  52. sharingan draft pick

    sharingan draft pick7 개월 전

    Can Denise and sketch dig a tunnel maze?

  53. Aliza Lem

    Aliza Lem7 개월 전

    Me good but u bad nana

  54. Aliza Lem

    Aliza Lem7 개월 전


  55. Will Gamer

    Will Gamer8 개월 전

    🐜 👨🏼

  56. fiona gottschau

    fiona gottschau8 개월 전

    I mean wow what game is this called

  57. fiona gottschau

    fiona gottschau8 개월 전

    Wow what gam e

  58. Paige Meadows

    Paige Meadows9 개월 전

    ☺😊😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😇😉👕🎓🎩👒👑👟👞💄👖🔰👗👘👙👠👡👢👚👜💼🎒👝👛💰💳💲💵💴💶💷💸💱🔫🐁i love

  59. Lesedi Motaung

    Lesedi Motaung9 개월 전


  60. Thomas Geevarghese

    Thomas Geevarghese10 개월 전

    wow you guys are better than me at roblox

  61. melodykpop love

    melodykpop love10 개월 전

    I love roblox

  62. Rebecca Smithwick

    Rebecca Smithwick11 개월 전

    At the botom of one of the holes theres a spider

  63. Frank Torres

    Frank Torres11 개월 전

    Kirby Firby TATTLE TALE are all cousins

  64. Axl Kael

    Axl Kael11 개월 전

    Yes please come

  65. Carolina Hurricanes Fan

    Carolina Hurricanes Fan년 전


  66. shark gaming p1ay5

    shark gaming p1ay5년 전

    Can u dig and dig under ground an till u rich the end

  67. Daniel Boatwright II

    Daniel Boatwright II년 전

    The 🕷eat you

  68. thesuper_cars

    thesuper_cars년 전

    Has the game been deleted

  69. tre fisher

    tre fisher년 전

    You dfg gfh

  70. Glenda M Caro Sanchez

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  71. bigfreddyrich

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  72. Cesar Melendez

    Cesar Melendez년 전

    🍏 🐜

  73. la la land I poop my pant

    la la land I poop my pant년 전

    What game is that?????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  74. zucely fuentes

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  75. bex ogden

    bex ogden년 전

    I am yore biggest fan dood's

  76. Amy Collins

    Amy Collins년 전

    what. game. are. you. playing

  77. jmcgee300

    jmcgee300년 전

    Kirby glitch

  78. 4thSwords Channel

    4thSwords Channel년 전

    2 add 2 is

  79. Silkie Brown

    Silkie Brown년 전

    Please play this today

  80. mr rubux

    mr rubux년 전

    # apple

  81. DOLLY Smith

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